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    1. those associations helped shape your character

    2. Soon a humanoid shape started to appear in the middle of the rain, with arcs of electricity dancing around it until it finally took shape in the form of a man

    3. We’ll whip you up in shape yet, Peppy

    4. Keep your pets in shape by feeding them good food and giving them plenty of exercise

    5. The only part that still looks human is the blackened shape of a person

    6. Remember to emote properly and send the right message to your class, whether it’s that they are doing a good job or that they need to shape up immediately

    7. It could be adjusted to carry something of arbitrary shape

    8. Through the glass of the door, I can see a shape … looks vaguely female, I think

    9. It was too rounded to be a kite, it was more like a wevn in shape

    10. It was changing in shape and sound, it lay down a little more

    11. the shape of the ceiling light in his bedroom while the vivid colours and sensations of

    12. She had an elegant shape, long legs and pert breasts, high arched eyebrows and a long neck

    13. thought that the dull, humped shape at the side of the road was just a rocky outcrop or

    14. the rough shape of torso, limbs and head, all of them covered in what seemed to be a

    15. On the ground the shape

    16. Why couldn't it be this guy? But there was a mark on the forehead of the guy in the picture, a crescent shape

    17. It was the size and general shape of a native life form called a ksarid, colloquially translated as 'bird

    18. Silence was the first form, the first shape upon which Smith could hang an

    19. simple fact that Smith could hang thoughts from this shape inevitably lead Him to

    20. Silence has a shape and upon that shape hang thoughts, and thoughts ripple,

    21. the shape of a man

    22. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and

    23. All my residents have suffered loss as a result of war – either tangible loss in the shape of careers thrown off course or emotional trauma caused by bereavement - and I can empathise with them … if for a different, and drastically less acceptable reason

    24. The shape of the region was like a walrus tooth

    25. The passage the Lancers and the breaching ship and the junks had to traverse was less than 650 meters wide and constantly changing shape

    26. The plans took shape

    27. Then the sudden possibility of human existence beyond the gun barrel started to take shape amid the chaos and swirl of the suddenly agitated surf upon my hitherto lonely shoreline

    28. Could my distorted mind be playing tricks on me? Was the ultimate nature of my lunacy to take shape in a world of imagined friends, of odd and sundry voices rattling off the walls of my empty head?

    29. At first the driver thought that the dull, humped shape at the side of the road was just a rocky outcrop or an orphaned section of dry stone wall

    30. Asherah was a pole that was built in the shape of an erect penis (where we get our modern day stripper poles)

    31. An irregular mass elongated and stretched itself, revealing the rough shape of torso, limbs and head, all of them covered in what seemed to be a coating of thick, black, flowing cloth

    32. On the ground the shape seemed almost frail, as though it could not carry the burden of terror that forever dogged its tracks, but as Lucy moved closer, as the figure gathered its limbs together and began to unbend, began to straighten and stand, she saw with horror that he, for it must be masculine, was tall and thick set and lithe, as if he were a wolf or a hunting cat

    33. He was in pretty bad shape, it took two years in Yoonbarla before he remembered he had a house there

    34. toward Son, Son could see its full shape

    35. Silence was the first form, the first shape upon which Smith could hang an idea, and He marvelled at the universe that crept into view with the naming of this first idea

    36. Universal silence had a shape and the simple fact that Smith could hang thoughts from this shape inevitably lead Him to choose particular ways of thinking

    37. He looked down upon the bright and savage earth for the first time in countless measures of eternity and there Smith saw something quite unexpected; the utterly familiar shape of loneliness embodied in the outlandish shell of the hairless ape who dared to contemplate creation, baying at the stars, calling out in utter desperation for the companionship that comes with that first sparkling moment of harmony within the song of songs

    38. In his head he pieced together the letters of a name over and over again, trying to fit them together in any one of a thousand combinations, only one of which would form the shape of a man

    39. He continued to curse the dog that dared to stalk his halls this early in the day, but thought better of raising his voice in anger when he saw the shaggy shape of the bear that marked Citizen Danton out from the usual visitors

    40. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered brothers with bar codes to ensure that all would be ordered and just in the grand folly of empire in the heavens

    41. You're in mentally better shape now than he was when he got off my boat

    42. the shape of love

    43. There before him lies the simple shape of grace,

    44. She could see he was in good shape; his upper chest and arms were well developed

    45. among hard edged words, when the shape

    46. He tried to shape the names of things,

    47. There is a shape to a chair,

    48. And then he said, Wait! There is a very large dark shape right above me

    49. that shape the contours of ancient bones,

    50. to close the box, to shape the streets with a thin veneer or order,

    1. It was one of those weird, triangular rooms at the top of the house that is shaped by the way the roof slopes down

    2. Gaudy green armchairs with gilded wooden armrests shaped into lions’ paws line the walls

    3. Glenelle had shaped the island where her house was docked into the last backup she had of Morg's island in his universe

    4. Leonora couldn't guess, and Ruby couldn't tell her, exactly what was in the large, oddly shaped crate, but it took four hands and two backs to maneuver it out of the truck and into the garage of the grateful recipient, who gave them each an extra cash bonus as he rubbed his hands together with unseemly delight

    5. The effects of bell shaped flower begin to cease, the mind of

    6. Reaching the “void space”, we observe the image of the flame which is shaped in the darkness of our shut eyes

    7. They were dressed only in sheer wrap-skirts and were very sweetly shaped, though nothing like the size of Shingcress

    8. shaped without hand or saw or plane,

    9. Why is it that we have not been willing to be cleansed more thoroughly? Why did we allow ourselves to be consumed with “blind spots” and things of the past that shaped us? This day won’t only be to judge those that have not attained unto the first resurrection

    10. dragon has a funny shaped hat on

    11. They would control the businesses and countries that shaped the world

    12. Shaped much as the other two, it is distinctive in that there is a bluish crystalline vein running through it

    13. I found that by filling my lungs each time I surfaced I was able to claw myself back down, probing the stones and strange shaped sea-shells until I was about to burst

    14. She was barely over four feet, barely over eighty pounds but shaped to make his body respond any time she was near him

    15. It was clear that he wasn't as physically attracted to her as he had been to Luray, she was a tough little brown nut, but well shaped and lively

    16. My treatment shaped up immediately

    17. His muscles were still toned and powerful, albeit shaped

    18. 'Open this,' Mama said as he pointed to the wheel shaped lock of the vault

    19. For everyday the skirts had plain leather belts, but for the ceremony they would have wide and decorated belts shaped to resemble the bronze corsets and almost as tight

    20. It was shaped like some weird space gun from a Science Fiction movie

    21. Her face was very elegant and well shaped and smooth, an almond flavored creme in color, not quite as tan as one usually expected in this highland sunshine

    22. They hardly ever used any sail here, just poles and wheel-spars that bore on the well shaped curb stones of the canal

    23. In the middle of the floor she has seen a pile of personal effects; a wallet, cheap beach jewellery, a hair scrunchie, a pair of red trainers and a small pink teddy bear with a heart shaped patch of red silk sewn on its chest

    24. Most of her life has been spent fitting herself into oddly shaped spaces and her new friend has a certain naïve, if deadly, charm

    25. Each floor offered a pie shaped landing and hallways leading in all directions

    26. The characters themselves were strangely shaped and looked,

    27. An odd shaped rock caught her eye and she bent to pick it up

    28. A rosy red colour, it was shaped like a heart … a white streak crossed from upper right to lower left … she strove to remember what she had learned at school … the bottom bit was called the ventricle, at least that is what she vaguely recalled from a long forgotten, unattended at the time, biology lesson

    29. A large fan shaped stained glass window topped it, causing the arched appearance she’d seen from the outside of the house

    30. The thought, was lost again to this world, as the brilliant orange ball, exploded across the pink and lavender sky, sending a fan shaped ray of light streaming in all directions

    31. Large almond shaped blue eyes, that were twinkling at that moment, studied Kit's face intensely, with a warm smile, and rosy checks, that lied about the health of the sweet thing

    32. Her body was soft, smooth, and perfectly shaped, clothed in a one-piece, skin-tight jersey-like outfit with a low, low as in under, cut top that made a very fine presentation of very fine features, just the right shape between curve and point, voluptuous but not sloppy or out of proportion

    33. Shaped like a boot, Italy’s history and food is dominated by regions, plus the islands of Sicily and Sardinia

    34. Located around 4000km from Hawai , this group of over 30 coral islands are shaped in

    35. Sticking out of the scabbards were a pair of silver, leaf shaped cross guards fixed to leather wrapped cherry wood handles

    36. shaped leaves and sharp smell), and began to apply it to

    37. template, whilst the most experienced and gifted shaped

    38. The bark ridges running up the trunk were as thick as Brice, and though leafless and rotting, the tree reached the apex of the tower's interior, nearly bursting through the arched rib shaped trusses well over twenty stories up

    39. The wall was alive with motion, hundreds of shadows scurrying up and down its dark tube shaped interior

    40. Alas for Tom, the arm twisted and turned in the air dipping and swirling, after all it was boomerang shaped, hitting his head with a sickening thud

    41. It stood around four foot high, the butterfly shaped double blades at least eighteen inches wide

    42. dagger from his sash, its silver hilt shaped into a faun

    43. For his people, the Graelic was a canvas for their minds; living art shaped with thoughts

    44. His spine was shaped into an S, one leg failed to grow since infancy, while the other thickened and stretched beyond human proportions every passing year

    45. In front of them the glassy hallway opened into a large, tube shaped chamber

    46. X’ander wasn’t even certain he was human, perhaps what a human would look like if shaped by an infant’s hands

    47. The hilt was shaped like a triton and was perfectly balanced with the blade

    48. Before them had stood an attractive young man in all his naked glory; his once scrawny thighs now muscular and well shaped, his chest now broad and covered with hair

    49. bus shaped name tag

    50. She had a perfectly shaped rear end

    1. The muscles are contracted in geometric shapes and the contracted muscle is stretched

    2. A flood of marine shapes colonised the roaring seas, monsters roamed the

    3. edges of the thick cell walls and dissolved the shifting shapes of the man that he had

    4. In my head I tried to sing snatches of songs from my childhood, but the stifling emptiness of this demonic and industrial womb-space drove the shapes and sounds of words and melodies into a frantic jumble of static

    5. I tried to block out this sense of pointless waste by focussing on the shapes and forms of my new friends

    6. Smith had what we might recognise as thoughts, but He had no shapes upon which to hang them

    7. A flood of marine shapes colonised the roaring seas, monsters roamed the earth, shaking the foundations of the world to rubble, and finally, in the heart of blackness that was a shallow echo of Smith’s loneliness, there was a dream of companionship

    8. Yet again, Kara felt the impact of the massive divide between her culture and that of Earth – something the exploration of the seaside resort had highlighted; the sheer volume of … words failed her … stuff that was on sale in the shops … most of it completely superfluous … badly made, cheap (in every meaning of the word) ornaments of no practical use whatsoever and precious little artistic merit, deliberately manufactured to clutter up somebody’s home … and then there was the food and drink on offer! Everywhere she’d looked there had been foodstuffs on sale and people eating … battered fish, hot savoury smelling sausages, the tart scent of vinegar on chips fresh from the fryers … and ices of every conceivable flavour … and those unbelievable sweets in all shapes and sizes … and, according to Iain, this particular seaside resort was a relatively small one … by the time Iain turned off the motorway at the Taunton interchange, she had concluded that although it had been fun visiting, really, when it came down to it, she preferred her own world

    9. In the mirror shapes of a tall suburb

    10. simple shapes that trail sad remorse

    11. distort the shapes of passing cars,

    12. It was only the dimmest of shapes in the blackness, long and low and deep in the shadows

    13. There were eggs everywhere, in all sizes and shapes

    14. pricking out the shapes of autumn berry stains and sticky jam jars

    15. she fits her new shapes together and I watch

    16. Their shapes are grown,

    17. Shapes and the relationships between them

    18. on a distant shore line where the shapes

    19. "Desa?" He hadn't lit a candle, they were both black on black shapes

    20. Of course, if a willing young lady fluttered her come-to-bed eyes at him he was still game, but on the whole his thoughts were crystallising into shapes that combined the simplicity of out and out lust with the complexities of mutual respect and life-long friendship

    21. It would be somewhere to sit under a broad, green, canvas brolly on hot summer afternoons, somewhere that he could rest and admire the shapes and flights of colour that would fill his new flower garden

    22. did so his head filled with shapes and dreams of absolute horror

    23. colors, shapes and sizes

    24. crystallising into shapes that combined the simplicity of out and out

    25. He met and dated young women of all shapes, sizes and

    26. admire the shapes and flights of colour that would fill his new

    27. Brown water stains make teardrop shapes around the plug hole

    28. A host of small dark shapes could be seen emerging

    29. and the walls were wallpapered with some sort of green and brown plant shapes

    30. He has a vague impression of shapes, of coastal bulges and inlets, but the place names on the road signs might as well be written in ancient Greek

    31. With the shapes and sounds come pictures, spooling reels in her head, the ticker tape grains of memory

    32. The shapes of the trees loom black against the lighter sky

    33. He could lie here all day and think up fun shapes in the clouds

    34. A brook carved fanciful shapes into the rock, and he was admiring it from it’s mossy bank when he came to a thick plank spanning it

    35. The outlined shapes of

    36. cheeses of all shapes and types; fresh fruit and

    37. But the weird shapes form

    38. Now, though the skeletal shapes were difficult to count in the pit of writhing bodies, there had to be thousands of such beings

    39. Within the pile of gore strewn on top of the beds it was difficult to distinguish specific shapes

    40. But at such times she failed to distinguish shapes within the night

    41. He was about to get in more firing practice when he spotted other shapes moving in the crowd below

    42. Glowering at the falling shapes, he craned his neck to the sky and when the heavens glowed beneath a series of bursts, he noted with anger and disgust that the number of specks floating above had greatly diminished since the last time he looked

    43. Four circular holes in the wall opposite the door were the only source of light, and at the moment, they provided but a glow; enough light to determine shapes, but little more

    44. Thirdly, of the materials, whether altogether rude, or more or less manufactured, of clothes, furniture, and building which are not yet made up into any of those three shapes, but which remain in the hands of the growers, the manufacturers, the mercers, and drapers, the timber-merchants, the carpenters and joiners, the brick-makers, etc

    45. guitars at the mandolins of various shapes and

    46. She make with a limited set of shapes or words?

    47. To see various shapes in your dreams suggests that things in your life may literally be taking shape

    48. Consult the specific shapes for additional meaning

    49. "I think you can be a sheep all your life if that's what you want, and hope for a better future, but a wolf says 'fuck it' and shapes his own future

    50. The clouds went from formlessness to the shapes of words with no seeming step in-between

    1. pulling, shaping, out-of-shaping them,

    2. The being hovered beyond the range of his weapon, shaping itself into a man and looking back at Alec with an empty face

    3. shaping out almost satisfactorily

    4. He also purchased the iron chisels and files for shaping and carving

    5. They have been shaping us into weapons to fight for them

    6. It was originally two plain planks of wood, though while Carl prayed, Adem saw light of changing colours spreading along the timber, carving smaller crosses, and shaping the wood to look ornamental

    7. The Cubans desire the right to live free, and a voice in shaping their destiny

    8. Learning informs an inquisitive mind by shaping unformed thoughts and opinions and providing form and substance to ideas while reconciling the diametrical dynamics of intellect and passion

    9. of creation forming and shaping this life

    10. Events shaping our lives are sometimes owing to accident or chance although more often than not by our determined actions

    11. (uncertain) sense that ―something‖ is missing, whose ―absence‖, occasioned by ―unforeseen‖ events, are understood to promote suffering, conditioned as many of us are by the dynamics of the past/future that have already shaped and will continue shaping our lives

    12. A number of women and people of color played prominent roles in shaping the course of our nation‘s history

    13. Dobson, James, Bringing Up Boys: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Men

    14. Sylvia’s party was shaping up, she had a guest list filled with interesting names

    15.  Shaping conversations said about you by

    16. shaping should be poor thing, his life should not be narrow think character will not change once they are formed, a bad character formed in the childhood, through education reformation, or

    17. feet in depth, shaping the descent of the flowing waters that

    18. loves, and it has endless fun, shaping and re-shaping the uni-

    19. role by the state in the education system, thereby shaping

    20. shaping the Twenty-first century they state:

    21. Shaping this world

    22. It is frequently the most important single influence on shaping the values of a child in the U

    23. was shaping how he splayed the dissection across the table for

    24. popularity and extraordinary success in shaping this economy, you'll be reelected

    25. child without the doctrines and institution of the church shaping

    26. It now appeared to Tamar that others were instead pulling their strings and shaping the world in their image

    27. Clouds floated overhead, shaping themselves into chivalries

    28. Shaping their perceptions on the one gig entertainment debt that clawed at the reservoir, and there were a lot of magnifying glasses calculating the scores

    29. Thursday afternoon Frankie receiver her trim and shaping

    30. was trying hard to be cheerful, even shaping her lips into a partial

    31. the disc molded around my head, shaping into a sort of a

    32. Think of this draft as shaping your material

    33. Some summer this was shaping up to be

    34. The mask you wear is the result of long and constant shaping

    35. not help but wonder how things would be shaping up had Arayus been occupying that desk

    36. “We’ve always known that coaches play a pivotal role in shaping young athletes’ attitudes about respect and healthy relationships,” said Esta Soler, president and founder of Futures Without Violence

    37. the chapatti/roti, one could be rolling out the next, rather than shaping all of

    38. Rather than shaping all the parathas at one time, cook

    39. were shaping up with regard to his friend’s case

    40. shaping them into a movement in the outer world-- and how the Society was

    41. Training is not just about shaping our bodies; it’s about giving our bodies the exercise we need to function

    42. Shaping our bodies is a nice bonus that comes with our efforts

    43. This should not be a problem to women since they are more concerned with toning and shaping rather than gaining bulk

    44. The dumbbell fly is a recommended workout for shaping the pectoral muscles of the chest

    45. Thus, you need to make sure that whenever he is with you, you should focus in shaping his good behavior

    46. Inform other members of your family about it, so that they can all help in shaping up your dog’s behavior

    47. Joseph Beck named it ‘The New Reichstag’ and it was shaping into a magnificent creation

    48. It was shaping up to be a fun day and even Mrs

    49. Lewis holds his hand to his ear shaping his fingers to impersonate a phone, smiling and coughing he indicates Suzy to phone the fire brigade and pushes her towards the hall

    50. Innocence shaping - No child is

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    form shape cast configuration conformation contour anatomy bod build chassis figure flesh frame human body material body physical body physique soma pattern embodiment supreme headquarters allied powers europe condition determine influence mold regulate forge mould work silhouette outline ghost spectre phantom apparition shade wraith health fitness order arrangement situation become embody develop crystallise crystallize grow streamline model fashion sculpt carve chisel term express word