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Frasi con variety (in inglese)

1. A variety of the Ore.
2. Quite a variety of them.
3. It was a hearty variety.
4. They come in a variety.
5. It contains a variety of.
6. There was quite a variety.
7. Variety of Fresh or Canned.

8. You will find a variety of.
9. Variety is the spice of life.
10. Variety is the Spice of Life.
11. Variety – The Spice of Life.
12. There is an other variety of S.
13. That’s how they add variety.
14. Have a greater variety of food.
15. It happens in a variety of ways.
16. Variety of Thickness and Accent.
17. There are a variety of afford-.
18. I think there are a variety of.
19. Most nations do have a variety.
20. You will have a wide variety of.
21. Her job had movement and variety.
22. But in order to give her variety.
24. The market has a wide variety of.
25. She saw that there were a variety.
26. The milder supported a variety of.
27. People kill for a variety of reasons.
28. Fly lines come in a variety of forms.
29. An infinite variety of electromag-.
30. Into an infinite variety of ways to.
31. They showed a variety of people in.
33. Without variety there can be no life.
34. She hoped this variety would please.
35. Beeps in a variety of tones rang out.
36. A variety of other medical conditions.
37. Between us, we carry a variety of guns.
38. Thickness and accent, variety of, 143.
39. Greenhouses serve a variety of purposes.
40. Consequences have a variety of effects.
41. There is a wide variety of health and.
42. She was amazed by the variety of goods.
43. This can come from a variety of sources.
44. There was a bewildering variety of them.
45. Does the nursing home have a variety of.
46. Pin from a variety of different sources.
47. Ionization Process can have a variety of.
48. Rather, we have a variety of needs that.
49. Here‘s a list of the variety of unique.
50. The world comprises an infinite variety.
51. They can be used in a variety of recipes.
52. This variety of man has actually existed.
53. In variety of forms, one is just the core.
54. The marketer will need to test a variety.
55. Gifts in a Jar come in an endless variety.
56. Fin fish are prepared in a variety of ways.
57. This variety of limestone is not uncommon.
58. These waters can be used in a variety of.
59. Saturday night variety shows and all that.
60. They come in a variety of sizes from very.
61. This was a Wyvern, but a different variety.
62. Well, I [have] a variety of them, of course.
63. Use a variety of safelists, large and small.
64. It roused at once a variety of difficulties.
65. The sandals were of the more rugged variety.
66. I can materialize a wide variety of objects.
67. They can be used in a variety of strategies.
68. The Scriptures everywhere, in every variety.
69. These consist of a variety of probing skills.
70. These toxins could cause a variety of skin.
71. We worked on this book in a variety of places.
72. Hostels come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
73. There is always a big variety of books there.
74. Rewards are earned in a variety of ways, and.
75. You have a variety of choices when it comes.
76. Each week, I would fill it with a variety of.
77. There are a variety of foods in these groups.
78. Heaters too come in a wide variety of choices.
79. A structure can be set up in a variety of ways.
80. They had a variety of reasonably priced meals.
81. They are able to eat a wide variety of foods.
82. Bananas come in a variety of sizes and colors.
83. A market maker must consider a variety of risks.
84. The skin-deep variety is not worth considering.
85. This held a variety of food and a man dressed.
86. A wide variety of strategies has been described.
88. This is a rather coarser variety of cauliflower.
89. Multiplicity and variety without strife is joy.
90. The last type of doji is the long-legged variety.
91. He used a variety of methods including auction.
92. It comes in quite a variety of shapes and sizes.
93. Morganite is the pink variety of beryl, much as.
94. Try to give them a variety of live marine foods.
95. This one building housed a variety of sizes to.
96. But the ever changing variety of the things we.
97. A variety of my historically oriented books can.
98. Human beings can react in a wide variety of ways.
99. The structure can be set up in a variety of ways.
100. It provides Art lovers with a variety of choice.

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