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    1. While there is nothing wrong with having usually catch up with them at the clubhouse later and their fruit and sipping on energy drinks, skip the water on the first advice has been pretty useful

    2. skip this way and that,

    3. She was a bit plush and her dark hair was straight, but she was pleasant enough and he would just as soon have her as a bedmate and skip the club scene

    4. Joseph picked up on the remark and felt his heart skip a beat

    5. Bex feels her heart skip a beat

    6. Magpies chatter in the branches of short stubby trees, swivelling greedy eyes on fresh road kill, waiting for the two men to pass, waiting impatiently for the hop, skip and intermittent flutter of fresh meat served on cold tarmacadam

    7. It made your heart skip a beat, just to remind you that hope is never a bad

    8. With a renewed skip in her step, Nathalia grinned as yet another Reaper stepped forward

    9. skip the Industrial Tour

    10. about my plans to skip the tour, and was bowled over by the way

    11. I guess the sense of terror didn’t skip his wife

    12. She decided to skip putting on the bracers, which she always found to be a slightly awkward and uncomfortable piece of equipment

    13. Edna felt her heart skip a beat

    14. length, so I’ll skip those other two aspects of using

    15. “We can skip the introductions,” said Lukas Schmidt, “You know all of us and, of course, we all know you

    16. Additional information is needed to understand how the message was constructed in the first place; where one needs to look for the code and the letter skip to read the message

    17. What we do find, however, is the Name of God “Yahweh” or “YHWH” in Hebrew with a 7-letter skip in Leviticus

    18. It consists of only 4 letters which raises the statistical chances of finding it in the Torah at varying skip values

    19. We do not know where to start looking for it, where the starting position would be in the text or what skip value it would require to make it readable

    20. They would then specify upper and lower limits for the skip intervals (which could include both positive and negative values) that the computer needs to use when searching for the term or phrase

    21. It is like looking for a specific hidden word and once an ELS for that word is found, to see if it forms part of a sentence that consists of additional words, following or preceding the word, at the same letter skip

    22. It consists of 30 sentences all added together into one code with a skip of 8

    23. Not only does the ELS have a skip of 8, but even the term itself is evenly divisible by 8 since 296=37x8

    24. So great was the excitement that my fifteen-year-old valiantly offered to skip soccer practice that evening to care for him

    25. But surely I can skip meditation for one evening to go enjoy the revelry

    26. ” Jean smiled at that, for Terese to allow her to skip her meditation was a small favour; to allow her to spend time with Adem was a change she would never have expected

    27. “But a skip jump isn’t the same thing at all

    28. story is more than a little troubling, so you may want to skip it and go on to my last example of the results of confidence

    29. He wondered why it hadn’t skip jumped

    30. Halon and Saldon relayed their story as briefly as they could and tried to skip over the bit where Latrandura had tricked them and Cruzel entered to trick all of them, but it showed for what it was, sheer gullibility on their part

    31. “Oh yeah, I guess we can skip that part, and where you live too, and even what you do, I guess I can fill all that in later

    32. I had to repair everything from back hoes, skip loaders, down to lawn mowers and anything else including fabricating and installing hitches on trucks

    33. A ladder on the catwalk led up to the charging platform, where workers could shovel ore, coke, and limestone off the skip car and into the belly of the fifty-foot beast

    34. Don't skip the nuts with their crunchy touch

    35. Are you in love with the elevator? Skip it next time and run up the stairs

    36. He resisted the temptation to skip, or show off his dancing skills

    37. After going through it twice, he did skip through it the third time

    38. Her stormy emotions had, in times past, been a daily event and no cause for alarm, but the genuine terror evident in Herminia’s voice caused her heart to skip a beat

    39. The sound of nuts hitting the steel feeder brought a loud grunt from the straw pile in the corner, and Lyra had to skip aside pretty smartly as Nettie trotted over and got stuck in

    40. She threw a wild air shot to my shoulder making me skip away

    41. Since the ship was parked up tight against the old hulk, he figured a casual passer-by would skip on past without a second look

    42. The youth’s pace picked up, sure enough, he broke into a skip

    43. He was leaving, and would skip old-timer's

    44. She feared him more than anyone else because he of all would see it, and now he put it as if he would be safer? The cup was turned again in her hand making the light skip in its silver

    45. Cool, I’ll skip my treadmill run this morning

    46. “New Haven? Oh, that ain"t but a hop, skip, and a thump from here

    47. Still the forest was nothing but a shadow in the southeastern horizon, but still it made her heart skip several beats in pure exuberance

    48. I skip to the bottom of the list

    49. My eyes skip to the window behind me

    50. My eyes skip from my brother to my father

    1. “Boo,” she said, as she skipped on ahead to monitor the area

    2. Silence blocked the punch and skipped up the wall a bit higher before jumping off it and hurling herself through the air at him

    3. toilet rolls should be, they skipped and floated on the very fabric of the universe

    4. The girls hopped and skipped with

    5. She dropped his hand and skipped off, beckoning the guys with the crate to come along

    6. Side by side and side to side, they skipped and swept in harmony and fun

    7. I tried to rearrange the packages and parcels into a nest where I could lie with my discomfort but it soon became clear I should have skipped the cheese pie and lemonade because before long my stomach was trying to settle on whether or not to surprise me by throwing up over American parcels, Australian parcels or the fragrant cabbage

    8. As soon as she realised what she was doing her legs turned to jelly, her heart skipped several beats, and she could feel herself glowing all over with beads of perspiration

    9. She skipped and sang her way along the city

    10. jelly, her heart skipped several beats, and she could feel herself

    11. The horse skipped sideways,

    12. There was no point in debating that with her, he skipped ahead to the point of it all

    13. Roman had skipped school, not because he was a coward, but to prepare his

    14. Hartman had skipped the

    15. The magician skipped up to the platform, his cape flapping behind him

    16. Ju Lei skipped over to the truck

    17. I believe I may have actually skipped a trifle as I

    18. "I have no clue," she said, "Maybe they just skipped that day

    19. He swung and his ball slid past the hole, in his fury he hit it again and it skipped up from the board hitting Morton in the nose

    20. Nimblefax had skipped into the grocer to check the damage, when he came out he found a dazed Lemoss rolling in the kerb

    21. “You’ve skipped so much

    22. ” But I wisely skipped that part

    23. Her heart skipped a beat

    24. Her heart skipped a beat and she waited eagerly for him to continue

    25. They rose and nearly skipped across the room to the Elf's side

    26. My heart skipped a beat as she turned to me, but other than that, she remained still

    27. Sebastian’s heart skipped a beat when he saw how gray Hans looked

    28. After placing them on the floor, he turned and skipped downstairs

    29. They skipped over rocks, laughing like small children

    30. Her heart skipped a beat as she walked behind

    31. ” My heart skipped a beat at this news my Helen was with Rosie I managed to stutter

    32. When I arrived home I found that Rosie had taken a turn for the worse and my heart skipped a beat as I feared that this was the end

    33. Well I will tell you something my heart skipped a beat or two and the room swum hazily and for the first time in my life I thought I might faint

    34. The countess told how she had befriended Billy Boy in his last days but I already knew all this and so I skipped ahead and read the invitation that she had sent to Helen saying that anytime she wanted to visit the grave she would stay at the Château as a guest of the countess

    35. Her heart skipped a beat as a lean figure in a business suit entered the room

    36. ” She darted around the apple tree and half skipped, half ran down the hill toward the creek

    37. He skipped a she walked and beamed a smile that could be seen at several paces

    38. Almost bounding his way to the doorway beneath the enormous, sweeping stone stairs he pushed the door open and skipped down the stone stairway into the depths of the building

    39. My heart skipped a beat and I froze

    40. Before he could answer, she skipped into the nearest aisle and raced to the front of the building

    41. But many heartbeats skipped by, and he didn’t round the corner

    42. bundles and skipped along too, for she wanted to help a bit

    43. Sitting forward Dawn desperately retuned the radio trying to find the station she’d skipped past, but by the time she did so, the news had moved on to a new item

    44. Her heart skipped a beat as thoughts chased each other pell-mell through her brain

    45. I thought it would be Josie but was pleasantly surprised when I saw the caller ID and automatically my heart skipped in a million directions

    46. My heart skipped a few beats at the sound of the word mommy

    47. His heart skipped a beat and his breath faltered

    48. When you skipped breakfast and lunch; you tended to look forward to that one

    49. Have an early dinner and head in to work, although many officers skipped the meal at home

    50. He drew a wide circle around the comically drawn woman mounted on horseback and with an arrow that skipped the inch of space between the boards, connected it with another circle about La Hacienda’s stables then stepped back, admiring his handiwork

    1. ~ Studies have also shown that the nutrients missed by skipping breakfast cannot be compensated for in other meals, as the body is unable to process the vital nutrients optimally if consumed all at once

    2. ~ Researchers in the US have found that skipping breakfast routinely can indirectly increase the chances of developing diabetes and heart disease as the sugar deficient body craves for fatty foods which are hard to resist

    3. of the writing on skipping plastic carrier bags,

    4. The world seems to grow ever smaller, with the grandeur of sheer distance made into a commonplace game of skipping by the advent of more efficient means of travel and the communications revolution that has blossomed in the bright sunshine of this digital spring

    5. As we skirt the woodland, a loud thumping noise attacks my ears; Sefir registers her distrust of the noise by skipping sideways across the track

    6. There she was, skipping over the earth with her spry elven limbs, a bow of cherry wood in her hand, cocked and ready

    7. skipping the Industrial Tour out of the window, I must say that a

    8. within rules… I think you can take a chance by skipping the

    9. My software will respond by skipping a number if that happens

    10. Raiya's heart was skipping along, faster than when she attended her first interview for the post of psychiatrist

    11. These are messages that are hidden from plain view and that can be read if specific letter sequences are extracted out of the text by skipping equal spaced distances

    12. They noticed that hidden messages could be found in the Hebrew text when skipping equal distances between letters

    13. ‘The nav says we're heading towards town, but the distance reading keeps skipping and resetting itself – I first thought it was some effect of the storm affecting satellite com

    14. Kate was pleased that despite her condition, she recalled the number without skipping a beat

    15. Nothing worse than trying to put power to it and the gears keep skipping

    16. He takes off his glasses and shoves them in his pocket, then runs a hand through his hair, his eyes skipping over mine nervously

    17. She used to walk with a lift in her step, like she was skipping

    18. He stares at me with an open mouth, his eyes skipping from my face to the black sweatshirt I wear

    19. But when spring comes and Wolf is occupied with other things and Wind is doing his skipping song that melts the ice, she replies with phrases from the wind and wolf duet

    20. 8 The voice of my beloved! See, he comes leaping on the mountains, skipping on the hills

    21. ahead skipping the statements for that condition

    22. Again it couldn’t find 2 in our choice and so it moved ahead skipping

    23. move towards another condition skipping all the statements in between

    24. 19 Or a aweful sound of stones throw down, or a running that could not be seen of skipping beasts, or a roaring voice of most savage

    25. Honey was sure the waitress was skipping as she left, “This

    26. She was skipping along the sidewalk and running to the back of the large house

    27. Up the stairs I speed, skipping two at a time

    28. “Then he pauses, dazed for a moment before he says, ‘give me a minute’, skipping out of the room

    29. He stares at me silently, his eyes skipping above mine

    30. Skipping ahead 15 years, as she and W

    31. So it is without further skipping around

    32. I forgive you for skipping this chapter, if you wish

    33. Cringing, his heart skipping several beats as he flattened himself against the sandy backwall, Joshua stared up at the curving overhang not daring even to exhale the sudden intake of breath occasioned by the intrusive sound

    34. Cringing, his heart skipping several beats as he flattened himself against the sandy backwall,

    35. And we came to a certain plain and he showed me a young man a shepherd clothed in a suit of garments of a yellow colour: and he was herding very many sheep and these sheep were feeding luxuriously as it were and riotously and merrily skipping hither and thither

    36. Skipping this warm up is nearly a guarantee that a

    37. she turned us down and did her little girl skipping into the house

    38. It was only after years of travel that I realised one could eat for free when a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of skipping (otherwise known as dumpster diving or freeganism)

    39. TrashWiki is a great resource for finding local skipping spots across the world

    40. She grabbed the preacher's hand and began skipping him

    41. Skipping this warm up is nearly a guarantee

    42. Secretary Rumsfeld stopped him right there and, without skipping a beat said, “That’s silly; houses don’t talk

    43. I figured even your convoluted approach wouldn't have us skipping around somewhere else, although I wondered briefly when we jumped on the ferry to Ireland

    44. ‘Who the hell with?’ I asked without skipping a beat

    45. thinking of skipping this section, please don't

    46. Under the cloud, and skipping on the remains of the arboreal corpses, were Zoroastro’s demons: a few small monstrous beings which I recognized by intuition

    47. Jake stopped walking and skipping

    48. He carried on singing and skipping for a bit before stopping, breathing heavily, and giving me another look

    49. Without skipping a beat, he began to speak

    50. Tyrus was skipping up and down with glee

    1. Shaun skips up the metal staircase and checks out the two girls leaning over the balcony

    2. A South-westerly skips across the open fields and whips through breaks in the blackthorn

    3. “They disappear; except the Scale 0 TI, it skips Scale 1 and shows up as a Sol in Scale 2

    4. If we consider the accurate letter skips that are used in each case, the unique and defined starting positions in each book, and the patterns that are mirrored around Leviticus; it is statistically much more improbable that this phenomenon occurred as a result of mere chance

    5. Also, to hide 13 additional messages about the same person in the original code at different letter skips and to be 100% accurate with that information is humanly unachievable

    6. I skipped my flat stones six more skips than Mia"s best effort

    7. ” My heart skips at the sound of his weak voice

    8. My hearts skips at Sean’s question

    9. My heart skips as I reach for the handle of the wooden, double doors

    10. My heart skips as I read the title

    11. “Zachary, what are you doing?” My heart skips a beat, heat spreading all over me

    12. and skips a rock over the blue lake

    13. Emmy skips away from you to catch up, the two of them laughing, moving to an unheard song shared between the two of them

    14. “From skips and anywhere else we could find it” he answered

    15. Even though your heart skips a beat when you see him, he does not feel the same way about you

    16. Halfway the highway my heart skips a beat

    17. Paris smiles and nods, not aware of the danger she is in she skips across the bridge

    18. When a stone skips over the water

    19. So please forgive your dear Queen when she just skips to the chase and ask what’s the status on colonizing the rest of the continent?”

    20. Suddenly it is all loud and nice as you chat, then your woman decides since you got company she quickly skips on to the hair dresser down the street

    21. Our third story skips time-tracks into an alternate history of the Machine Age

    22. Twenty-eight minutes and thirteen skips later, Ingrid was finally able to ease down her over performing space plane through the stratosphere

    23. You can’t treat the Lord of the Trolls with respect if you know his son skips around in a veil and

    24. Loki’s heart skips a beat

    25. The junk in there will fill at least three skips, though – large ones, I mean

    26. I close my eyes and slowly reached out to the door that was now in front of me as I turn the knob of the door my heat skips a beat as nervousness now consumed my body

    27. My heart skips a beat as I lay there and wait in anticipation

    28. He skips straight over the part where she knows his curriculum, and says, "I'm not supposed to shake your hand

    29. bobs he would find I the skips, the place

    30. skips, the place was a mess, old wood shavings

    31. What are they going to say if I mess up? What if the track skips on the record and I’m stuck mouthing the words? I can’t sing live

    32. She has learned from experience that it takes but one moment for things to change—that for every time a little boy drops a dime a person on the other side of the world enters a place where monsters are real and where prison is but a laughing matter; that a kitten skips along the side of the street and encounters a rat that it soon becomes friends with; that a little girl, dressed in a school-day’s best, walks along the side of the road with her class only to discover upon happenstance the entrance to a world that is horrible in all respects and nature

    33. With a quick shake of her head, Mary skips forward

    34. Roger quickly arranged with a local company to bulldoze the whole place down, and take away the hunky debris in giant skips

    35. The last day of clearing up was the most trying, and Roger watched from a distance as the singed and very heavy pillars were bulldozed into giant skips

    36. work through any steps that the book skips over

    37. The Jewish myth compresses six million years of sinning into one short subconscious message so compact that it skips millions of years in a few words


    39. record of seven skips, I waddled into the lake to cool off

    40. I swear that my heart skips a beat

    41. As the little girl skips and approaches closer and closer, the woman starts to recognize the little girl's face! She looks at the picture that she is holding! It is the face of the child in the picture that is reported missing! The woman then alerts the other people in the crowd! The crowd turns around and look! They see the little girl skipping and approaching closer and closer towards them also! They all start to look at the picture that each of them is holding! They then look back up towards the little girl as she continues to skip along in the darkness! They all wonder where is she coming from and why is she way out far in the darkness all by herself! They wonder who is with her! Everyone in the crowd thinks that it is very strange! The little girl continues to skip all the way towards the people, still with the knapsack on her back

    42. No form can he set on his sensations as he strolls, one blazing afternoon, along the Parisian boulevard and skips out of the way of the royal landau which, looking indescribably ramshackle, rattles along the pitted roadway, saluted by citizens of both sexes cheaply dressed in bowler hats and continental costumes; though a shepherd in kilt, cap, and gaiters very nearly drives his herd of goats between the royal wheels; and all the time the Acropolis surges into the air, raises itself above the town, like a large immobile wave with the yellow columns of the Parthenon firmly planted upon it

    43. It falls by no rule at all; sometimes it leaps, sometimes it tumbles; there it skips; here it shoots; in one place 'tis white as snow, and in another 'tis green as grass; hereabouts, it pitches into deep hollows, that rumble and crush the 'arth; and thereaways, it ripples and sings like a brook, fashioning whirlpools and gullies in the old stone, as if 'twas no harder than trodden clay

    44. Noah’s heart skips a beat

    45. hurt skips about, putting all his muscles into movement to

    46. “‘She skips over huge sections of the outline, so you skip it, too, but then she expects us to know it for the exam

    47. In other cases, the fund manager “waives” (or skips charging) management fees, raising the net return—then slaps the fees on later after the high returns attract plenty of customers

    48. When a backup program with no special open file capabilities encounters a file that is locked, it simply skips it and proceeds to the next file

    49. “The castle’s main staircase skips over the

    50. For that reason, I prefer to invest in businesses such as Penn National Gaming, which skips the script and jumps straight into questions with a few prepared remarks

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