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Frasi con vary (in inglese)

1. These tend to vary from 0.
2. They vary in range from a.
3. Hence, the effects may vary.
4. They seem to vary and come and.
5. Vary oft’ their Love an’ Hate.
6. These speeds must vary with the.
7. You can vary this dish infinitely.

8. The margin of safety will also vary.
9. The difficulties may vary in their.
10. Hunting rules vary throughout Alaska.
11. What this significance is will vary.
12. The size of the fish can vary greatly.
13. Rates of the consolidation loan also vary.
14. Therefore, the number of trades may vary.
15. Can vary extensively as to the quality of.
16. They also have flexible fees, which vary.
17. Success rates vary from 20 to 100 percent.
18. We have assignments that vary in complexity.
19. Clearly, these yields vary a lot over time.
20. Pigs, peccaries and other hogs vary in size.
21. Normally, APR vary from 6% to more than 30%.
22. And they vary in prudence and understanding.
23. These times also vary depending on your area.
24. He has his own agenda and seems to never vary.
25. We vary in colour, habits, thinking and per-.
26. In general, you should try to vary your voice.
27. However, this does vary from market to market.
28. Variable costs – Costs that vary with output.
29. His pitch was straightforward and didn’t vary.
30. Although our response may vary from a complete.
31. You can vary your voice in at least three ways:.
32. The levels of DBPs produced vary with the level.
33. So, how do you vary the tempo of what you write?
34. The consequences of sins vary, but one thing they.
35. Expected returns on all factors may vary over time.
36. Nymph hooks vary in design more than any other type.
37. States vary in how they define criminal harassment.
38. Guesses for the snowpack on the mountain vary from.
39. The moment of bonding during the pregnancy may vary i.
40. Estimates of the number of Christians in Iran vary.
41. Although estimates vary, it is believed that up to 40.
42. What is liquidity and how does it vary across assets?
43. She found she could vary her own gravity with her mind.
44. Feelings may vary; but we receive the blessing of the.
45. Location fees vary depending on the genre and scale of.
46. Treatment plans vary from putting them on a life time.
47. The subject would vary, but the message remained clear.
48. He was going to vary the exercise later on, in any case.
49. They vary in shape, some being more pointed than others.
50. The causes of snoring vary from one individual to another.
51. Punishment for solicitation of prostitution can also vary.
52. Expected rewards on all return sources can vary over time.
53. The dependability of industrial comparisons will vary with.
54. The amount of money they provide during retirement can vary.
55. And in a minute the dog trotted off happily, to vary the fun.
56. State laws vary widely in the severity of shoplifting charges.
57. Both the mean and the variance will vary from sample to sample.
58. Variable stars are stars that vary in brightness, or magnitude.
59. Variables are exactly what they mean - their value can vary i.
60. The spectrum values vary between 0 and 1 after being normalized.
61. The shades of earth vary with the chemical makeup of the rocks.
62. However the application of the techniques will vary according.
63. Birth weight will vary, but the average is around seven pounds.
64. Depending on the faith you were raised in the instructions vary.
65. However, recovery rates vary over time and with debt seniority.
66. The eggs of the Australian bronze cuckoo vary, according to Mr.
67. Then you can vary your type of defence and confuse the attacker.
68. Although details vary, all of the series share similar contours.
69. The exact standards applied will vary with different authorities.
70. This break sequence can also vary depending on what program is.
71. This is an approximation and can vary depending on circumstance.
72. Finally, if allowed to, you may wish to vary the colors of your.
73. The numbers are not the same but vary only within certain limits.
74. Criteria to evaluate decision(it will vary based on the context).
75. The mix rate could vary to make solar industries more attractive.
76. Over a slopping ground, the width (X) of wall can vary from 0% to.
77. As for adulthood, physical characteristics vary based on gender.
78. Th e form of rejection can vary in many ways: from ritual proper-.
79. The manner of productizing can vary but in essence it means taking.
80. The marginal tax rate will vary a bit, but that's not a huge factor.
81. Trends can vary in length from short, to intermediate, to long term.
82. Where А is strength-density ratio, that can vary within wide limits.
83. The latter vary but they are mainly Giveaways and some include the.
84. The amount of protein you eat will vary but it should be consumed at.
85. Because commodity contracts vary in size and units of measurement (i.
86. Still the forecast of its implications vary especially the social one.
87. As cast Hardness could vary from 320 to 550 BHN depending on section.
88. The behavior of stars that vary in magnitude (brightness) - known as.
89. In a large genus it is probable that more than one species would vary.
90. The rise in blood pressure can vary from minor to potentially serious.
91. The models may vary from project to project based on the environment.
92. The financial leverage ratio will not vary by a relatively great amount.
93. Hosting packages vary in cost – but expect to pay not much more than.
94. Tax shelters vary depending on present domestic and international laws.
95. The changes between 1961 and 1969 vary considerably among the companies.
96. These vary everywhere from year to year, frequently from month to month.
97. Estimates of the number of Christians vary up to 100 Million Christians.
98. It is likely that individuals vary with regard to total intentional ca-.
99. Skin types vary so as the type of treatment tailored to meet their needs.
100. Each year that they go, their activities vary for idling in Venice.
1. He enjoyed varying the pose.
2. You can think of varying tips.
3. All by just varying a few digits.
4. As expected varying estimates can.
5. They may have varying diameters or.
6. They just exist in varying degrees.
7. Use varying strokes and body movements.
8. Stains will darken the wood to varying.
9. This varying process will be done until.
10. Gold icons of varying sizes flanked the.
11. They are sent to them in series at varying.
12. The main perform will loop through varying.
13. There can be varying degree of ground slopes.
14. It is normal to be full of varying emotions.
15. These products gives varying amount of price.
16. Different purchases mean varying reward points.
17. Each dish was in varying stages of decomposition.
18. Thus, by varying the pulse-width, we can seconds.
19. There were at least 200 dragons of varying sizes.
20. All these mechanisms are used to varying degrees.
21. The beat is a monotonous shot with little varying.
22. These varying emotions will not allow me to proceed.
23. It is true that there are varying degrees of ability.
24. The result were exciting fights with varying results.
25. The men looked at her in varying degrees of confusion.
26. I think there are varying degrees of failure as well.
27. His beard, which shared the same varying colour, was.
28. Her family stared in varying degrees of horror as she.
29. These characters are in varying ways disconnected from.
30. Once again, try varying the amount of resistance in the.
31. David alone formed an exception to these varying emotions.
32. The slave trade had greatly varying death rates of 10-50%.
33. He looked for many things in his partners, varying their.
34. The noise or heat must be created by the varying physical.
35. Japanese Macaques use vocalizations (with varying dialects.
36. The others all looked at Jess, with varying degrees of alarm.
37. The waves continued at varying intervals well into the night.
38. Irons with 35 to 36 % Ni have a Thermal Expansion varying from.
39. Milk can also have varying degrees of fat in it, based on how.
40. I prove that all religions are false doctrine, to varying degrees.
41. It also provides the consumer with varying degrees of durability.
42. You can create an island in varying shapes as well as dimensions.
43. Many are only driven by greed and power, albeit on varying scales.
44. He looked through his varying lists, arranged in chronological order.
45. The planet has several rings of varying widths, confirmed by Voyager.
46. As you start, try varying your angle to determine your comfort level.
47. Figure 9-15 shows volga values for calls and puts with varying deltas.
48. You should see better colors and increased vitality by varying their.
49. The Dauntless cheer at varying pitches, high and low, bright and deep.
50. They kept looking back and forth at each other with varying expressions.
51. A place where waves of varying and violent temperatures struck, receded.
52. It was noted that the laws of various nations differ to varying degrees.
53. Our Members come to us with varying backgrounds and levels of experience.
54. But his students, at varying degrees of knowledge, could not all do that.
55. All the teams had made gains in lap times this season, to varying degrees.
56. The natural result was that we were all soon in varying states of undress.
57. With different people, or in varying situations, these criteria will also.
58. And then, there was good old-fashioned fiction with all its varying genres.
59. Thurs, and Sat, with Sunday off — while varying your exercises — tend to.
60. All three so-called Faiths of Abraham are great deceptions of varying degrees.
61. The fourth wall had shelves designed to hold maps of varying shapes and sizes.
62. High inflation has a varying effect on firms with good credit because assets.
63. When in a state of preference, he becomes open and flexible to varying options.
64. As every DJ will have varying and different needs, expectations and levels of.
65. The stones were all varying in sort and colour, but they were of the same size.
66. Still others were strapped atop table like altars in varying stages of torture.
67. Has she expressed and experienced all these varying emotions and sensations in.
68. By varying the capital structure, as between senior securities and common stock.
69. By repeatedly sampling the randomly varying signal, a series of random numbers.
70. The last was her favourite; every witch had an earth sense of varying strengths.
71. Every fair-sized business will require varying degrees of organizational support.
72. I was always a female when I warped, varying in age from small girls to very old.
73. Its faces were stepped with courtyards of varying sizes, all lush with plantings.
74. Boats with all kinds of people, varying in age, gender, ethnicity and skin colour.
75. However, this relationship changes from month to month and over varying maturities.
76. The targets were varying distances, the farthest not more than three hundred paces.
77. The stray cats and dogs come in all sizes, ages, and breeds, with varying levels of.
78. On either side of the bed were shelves, flushed with the wall, and of varying depth.
79. The markets can be characterized as noise having varying degrees of long-term memory.
80. Distance can be adjusted by varying the amount of cheese used to fire the projectile.
81. In reality, there are varying degrees of buying urgency within your list, as some are.
82. The rain began last night, and has continued since then, though with varying intensity.
83. As we continued south, the plateau constricted into parallel gorges of varying breadth.
84. Every one will be different, characterised by varying degrees of momentum and duration.
85. Frith CD (1971) The effect of varying the nicotine content of cigarettes on human smoking.
86. They found that they shared many interests and delighted in sharing these varying pursuits.
87. The varying nighttime sky with twinkling stars and highlighted planets and patterned moon.
88. The balance was in subordinated notes of varying terms, all of which had equity privileges.
89. As a group, CEOs possess varying degrees of competence when it comes to capital allocation.
90. It consists of organized systems formed by Souls (elementary particles) of varying quality.
91. Altogether, moving his small lips, Douglas counted twenty knives of varying shapes and sizes.
92. In the space, once very, very long time ago elementary particles of varying quality appeared.
93. He reflects in his conduct theheated sentiment of the time, varying as it did from day today.
94. All six men had dark skin and beards, though the beards were of varying lengths and tidiness.
95. The worthwhile thing to know here is: The Holy Bible is a figurative system of varying values.
96. Many kinds occur in all parts of North America, varying from 45cm (18in) to over 2·1m (7ft).
97. Almost every town of any size was surrounded by an imposing wall in varying stages of repair.
98. Direction of the strata north and south, varying a little easterly; inclination perpendicular.
99. Walking directly over to the costume section, they began to peruse through the varying costumes.
100. Her opinion varying with every fresh conjecture, and all seeming equally probable as they arose.
1. Sit on stools of varied heights.
2. Flesh flies have varied habits:.
3. In Lufkin, prices varied from $1.
4. Resistance had been rather varied.
5. The prices varied in Tyler from $1.
6. After lunch their schedules varied.
7. A varied diet with live or thawed.
8. The Crucifixion and all the varied.
9. But, back home, the reactions varied.
10. Historically it has varied between 2.
11. Their reaction to me was quite varied.
12. Dos is a large and varied basin also.
13. Ours was a varied and close-knit crew.
14. List building tips are vast and varied.
15. There are varied forms of communication.
16. They varied from individual cut purses.
17. The relatively varied pattern of fuel use.
18. The expressions on each were varied as well.
19. All of Sue’s wonderful and varied facial.
20. Towards the end of March our program varied.
21. This practice varied from company to company.
22. Her mind was quite determined, and varied not.
23. They varied from rich tax collectors and no-.
24. Methods of protesting varied with the situation.
25. And counts the varied gathering of the products.
26. They varied in size and condition, some having.
27. It can boast, however, of a history quite varied.
28. You have the physique for a more varied approach.
29. They do not always hear the varied carols I hear.
30. Earnings varied little over this period, from $1.
31. Andy Briggs has had a varied and successful career.
32. Results have varied from only a slight reduction.
33. There are many other and varied obstacles to prayer.
34. Life at Creeper Cottage promised to be very varied.
35. He was a mass of varied and profound exasperations.
36. The answers varied, but I have never met anyone who.
37. There existed a number of varied sadistic tortures.
38. This dish may be varied with tomatoes when in season.
39. We moved by booths that were as varied as the people.
40. In addition, the level of technology varied greatly.
41. The definitions of common sense are varied and abound.
42. Most autistic people share with all others a varied I.
43. The numbers varied according to the witness, but the.
44. I could only guess what my varied facial expressions.
45. Casualty proportions varied over the course of the war.
46. American Standard translations of proistemi varied and.
47. How infinitely varied in its simple, unchanging essence.
48. Exploratory Testing is varied from the scripted approach.
49. The best way to sustain weight loss is to eat a varied.
50. How much you need is varied depending on these charac-.
51. Speculation was varied as each man proffered suggestions.
52. They ranged over much of the Old World and varied widely.
53. The quality of the prose and perception varied radically.
54. The surface below the sea can be as varied as that above.
55. Moreover, 20-year real returns varied between 1% and 13%.
56. The members of the family have varied views and opinions.
57. The cocaine shipments assumed a routine that varied little.
58. While the conversations were similar, they varied slightly.
59. The next many days varied between rain and radiant sunshine.
60. Note the varied quantity of the edge in white mass of tunic.
61. Butterflies of varied and bright colors appeared with song-.
62. The contents of this museum are of the most varied character.
63. For once he dug in vain into that mine of varied information.
64. Their pace varied according to the weather, the terrain and.
65. It is more picturesque, profounder, more joyous, more varied.
66. The speed of the Shenandoah varied with the speed of the wind.
67. This technique can be utilized in a wide and varied number of.
68. Give them a high quality and a varied diet with mysis shrimp.
69. There were also the varied loving comments and statements of.
70. This may be varied by flavoring it with a crushed garlic-clove.
71. They probably have past lives as varied as you do, Elizabeth.
72. Human relationship cannot be planned, it is too rich and varied.
73. He charges again but throwing more punches and at varied paces.
74. This caused that the skills varied as widely as discussed above.
75. It seemed that their destinations would be many and varied, and.
76. The very idea of the devil has varied with the spirit of the age.
77. It was pulse code, the frequency and duty cycle varied over time.
78. The inns in the town varied, but the food was uniformly dreadful.
79. The shiny, segmented beings varied in color from maroon to green.
80. The sauces to go with it were unusually varied and delicate—.
81. Cauliflower is one of the vegetables that can be varied infinitely.
82. The shows of all the varied lands and all the growths and products.
83. The market varied at most 5000 from this level during this period.
84. The types of content provided on websites varied across the firms.
85. I also possess a varied historical wardrobe, as you can see tonight.
86. After thus submitting varied opinions on the problem, the Yogeshwar.
87. Little groups formed around the house and conversations were varied.
88. Many times he repeated these words in different order, or varied them.
89. He was no longer in a deserted land, but one teeming with varied life.
90. The angle varied subtly depending on which channel you were watching.
91. His thoughts were varied, but most of them centered on Lindsay Boxer.
92. All the varied activities of daily life come within our endeavour to.
93. Macarons are the ultimate pastry because they can be varied infinitely.
94. The apparent ages also varied quite a lot, from about twenty to fifty.
95. It never varied, because that was exactly what happened eight years ago.
96. Be as varied as possible when thinking about what you are grateful for.
97. The foods that we have eaten are as varied as the recipes in this book.
98. Suspicions varied within and without the Vatican and the church at large.
99. No two of the dreams were ever quite the same but the theme never varied.
100. Food was very diverse and varied widely with the changing of the seasons.
1. It varies on the bond between.
2. It varies between 715 and 830 days.
3. Speed: The transaction speed varies.
4. This rule varies from state to state.
5. This varies according to the publisher.
6. A profitable open varies among traders.
7. Its value varies from sample to sample.
8. Of course, the pattern varies somewhat.
9. Recognition varies from a ‘pat on the.
10. Amount of added fibers mostly varies from 0.
11. Only the shape help takes varies according.
12. Value of Data Varies with Type of Enterprise.
13. But the answer varies from person to person.
14. It varies between 250 to 400 in normal blood.
15. The ramp form by the line of mind varies a lot.
16. The age of consent varies from state to state.
17. The specific gravity of the black varies from 3.
18. Moreover, the ratio of a butterfly never varies.
19. The maximum loan amount from FHA varies by county.
20. The reporting style varies from testers to testers.
21. The kind of horse meat we use in our tartare varies.
22. Backing varies in length according to the type of.
23. The extent of the programs varies as much as the price.
24. Realizable Value of Assets Varies with Their Character.
25. The use of Bollinger Bands varies widely among traders.
26. The seriousness of the risk varies with the individual.
27. Its charge varies with the requirements of the clients.
28. Again, the time spent on this second phase varies but.
29. The debt-and-equity ratio varies for different industries.
30. A short advance typically varies between 630 and 718 days.
31. The distance between the 20 MA and the 50 MA varies greatly.
32. Vandalism is covered by state statutes, and varies by state.
33. What’s the insertion fee payment to list your ad? It varies.
34. The varies strengths between the forces of nature are an exact.
35. The packaging varies, but the message is essentially the same:.
36. Their size varies from that of rocks to the smallest fragments.
37. This is decided by the issuer and varies from lender to lender.
38. The 15-year interval varies from 15 years to 15 years, 11 months.
39. Where it is believed that a soul goes to after death varies from.
40. This is where you accumulate about three million pounds - it varies.
41. The 50 MA is mostly flat, while the 20 MA varies from rising to falling.
42. Although this number varies, about 1500 Native Americans live in Sitka.
43. It is flexible and varies according to various situations and emotions.
44. The amount of the death benefit varies during the lifetime of the policy.
45. However, the extent to which they are over- or undervalued varies widely.
46. The cause of snoring varies from one individual to another, but there are.
47. The criteria effectiveness varies depending on the type of option strategy.
48. The importance of market price varies with the situation in value investing.
49. What matters to the public varies from time to time and from place to place.
50. Crotalus miliarius varies in some characters from those laid down by authors.
51. The time occupied by the ceremony of Initiation varies according to several.
52. This, of course, varies a bit, depending on the view you have on the screen.
53. The actual figure obviously varies with age, gender, race and other factors.
54. The seriousness of the spills varies, but all are harmful to the environment.
55. The bottom line varies according to your situation but you should try to aim.
56. The display that this format presents varies based on the width specification.
57. Where a soul goes to after death varies from country to country and age to age.
58. Vaccine effectiveness varies depending on the product and how it is stored, as.
59. The display that this format presents varies, based on the width specification.
60. To make sure the dealer does not starve, this ‘spread’ varies with the risk.
61. HCl used varies with the size of the meal and with the amount of protein ingested.
62. Their diameter varies in different specimens, from that of a pin to half an inch.
63. To begin with, the meaning of a word varies according to what part of speech it is.
64. Of course, how well these dual roles are played varies according to the individual.
65. Truth is absolute, but conception of truth varies with the individual consciousness.
66. What one immediately experiences on the other side varies from one person to another.
67. It is not just the equity premium that varies predictably over time—most premia do.
68. The pay rate for this type of data entry varies from ten cents a line to one dollar a.
69. The degree of manipulation varies from minor changes to outright fraudulent transactions.
70. This is where you accumulate about three million pounds - it varies from person to person.
71. Which week algorithm is used (U, V, or W) varies based on the value of the LOCALE= option.
72. Having chosen to write this poem in the anapestic tetrameter,Byron never varies the rhythm.
73. Yes, truth is absolute, but the conception of truth varies with the individual consciousness.
74. The price of speed dating varies but it it’s usually around £25 in the UK and similar in.
75. The length of each Hypnotherapy recording varies, depending on the situation and the problem.
76. The period of time Abram had to wait for this promise to be fulfilled varies with different.
77. The price of such commodities, therefore, varies not only with the variations of demand, but.
78. Its perpendicular height varies from three to forty feet, and its breadth from two to thirty.
79. Support for these messages in hardware router implementations varies from product to product.
80. The duration of the Basic Movements varies but the variations have held within certain limits.
81. The delta of the call option varies from 0 to 1 and the put option delta varies from –1 to 0.
82. Even in so-called consolidated statements the degree of consolidation varies considerably.
83. In all the different employments of stock, the ordinary rate of profit varies more or less with.
84. The same dish of spinach and tofu, the taste will be different and varies from people to people.
85. The relative importance of the three components varies across investments, often by construction.
86. The location of international trips varies from EMBA Program to EMBA Program and from year to year.
87. Adam, the personal pronouns "you" and "your" are used about fifteen times (it varies in different.
88. Its breadth on the wall varies from an inch to a foot, and the breadth of the vein is 6 or 8 feet.
89. The amount of time that you are required to live in the state before applying for residency varies.
90. The amount of time that entries remain in the ARP cache varies with different TCP/IP implementations.
91. It varies, therefore, not only from year to year, but from day to day, and almost from hour to hour.
92. The hierarchy of these factors, asserted Ejckembaum, varies from one type of verse writing to another.
93. Four continues, The number of fears you have in your landscape varies according to how many you have.
94. Besides, the libido of the folks, the embodiment of kama, invariably varies to complicate life further.
95. The estimates of dead killed varies widely, except for Americans, with most counts around 58,000 deaths.
96. The lake varies in width from a thousand feet to over two hundred miles, and it went on and on for weeks.
97. Conditional border between conventional and high-strength concrete varies as concrete technology develops.
98. She cleared her throat, feeling his intense gaze on her, It varies, Sir, some nights she screams about.
99. In contrast to the significance level, the p-value is a random variable that varies from sample to sample.
100. The Hurst coefficient varies between 0 and 1, and is related to the α power coefficient as H = 1 − α/2.

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