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    1. Try annoying them to move first

    2. “Do you know what the Super Chip does?” Nancy said in her most perfectly annoying lecturing voice

    3. “Just try to be less annoying than usual

    4. Ackers was being more annoying than usual

    5. The doors at the end of the corridor open inward automatically with an annoying buzzing sound, and John and Zitteraal enter

    6. An annoying nasal voice gives the call to noon prayer just as Terry Bolt - decked out in traditional garb -

    7. More laughter, annoying laughter now

    8. bark of the oak tree, scratching a persistently annoying itch

    9. This afternoon she couldn't contain herself and burst out before everybody, complaining that Lisa and Nina are always giggling and acting the giddy goat, annoying the rest of the pupils

    10. He had to notice it, he was genuinely worried about it, but separation got it done, got Alfred his own vessel and got all the annoying souls away at ever-increasing speed toward a destination twelve billion miles out of his hair

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    Synonyms for "annoying"

    annoyance annoying irritation vexation bothersome galling irritating nettlesome pesky pestering pestiferous plaguey plaguy teasing vexatious vexing unpleasant untimely touchy uncomfortable embarrassing awkward inauspicious

    "annoying" definitions

    the act of troubling or annoying someone

    causing irritation or annoyance