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    1. This will usher in even more support and energy to focus on

    2. the station to collect Pishima and her troop and usher

    3. Alastair turns up twenty minutes later clutching white plastic bags and we usher him into the dining room where we have put out plates and cutlery

    4. himself, despite the disapproval of their usher

    5. the clerk to usher him respectfully towards the door,

    6. This mature bride will usher in the coming of the King and have

    7. will usher in the second coming of Christ

    8. They waited patiently by the door to usher their husbands off to work

    9. I made some sort of comment about the property feeling like the House of Usher

    10. When a society begins to lose its moral compass or becomes less critical of questionable points of views or unseemly behavior that diminishes an individual‘s intellectual and moral character, however, and when principled and far-sighted judgments(s) become increasingly muddled and uncertain and when that society fails to exercise reasonable discretion by indiscriminately embracing every hare-brained idea for tolerance sake or taking every (novel) proposition at its face value without giving serious thought to the matter and when an individual, lest he or she be perceived as close-minded or confrontational, remains on the sidelines as a casual observer rather than an active participant, such actions or inactions, whatever the case may be, must inevitably usher the moral and intellectual decline of that society

    11. The usher immediately reappeared at Brock's side, nudging him urgently when he just continued to stare open-mouthed at the empty chamber far above him

    12. This program will be contracted by public and private interests who will assume joint ownership rights in this collaborative effort designed to (efficiently) usher commuters, travelers and shoppers alike to their appointed destinations without (much) fuss or bother

    13. For an instant Molo was reminded of an usher of festivities or a lordly servant, but such an image did not do the Pilgrim any justice

    14. If that holds true, are we in for another one sometime soon, and would it then be the one that John’s Revelation tells us that will usher in the “End of Time”?

    15. As I pass him, he rests his hand on the top of my back to usher me out, his palm pressing between my shoulder blades

    16. The song seemed to lift it higher, to usher it across the sky, a hymn to

    17. I asked to see the commander and one of them entered a room off to the side, then returned to usher me through that door

    18. For this reason, it is men who must usher in his return

    19. We walked in and the usher led us to our table

    20. Instead of calling over an usher and showing

    21. Within minutes, those same faces clouded with doubt when he shared his suspicion, fallen angels disguised as aliens returning to Earth to plot deception and usher in apostasy

    22. This alliance will still be strong when the present danger has passed, and then we will usher in a golden age of peace and prosperity, of trust and communication and camaraderie among all races!”

    23. He was a faithful Presbyterian, not only as a ruling elder, but also an usher, frequently passing the collection plate

    24. We thought that would be the only way to usher in peace, but the enemy stole the mind-cane, and still the Lost One did not come

    25. opened the door the rest of the way to usher him in

    26. He also saw the man who had earlier acted as head usher

    27. Through the mist of tears he could see the Usher, and two Primagnon guards standing behind him

    28. ” The Usher appeared to be truly compassionate

    29. A few moments later, the Usher came out of the alcove and motioned to four Primagnons who were standing nearby

    30. They moved after the Usher in the direction of the small group composed of Sharon, Mrs

    31. The Usher stopped beside Sharon

    32. The Usher turned to face h im

    33. Meanwhile, the Usher continue to speak to those who waited behind

    34. The Usher began to read names from his list

    35. Unexpectedly, the Usher entered the room, and the sound of his entry jerked Bracken’s head around with such a jolt he felt a sharp pain

    36. His eyes watched the approaching Usher and his associates

    37. Why were they being brought back? were they the ones who had computed or those being returned for elimination? The Usher spoke and Brackens taut nerves jumped at the sound

    38. The Usher called out

    39. The Usher looked offended at the suggestion and tried to reassure the senator

    40. The group was within arms length of the distraught Senator and the Usher extended a hand to help Bracken out of the tangle of fronds

    41. this time it was the Usher approaching with his lackeys

    42. Those who were left rustled and stirred as the Usher approached

    43. He pulled himself to his feet and hurried to meet the Usher

    44. The Primagnons who accompanied the Usher watched the young scientist’s approach, concerned he might cause trouble again

    45. The Usher turned to look at him and smiled

    46. An usher showed us to a seat, and we walked along the pew, moving to the inside

    47. in time to see Michael grab the woman's arm and usher her out the

    48. Matthew would wait with his gear in the smaller room ready to record two more confessions, and Scumble would wait at the foot of the stairs, ready to welcome MacFife, allay his suspicions, and usher him up

    49. The security guards usher the dark-eyed man away

    50. They taught that the coming kingdom was not of this world, that the world was approaching its certain end, and that "a new heaven and a new earth" were to usher in the establishment of the kingdom of God; that this kingdom was to be an everlasting dominion, that sin was to be ended, and that the citizens of the new kingdom were to become immortal in their enjoyment of this endless bliss

    1. He made it to the door, having been buzzed into the driveway by George the house manager, and was ushered in by Harriet

    2. John is ushered into the room by Assistant Press Secretary, JED BAKER, 40-something, graying temples, neatly trimmed hair and a smart gray suit with mirror finish shoes

    3. It was her laugh, and the spark of life that she ushered into

    4. as Shibani ushered the girls out of the boggy

    5. He ushered them into the

    6. the Alderfolk ushered Catwhiskers and Cosmicblasto into the

    7. Above them in the sky, a helicopter could be heard, Joe ushered

    8. Within a fairly short time, we find ourselves being ushered out of the building into the equally familiar woodlands surrounding the building

    9. ushered them into the dock

    10. ' Alexis pointed to the outhouse and held open the door and ushered me inside but just as I crossed the threshold, the most diabolical screech had me petrified with shock and sent Charon himself running screaming back to Hades

    11. The group was ushered thru the courtyard into Lord Tarak’s home and Duncan noted that all the warriors eyes were on Rayne as she passed by

    12. They were ushered into the next room where there was a very large round table in the center of the room with chairs about it

    13. With that he opened the door to the private space and ushered his senior people in

    14. First Altera greeted them when they docked and secretly ushered them into the Queens private rooms where Naria was waiting

    15. was ushered into a room at the school that had been

    16. As she was ushered back to her classroom she felt

    17. Verock took Alexei’s arm and ushered him along

    18. All were ushered to a large table in the center of the room

    19. They were ushered into the grand hall

    20. They stopped in front of a restaurant with a french-sounding name and were ushered inside by a doorman who seemed to know his older companion

    21. They were ushered into the front room with

    22. 'Antoine Reynard,' said Francois, who then ushered

    23. Realizing, the others were leaving – Mike grabbed her hand and ushered her off, in their direction

    24. Miss Bunker and a few chosen students manned the ticket booth and ushered in the arriving audience

    25. She emerged in moment and ushered them in with a faint smile to Harry

    26. He held Sionn by the shoulders and ushered him out of the room

    27. as Francois ushered him into Henri’s office later that day

    28. Monchet was ushered into the court and led to the middle

    29. movie, and James was ushered through the doors and

    30. The Pope ushered them from his presence blessing them individually until he came to Stefan

    31. " said Granny severely, and they all laughed as she ushered them all out

    32. Eventually, Brontes was able to convince them their intentions were benign, and ushered them towards the rest of the group

    33. Maye ushered her back into the house, while the rest of us stood outside in shock

    34. After a short wait the door opened and two sentries ushered them into the throne hall and led them on a long, plush Persian runner to within 10 steps of the throne, where they were blocked by two more sentries

    35. Before too long, however, Penelope would be ushered back into the reality of her current position, as well as the status of her mission

    36. They were ushered into the

    37. Everyone is ushered inside and Aunt Sarah, Uncle Eric, Caitlin, Jen, and Willie all gather round to hear the big news

    38. He pushed Shelley inside and she continued filming events with her camera as he ushered the two women in after her

    39. Pushing it wide open again he ushered everyone through

    40. She promptly ushered them to the door, informing

    41. The Parisian guide ushered his tourists on

    42. I took off my cap and Mabel took it and hung it on the hallstand then she ushered me through to the front parlour

    43. “Beth’s up with Ma at the moment Rosie’s in bed she has only just got back from work and it is hard on her I was just making up Ma’s medicine for later on tonight”, she then ushered me out of the parlour and down the hallway to the kitchen

    44. ' He ushered another woman into the circle who had been standing behind Marjory

    45. Maureen stood back and ushered him in

    46. ” He ushered us in saying

    47. When we arrived there we waited with a few more blokes and then we were ushered inside and although it was a fairly big bunker it was still a tight squeeze

    48. Alexia nodded and ushered him from the room

    49. We were ushered into

    50. The passageway opened into the yard, and as the guards ushered him through the doors into the open, the hundreds of prisoners gathered around turned to stare at him

    1. The door opened ushering in two pairs of soft footsteps on the carpet

    2. ushering in the fullness of His Kingdom on earth

    3. Hendersen is sort-of ushering students out of the school building

    4. ” announced Chris, opening the gates to the Science Compound and ushering Jirah inside

    5. “Good luck,” he said in an unconvincing tone before ushering him out of the room

    6. His wife Vera answered the door and gasped when she saw me, ushering me into the house immediately

    7. “You wouldn’t have been able to disarm me, you know,” the woman said, ushering him down the path towards her companion

    8. ―Why don‘t you go on inside, Louise,‖ said Adam as he suddenly appeared at his mother-in-law‘s side, and then immediately ushering her back into the house and quickly closing the door after her

    9. This will be a great resource saver apart from ushering in a new era of direct democracy when the society is prepared for it or the awareness in the people is strong enough

    10. Kevorkian ushering his “patients” to their destiny, their quiet smiles tell us, “Next Time is now

    11. It is the politically correct judgments of a revolutionary ascendancy that are ushering American society toward the deconstruction of itself

    12. That was how they found themselves in a square, in Sydney, surrounded by sirens and flashing lights, with Gretchen ushering Tom into a limo amid a throng of screaming fans and Norm with a woman curled up in a ball at his feet

    13. dressed her children and herself and was ushering them down

    14. secrecy,” Rob announced now ushering Batistuta out of the

    15. “Come in, come in,” he said, quickly ushering Batistuta into his

    16. ushering them into the house

    17. “Hi,” Dave said simply and swept his arm, ushering me into the front foyer

    18. largely credited with help ushering in the

    19. shocked that the main door was even open, and more so that the machine was actually ushering

    20. They set up some ropes and stands and started ushering

    21. Soon, the orgasmic stage they reached brought the euphoria of their conjugation to a languid end ushering in a life of emotional integration

    22. “Who was that on the phone?" Donovan said after ushering the last patient out the door

    23. He was holding the doorknob as if he were ushering his visitor back outside

    24. Ushering in that old feeling

    25. Now,” he said, ushering her out the door

    26. and the goal of ushering in a paradise on earth

    27. Maybe it was ushering in death and then giving birth, spreading

    28. goal of ushering in a paradise on earth

    29. He started ushering the boy back towards his room

    30. As they arrived, the Professor was ushering a young girl out of his room

    31. stepped aside with an elegant ushering gesture through the gate

    32. The man said nothing, but held open the rear door of his car, ushering her into the back seat

    33. landlords spelled the end for the Han Dynasty from the late 2nd to early 3rd centuries, ushering in a period characterized by instability lasting until the rise of the Tang Dynasty in 618

    34. ―Quick! In here!‖ yelled Zach, ushering his dad and sister through the door

    35. I handed Martha her purse and started ushering her towards the door

    36. “Come in out of the dust and heat,” she said, ushering them inside

    37. “Let us begin,” Mrs Gold continued, ushering us into the lounge room where the furniture was again pushed against the walls and the carpet was bare in a wide, open space

    38. Coffin assembled, the ain'ts begin ushering it towards the Main Street exit of the park

    39. He softly grabs Becky’s tiny hand while ushering the children along

    40. Out, out you two!” said the nurse, ushering Trevain and Aazuria out of the room

    41. ” Smiling, blowing a kiss and ushering the children out the door, she pulled it closed behind her

    42. who swung open the leaded windows, ushering in the sounds of

    43. ushering in the fi rst signs of winter

    44. later,” he said, ushering the sickly-looking Teriz to their seats

    45. ushering the visitors into the noisy interior of the mine

    46. Monica pulled her into a hug before ushering her inside, closing the door behind them

    47. The railroad put in a line from Chicago, ushering even more visitors into the city, which, by this time, had uncovered as many as twenty separate springs

    48. Peter, who was so involved as an instrument in ushering in God’s new thing, Peter himself stumbled at the offense of it

    49. This is the tragedy of that matter: Peter, who was so involved as an instrument in ushering in God’s new thing, Peter himself stumbled at the offense of it

    50. “Nothing!” Chevalier said, ushering Emily out of the room

    1. Anna is virtually glowing with happiness when we arrive and ushers us in, introducing Simon with an air of pride which is delightful

    2. As Sally answers him, Katie ushers in Jo and Alastair

    3. A few moments later she ushers Karen into the kitchen

    4. The doctor ushers her towards the cell, keeping between her and Davie, the interrogator

    5. Such qualifiers that otherwise define an individual remain subject to revision; modifying attitudes, a (calculated) means toward an uncertain end, that, when understood in the aggregate, however, ushers a uniquely complex, multi-dimensional individual unrestricted by the limits of determined viewpoints

    6. Ushers Vince in the direction of his office

    7. The Estate Agent ushers them to the rear of the house

    8. Ushers in the dawn

    9. December, ushers in the holiday season

    10. I walked up the stairs of the entrance and was met by one of the ushers who greeted and escorted me inside

    11. It was their task to deputize a sufficient number of assistant ushers to enable them to maintain order among the crowds during the preaching

    12. Not aware of the hostile woman behind them Barney and Dippa continue sitting on her wall until Steve sees her approaching and ushers them along the street a few houses along

    13. Suzy ushers them out of the door as fast as she can and getting a can of air freshener from the kitchen she sprays the lounge and hallway

    14. The ushers began to gather at the front of the stage as

    15. Ushers standing on each side of the open doors that led

    16. they passed by the closed circle of ushers

    17. More ushers stood inconspicuously in the main aisle to

    18. Ushers surrounded the unfortunate man as Bill had

    19. Siri quickly ushers his family into the house, opens his gun locker and presses a loaded automatic pistol into his wife’s hands

    20. However, he returned with two ushers, each carrying buttered

    21. The ushers have the authority to throw

    22. and the ushers erupted into laughter

    23. Let us pray that these snoring individuals don’t include the ushers

    24. Brian Greene, ushers us along a journey of "what if" the mathematics

    25. She ushers us into the realm of the outside world, and the

    26. The ushers were busy collecting tickets

    27. Whittinghill ushers me into his

    28. Despite this, the man in the fedora still knocks and ushers forth a password

    29. But before she can infiltrate the lair of the Nazis, she meets a long-lost ally from her past that ushers her and Jerry The Stealth into a place that tests their mental and physical strength to the limit

    30. And ushers in the morn

    31. It has always been believed that slow running ushers you in the fat-burning zone

    32. ushers and valet parkers going on but there is a lot of real wealth going on in

    33. To make sure no one ever sneaked into a theater, ushers and ticket-takers were only the most intimidating of CIA secret agents with the right to execute even the vaguest of suspects

    34. preceding the sermon part, the ushers would pass around collection plates for monetary donations

    35. Before Cass has a chance to explain, Unks places his hand behind Rico and ushers him inside

    36. Ushers kept strangers out of the building

    37. The woman continued to stagger and was about falling with full force only for the ushers to hold her, cleared the crowd as to allow her some air, and made her lay helpless on the ground

    38. His father ushers the rest of us into the living room, but Brian takes my hand and holds me back

    39. programs or acting as ushers, as it is well to give them plenty of

    40. And boy did we give, I remember one time someone came to the church with a hundred dollars and that was the only money they had, so the ushers were walking around collecting when he reached into his wallet and saw that that was all he had

    41. I’m sure that one of the ushers saw this because they’d gone around with the baskets one remained in front of the pulpit and waited for the priest to continue his sermon on giving

    42. He was on an equal footing of familiarity with high government officials all the way down to his opposite numbers, the ushers and office boys



    45. Patient ushers waited with trays of flower petals

    46. I do share quite a few characteristics with one of the ushers in my father’s church though

    47. Form does not count with first ray types their energy produces death to form, but ushers in great periods of cyclic pralaya; the first ray is the controller of the death drama in all kingdoms—a destruction of forms which brings about release of power and permits "entrance into Light through the gateway of Death

    48. · Review seating with ushers

    49.  Included were: alternate to Haldeman; supervise staff secretary and everything “destined for the President’s desk”; supervise the security office and security clearances for all nominations for presidential appointments; supervise offices of Presidential Papers, Special Files, presidential receptionists, the president’s daily schedule, the Secret Service, the ushers, the military assistants, the Office of White House Visitors; serve as single point of contact for cabinet members’ foreign travel, significant presidential ceremonies; supervise or coordinate the president’s exchanges of gifts; principal coordinator of decision on when to lower the U

    50. The sheriffs with their great chains and nosegays, other civic gewgaws and monsters, criers, ushers, a great gallery full of people,—a large theatrical audience,—looked on, as the two-and-thirty and the Judge were solemnly confronted

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