alternate frasi

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Frasi con alternate (in inglese)

I alternate between the two.
She would alternate from eye.
Lie–Any alternate to the Truth.
Put in the jar in alternate layers.
Alternate your pivot foot as you go.
The alternate ending would be where.
It was an itinerary for an alternate life.

Rethink Alternate Means of Transportation.
I felt like I was in an alternate universe.
Make alternate layers of crumbs and liquid.
There was an alternate view called science.
The squares alternate between light and dark.
Our seasons alternate, therefore, without any.
And in this alternate dimension, may never occur.
Finally he and Marie resorted to their alternate.
Adding an alternate answer to the truth creates.
I laughed as I observed this new alternate universe.
Being and not-being alternate and their reality is.
At two minutes the competitors will again alternate.
Alternate arms between sets and remember to breathe.
Not without an alternate plan, Carol interjected.
At the foot of alternate windows there was a set of.
At three minutes the competitors will again alternate.
Or rather, it’s been moved to an alternate location.
The Forest Army had no idea about this alternate door.
Where do you keep the alternate identity documents?
This is the Enterprise Crew of an alternate universe.
Ice ages and warming periods alternate with one another.
In this world they have a term for it: alternate universe.
Perhaps you could alternate them every three or four days.
I decided to use an alternate method to defeat him in this.
Stallman does not dispute this alternate view of historical.
Alternate exercise: Fold your hands and leave the thumbs open.
Alternate a layer of Angel Food Cake with a layer of sherry.
But he decided to graciously give me an alternate assignment.
I hope you wont be offended by my alternate suggestion?
He was fortunate to find an alternate gateway there within a.
Fortunately, I have an alternate supply of Hab canvas: the Hab.
If the weather could be an issue, plan an alternate day or time.
On Sue’s face was an alternating.
Alternating hot and cold water sitz bath.
Alternating hornets nest stirring changed.
And we are both of them in alternating cycles.
Repeat, alternating 2 sheets of buttered filo.
Alternating current, which means STOP to CONSIDER.
At the moment a turbaned Indian Sikh was alternating.
Down the road was a construction site with alternating one-way traffic.
The alternating time differential must be a major factor in this confusion.
Employed to ensure that order effects have an equal effect by alternating the.
If the alternating, 16-17 year cycles extend back 500 years into the past –.
Good cop, bad cop: the alternating patterns of behaviour of The Kid and Smiler.
She kept barking out commands and we kept alternating properly for several minutes.
Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an.
There he was, large, emaciated, alternating miaowing and coughing as I looked at him.
It was and still is the cause of the continuously alternating locations of Emo World.
Capital structure theory displays a pattern of alternating risks and returns that are.
Thread the sausage pieces on skewers, alternating them with pieces of apple and onion.
This movement usually takes the form of a series of alternating waves and retracements.
It was a good start to my career where I was alternating between teaching and fieldwork.
The humming of the sword intensified and then began alternating the rhythm of its sound.
The voltage isn"t much, only two-forty, but it"s alternating and there"s a fair current.
They accepted the present system in the same way as they accepted the alternating seasons.
You have the option of doing both arms at the same time or alternating your left and right.
It was tiled, alternating between lighter and darker tiles of red in a checkerboard pattern.
Today the flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red and six alternating white.
His tongue was expertly flicking at Elfi’s lips, alternating with sharp stabs into her mouth.
I’m playing DJ, alternating the Theme from Star Wars with the Theme from Superman.
Alternating with the beds of limestone, and possessing the same formation, is a soft clay slate.
We sat there for the next several hours – alternating with the headset, drinking water, watching.
The pictures of the humiliated Ron Bender and the smiling Apollo crew alternating in his mind's eye.
WE DROVE ALL the next day and into the second night, alternating at the wheel, trying to make up time.
Alternating between their cannon and flame throwers, they breached the wall ten hours into the battle.
It was a blue-bottomed, white-faced budgie, its back covered with alternating rows of black and white.
Cardio Training Days – M-W-F -Complete an alternating High/Low Intensity Cardio Workout that is 30 sec.
The married twosome with husbands and the little one with two or three of her current, alternating beaus.
Carefully, he placed each of the Lego shapes on the plate in a row of two bricks, alternating the colour.
Memory alternating with hope, we were always then and never yet – but when we are here, we are everywhere.
In Type 2, depression may occur alternating with mild mania (hypomania) but never progresses beyond hypomania.
Lew made a practice of having an all hands annual staff meeting alternating between Chicago and Phoenix.
The four of us alternated driving.
He alternated between two fire rods.
His mood alternated between anger and tears.
Her gaze alternated between the bed and the.
She alternated between yawning and shivering.
She alternated her glance between the panel and.
They alternated between Schmedleyville and Lennox.
He alternated between his pencil and his shot glass.
His body alternated between shuddering and stiffening.
Each exercise is alternated with the other and done at 3.
He alternated his gaze between Whitton and the fridge door.
Jaro’s mood alternated between pensiveness and expectation.
We start by seeing how the seasons alternated in the life of.
Her mood alternated between blissful joy and troubled anxiety.
In fact they alternated between these two forms of the disease.
Roman alternated swings of his arms and as each fist connected.
Together they alternated the verses of the Psalms back and forth.
They alternated with their partners driving and being fire control.
The young lady alternated staring at the nuathreens and back at Brian.
For the first seven years of our marriage, we alternated Thanksgiving.
Back and forth his attention alternated between the view and the letter.
Examine first whether your life’s seasons alternated according to the.
He just alternated between intense thought and looking directly into my eyes.
To extend our discovery, we’ll see now how the seasons alternated in the life.
Thatcher’s biography confirms that also her seasons have exactly alternated as.
From Napoléon’s biography derives that his good and bad seasons alternated at.
From Hugo’s biography derives that his seasons alternated every 16-17 years in.
From Columbus’s biography is confirmed that his good and bad seasons alternated.
As we’ve seen, Josephine’s seasons alternated exactly as Napoléon’s seasons.
We continue our trip and we’ll see now how the seasons alternated in the life of.
Elizabeth I’s biography confirms that also her life’s seasons alternated the way.
He alternated between momentary angst and flashes of memories of being in bed with me.
Callas’s biography confirms that the good and bad seasons in her life alternated in.
Yes, he and my late wife alternated performances here for the last few years or so.
From his biography, you’ll also be confirmed that his seasons indeed alternated the.
The conversation in Emily Gray’s car alternated between animated row and deathly silence.
Musketry and grape-shot alternated, but without committing great ravages, to tell the truth.
Decline bench press may be alternated with bench press when you hit plateaus on your routine.
Feeding time alternated between morning and evening depending on which day of the month is was.
We ran to keep up with him, and he alternated between sprinting and darting looks around corners.
God alternates the night and the day.
Power alternates behavior, nothing to it.
It also helps to have one or two alternates.
The weather here still alternates between good and bad.
Third Part–The lies, liars, and the alternate(s) to the truth.
Please use these low-fat recipes here as alternates or wherever it seems best to you.
In love there are no short cuts, no alternates, no showmanship, and no half-heartedness.
The play alternates between the white player and the black player until the game is concluded.
There are always alternates for everything, but what happens is that we don’t focus upon then.
In the end, neither side was happy but both sides accepted the twelve men and women and three alternates.
The boy alternates hands as he carries it along Ocean Drive toward the Atlantic, the beach, just past two in the morning.
This data set alternates uptrending and downtrending legs, though it reduces them to consistent, idealized linear changes.
Hornblende slate sometimes alternates with this, and sienite appears in various places, though its strata are generally thin.
Tom, rifling through a stack of file cards, barely looks up when the twelve jurors and two alternates solemnly take their positions.
Make sure that you have a few alternates with you at the front who know the way in case you should be lost to the brutes or through some other injury.
Mornings he alternates between Madame Manec’s kitchen, the tobacco shop, and the post office, where he waits in interminable queues to use the telephone.
In Litchfield commences a range of porphyritic granite, or porphyritic gneiss, which alternates with the common gneiss, and in some instances rests upon it.
The street alternates between smelling like bread, and smelling like fish, and smelling like mud, and smelling like paint so rapidly that it makes her head spin.
On developing the architecture there could be multiple options on selection of components or designing the layers itself, in such cases the alternates has to be captured and final decision to be derived based on formally evaluated benefits.
The elevation in the north part of Sunderland, called Toby, from 800 to 900 feet high, is chiefly conglomerate, red, brown, or greenish, which, in some parts, alternates with chlorite slate, secondary argillite, and a sandstone that seems to be passing into gray wacke slate.

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