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Video in a sentence

We have video.
This video game.
He was my video.
In a TED video,.
mark of the video.
He left a video.
The video goes dark.

This video was.
your video is about.
5 Layers Of Video:.
No video, either.
Stop video of Julie.
The Impact of Video.
to view the video.
The video that was.
I love that video.
TV and in video games.
I was sent the video.
1 Video Teaching: Rev.
Shin paused the video.
A video game?.
Video is a great and.
It used video cameras.
The Video Saloon was.
(Note: The video was.
by the satellite video.
(Watch the video here.
There was a VIDEO TAPE.
com - Say it with video.

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Synonyms for video

video telecasting television tv picture