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Frasi con alternate (in inglese)

  1. I alternate between the two.
  2. She would alternate from eye.
  3. Lie–Any alternate to the Truth.
  4. Put in the jar in alternate layers.
  5. Alternate your pivot foot as you go.

  6. The alternate ending would be where.
  7. Rethink Alternate Means of Transportation.
  8. It was an itinerary for an alternate life.
  9. Make alternate layers of crumbs and liquid.
  10. I felt like I was in an alternate universe.
  11. There was an alternate view called science.
  12. The squares alternate between light and dark.
  13. Our seasons alternate, therefore, without any.
  15. Adding an alternate answer to the truth creates.

  16. And in this alternate dimension, may never occur.
  17. Finally he and Marie resorted to their alternate.
  18. I laughed as I observed this new alternate universe.
  19. Being and not-being alternate and their reality is.
  20. At two minutes the competitors will again alternate.
  21. Alternate arms between sets and remember to breathe.
  22. Not without an alternate plan, Carol interjected.
  23. At the foot of alternate windows there was a set of.
  24. The Forest Army had no idea about this alternate door.
  25. At three minutes the competitors will again alternate.

  26. Or rather, it’s been moved to an alternate location.
  27. Ice ages and warming periods alternate with one another.
  28. This is the Enterprise Crew of an alternate universe.
  29. Where do you keep the alternate identity documents?
  30. Perhaps you could alternate them every three or four days.
  31. In this world they have a term for it: alternate universe.
  32. I decided to use an alternate method to defeat him in this.
  33. Stallman does not dispute this alternate view of historical.
  34. But he decided to graciously give me an alternate assignment.
  35. I hope you wont be offended by my alternate suggestion?
  36. Alternate exercise: Fold your hands and leave the thumbs open.
  37. Alternate a layer of Angel Food Cake with a layer of sherry.
  38. He was fortunate to find an alternate gateway there within a.
  39. Fortunately, I have an alternate supply of Hab canvas: the Hab.
  40. Theory and the alternate realities that really exist in 11-space.
  41. If the weather could be an issue, plan an alternate day or time.
  42. Alternate legs and repeat for at least two sets of 15 repetitions.
  43. Alternate between the end of the lighter line and on the standing.
  44. When on low-carb diets whey can function as an alternate source of.
  45. Where is that day? Does it still exist in some alternate universe?
  46. Markets tend to alternate between trending periods and trading ranges.
  47. Nevertheless, their diet also turns alternate in its entire lifetime.
  48. Similarly, if the CPU failed, it would make use of the alternate CPU.
  49. The alternate reality modeled by the symbology of The Apocalypse is.
  50. Squidoo lens is always one of them and then just alternate the others.
  51. Assonance of alternate lines is the usual rime of the romances, as in:.
  52. They wouldn’t have to bypass this city and pursue the alternate targets.
  53. By law, every minister held services on alternate Sundays and on holy days.
  54. If this chapter has been confusing, consider this alternate classification.
  55. They were still in the alternate dimension, the one where she possessed him.
  56. Being in her presence, he always felt as if he was in an alternate universe.
  57. This week they alternate black diamond, white ice, black diamond, white ice.
  58. Also, the ability to know how our seasons alternate in life can help you to.
  59. Make sure the “Don’t Use Alternate Text” is checked then click “ok”.
  60. Wendy, did you know that we are in an alternate universe?' he asked excitedly.
  61. Our third story skips time-tracks into an alternate history of the Machine Age.
  62. It indicates the alternate timeline still exists for a short period, at least.
  63. Competitors will alternate after one minute, Toshu handing Tanto the knife and.
  64. Daveda tried to be sneaky about it and would alternate between washing them on.
  65. Be ready to present me alternate war plans tomorrow, plans that only I will see.
  66. Even in physical processes, there are occasions on which alternate outcomes are.
  67. These alternate Planes remind me of the far kingdoms to the east, south and west.
  68. He would make some alternate plans to keep the whole operation going if he could.
  69. Flowers alternate, the male or neutral florets situated on one side of the rachis.
  70. We will alternate reinventing the rules of our play, eh? suggested Nightfall.
  71. I would suggest an alternate route, but there is no alternate route, he said.
  72. Here is an alternate screen that also can turn up some nice coiled spring setups:.
  73. So the computer and this rock will count up together, taking alternate turns?
  74. But, even though month lengths didn’t alternate between 30 and 31 days as one would.
  75. However, these alternate VIX indexes may be used to gain insight into market activity.
  76. He continued to alternate between being sullen and wrathful throughout his entire stay.
  77. So is she still encapsulated in that alternate veron store that’s in your lab?
  78. While the character is in his alternate form he can only use the abilities of that form.
  79. As if she was talking to a moron, she slowly said, The Alternate Reality Multi-Universe.
  80. Now, to understand the nature of the lie, just understand it as an alternate to the truth.
  81. They were instructed to alternate pivot feet but other than that it was an unvarying task.
  82. Molly figured out a way to control alternate realities — which is what we’re in now.
  83. This encourages me to believe the alternate futures will freely continue after a transport.
  84. The problem is that we have no alternate model of human existence except the one we live in.
  85. What if Molly actually liked me? No, even in an alternate reality, that could not be reality.
  86. Also, the sum of the digits of verse 13:18 equal 13 and the alternate digits create an 11:11.
  87. Adopting alternate beliefs gravitated you away from who you are, but that is immaterial now.
  88. On the alternate Sundays we allow her to have her young man up for the afternoon and evening.
  89. A mystery can be understood as truth that has been obscured by one or more alternate answers.
  90. The plans will have alternate possible solutions until the most appropriate ones are reached.
  91. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had an alternate history for everything, including religion.
  92. An alternate solution would be to treat each individual’s readings as a block (see Section 6.
  93. In some alternate universe, Werner considers, this woman and Frau Elena could have been friends.
  94. Warlock and Martin had done data inputs into their GPS network seeking alternate travel routes.
  95. Molly said, And in an alternate world it must have come up Pachuco and started another string.
  96. These are the supreme experiences in this life; there are also alternate definitions and terms.
  97. If that scan fails to produce any viable pullback candidates, you can try this alternate scan:.
  98. The flowers are arranged in alternate order, but occupy only one side of the rachis, as in the R.
  99. Three–Symbolizes the lie, because the third point or part is the alternate to the truth and is.
  100. Visual analysis of these data reveals that undervalued periods alternate with overvalued periods.
  1. On Sue’s face was an alternating.
  2. Alternating hot and cold water sitz bath.
  3. Alternating hornets nest stirring changed.
  4. And we are both of them in alternating cycles.
  5. Repeat, alternating 2 sheets of buttered filo.
  6. Alternating current, which means STOP to CONSIDER.
  7. At the moment a turbaned Indian Sikh was alternating.
  8. Down the road was a construction site with alternating one-way traffic.
  9. The alternating time differential must be a major factor in this confusion.
  10. If the alternating, 16-17 year cycles extend back 500 years into the past –.
  11. Employed to ensure that order effects have an equal effect by alternating the.
  12. Good cop, bad cop: the alternating patterns of behaviour of The Kid and Smiler.
  13. She kept barking out commands and we kept alternating properly for several minutes.
  14. Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an.
  15. There he was, large, emaciated, alternating miaowing and coughing as I looked at him.
  16. It was and still is the cause of the continuously alternating locations of Emo World.
  17. Thread the sausage pieces on skewers, alternating them with pieces of apple and onion.
  18. Capital structure theory displays a pattern of alternating risks and returns that are.
  19. This movement usually takes the form of a series of alternating waves and retracements.
  20. The humming of the sword intensified and then began alternating the rhythm of its sound.
  21. The voltage isn"t much, only two-forty, but it"s alternating and there"s a fair current.
  22. It was a good start to my career where I was alternating between teaching and fieldwork.
  23. They accepted the present system in the same way as they accepted the alternating seasons.
  24. You have the option of doing both arms at the same time or alternating your left and right.
  25. It was tiled, alternating between lighter and darker tiles of red in a checkerboard pattern.
  26. Today the flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red and six alternating white.
  27. His tongue was expertly flicking at Elfi’s lips, alternating with sharp stabs into her mouth.
  28. Alternating with the beds of limestone, and possessing the same formation, is a soft clay slate.
  29. I’m playing DJ, alternating the Theme from Star Wars with the Theme from Superman.
  30. We sat there for the next several hours – alternating with the headset, drinking water, watching.
  31. The pictures of the humiliated Ron Bender and the smiling Apollo crew alternating in his mind's eye.
  32. WE DROVE ALL the next day and into the second night, alternating at the wheel, trying to make up time.
  33. Alternating between their cannon and flame throwers, they breached the wall ten hours into the battle.
  34. It was a blue-bottomed, white-faced budgie, its back covered with alternating rows of black and white.
  35. Carefully, he placed each of the Lego shapes on the plate in a row of two bricks, alternating the colour.
  36. Cardio Training Days – M-W-F -Complete an alternating High/Low Intensity Cardio Workout that is 30 sec.
  37. The married twosome with husbands and the little one with two or three of her current, alternating beaus.
  38. Memory alternating with hope, we were always then and never yet – but when we are here, we are everywhere.
  39. Lew made a practice of having an all hands annual staff meeting alternating between Chicago and Phoenix.
  40. In Type 2, depression may occur alternating with mild mania (hypomania) but never progresses beyond hypomania.
  41. But then I moped around, alternating between resolve to fight through this mess and sadness that I couldn’t.
  42. Alternating between capturing her crazed lips and finding the zipper for her dress, his blood burned with need.
  43. In the orchestra is heard the imitation of birds, alternating with sounds corresponding to the words he speaks.
  44. They began again, Aesa alternating between unspelling and reining his power in when it got too strong to handle.
  45. Seasons had passed over her, their alternating chill and warmth fissuring her strong heart like cracks in stone.
  46. They kept at it for the space of perhaps three quarters of an hour in alternating failed and successful attempts.
  47. The veils are all different colors, unripe lemon, rose, hazard-cone orange, alternating in no pattern I can name.
  48. Then he lunged at Louie and began punching him in the face, alternating right and left fists in a violent ecstasy.
  49. It took them all night to dispose of the bodies and wash away the blood, alternating trash detail with keeping watch.
  50. Alternating between crawl and breaststroke, she took nearly forty minutes to swim across and find back some footing.
  51. He began moving, halfway out then back in, thrusting into her, and then all the way out and all the way in, alternating.
  52. The leaf-light flickered on the paper-thin skin of the old men’s wrists, the shadows alternating with fading sunlight.
  53. Hair is continually shed and renewed by the operation of alternating cycles of growth, rest, fallout, and renewed growth.
  54. He spoke little that evening, alternating between grief for his son and petulance at the scant attention Alilia paid him.
  55. Round and round in her head churned the evening’s humiliation alternating with panic attacks at the thought of exposure.
  56. No activity that involves the direct contact of electric current (whether alternating or direct), fire or flames to the body.
  57. Each five-wave pattern consists of three waves in the direction of the trend alternating with two waves that are corrective.
  58. The part coloured rose-red consists of argillite, sometimes alternating with mica slate, siliceous slate, or chlorite slate.
  59. The sky was still an incongruous mixture of sunlight and dark, but now these areas were alternating, like dancing spotlights.
  60. Add a thin layer of rock dust to the compost pile, alternating between layers of grass clippings, manure, kitchen wastes, etc.
  61. The present is always alternating between emptiness that becomes full and fullness that becomes empty so it can fill up once again.
  62. An aggregate appears, alternating with the loose schistose rock, which resembles the red sandstone, but is of a less firm texture.
  63. Rarely will a pattern of alternating yearly debt increases with equity increases be profitable, because there is always some lag.
  64. They said; ‘Caution, Arriving Translocations’ in Common, alternating with Elvish words that Mark suspected said the same thing.
  65. In the 8th century BC Judah and Israel often opposed one another, and Judah was alternating between alliances with Egypt and Assyria.
  66. Alternating, perpetually lit lamps of silver and gold, filled with perfumed oils, had been set into those walls at regular intervals.
  67. Despite her fear, the journalist kept taking pictures, alternating between the approaching trio of aviators and the Chinese soldiers.
  68. Alternating with the rust stripes were black, dripping runs of greasy oil, giving her the overall coloring of a seagoing Bengal tiger.
  69. We were enjoying the sun, the unpolluted breeze, the unhurried walk, the alternating current that flowed through the contact of our hands.
  70. Two hours after midnight the stricken man was able to move and was tossing fitfully in the grass, alternating groans with incoherent words.
  71. The strange sound began with a low moan and rose to a very loud series of clear, rapidly alternating high notes before dropping down again.
  72. This continued, alternating directions and hands, until the house including the addition Harry had installed was quite handsomely repainted.
  73. Dinner went on in that manner, with Mr Wilkins alternating between asking Jake questions and hushing Emma whenever she tried to speak for him.
  74. Sometimes, though, he is not at all morbid, but simply cold and inhumanly callous; it's as though he were alternating between two characters.
  75. She knew that the alternating courses of sand and amber stone that vaulted upward over the Imperial heads constituted an architectural wonder.
  76. Sometimes, though, he is not at all morbid, but simply cold and inhumanly callous; it’s as though he were alternating between two characters.
  77. The lead guard, Steven, a relatively new guy on the block, seemed confused, alternating between real concern and short-tempered, bullying frustration.
  78. If you start with a $1,000,000 portfolio and roll alternating heads and tails over the 30-year period, then you indeed can withdraw $81,700 annually (8.
  79. Into this hole, the end of the second alternating great tackle is then hooked so as to retain a hold upon the blubber, in order to prepare for what follows.
  80. She had to restraint herself and eat slowly in order not to devour her sandwich with indecent haste, alternating with bites at her cucumber and French fries.
  81. With alternating flood and dry in that hot climate the plants grow very quickly to about the height of wheat, with feathery ears of rice on top of the stalks.
  82. Bannister scanned the scene: Joan had moved closer to him, alternating watching for his lead and searching the horizon for movement, the hint of a sniper rifle.
  83. I lit 6 alternating candles of green and red, 12 in all along the altar’s length, then placed a silver chalice of purified snake’s blood on the raised pulpit.
  84. During a round of golf, try to walk along alternating holes so that by the end of your round of golf you should be able to have walked through a total of nine holes.
  85. Thus, we are never truly in possession of ourselves; our lives are secretly spent running through a series of being possessed by these mechanically alternating states.
  86. Senta and the Elf were nearly doubled up in giggles at the sight of Dena, alternating hands on her hips then arms crossed, waiting for a better response than their laughter.
  87. Both sides of this hill are sandstone and puddingstone, frequently alternating: though these are most extensive on the west side, and as we rise the puddingstone predominates.
  88. Vinnie was sliding the glove around the door in small circular motions, every now and then he would tap one of the fingers of the glove against the door in alternating rhythms.
  89. Independent Puerto Rico likely would be much like its neighbor the Dominican Republic, right wing dictatorships backed by the US alternating with leftist populist governments.
  90. A proven system for constantly improving your CTR is to use split-testing a method where you run two alternating ads and after a certain number of clicks (enough to prove that.
  91. The alternating cold and warmth seemed to yank her out of her despair and when we finished and had our shower and were walking to her car, she smiled at me and the sun came out.
  92. The right hands: clockwise, the left hands: countering in alternating cadence in front of each twin as she moved very, very slowly away from her corner down the length of the deck.
  93. Alternating hot and cold water sitz bath also help to release the blood stagnation in the abdominal region, thereby increasing blood flow to the region, resulting in lessening the.
  94. They decided it would be less suspicious if they split up their order, so over the course of a few hours they placed five different orders for the steel shot, alternating their names.
  95. Markets normally move in alternating patterns of impulse and consolidation; the opposing trades of fading at the band and reentering in the middle of the bands capture this principle well.
  96. In the end, she spent the next hour waiting, alternating between panic and slowly mounting fury, making calls to Barney’s secretary and the paralegal, as well as to Barney’s cell phone.
  97. They finished by standing in a line in the shallow end of the pool, their upper bodies slanted and alternating sides, moving their arms up and down to the beat of Technotronicś Rockinóver the Beat.
  98. Nestled inside a black jewelry box on a cloud of gold tissue lay a thirty inch necklace of equal, alternating Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian stones, interspersed with four Moss Agates, two on either side.
  99. Programming, planning, expectations and anticipations are never precise and therefore an exact time could not be versed over anything that keeps changing and alternating upon this kind of an atmosphere.
  100. Formats are as varied as EMBA Programs, says McCleary, with choices that range from alternating all-day classes on Fridays and Saturday to weeklong residencies at different intervals to other variations.
  1. The four of us alternated driving.
  2. He alternated between two fire rods.
  3. His mood alternated between anger and tears.
  4. She alternated between yawning and shivering.
  5. Her gaze alternated between the bed and the.
  6. She alternated her glance between the panel and.
  7. They alternated between Schmedleyville and Lennox.
  8. He alternated between his pencil and his shot glass.
  9. His body alternated between shuddering and stiffening.
  10. Each exercise is alternated with the other and done at 3.
  11. He alternated his gaze between Whitton and the fridge door.
  12. Jaro’s mood alternated between pensiveness and expectation.
  13. We start by seeing how the seasons alternated in the life of.
  14. Her mood alternated between blissful joy and troubled anxiety.
  15. In fact they alternated between these two forms of the disease.
  16. Roman alternated swings of his arms and as each fist connected.
  17. Together they alternated the verses of the Psalms back and forth.
  18. They alternated with their partners driving and being fire control.
  19. The young lady alternated staring at the nuathreens and back at Brian.
  20. For the first seven years of our marriage, we alternated Thanksgiving.
  21. Back and forth his attention alternated between the view and the letter.
  22. Examine first whether your life’s seasons alternated according to the.
  23. He just alternated between intense thought and looking directly into my eyes.
  24. To extend our discovery, we’ll see now how the seasons alternated in the life.
  25. Thatcher’s biography confirms that also her seasons have exactly alternated as.
  26. From Hugo’s biography derives that his seasons alternated every 16-17 years in.
  27. From Napoléon’s biography derives that his good and bad seasons alternated at.
  28. From Columbus’s biography is confirmed that his good and bad seasons alternated.
  29. As we’ve seen, Josephine’s seasons alternated exactly as Napoléon’s seasons.
  30. We continue our trip and we’ll see now how the seasons alternated in the life of.
  31. Elizabeth I’s biography confirms that also her life’s seasons alternated the way.
  32. From his biography, you’ll also be confirmed that his seasons indeed alternated the.
  33. Yes, he and my late wife alternated performances here for the last few years or so.
  34. He alternated between momentary angst and flashes of memories of being in bed with me.
  35. Callas’s biography confirms that the good and bad seasons in her life alternated in.
  36. The conversation in Emily Gray’s car alternated between animated row and deathly silence.
  37. Musketry and grape-shot alternated, but without committing great ravages, to tell the truth.
  38. Decline bench press may be alternated with bench press when you hit plateaus on your routine.
  39. Feeding time alternated between morning and evening depending on which day of the month is was.
  40. We ran to keep up with him, and he alternated between sprinting and darting looks around corners.
  41. We all alternated between English, Spanish, and Ramonish, fluidly knitting three languages into one.
  42. I’m Effie Wu, the woman whom you alternated shows with for many years right here on this very stage.
  43. They were arranged so that every other dancer was a female, so the colors alternated in perfect harmony.
  44. This night call was alternated with similar day calls, where I would come in the morning and work for 12 hours.
  45. He grabbed her hips and bounced her up and down on his lap while she alternated between her beer and cigarette.
  46. The extended Romanesque vault was set on rows of towering columns, which alternated between circular and square.
  47. It somehow happened quite suddenly that I alternated between despising them and thinking them superior to myself.
  48. Since the first year the game was launched, they had both alternated between second and third place, right below RedJive.
  49. This complicated her schizophrenia and she alternated between the overt and the so-called negative symptoms of the illness.
  50. The medic stood at the sidelines throughout, wearing an expression that alternated between disapproval and downright horror.
  51. His fingers alternated between stroking her sensitive are and going deep inside her, sending Tarana into new sexual heights.
  52. I had alternated between catching up on the shows I had recorded and napping on the couch for several hours when Temmy called.
  53. Sketches of boxers, of ballet-girls, and of racehorses alternated with a sensuous Fragonard, a martial Girardet, and a dreamy Turner.
  54. Since the restart beyond the canal, he and Judah had taken turns riding around the fringe as they alternated between the lead and tail positions.
  55. Thus Peter alternated between faith and doubt throughout the whole day, until a little after eight o'clock, when he ventured out into the courtyard.
  56. Her expression, as he narrated victories or defeats, did not mirror the wild rage or fiendish exultation that alternated on the faces of the other Tecuhltli.
  57. The week prior, in which Rodan had expounded his philosophy, Thomas and Nathaniel had alternated in presenting the gospel of the kingdom to the Greek philosopher.
  58. The young ones alternated the walking and carrying without seeming to lose too much time, but Zoran couldn’t be sure, and now a new concern slowly came into view.
  59. Religious meetings involving breast-beating, chanting and singing, followed by an address from the Emperor, alternated with sporting tournaments and circus-like entertainment.
  60. During this time we traversed a barren and forbidding country, which alternated between stony desert and desolate marshes full of many wild-fowl, upon the north and east of the cliffs.
  61. The few remaining cartons from the Knickerbocker days alternated with the possessions of tenants who’d fled or been kicked out, all of it forming a maze in which a distant radio babbled.
  62. Eric suffered no adverse reactions, but Rose had spiraly marks all over her body which took several days to fade, and Lucy's mood alternated between over-thinking and impulsiveness for a while.
  63. She cut down towards Mariatorget with quick steps, turned left into Swedenborgsgatan and walked into a restaurant called Süd, where she sat down at the bar and alternated between whisky and beer.
  64. There were spaces full of heather in flower, and plots of violets alternated with the confused patches of the trees that were grey, fawn, or golden coloured, according to the nature of their leaves.
  65. O I was mad with Rage! In my Mind and Spirit alternated Disbelief at my Condition and sheer Fury at Lord Bellars, i’faith at all Men, for having the Joys of Love yet bearing no Burden of the Responsibility!.
  66. We’d honed this competitive edge when we alternated as the headline act of the Live Stiffs package tour with Ian Dury and the Blockheads, after a disastrous attempt to have all four bands rotate in that role.
  67. My unfortunate caller and I retired to the remotest corner of the room and conversed in guilty whispers, alternated with sudden trumpet blasts of sound as we realized that our subdued manner was unnecessary and open to suspicion.
  68. The deep humiliation with which he had winced under Caleb Garth's knowledge of his past and rejection of his patronage, alternated with and almost gave way to the sense of safety in the fact that Garth, and no other, had been the man to whom Raffles had spoken.
  69. He had dowagers in his office literally screaming because they had not been invited to some social event, financiers threatening to commit suicide because they had lost money in the stock market, overweight matrons who alternated between feasting and fat farms.
  70. Alexandria started emptying after the first week of September and the beaches were a delight not only because the crowds and the traffic jams at the Corniche had eased but also because the usually turbulent sea and huge waves that alternated with milder conditions throughout July, August and mid-September gave way to an exceptional calm.
  71. With the feeling that they were a single family, where English-accented Greek alternated with Greek-accented English, where the gurgling of baby Iason was answered by the cooing of Lea, where kissing and hugging took place in improbable combinations and loud talk and laughter filled the rooms of the house and the souls of this family of eight.
  72. From Rodin’s biography derives that his good and bad seasons alternated in 1859,.
  73. Onassis’s biography shows that his life’s good and bad seasons alternated in 1925,.
  1. God alternates the night and the day.
  2. Power alternates behavior, nothing to it.
  3. It also helps to have one or two alternates.
  4. The weather here still alternates between good and bad.
  5. Third Part–The lies, liars, and the alternate(s) to the truth.
  6. Please use these low-fat recipes here as alternates or wherever it seems best to you.
  7. In love there are no short cuts, no alternates, no showmanship, and no half-heartedness.
  8. The play alternates between the white player and the black player until the game is concluded.
  9. There are always alternates for everything, but what happens is that we don’t focus upon then.
  10. In the end, neither side was happy but both sides accepted the twelve men and women and three alternates.
  11. The boy alternates hands as he carries it along Ocean Drive toward the Atlantic, the beach, just past two in the morning.
  12. This data set alternates uptrending and downtrending legs, though it reduces them to consistent, idealized linear changes.
  13. Hornblende slate sometimes alternates with this, and sienite appears in various places, though its strata are generally thin.
  14. Tom, rifling through a stack of file cards, barely looks up when the twelve jurors and two alternates solemnly take their positions.
  15. Make sure that you have a few alternates with you at the front who know the way in case you should be lost to the brutes or through some other injury.
  16. Mornings he alternates between Madame Manec’s kitchen, the tobacco shop, and the post office, where he waits in interminable queues to use the telephone.
  17. In Litchfield commences a range of porphyritic granite, or porphyritic gneiss, which alternates with the common gneiss, and in some instances rests upon it.
  18. The street alternates between smelling like bread, and smelling like fish, and smelling like mud, and smelling like paint so rapidly that it makes her head spin.
  19. On developing the architecture there could be multiple options on selection of components or designing the layers itself, in such cases the alternates has to be captured and final decision to be derived based on formally evaluated benefits.
  20. The elevation in the north part of Sunderland, called Toby, from 800 to 900 feet high, is chiefly conglomerate, red, brown, or greenish, which, in some parts, alternates with chlorite slate, secondary argillite, and a sandstone that seems to be passing into gray wacke slate.

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