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    1. Even if he didn’t catch the show in the morning, the captain never missed Kevin and Becca’s evening broadcast

    2. As he spoke, the large image on the wall of the elevator continued to broadcast his image even though he was standing right in front of them

    3. Ava had a virtual universe set up that she said was copied from data she had gathered from the planet, animated with video and audio that is broadcast in their net

    4. As the omnidirectional array broadcast his spoofed Staas inventory query, the intact containers from the wrecked hauler Luxor responded, and the information was projected in his visor

    5. The Brazilians had actually met them and broadcast their pictures to Earth

    6. I remembered the pools of gore on the streets from the television news broadcast

    7. These images culminated in a sequence of grainy pictures depicting John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, as recorded at the dawn of the broadcast age

    8. The director of the broadcast panned his cameras around the studio and zoomed in on every smile and every grin as the audience pulsated in time with the continual explosion of flash bulbs and the shouts and screams of the wildly happy crew

    9. So far there had been no real fear of encountering a hostile alien power out among the stars, but that confidence was groundless, based on the presumption that any civilization capable of space flight would broadcast signals that human science could detect

    10. inventor of television, as recorded at the dawn of the broadcast age

    11. the broadcast panned his cameras around the studio and zoomed in

    12. director of the television broadcast cut to close ups of the young

    13. In clubs where people we so equipped, the club of their choice was broadcast to their brain, each user could set their room as they wished, something Ava couldn’t provide in her universe as there was only one final scene generator per soul in the basic architecture

    14. Stevie hits the mute button and the presenter, the same woman from the morning broadcast, goes through the story one more time, the only difference being the release of names

    15. 'A Jew,' he whispered, careful not to broadcast the

    16. “Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) is a continuous broadcast of recorded aeronautical information such as weather information, which runways are active, available approaches, and any other information required by the pilots

    17. dedicated to the first broadcast film

    18. At first, they started spreading the word about themselves through posts on various propaganda sites on the internet, before finally breaking into the mainstream media by hacking into the news channel's broadcast signal and airing a viral massage to the people of Alataria

    19. When we release our thought energy, it is broadcast through the space and time continuum of mind and body

    20. Every half an hour they would broadcast status to the other two ships---Constant communication regarding their incommunicado sisters

    21. The publisher will broadcast your advertisement "solo" only your promotional material period

    22. This advertising space is usually at the top of the ezine owners broadcast so it will be easily seen when a subscriber opens up their email

    23. When you have this down to a fine art, you’ll be able to broadcast an email at will to your list and watch the money come rolling in

    24. Your auto-responder will also allow you to send what are called Broadcast emails to your list whenever you wish

    25. Also, you’ll have long ago forgotten the details of the products you are promoting amid such a lengthy sequence, and you could easily find that they actually conflict with offers and promotions you make in your Broadcast emails

    26. During the period of the initial follow-up sequence, which may realistically be 7 to 10 days, you can keep sending your regular broadcast messages, but you need to select the recipients as only those who have been on your list more than the 7 to 10 days

    27. So, enable the Open Rate feature of your Autoresponder so that you can accurately measure the number of subscribers who opened your email broadcast

    28. Victor was on the media broadcast showing

    29. is energy and that you broadcast this energy at all times;

    30. and this measurable electrical energy is broadcast out

    31. that the majority of the stuff that is broadcast is actually

    32. ‘Yes, broadcast this: Torbin, I am ready to listen to all you have to tell me

    33. If some had their way he’d be in a padded cell (a view he’d cultured ever since the media broadcast, when he’d declared the aliens’ existence)

    34. ‘But I could simply broadcast what I know

    35. He deployed a relay beacon, to constantly record his transmitted position and vital signs and broadcast to him any changes in the local environment

    36. He took over the broadcast

    37. I was able to get interview with all of the local print and broadcast media

    38. The company still refused to give any details beyond what had been broadcast

    39. If that wasn’t difficult enough for his executives to accept, Toran then had to convince the producer to broadcast the even-more-mysterious datafile, telling his deputy not to run it through verification software since he may leave himself at risk to whatever secretive organisation wanted such information

    40. He tried to imagine how the response would have gone if the datafile had been broadcast

    41. The transmission was in a compression burst lasting no more three seconds, designed to insert itself, interrupting the scheduled broadcast, allowing millions of viewers to witness the true nature of those who hold power

    42. How odd to think that it may have already been broadcast before he’d sent it; that was the paradoxical way of completing a temporal circle

    43. The emergency generator came on line but by then the broadcast feed had been lost

    44. These two commercials were broadcast apropos with the theme of the network programme

    45. Afterwards, having moved to an adjacent studio, Chief correspondent Dolan Cranali said: ‘Although this broadcast had never been intended for Western media, the president has sent out an unequivocal message to the rest of the world – that India is a force to be reckoned with

    46. A New Vistas representative, amidst a barrage of questions on a national broadcast, was forced to explain all but every last detail of the blueprint for an immersion unit

    47. Even if they gained access to a broadcast medium, who would ever believe what he had to say? Just some fantasist spouting techno jargon

    48. After a nationally broadcast warning, the commander made a conference call to all his coalition counterparts (including the respective nations’ leaders), going through the motions of standard procedure

    49. Every broadcast media centre gave out a repeated warning to head for the nearest temporary shelter – which at least would protect from radiation, if not intense heat – until transport arrived to ferry the panic-stricken, the terrified, and the angry to their assigned subterranean compound

    50. The most recent news broadcast indicated an increasing level of tension within the largest province

    1. Each of us is like a radio station, constantly broadcasting

    2. Allcock's expression could not be easily described, but was a sincere reflection of the extremes of fatherly pride he felt at Harry's triumph, and the eagerness which he tried to constrain in broadcasting this news to everyone he encountered

    3. Podcasting is a form of broadcasting using audio on the internet

    4. ‘Don’t think I’ll ever get used to broadcasting every last thought though,’ she replied

    5. “I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we only tune in

    6. Here was where their images would be beamed to every broadcasting station world wide, their voices translated into over a hundred languages

    7. slowly getting back on their feet, Islington had electricity, a limited broadcasting service was

    8. This building had now become the hub of current affairs broadcasting

    9. Really, what else would you call forcing schools, and not parents, to feed children, and then inviting 41 million Americans to collect food stamps? And then, there is the not so little matter of spending tax dollars on Planned Parenthood (no friend of families), Public Broadcasting, and various United Nations activities too numerous to even attempt to make a list of

    10. It’s a local broadcasting station,” said the kid

    11. All of us here at Consolidated Broadcasting Group are both honored, and very excited to be a part of this pioneering new form of electric motorsport, in its second historic season

    12. At first, oral recitation was the only method of broadcasting what must be shared

    13. “We need to start broadcasting our thoughts as soon as we near his house,” Hunter explained

    14. Cara then reached with her mind, searching for a connection and broadcasting

    15. was watching a religious broadcasting station when I first heard the

    16. A year ago I’d made a trial programme as TV presenter for the broadcasting corporation, never dreaming there’d be payment

    17. This broadcasting system, called Bousaimusen, is set in every village, town, and city

    18. An Australian Broadcasting Corporation website offers a “Greenhouse Calculator” that will tell you at what age you should die to save the planet

    19. broadcasting her private life

    20. Equally, if you are simply telling everyone how wonderful your product or service is or how competitive your prices are, or broadcasting information without any feedback or interaction from your target audience, it will be difficult for you to convert your followers into customers because even though you may be tweeting relevant and useful information, they will not feel emotionally connected with your brand

    21. Out of curiosity, I pushed the elevator buttons for several floors in between that were, I thought, occupied by sister divisions, Broadcasting and Aerospace

    22. I have a successful broadcasting business, I fell in love and I have a wonderful son

    23. In the meantime, with the guidebooks gone, my father , while still consulting with P&G, entered his fourth career, founding Park Broadcasting, Inc

    24. Despite spectacular success and recognition, Roy was restless and ambitious to get into newspapering and broadcasting

    25. While I was in my first year in business school in 1961, and three years before Johnnie Babcock joined him, as I said, my father had moved into his fourth career in broadcasting

    26. On September 26, 1961, at age fifty-one, he founded what would become Park Broadcasting, Inc

    27. ” Reflecting on Pops’ meteoric rise in the broadcast industry, Broadcasting Magazine, in its issue of February 3, 1964, said: “If reverse logic can be applied to the maxim that idle hands are the Devil’s tools, then Roy H

    28. As Pops was nearing his legal ownership limit of twenty-one broadcasting stations, seven each of television, AM and FM radio stations, he realized that at this time, in order to continue to grow, he would have to move to other media acquisitions

    29. ” While he was still buying broadcasting stations, he entered the newspaper field in 1972, and by 1977, he owned forty newspapers in nine states

    30. sue of the Tulsa Tribune, my father expressed his desire to get into the newspaper business, and why he started with broadcasting: I developed some trade publications [right after leaving the Associated Press], and always wanted to get into the [newspaper] business

    31. In so doing, he became the first broadcaster to reach the Federal Communications Commission’s then-legal-limit of twenty-one broadcasting stations

    32. By this time, his broadcasting group reached 25 million people or 12 percent of the total population of the United States

    33. The stations would have a range of about ten miles from the broadcasting tower, and he applied for forty such stations, mostly in areas where he already owned a publication

    34. McHugh (D-28th District, where Park Broadcasting was located), who said the FCC decision raised a serious policy question, and that Congress should hold hearings and make policy judgments on it

    35. This brought his final broadcasting tally to seven television and, because he sold four radio stations in Duluth and Roanoke between 1977 and 1985, back up to twenty-one radio stations, and ended his expansion in the broadcasting field

    36. Park, president of Park Broadcasting, Inc

    37. Babcock While young Roy was busy attending the Johnson Graduate School of Management, and recently married, living in his own apartment in Ithaca, his father was snapping up broadcasting stations

    38. The term operating profit, as it is calculated in broadcasting, does not account for all the costs

    39. We combined broadcasting with a massive billboard buy (my second outdoor advertising encounter after creating billboards for the Ford Motor Dealers Association at JWT) with our “Tomorrow Together” message covering every highway leading into North Carolina

    40. In 1963, in the midst of his broadcasting expansion, my father’s real estate division, RHP Incorporated, began the acquisition of some 3,000 outdoor billboards, under companies he named Park Outdoor Advertising and Park Displays

    41. Monday was not a happy day at Park Broadcasting

    42. When it came to taking work home, one of the two managers who ran the outdoor division when I transferred into broadcasting for five years had his own rule, which ran counter to my father’s

    43. Park Broadcasting and later Park Communications never paid cash dividends on its stock, to him or any other shareholders

    44. In 1976 I was shifted from the outdoor division to become vice president, advertising and promotion for Park Broadcasting, Inc

    45. “He was particularly interested in the college’s communications programs in broadcasting and journalism

    46. Park and Park Broadcasting

    47. He hinted that his boss acquired almost 100 percent of his furniture and personal items at the expense of the broadcasting station

    48. Just as his broadcasting properties catered to medium-sized markets, the vast majority of my father’s newspapers, as I said, had circulations under 20,000

    49. As reported in Business Week in 1977: Unlike other owners of multiple broadcasting or newspaper properties, Park has not attempted to give the components of his empire a single look

    50. The article was dated September 28, 1978, which was during my third year as vice president of Park Broadcasting

    1. Most of his life now was the war, and he was going over transcripts of broadcasts that had been intercepted

    2. “We’ve received few highly educated souls after 2152,” Charles said, “So all we know about recent history is from the broadcasts we can intercept

    3. broadcasts onto their iPods

    4. station broadcasts radio waves

    5. His primary job was to do instant surveys on the populace by monitoring various broadcasts to get public reaction to the news

    6. In one of the increasingly regular war-related analysis broadcasts, a psychologist claimed this was in part due to wartime solidarity: the sense of togetherness in the face of adversity but also imminent dramatic change

    7. The broadcasts were full of reports about the soldiers that had been sent to the Isle of Wight to cull all the infected cats

    8. I remember the live radio broadcasts of the event

    9. Long a friend of the United States, they listened in horror to daily broadcasts of anti-American propaganda by the new Sandinista government

    10. For safety’s sake, Gordon moved all records to an aunt’s house and, with travel arrangements and luggage close at hand, watched the live broadcasts of the US congressional hearings

    11. He was in the middle seat, reserved for guests such as him during all race broadcasts

    12. " These forces powerfully operate in ourselves and in the world (news broadcasts describing violent acts, war, racism, environmental destruction, and so on, all bear testimony to this)

    13. He told her that during World War II, his grandfather used to follow broadcasts about the war on that radio, and that was how he had found out the Japanese were being rounded up and forced into camps

    14. broadcasts was correct, then they would probably be trapped in the

    15. even claimed that broadcasts of various beings residing

    16. Some have even claimed that broadcasts of various

    17. “No, I don’t know! Who was killed? I have not seen any of the local news for weeks just satellite channels with no news broadcasts

    18. even claimed that broadcasts of various beings from parallel spheres have

    19. beings The ability to receive broadcasts from low frequency (interpenetrat-

    20. However, each time there was an event they did several fax broadcasts

    21. vibrations and broadcasts the vibrations into space in England, an

    22. They’re annotated, dated and indexed with links to relevant TV and radio broadcasts

    23. However, once he had seen the super-spatial-transmitted broadcasts of The Eliminator devouring vast regions of space-time-probability-improbability and all who lived within, changing everything into itself, McWipple knew what had to be done

    24. Developments in technology had led to satellite broadcasts of such sporting events being shown in cinemas in London and elsewhere where large Irish populations

    25. The rumors have it that they are going to begin the broadcasts there this week

    26. We’re going to begin sending in stories from where we are, with one editor in the bunker compiling and formatting the site and the broadcasts

    27. The television news broadcasts blared the sensational announcement of a multiple murder at number 9 Cherry Lane, at a pleasant suburb of the city

    28. This is merging and being spread globally through a variety of information technologies: books, tapes, Web pages, online forums, and Internet broadcasts

    29. "Were there any subsequent broadcasts?" asked Travis hopefully

    30. "A television gal I know in Seattle, interviewed these phonies a couple of years back, and got the mysterious Russian broadcasts line

    31. Grailem listens to the broadcasts that are directed towards him from the planet Dangilhooley

    32. the case of broadcasts, the organization

    33. Even turn on your local news or National news and it appears that they spend more than half the broadcasts talking about war around the world of some national murder story

    34. In fact, Saturday afternoons meant listening to the broadcasts of the Metropolitan opera

    35. Murrow and the Broadcasts that

    36. Too often, these broadcasts begin and finish a story and just before the commercial break throw out a teaser line for the next story

    37. Al-Sharq Radio, which broadcasts its programs in French to the countries of European Union had a meeting with Prof Abdul-Qadir Al-Dayrani, the Islamic Researcher and Thinker, and of what he had said we mention:

    38. She knew the frequency band on which to transmit, but would they reply? Unlike a phone call, the transmitter broadcasts to anyone within range and tuned to that frequency

    39. planet, it would have been easily noticed by the Minnesota because of the number of artificial satellites in orbit, and the fact that the radio and television broadcasts that were being beamed into space lit the planet up like a small star

    40. “The broadcasts appear to be no different than what Earth was producing in the twenty first century

    41. From the Com/Ops station, Garcia had been recording live Iotian broadcasts since their arrival in Iotian space

    42. She thinks, “Tonight, I've tuned into the only radio show that broadcasts at this late hour

    43. “One of the reasons I was sent to Iotia was to determine the source of these television broadcasts,”

    44. response rate and helping you to create a more successful broadcasts

    45. The more consistent you are with your broadcasts, the easier it will be

    46. We urge all citizens to stay alert to this developing situation by tuning in to their local Homeland Security broadcasts

    47. broadcasts on several frequencies, so all we have to do is fine tune it

    48. Make it Easy To Use: Networks need simplicity, for example Twitter simplifies broadcasts to the

    49. You may have seen it on his broadcasts the past couple of days

    50. those broadcasts with prayer, with thoughts of ‘good’ instead

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