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    1. Somehow it seemed much more real, knowing this body had actually been born under a different sun and he wasn't some dubious translation from dead flesh to electricity and then back to the flesh of a good friend's hot-box daughter

    2. This man came here honestly from YingolNeerie, in the flesh, on a big flaming starship like Jorma had seen in sci-fi movies all his life, and pictures in the news twenty one decades ago

    3. I physically lived on Earth two decades, I've been here in flesh for over twenty

    4. Tdeshi was gone Jorma, you have to get over that, but nothing was implanted in this flesh

    5. "She's fifteen times as Yingolian as you are," Jorma told Herndon, "You've been flesh all your life and in the same flesh

    6. Any one woman in flesh sitting with him now would be better than all the might-have-beens in the centuries of memories in his mind

    7. Psalms: 63:1: O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirst for thee, my flesh long for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

    8. Even though the flesh she currently inhabited was born on this world, and she had lived here in this flesh a complete mortal lifetime, her mind was still not used to one sleep period of every week being brilliant daylight

    9. masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in

    10. Flesh flies have varied habits:

    11. Some are flesh eaters, while others eat only insects

    12. "Oh yes, and Americans were always more uptight about their flesh

    13. "But I have been flesh the whole time

    14. "I have been flesh ninety five years," she said, "almost all of them here

    15. The insects, relentlessly biting his flesh, made him too weak to carry more

    16. " His ship had left Earth a few months before she went into crystal, she had seen the flare of its burner in the sky while she was still in flesh on Earth

    17. "Hello, my sister in flesh, what's new from the mudball?"

    18. She didn't come back into flesh to volunteer to have that flesh subjected to all kinds of needless perils

    19. She still had the memories of the work it took to achieve reincarnation in flesh

    20. The muscles that are stretched are used in such a manner as to draw the flesh closer to the bone

    21. Dave finishes cleaning a fish he has just caught, takes a strip of the flesh and re-baits the hook, tosses it over the side

    22. Empty scrawls and letters punctured into their soft, vain flesh by lazy, fat monks willing to sell their souls for a few dollars

    23. ’ Emma said emphatically, ‘I’m looking forward to meeting her in the flesh, she sounds like quite a lady

    24. Health to all their flesh

    25. Or medicine to all their flesh (another trans-

    26. flesh, in order to offer his body as a sacrifice for us and separate us from this

    27. When the wicked came against me To eat up my flesh, y enemies and

    28. "They are still flesh, most have settled among the natives

    29. looked at the world with the eyes of flesh

    30. She was still a flesh and blood little girl in North Boston at the time

    31. This ship was built in an era when some humans retained the idyllic fantasy that flesh and blood mortals had remained in control of civilization

    32. The stain is made from charcoal or from burned caterpillar flesh and fungus

    33. She had gotten used to native standards of bodily contact in social interaction in this universe and enjoyed his fingers in her soft flesh

    34. September’s clarion call to looming winter began to gnaw at the flesh on her

    35. The man in Bethesda was made well – his flesh which had been sick

    36. The flesh suffers as man sins

    37. Flesh and spirit are in conflict with one another

    38. My mind was not renewed, my flesh was in conflict with the spirit

    39. flesh and as a result a temporary healing would come

    40. our flesh dies to the sin under this word

    41. flesh, as she watched, fascinated by the bending of his neck and felt the first exquisite

    42. piercing of his canines within her flesh, she whispered one last question

    43. Even that far below a dirty old burner like that, she was likely to pick up some damage to her flesh, unless they were still running on fans and thrusters when they passed over

    44. made flesh of his present reality

    45. "Alfred's and my androids and maybe a couple flesh and blood Brazilians in two hundred seventy five year old spacesuits

    46. down and shattered as it appeared to be, was a living man, a thing of flesh and blood,

    47. Those heavy nuclei moving that fast… just rips right through flesh, but not the way you’d think

    48. When again I awoke from the dream-time I developed a raging thirst and the soft flesh of my mouth thickened

    49. “For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass

    50. They were exactly as promised in scripture, grand and fragrant cool palaces with every delight at hand, even the delights of the flesh

    1. Bookcases full of political readings and opinion fleshed out his room

    2. 3 And while he was standing he saw and note seven fat fleshed and well favored cattle came up out of the river

    3. 4 And seven other cattle, lean fleshed and ill favored, came up after them, and the seven ill favored ones swallowed up the well favored ones, and still their appearance was ill as at first

    4. 18 And, note, there came up out of the river seven cows, fat fleshed and well favoured; and they fed in a meadow:

    5. 19 And, note, seven other cows came up after them, poor and very ill favoured and lean fleshed, such as I never saw in all the land of Egypt for badness:

    6. 4 And seven other cattle lean fleshed and ill favored came up after them and the seven ill favored ones swallowed up the well favored ones and still their appearance was ill as at first

    7. As he pressed his palm into her withered fleshed hand, Zar trembled, shook and began to writhe

    8. I enrolled at the Sorbonne for a diploma course in French Civilization; stood in the open backs of busses on my way to University and work; goose fleshed at the romantic sight of caped Agents de Police directing traffic as morning mists lifted to reveal Chatelet, Pont Neuf, the Pantheon

    9. hatched and the notes that Steve had taken were fleshed out over the next couple

    10. Some dying man on the floor had fleshed his dagger with his last effort

    11. The point fleshed itself in Tarascus' shoulder and plowed down along his ribs, and the king of Nemedia screamed

    12. The water was ice cold and my body was goose fleshed and fingers

    13. I placed the crucifix on the boy’s chest in an inverted fashion, a black mark of burnt fleshed carved into his chest

    14. would have deemed her too fat for his precious time – but she had fleshed out a curve in

    15. Scott fleshed it out by telling the woman of his own adventures at the police station

    16. Bearing that in mind, NASA has fleshed out the mission details of the supply probe

    17. Cole, in opposition to this, assured me, "that the gentlemen I should be presented to were, by their rank and taste of things, infinitely superior to the being touched with any glare of dress or ornaments, such slick women rather confound and overlay than set off their beauty with; that these veteran voluptuaries knew better than not to hold them in the highest contempt: they with whom the pure native charms alone could pass current, and who would at any time leave a sallow, washy, painted duchess on her own hands, for a ruddy, healthy firm fleshed country maid; and as for my part, that nature had done enough for me, to set me above owing the least favour to art;" concluding withal, that for the instant occasion, there was no dress like an undress

    18. He was about forty, tall and well built, not fat but certainly fleshed out, with a full head of hair, and a guileless face

    19. On the drive back to town, I fleshed out the rules of our agreement

    20. ” Once the report is fleshed out completely, they know what data needs to be collected and do not waste their time and their company’s time on unnecessary or redundant effort

    21. And I being, at that time, the only child fleshed and delivered forth in space, how better to name me than as my father did

    22. I couldn't help myself, even seeing that Bug had fleshed himself out over the years

    23. It held bones of finest slender ivory hidden and roundly fleshed

    1. I was contemplating with fear the result of my work when an acute pain crossed me for a side, as if a dagger had embedded itself between my fleshes

    2. I was hungry to tear out their fleshes

    3. I wanted to tear out their fleshes and soothe away my appetite of revenge

    4. And when the prey surrender from its struggling breathe; she tear the fleshes of her prey piece by piece with her claws and bite with her canines contently, and quench her thirst and hunger

    1. can create wire frame outlines for design objects before fleshing them out

    2. I just shook my head smiling, as I finished fleshing out the newest fantasy I’d just come up with in my head that I wanted to share with her later

    3. 1 Graham goes even further, fleshing out each of the key terms in his definition: “thorough analysis” means “the study of the facts in the light of established standards of safety and value” while “safety of principal” signifies “protection against loss under all normal or reasonably likely conditions or variations” and “adequate” (or “satisfactory”) return refers to “any rate or amount of return, however low, which the investor is willing to accept, provided he acts with reasonable intelligence

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