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Frasi con savvy (in inglese)

  1. No, not a good idea Savvy.
  2. She wondered how savvy she was.
  3. Was the dart board more savvy?
  4. I’m not quite savvy in this.
  5. Savvy travelers book those cabins and.
  6. The killer was obviously computer savvy.
  7. The seven savvy sayin's and their main.
  8. Once you have mastered the other six savvy.
  9. They found that The most Digitally Savvy.
  10. The recent trend is for BI tools that savvy end.
  11. If they are savvy marketers and working with a savvy.
  12. Where does Heins come up with that? A Savvy Ski-boy's.
  13. In addition, some traders simply are not computer savvy.
  14. He was a gambler at heart and usually a savvy one at that.
  15. The sergeant nodded, again impressed by her tactical savvy.
  16. It was not only a kind move, it was politically very savvy.
  17. As an at-home representative, you should be tech savvy and.
  18. With al his money, power, popularity, know-how and savvy, Mr.
  19. I talked to friends who were more financially savvy than me.
  20. This means the market is wide open for the savvy entrepreneur.
  21. He was a good guy, smart and savvy, and someone I could trust.
  22. Do they have enough savvy to be the brains of this lot?
  23. Through His coercive powers, political might and military savvy.
  24. More savvy investors know how to own them, then sell them twice.
  25. But I made some savvy investments, and now it's closer to a mil.
  26. Both boats had savvy coxswains and powerful, experienced oarsmen.
  27. The savvy businessman held the shot glass to his parched lips and.
  28. And like Robin Hood, I gathered a crew of seasoned savvy woodsmen.
  29. He would need every bit of savvy that he could muster for this one.
  30. Absinthe for me, savvy? Caramba! Have an eggnog or a prairie oyster.
  31. Later a savvy New York detective butts into my fact finding mission.
  32. As I said, though, this requires a fair degree of savvy and some work.
  33. We’re all more computer savvy, that’s for certain, Tammas said.
  34. Some of the dealers are incredibly savvy and others are totally ignorant.
  35. Also know when savvy investors are due to have a long-term capital gain.
  36. You see a screenshot of the same website, except that this Survey Savvy.
  37. Each has its place and each can be used by the savvy online network marketer.
  38. Todays savvy consumers want products from a business they can trust, learn.
  39. The future of this market is truly wide open, and savvy internet marketers who.
  40. Why is this? They weren’t always as savvy as they liked to think that they were.
  41. It seems that savvy companies like Windward Reports have recognized the talent of.
  42. In Terry Tucker you had one of the most business savvy musicians in the industry.
  43. They are capable of multi-tasking, collective actions, and they are technologically savvy.
  44. Savvy companies may have made adjustments for that, but if you want to try that when you’re.
  45. In the coming years, such innovation will remain critical to business in a technology savvy world.
  46. She was also savvy around politicians, and could see three or four moves ahead of their manoeuvring.
  47. I was thinking that Alfred and mail could serve us until we found out how little system savvy he has.
  48. The savvy blogger will not only post these helpful comments and suggestions; there is another key to.
  49. It’s the easiest, quickest way to become a savvy investor, regardless of how much you have to invest.
  50. Enter a man in his twenties with the street savvy that only years in and out of institutions can give you.
  51. Adding commodities to your investment portfolio is an investment move that isn’t just timely—it’s savvy.
  52. And every savvy porn customer will know those are bottom of the barrel imports and take their business elsewhere.
  53. Many seniors, however, are not really technology savvy and are not aware of all the dangers that can befall them online.
  54. However, I soon realized that you could be television savvy by reading that publication and not have to turn on your set.
  55. They did not have tech savvy people in their church so they used a hosting company with website building software built in.
  56. Instead, they will relish the challenge and look forward to the day when they have mastered one more new bit of Internet savvy.
  57. For example, Jim Sinegal (CEO of Costco) is renowned for being very shrewd and savvy when he makes capital allocation decisions.
  58. As a savvy and shrewd horse trader, Diego had a gift for feeling the souls of horses and understanding their desires and needs.
  59. In 2008, when rental rates plunged 78 percent, some savvy traders secured 7 percent of the global fleet of large crude carriers.
  60. Who sells to a trader who buys to cover his losing short position? It may be a savvy investor who takes profits on his long position.
  61. They look for stocks that are held by at least one or two of the more savvy portfolio managers who have the best performance records.
  62. Ellen could read by the time she was two, loved music, supposedly had an IQ of 165 and was politically savvy even before she turned ten.
  63. One way savvy long-term investors look to mitigate risk is by being in no rush to establish what they consider a full position in a new idea.
  64. But it might flag this link (even though only a savvy internet surfer would know that it is an affiliate link, as it is "nicely" cloaked ;) :.
  65. No doubt all the stories about his savvy and prudent investments were true as was his reputation for being a gentleman under all circumstances.
  66. But unless you have insider information, or you are as business savvy as a Warren Buffett or a Peter Lynch, it is best to stick with what works.
  67. To the savvy investor, it suggests that the company’s management and employees don’t have a personal interest in seeing the company succeed.
  68. No one has a crystal ball when it comes to investing but one savvy investor, American hedge fund manager John Paulson, was prepared to bet on the U.
  69. He was to the point of storming a plush office on the top floor when a savvy sergeant reminded him of the futility of challenging the ingrained system.
  70. It’s easiest to warm up the printing presses and trash the currency—something that savvy precious metals traders are all too happy to capitalize on.
  71. The fact that the less informed and less savvy public includes a lot of fund managers who can’t read a chart with any measure of skill also helps.
  72. What’s more, investor interest in the sector is up sharply as savvy traders correctly reason that, no matter how bad things get, people still need to eat.
  73. In case you are wondering, he did not lose money in the crash having been lucky savvy enough to exit all his positions a few days before Monday, October 19.
  74. He was eloquent and charismatic, but from a human perspective He willed not to be materially coercive, nor did He will to be militarily or politically savvy.
  75. In other words, you can guess the market right, whether using fundamental judgment or good technical savvy, and be knocked out of the market by a random event.
  76. Investors bought shares of mutual funds rather than stocks in individual companies and trusted in savvy managers to buy into companies whose stock would go up.
  77. Digitally armed and dangerous, savvy and angry, the two women put their simple plan into effect; namely, he who lives by the Interweb shall die by the Interweb.
  78. Today Facebook has more traffic than Google! Savvy business owners are using Facebook to cultivate communities and communicate with their customers in real time.
  79. Rising form humble beginnings in a rural farm community, his hard work mixed with savvy business skills allowed him to build an extensive communications company.
  80. A savvy investor is seldom carried away by high P/E (Price/Earnings) ratios occasioned by frenzied speculation, overvalued stocks and lower than average earnings.
  81. A: How often have you bought a far-out-of-the-money futures option and had it double in value for you? Much will depend on your option-selling savvy and technique.
  82. The choice of running mate was a savvy move on Reagan’s part, as it was Bush who proved the toughest opponent during the 1980 Republican presidential primaries.
  83. I'll have our IT department check the master server, but whoever did this was probably savvy enough to erase the entire command sequence and exit the system clean.
  84. His business savvy was incredible along with his ability to control the environment around him with sheer brute force and wielding the mighty sword of land ownership.
  85. To get an edge on the competition, savvy gas traders study everything from the amount of volcanic ash in the atmosphere to the water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico.
  86. It would indeed boost his already-lofty reputation in the legal community and the press as an aggrandized showman with a knack for savvy yet convincing, eloquent 281.
  87. Second, do not underestimate the savvy and creativity of indigenous leaders who benefited from the resources made available to them in paternalistic missionary systems.
  88. To be sure, there are many bright and savvy people in the financial markets employing Graham and Dodd’s techniques, but the markets themselves have grown exponentially.
  89. Given the many potential pitfalls that attend the selling process, savvy investors often implement guidelines or rules meant to limit those pitfalls' frequency and severity.
  90. Marilyn’s surprisingly nonchalant comment to Fox’s brass about the photographs demonstrates her savvy as a public relations strategist and also her ingenuity under pressure.
  91. To keep tabs on global shipping rates, you don’t need a savvy uncle in the ship brokering business—all you need to know is what’s happening with the Baltic Dry Index (BDI).
  92. She’d said the benches by the subway exit, and Charlie, unable to keep track of the lies he’d told about his Manhattan savvy, had acted like he knew what she was talking about.
  93. Savvy naked writers tend to sell out-of-the-money calls and puts whose underlying stocks or futures are unlikely to reach their strike prices during the remaining life of an option.
  94. Perhaps savvy shorts know something very bad about GMCR, but what if its stock rallies even a little? Many bears will run for cover, and as they scramble to cover shorts, the stock may soar.
  95. It irritated the hell out of some of the older boys in the other boats, though, particularly Bobby Moch, the savvy little coxswain of what seemed to be shaping up to be the best of the JV boats.
  96. This classic board game is perfect for building up the strategy skills of older kids – and more savvy parents may like the idea of using it as a foundation for historical and geographical lessons.
  97. With its seasonal pricing patterns and enough variables and volatility to leave you with worse whiplash than a high-speed collision, natural gas futures trading is a potential bonanza for savvy traders.
  98. Savvy COT analysts compare current positions to historical norms and look for situations where hedgers, or the smart money, and small traders, many of whom are gamblers, are dead set against each other.
  99. The following three proposals gave a strong indication that Terry felt he had a great deal of leverage and was not willing to settle for anything short of a contract befitting a business savvy, headline act.
  100. However, even technically savvy chief information officers (CIOs), chief knowledge officers (CKOs), and other senior managers know that evaluating a potential KM solution goes far beyond understanding the technology.

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