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Frasi con quiver (in inglese)

  1. I quiver to his touch.
  2. He felt his jaw quiver.
  3. And that made me quiver.
  4. His hand began to quiver.
  5. On his back was a quiver.

  6. His chin started to quiver.
  7. It was empty like her quiver.
  8. Oh… my body starts to quiver.
  9. A sigh and the hint of a quiver.
  10. With it went a quiver of arrows.
  11. His lip began to quiver slightly.
  12. His bottom lip started to quiver.
  13. There was a slight quiver in his.
  14. The thicket started to quiver as he.
  15. A quiver of long grass by the driveway.

  16. A quiver was strapped to her back, and.
  17. He pulled another arrow from the quiver.
  18. Her lips and chin suddenly began to quiver.
  19. A quiver of arrows hung over his shoulder.
  20. Son took the bow and strapped the quiver.
  21. Her quiver seemed to have no end of shafts.
  22. The ground seemed to quiver under their feet.
  23. A quiver of arrows jostled with his backpack.
  24. The quiver gave Shoop a mild feeling of relief.
  25. The quiver of appreciation that tightened her.

  26. All was silent, not even a quiver in the ether.
  27. I quiver and draw more blood, faster and deeper.
  28. One of them had a bow and a quiver full of arrows.
  29. His arm began to quiver and buzz from the strain.
  30. My lower lip started to quiver and I nodded my head.
  31. Andore felt his stomach clench and his heart quiver.
  32. Dachau, Ruth said and her lips began to quiver.
  33. What? Glau inquired with a quiver in his voice.
  34. She felt a quiver of excitement at what he’d said.
  35. His little brow drew in and his chin began to quiver.
  36. There was no breeze, yet he had seen a branch quiver.
  37. She retrieved the Arrow of Belhavior from her quiver.
  38. Vinny's body continued to quiver while he snorted out.
  39. That voice that would quiver and hold a note too long.
  40. Gomes stared at the ruins and his lips began to quiver.
  41. Beyond that, they have no arrows left in their quiver.
  42. When she saw them her mouth began to quiver and twitch.
  43. I could see her bottom lip starting to quiver and her.
  44. First as her quiver was empty did she return to reality.
  45. Don't bother checking the quiver and projectile sections.
  46. Thrasymachus, I said, with a quiver, don't be hard upon us.
  47. It was a typical cold desert night and I started to quiver.
  48. Then the sudden blare of a trumpet made me start and quiver.
  49. Sir? The young driver spoke with a quiver in his voice.
  50. The very one, ethereal, the quiver rare of Nature’s own.
  51. He pulled three arrows out of the rotten old leather quiver.
  52. He put it back in his quiver and slung the bow over his head.
  53. He felt the line quiver as the water rushed toward the valve.
  54. Now there was no quiver to be detected in his voice whatsoever.
  55. Who are you? she demanded, despising the quiver that she.
  56. David asked without making eye contact with Jimmy, a quiver in.
  57. Then he felt a quiver in his leg and he ordered his leg to bend.
  58. Christine laughed and I could feel a small quiver in her stomach.
  59. Yes, Mom, he said, trying to cover the quiver in his voice.
  60. That’ll be Sean Bridget said with a quiver in her voice.
  61. Leaning against it was a quiver with a dozen arrows made of bone.
  62. See the bow and quiver hook right into the sword harness here.
  63. Rachel’s lower lip began to quiver as she stared back at Gabriel.
  64. Legolas had a bow and a quiver, and at his belt a long white knife.
  65. Patty’s lips started to quiver as tears trickled down her cheeks.
  66. Conan stood poised, watching the oncoming monster without a quiver.
  67. Feel the trembling of the mountains! Look at how the hills quiver!.
  68. He was staring at nothing, but his body continued to gently quiver.
  69. Tell put one arrow in his quiver and another in his crossbow, took.
  70. A look of surprise passed over his face, and at the first quiver of.
  71. Son pulled an arrow from the quiver, placed it in the bowstring and.
  72. And suddenly there was an unexpected quiver in the princess’s voice.
  73. She also wore a hunter’s bow and a quiver of arrows, as well as a.
  74. The quiver was added as a hiding place for the winning raffle ticket.
  75. Her body began to quiver with rage as she spoke through clenched teeth.
  76. The quiver rattleth against him, the glittering spear, and the shield.
  77. What kind of dark voodoo is this? she said with a notable quiver.
  78. One of those skeleton charts on the dim wall seemed to quiver and jump.
  79. He stopped short, seeing me, and a quiver seemed to pass over his face.
  80. Bru was having a hell of a time getting another arrow out of the quiver.
  81. Then Legolas gave into his hand his silver-hafted knife, his quiver and.
  82. There's been a mistake, she said with a slight quiver in her voice.
  83. She handed me as well a quiver of short arrows that were tipped in silver.
  84. If food made her lower region quiver, I wondered what my tongue would do.
  85. That’s when I found… Frank Paxton’s lower lip started to quiver.
  86. Gradually the sound intensified and the trees started to quiver and shake.
  87. As light will glisten diff’rent rays, so seemed this sound a quiver rare.
  88. Rob could see the quiver of motion as the arrow stuck in the middle of it.
  89. He was the sleepless eye and the unmistakable arrow in the state’s quiver.
  90. They have rounded leaves on very, very long stalks that quiver in the wind.
  91. His eyes burnt through her with raw desire that made her quiver beneath him.
  92. A cool draft laced, ghost-like, through the room, making the lanterns quiver.
  93. The index finger of his left hand continued to quiver for about ten seconds.
  94. Princess Mary read the paper, and her face began to quiver with stifled sobs.
  95. Bruss took the SMB Foundation because he wanted to add equities to his quiver.
  96. I’m sorry, Nathan, she said, her voice containing a noticeable quiver.
  97. His stomach grumbled at him, so he rose to his feet, grabbing his bow and quiver.
  98. Nancy surprised the girls by grabbing her big bow and quiver instead of her musket.
  99. Atli saw a quiver of arrows on Yngvild's shoulder and a bow on the ground beside her.
  100. Marie’s lip started to quiver and she shrank back, putting her hands over her face.
  1. He took a deep quivering breath.
  2. Her quivering voice unnerved him.
  3. Amanda was quivering with ecstasy.
  4. The Dews drew quivering & chill—.
  5. Blood oozed from its quivering jaw.
  6. It was an acute and quivering thing.
  7. His lower lip was quivering a little.
  8. A low moan passed through quivering.
  9. The quivering caress of a wild breeze.
  10. Go! the quivering voice repeated.
  11. Hal said, his voice slightly quivering.
  12. Every muscle of his face was quivering.
  13. The quivering gun pointed at his chest.
  14. Both of us were basically a quivering.
  15. He stood there quivering, his hair all.
  16. The corner of her mouth starts quivering.
  17. The captain’s lower jaw began quivering.
  18. Moshe regain control of the quivering mount.
  19. This overpowering tremor, or this quivering.
  20. Every fiber of him was quivering and shaking.
  21. She nodded, begging her quivering chin to stop.
  22. Her lips were quivering as she held back sobs.
  23. Merrill turned away from me, her chin quivering.
  24. His whole body was quivering with the sensation.
  25. His hands are balled into tight, quivering fists.
  26. Her lips were quivering with exasperation, though.
  27. Its deck was covered with dark, quivering shadows.
  28. Janelle couldn’t get her quivering knees to stop.
  29. Vasya's chin was quivering and his eyes were moist.
  30. She was a quaking, quivering mold of abject terror.
  31. The very earth was quivering and shaking, rolling.
  32. Pale, with quivering lips, Pierre snatched the copy.
  33. It smote into his shield and stuck there quivering.
  34. He looked at his foe, who stood quivering with fear.
  35. He was choking, quivering, and he lost his strength.
  36. An inconstant smile flickered on her quivering face.
  37. Alby said nothing, his face still quivering with rage.
  38. His body was quivering, and he was coughing up blood.
  39. I looked upon the quivering pile of mess on the floor.
  40. Tom said, with quivering lips and halting utterance:.
  41. The nocturnal quivering of the forest surrounded her.
  42. She screamed and curled in a ball, her body quivering.
  43. Alyosha's lips were quivering and he caught his breath.
  44. His nerves were quivering, his emotion was increasing.
  45. A pale mountain of flab literally quivering with rage.
  46. I love you, too, floated from his quivering lips.
  47. He looked up at Petrov who was quivering with fear and.
  48. In a minute he was back again, his face quivering with.
  49. The Fleet man just sat there with his antennae quivering.
  50. Gentlemen! said the Emperor with a quivering voice.
  51. Her lips are quivering and her eyes move frantically about.
  52. But Pierre’s face quivering with emotion, his questions.
  53. She knelt there quivering while Tragus pulled off his robe.
  54. But the cruelty in his eyes started her limbs to quivering.
  55. A thin guy, Reacher thought, always quivering and vibrating.
  56. He stopped short and seemed almost quivering with resentment.
  57. Only friends? She met his gaze and knew her lip was quivering.
  58. I stopped and stood still, quivering with fear in every limb.
  59. She lifted a quivering hand for the pen, immersed it in ink.
  60. Cloud! whimpered the young soldier, his quivering voice.
  61. I turned and said in a quivering voice, You gave me a fright.
  62. The lady walked over to the boy again, who was still quivering.
  63. You have killed my crew all, he said, his tusks quivering.
  64. But, in spite of her efforts to be calm, her lips were quivering.
  65. He was beside himself, crimson in the face and quivering all over.
  66. Quivering with need, I grabbed his hand and put it between my legs.
  67. Okay, Alaysia answered, her voice quivering with worry and fear.
  68. He strutted over to Paul, looking up into his great quivering eyes.
  69. Our hero’s heart was quivering with the intensity of his emotion.
  70. He moved to the canal where the stars shone in the quivering waters.
  71. Some color was returning to his cheeks and he had stopped quivering.
  72. So they pushed you in my path because you were quivering the most.
  73. Har, look at you both, quivering like a pair o' haddock on the deck.
  74. Hunter felt as if every nerve ending was quivering with anticipation.
  75. This quivering of his left leg was a thing Napoleon was conscious of.
  76. Holding onto the banister, Jesse made it downstairs on quivering legs.
  77. I was sure, but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t quivering in fear.
  78. She leaned forward to the boy and said, with a holy, quivering rage:.
  79. And Will felt his soul fall over cold and white-jelly quivering inside.
  80. He felt her warm, breathing, alive, quivering in the hollow of his arm.
  81. Bulstrode shrank—there was a visible quivering in his face and hands.
  82. I have to get in there! He tried to keep his voice from quivering.
  83. She continued quivering within my grasp, but she didn’t say anything.
  84. Father his sword now sheathed stepped toward the quivering townspeople.
  85. For a long time I lay and watched these red, quivering blotches of light.
  86. I told you! he said loudly, his voice quivering with both anxiety.
  87. Paul was leaning, white and quivering, against the brass rail of the bar.
  88. Ramin was staring at the battlefield, every muscle of his face quivering.
  89. Then with a sob he sank down, a long shaft quivering in his sturdy heart.
  90. The gentleman, quivering with agitation, warmly shook the young man's hand.
  91. Joseph stared at the Baron, his right eyelid quivering with nervous energy.
  92. Hovering neatly in the palm of her hand was a ball of quivering blue flame.
  93. Only with great difficulty did Moshe regain control of the quivering mount.
  94. He had turned fearfully pale and his upper lip was twitching and quivering.
  95. I don’t think that’s a bomb, said Lor, but his voice was quivering.
  96. He attempts to gently retrieve his quivering hand, but she refuses to let go.
  97. Oh dear the man wasn’t his real uncle! she said with a quivering voice.
  98. Vasya, quivering with excitement and suspense, showed the manuscript: "Look!".
  99. The poor man was standing ramrod straight, chin quivering and trying not to cry.
  100. Morta pulled away from the quivering stomach, as the faces continued to whisper.
  1. I quivered at his words.
  2. My heart quivered in fear.
  3. Arthur Dent sat and quivered.
  4. His mouth quivered and a low.
  5. His lips quivered for a moment.
  6. His heart quivered and was full.
  7. The corners of his mouth quivered.
  8. His voice quivered in a high pitch.
  9. The ash quivered and began to form.
  10. The trench quivered and heaved with.
  11. Gilman chuckled and the room quivered.
  12. Her nostrils quivered with the effort.
  13. He turned pale, and his lips quivered.
  14. Her voice quivered more than she liked.
  15. My shoulders quivered at that thought.
  16. I quivered as each exchange touched me.
  17. Her entire body quivered involuntarily.
  18. Her lips quivered as she said, I know.
  19. Polly tried to smile but her lip quivered.
  20. His frowning face was pallid and quivered.
  21. He quivered in terror, but drew his sword.
  22. She was trembling, her lower lip quivered.
  23. Lydia’s heart quivered like a harp string.
  24. Melanie quivered involuntarily in the sand.
  25. The trees around them quivered in the wind.
  26. All his latent mysticism quivered into life.
  27. Her legs quivered and she clutched her belly.
  28. His hands quivered as they hovered over the.
  29. Terrified of Muslims, I quivered to the bone.
  30. Ingrid's lip quivered; her shoulders dropped.
  31. His voice quivered with simulated indignation.
  32. My legs quivered as I shuffled to the bathroom.
  33. At that moment the rock quivered and trembled.
  34. His face quivered with flowing rage as he spoke.
  35. Only in the lower part of it something quivered.
  36. Short neck and fat body quivered as the animal.
  37. The captain’s face quivered and his eyes closed.
  38. A black-handled spear quivered deep in his chest.
  39. That bloodless lip quivered to a temporary spasm.
  40. Frank’s chin quivered and tears ran down his cheeks.
  41. Her thighs quivered and her pants came loud and shaky.
  42. The mixer quivered under the pressure of pent up steam.
  43. His great muscles quivered, knotting like iron cables.
  44. They quivered as if captivated by an essential tremor.
  45. He flushed crimson, his eyes glowed, his lips quivered.
  46. The vet buckled to the sand, quivered in his own blood.
  47. Her voice quivered, and tears glittered on her eyelashes.
  48. His face quivered and immediately assumed a vindictive.
  49. Varenka’s lips quivered with emotion as she answered:.
  50. The black walls quivered as running water does with sand.
  51. Doody's lip quivered in that way he had of trying to smile.
  52. Long whiskers quivered each side of its brown tipped nose.
  53. The small flames around the other elders quivered and spat.
  54. Her chin and lips quivered, and he put his arms around her.
  55. I quivered so much that the lantern fell down and went out.
  56. His jowls quivered a couple of times, and then he lay still.
  57. The woman quivered her lip expertly, and I saw Jezza go weak.
  58. His great limbs quivered with the intensity of his emotions.
  59. The body shook and quivered and twisted in wild contortions.
  60. Her lip quivered and a sob threatened to choke off her voice.
  61. I will speak no more, she said, and again her lips quivered.
  62. Octavia's resilient flesh crawled and quivered at her memories.
  63. He twitched her hand, and his brows and lips quivered angrily.
  64. They were both silent, but the Professor started and quivered.
  65. Then Nellie fell heavily to her side and quivered for a moment.
  66. But she felt it was so, and her heart quivered with brightness.
  67. With each pluck of the buttons, her body quivered with anxiety.
  68. What should we do? Darek quivered at the thought of being.
  69. The silence was primodial; not even a leaf quivered on a branch.
  70. All at once a low thrumming sensation quivered through the ground.
  71. Gabriel's hands unclenched, though he still quivered with tension.
  72. His face quivered and immediately assumed a vindictive expression.
  73. He accepted her gladly and began sucking on her until she quivered.
  74. I quivered involuntarily at the sight of it and whatever lay beyond.
  75. The princess said nothing, but suddenly her short downy lip quivered.
  76. He turned pale, his lips quivered, and tears rolled down his cheeks.
  77. She quivered slightly completely overwhelmed by my sudden aggression.
  78. Two smaller tentacles below the eye stalks quivered, scenting the air.
  79. My voice was raw, hoarse and quivered with the strain of not screaming.
  80. Only the light of the jewels in the brass chest shimmered and quivered.
  81. Charcoal-colored shadows quivered outward from every house, every tree.
  82. The Wastrel quivered and shook herself, and swung majestically seaward.
  83. She held back the tears flooding her eyes, her chin quivered perceptibly.
  84. She nodded again and her lips quivered as she softly intoned, I know.
  85. A sickening instant of this, then the great bulk quivered and lay still.
  86. Alex’s chin quivered as she said, I don’t understand what happened.
  87. Her legs quivered with weakness and a dull ache had crept into her skull.
  88. Her lips quivered a little, but she smiled with an air of dainty bravado.
  89. The audience seemed on the look-out for it, and quivered with enthusiasm.
  90. This gradually grew redder; the nostrils throbbed fast, the lips quivered.
  91. Sweet, tasty, he murmured as her legs quivered and clutched his head.
  92. Krissi’s eyes widened, her lips quivered, and she scooted away from Patty.
  93. In his palm, the cane quivered and he felt its warmth spreading through him.
  94. The gentle pressure forced more tears from her eyes, and her mouth quivered.
  95. The door was left open, Tara's voice quivered and her eyes were watery.
  96. Candle flames quivered as shadows crossed and recrossed the dozen musty rooms.
  97. Something like a sneer quivered over the gaunt features of the old professor.
  98. Conan smote the table with his clenched fist so that the great board quivered.
  99. When his eyes met Dunk’s his mustache quivered, and he quickly turned away.
  100. Goosebumps quivered down their bodies, but they weren’t caused by the cold.
  1. Her lower lip quivers.
  2. Their bows and quivers full.
  3. Her breath on my neck, that quivers me within.
  4. Sera quivers in fear every time he approaches her.
  5. Something quivers low in her stomach and she hesitates.
  6. He put the arrows into the quivers and called for the horses.
  7. Troubled, she strokes her slug, which quivers in response to her touch.
  8. He’s staring at the shattered glass, and his whole body quivers uncontrollably.
  9. When the barrage ceased, only a few arrows were left in the quivers of the archers.
  10. Suddenly Fallon stopped and reaching up pulled two bows and quivers of arrows off the wall.
  11. They were all dressed in light mail armor and had beautifully decorated quivers on their backs.
  12. They experience the quivers of a spider at the passage of a stranger or of a man from the country.
  13. Those arrows were in fact sorely needed now, the archers having shot their own quivers nearly empty.
  14. I put the crossbow on a nearby armchair, the quivers with it, and said, But what are we at war with?
  15. Dark, sweat drenched hair dangles in her face as her lower lip quivers out visible breath and vacant whimpers.
  16. In the afternoon, the trip wire quivers, and the bell hidden beneath the third-floor table gives a single ring.
  17. Her chin quivers and her lips flit up and down as if they aren’t sure what emotions they’re supposed to show.
  18. The bowmen were stretching the chords of their bows, testing their tension limits and filling their quivers with arrows.
  19. I buried my hand in the grass, hiding the ring, and counted four men behind her in green and grey surcoats, quivers on their backs.
  20. It was basic enough, archers would unload their quivers from the rooftops while below them, the streets filled with the walking dead.
  21. Then his brow decreases, a little hair quivers above the sand; a hand projects, pierces the surface of the beach, waves and disappears.
  22. One thinks one beholds a frightful, living, and bristling thicket which quivers, rustles, wavers, returns to shadow, threatens and glares.
  23. She jumped down next to him and pulled out their swords, bows, and quivers from the bottom of the carriage where they lay under a blanket.
  24. Let us learn how to make use of that vast conflagration of principles and virtues, which sparkles, bursts forth and quivers at certain hours.
  25. As the divine presence permeates our inner being, the human animal quivers with humility at the unfathomable guest occupying the earthly soul.
  26. Next moment with a rapid, nameless impulse, in a superb lofty arch the bright steel spans the foaming distance, and quivers in the life spot of the whale.
  27. One of these intermittences, one of these vague quivers of hope suddenly traversed the barricade of the Rue de la Chanvrerie at the moment when it was least expected.
  28. Fresh, apple-cheeked servant girls not in the least past their best went by with their hands clasped before them, eyes down even when a group of young men clattered by with bows and quivers.
  29. Meanwhile scattered along the rooftops, the humans continued their slow flight toward the Archenon, an arrow constantly at their fingertips whether it laid within their quivers or at their cheeks.
  30. When instantly, the entire ship careens over on her side; every bolt in her starts like the nail-heads of an old house in frosty weather; she trembles, quivers, and nods her frighted mast-heads to the sky.
  31. The runaways would be picked off long before they reached the Western cities as the girl’s quivers were full and their fingers ached to have revenge for all the pain of their upbringing and being viewed as worthless.
  32. Paris quivers supremely, the quid divinum is given forth, a 10th of August is in the air, a 29th of July is in the air, a wonderful light appears, the yawning maw of force draws back, and the army, that lion, sees before it, erect and tranquil, that prophet, France.
  33. The dragons wore full steel chain mail with plate gauntlets, great dragon-sized swords strapped to their sides, quivers of two meter bolts on their chests, crossbows and racks of smaller projectiles strapped to their backs, and each held a gleaming steel lance that was half their respective length.
  34. The dragons wore full steel chain mail with plate gauntlets, great dragon-sized swords strapped to their sides, quivers of eight-foot bolts on their chests, crossbows and racks of smaller projectiles strapped to their backs, and each held a gleaming steel lance that was half their respective length.
  35. His experience was of that pitiable kind which shrinks from pity, and fears most of all that it should be known: it was that proud narrow sensitiveness which has not mass enough to spare for transformation into sympathy, and quivers thread-like in small currents of self-preoccupation or at best of an egoistic scrupulosity.

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