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Frasi con discernment (in inglese)

  1. This illustrates mature discernment in.
  2. He possesses another gift, the gift of discernment.
  3. Discernment of spirits Come in the Opposite Spirit.
  4. And, smiling with pride for his discernment, returned to.
  5. Concepts such as discernment and discrimination are highly.

  6. M: The discovery of truth is in the discernment of the false.
  7. Chapter 2 that both the Way of Knowledge and Discernment and the.
  8. Getting the idea? So discernment enables you to see what is really there.
  9. Chloe was embraced and praised for her discernment and future distinction.
  10. The mental ability to perceive and distinguish relationships; discernment.
  11. It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom.
  12. Arjun’s reply to this is that his illusion is dispelled and his discernment restored.
  13. Conversely, let’s observe what Hebrews 5: 14 says about the spiritual discernment and.
  14. Then he put a forkful into his mouth, chewing with discernment the toothsome pliant meat.
  15. Awakening: Discernment; attentive to wiles of the devil; watchman; sober; stimulated to act.

  16. The girls returned the greeting, but were surprised by the inspector’s apparent discernment.
  17. As with all things in this universe though, this symbolism requires discernment between the.
  18. It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the.
  19. To recognize a divine visitation we must view it through twin lenses of discernment and humility.
  20. You have been given clues and directions, but you also had to exercise understanding, discernment.
  21. We ask you to use complete discernment in looking at the stories that are being told about the sun.
  22. This world is indeed the ultimate environment for self-mastery and personal discernment is the key.
  23. They act with boldness, experience, knowledge – with the discernment they have of the ways which.
  24. Abba Poimen, the great father of discernment, says that there are three most useful principles: fear of.
  25. Each one is different, but some examples of these gifts are gifts of discernment, or the gift of coiling.

  26. We need discernment for the days we live in, let our minds be renewed (Eph 4,23) and be sober and watchful!.
  27. Note that a teenager who's just beginning to try drugs generally has enough discernment to make him rather anxious.
  28. Norris accepted the compliment, and admired the nice discernment of character which could so well distinguish merit.
  29. Now Jonah's Captain, shipmates, was one whose discernment detects crime in any, but whose cupidity exposes it only in the penniless.
  30. Plane of intellect relates to his understanding, discernment and interpreting different life situations and lastly plane of Transcendence.
  31. Nevertheless, the old sea-traditions, the immemorial credulities, popularly invested this old Manxman with preternatural powers of discernment.
  32. Discernment of beauty cannot be absolute and, perhaps, if you saw Panos you might not have agreed but to me he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.
  33. Then the Almighty clarified to us that His Guidance is presented to mankind by means of His merciful envoy who reveals it basing on an enlightened discernment.
  34. Just before the moment of sure discernment, they’d disappeared behind a huge stone monolith that rose high and solitary in the sea of sand that surrounded it.
  35. God revealed to us the wrong way that the sinner follows in his life which causes his discernment to be blind from observing the high conduct which the righteous adopt.
  36. And what of the scholar’s quest for enlightenment as he tried to pierce Man’s curse of that linear veil of imperfect discernment? And is science only the latest attempt at that scholarship?
  37. So it happened that, a little later, in one of those nooks which the genius of decorators devises, and the man of discernment discovers, Margery and I were having that talk—all to ourselves.
  38. It was getting towards high sun before we took off north, and it seemed everyone in the group had a positive discernment about this trip and was also excited to see what God was going to do next.
  39. Perhaps prayer is the inner spiritual reflection that drives the discernment of a particular faith that instills the comprehension to conceptualise the profound magnificence of the Creator of the universe.
  40. And from the opinion which I have of the discernment of the gentleman from Tennessee, I think I must have misunderstood him, while perhaps it may be improper to include the other gentleman in the supposition.
  41. Consciousness, intellect, reason and freewill/ choice, facilitate and make possible the ability to control one’s life and experience the disciplines of moral and ethical responsibility, accountability and discernment.
  42. This time it was not the déjà vu of a previously mentioned tract concerning Elie Wiesel’s Cain and Abel story, but that there was something that I had not had the mental discernment to appreciate the first time.
  43. Having been roused to discern consequences which he had never been in the habit of tracing, he was preparing to act on this discernment with some of the rigor (by no means all) that he would have applied in pursuing experiment.
  44. Gillenormand admired his own discernment in all things, and declared that he was extremely sagacious; here is one of his sayings: I have, in truth, some penetration; I am able to say when a flea bites me, from what woman it came.
  45. Norris had not discernment enough to perceive, either now, or at any other time, to what degree he thought well of his niece, or how very far he was from wishing to have his own children's merits set off by the depreciation of hers.
  46. So going, to first Andrew, and then John, I asked if they would be willing to direct tonight’s events, for I knew that God had used them many times before, and their discernment for the things of God were at times superior to mine.
  47. Human consciousness, thought and emotion, freewill, intellect and discernment, etcetera, provide categorical evidence that the Creator has created humans as beings with the integrity for personal independence and individual sovereignty.
  48. And finally, overthrow by a new discovery that held the promise of reigniting the excitement that had long ago drained out of the elders’ more rigid and progressively intolerant frame of reference that had left little room for individual discernment.
  49. They flew from her mouth, without the most minimal apex of intelligence or discernment, spreading its poisoned aura on the nourished public who was ready to listen to her imbecilities, and the nourished public was always composed of “them“ and “us“.
  50. And with the addition of spiritual strength emanating from intuitive reflective spiritual discernment, we can surely carry Self up the gold laden, but steep obstacle ridden path of relational love, hope and charity manifesting in love for Self and neighbour.
  51. I know what they're all saying, or I know what I can see, but what lies behind it - that's the driving factor? We need discernment, because in the world, and in the church, people have all kinds of agendas, and it shouldn't be that way, but that's how people are.
  52. The extensive collection of facts in this little book of fifty-four pages, is creditable to the author's industry and discernment: he informs us that he has travelled 1000 miles on foot, while investigating the geology of the district concerning which he has written.
  53. Secondly, humans have been endowed with the possession of the invisible spirit of consciousness, self-awareness, discernment, intellect, cognition and emotion, etcetera, and thus can reflect on their own inevitable physical death, and therefore on their own mortality.
  54. They can be passively listened to without some deeper level of critical discernment, but there is a unifying presence in all that he does through music and it speaks to others, from a wide variety of backgrounds and types of lives, that they are not alone, they are too capable of sharing this positive and healing light.
  55. As soon as we become conscious of the inexhaustible power in the world within, we begin to draw on this power and apply and develop the greater possibilities which this discernment has realized, because whatever we become conscious of is invariably manifested in the objective world — it is brought forth into tangible expression.
  56. In the Second Part, Cervantes repeatedly reminds the reader, as if it was a point upon which he was anxious there should be no mistake, that his hero's madness is strictly confined to delusions on the subject of chivalry, and that on every other subject he is discreto, one, in fact, whose faculty of discernment is in perfect order.
  57. Sir, it creates no astonishment to hear that gentleman contend that we are bound by the law of May to carry the non-intercourse into effect against Great Britain, but, to hear a gentleman possessed of the discernment of the honorable chairman of the committee who reported this bill, make this declaration, is truly astonishing, when the reverse is the fact.
  58. Maybe so, but for that price one should be able to get a letter where the errors and convenient oversights are not so easy to spot for the reader who has not left their discernment at the church house door as many have been conditioned to do in this age where it is assumed the statements made by Evangelical superstars are somehow above the scrutiny of we mere mortals.
  59. And, again, in respect of temperance, courage, magnificence, and every other virtue, should we not carefully distinguish between the true son and the bastard? for where there is no discernment of such qualities states and individuals unconsciously err; and the state makes a ruler, and the individual a friend, of one who, being defective in some part of virtue, is in a figure lame or a bastard.
  60. As in a city when the evil are permitted to have authority and the good are put out of the way, so in the soul of man, as we maintain, the imitative poet implants an evil constitution, for he indulges the irrational nature which has no discernment of greater and less, but thinks the same thing at one time great and at another small--he is a manufacturer of images and is very far removed from the truth.
  61. For all that, however, it must be acknowledged that Mr Plan was a sincere honest man, only he sometimes lacked the discernment of the right from the wrong; and the consequence was, that, when in error, he was even more obstinate than when in the right; for his jealousy of human nature made him interpret falsely the heat with which his own headstrong zeal, when in error, was ever very properly resisted.
  62. Yates, without discernment to catch Sir Thomas's meaning, or diffidence, or delicacy, or discretion enough to allow him to lead the discourse while he mingled among the others with the least obtrusiveness himself, would keep him on the topic of the theatre, would torment him with questions and remarks relative to it, and finally would make him hear the whole history of his disappointment at Ecclesford.
  63. Yates, without discernment to catch Sir Thomas’s meaning, or diffidence, or delicacy, or discretion enough to allow him to lead the discourse while he mingled among the others with the least obtrusiveness himself, would keep him on the topic of the theatre, would torment him with questions and remarks relative to it, and finally would make him hear the whole history of his disappointment at Ecclesford.
  64. And in what way does he who thinks that wisdom is the discernment of the tempers and tastes of the motley multitude, whether in painting or music, or, finally, in politics, differ from him whom I have been describing? For when a man consorts with the many, and exhibits to them his poem or other work of art or the service which he has done the State, making them his judges when he is not obliged, the so-called necessity of Diomede will oblige him to produce whatever they praise.
  65. They think a thing and say another! What they say is not always what they do! And what they do not always is what they feel! Who understands them? It is too exhausting to deal with you and one needs a keenness of exceptional discernment to crumble what your heads hide! And if these heads belong to the feminine genre, it is much worse! And if this head supports itself on the shoulders of Camila Montero? I think there is nothing worse than could happen to a human being! You speak very much!, Too much!, Very, very much!.
  66. Suppose now that somebody came to us and told us, how he had met a man who knew all that everybody knows, and better than anybody:--should we not infer him to be a simpleton who, having no discernment of truth and falsehood, had met with a wizard or enchanter, whom he fancied to be all- wise? And when we hear persons saying that Homer and the tragedians know all the arts and all the virtues, must we not infer that they are under a similar delusion? they do not see that the poets are imitators, and that their creations are only imitations.
  67. Revival movements—and I love this movement, and I love this convention, and all these conventions—but they must beware, because it is not the Biblically illiterate, it is not the halfhearted or the spiritually lazy who struggle in this area; it is often the highly motivated that will do everything correctly and Biblically who often confine God to their understanding, and who often miss God when He reveals His arm! Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying: we need discernment more than ever in this day and age, but understand this—legalism is equally as dangerous as any false doctrine.
  68. I have mentioned many times the fact that the most difficult thing in my individual Creativity to convey verbally the VVU-Information decoded by my Self-Consciousness is not the complexity of its reception and discernment of its meaning on supersensitive Levels, but a complete absence in your (yet very imperfect) Formo-Creators of the brain, which organize your systems of analysis and identification of the Information that comes into the brain, of at least somewhat adequate high-frequency SFUURMM-Forms and Formo-images that could at least somehow reflect this unimaginable Essence in your Self-Consciousness.
  69. Don Quixote was amazed to hear Roque utter such excellent and just sentiments, for he did not think that among those who followed such trades as robbing, murdering, and waylaying, there could be anyone capable of a virtuous thought, and he said in reply, Senor Roque, the beginning of health lies in knowing the disease and in the sick man's willingness to take the medicines which the physician prescribes; you are sick, you know what ails you, and heaven, or more properly speaking God, who is our physician, will administer medicines that will cure you, and cure gradually, and not of a sudden or by a miracle; besides, sinners of discernment are nearer amendment than those who are fools; and as your worship has shown good sense in your remarks, all you have to do is to keep up a good heart and trust that the weakness of your conscience will be strengthened.
  70. It is consummate cognition, unmediated discernment,.
  71. The internal, impulses lead to Discernment, Renunciation,.

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