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    1. Learn what insects spread what disease

    2. Periodical programmes can be taken up to spread the awareness to the dangers of environment by misuse and wastage

    3. The insects spread tiny wings and began to bite Haques on the arms

    4. One second it was thundering along chasing the sunset in the deepening darkness, the next it was accelerating at thirty-six feet per second per second from under her, its legs spread in all directions and at angles that looked pretty painful

    5. Your lawn will benefit by having a thin layer of aged (at least 6 months old) horse manure spread over it (using a manure spreader), and then watered well

    6. If there is a drought, it is better, rather than sprinkling lightly, to water twice a week, soaking the soil to a minimum of 4 inches, or not at all, for shallow watering causes roots to spread out near the top where they will be baked by the sun, becoming unable to withstand drought

    7. “Your lawn will benefit by having a thin layer of aged horse manure spread over it

    8. His wings spread out so that he glided down toward the water

    9. These folks also learned fast from other cultures, as they were able seaman and traveled around the world, and would see many wonderful things and this knowledge would return to their own lands, where it quickly would spread like fire upon the land

    10. He spread the overcoat out onto the

    11. Here he started to make his soaps and food products and use them to help spread the Moral ABC

    12. “The soap that crossed America on quality alone,” and it’s true, the Bronners have never spent a penny on advertising or marketing their soaps, but have relied solely on word of mouth and unsolicited articles for their word to be spread

    13. the word spread that I was a cancer survivor

    14. Several boxes of Kleenex, serving as dinner napkins, are spread about the table

    15. there is a warning sign on his house which is put to prevent the spread

    16. and rotund thighs curse as they tried to propel his middle-aged spread towards the

    17. Khalid studies a spread sheet in the seat behind Russ and John sits gripping the seat armrests, beads of sweat on his forehead

    18. What sense it made to spread their arms like birds and cup their hands was beyond her

    19. Sammy looked down at his two big hands spread out on the desk in front of him and said nothing

    20. face wore a permanent smile, a smile that started in his eyes and spread across the full

    21. As he turned I followed the spread of tattoos up the back of his neck and under his greased and shiny black hair

    22. You can't easily spread your request for surrender to the population

    23. He thought he saw the figures on top of the 4-meter mechs push off and spread out around the knuckledraggers

    24. It was all shown out of scale, of course, and the Lancers’ fighters were the size of pigeons as they spread out around the breaching ship, pretending they couldn’t see the stealthed alien stalking them

    25. The cone of fire had spread to nearly half a kilometer wide when it hit the Squidy

    26. I felt my feet becoming numb as the tape bit into my ankles, and slowly that numbness spread, rolling inexorably up my calves and into my thighs

    27. That night, I moved the camp bed away from the wall, spread the blanket on the bare floorboards and lay with my head next to the heating pipe

    28. "It reminds me of a spread one of my father's friends had

    29. Arscog still believed Saggothans invented humans and they had spread to YingolNeerie in the energy age

    30. His face wore a permanent smile, a smile that started in his eyes and spread across the full depth of his features, a smile that warned, a smile that promised destruction once the fun was done with

    31. terror that continues to spread even as we speak

    32. Soon stories spread through the kingdom and lands far beyond about the

    33. that spread across the land

    34. "Let's say I could forget my parent's religion, what about diseases, doesn't it spread disease?"

    35. spread in the neighbor-hood as would a wild fire in a

    36. Alan already had his arm around it when this happened and he was able to crawl up onto it because the herd hadn't spread enough to let it take its stride

    37. rounds spread thin by the base of the glass

    38. There was comfortable furniture spread about

    39. She screeched at them and they spread their wet little wings and flapped about for a bit

    40. "The herd spread out before they stopped, I wasn't sure where you'd be

    41. These trees spread way out and the tips of their limbs nearly reached the ground again, ending at about the height a thonga would chew them off

    42. With that he spread his massive wings and leapt into the air and he was gone in a matter of minutes

    43. illuminating the spread of lost opportunities behind us

    44. has spread chaos in the borders of his garden

    45. A slight smile appeared as her lips parted; and then alarm spread across her face, she stopped suddenly as tho she was caught doing something she shouldn’t

    46. As promised, Gilla has put on a fine spread and I am just sitting down to a plate of bacon, eggs and some sort of local sausage when the men appear

    47. Jake spread his wings and took off

    48. ’ Joris pointed out gently ‘Here and in Italy you will find churches much like the ones you would see on Earth but the Catholic church didn’t spread much further than this; there are some churches like this in France, but very few

    49. He was sitting at a table with a pile of food spread out before him

    50. She then bent over, spread her wings and glided out of the cave

    1. " She turned and bent over to pick up the quilt, making sure the guy in the boat could see her spreading

    2. Medfly spraying of Malathion or any other chemical is wasted effort and will not affect the real cause of the Medfly spreading in southern Calif

    3. Medfly infestations are spreading throughout the world! Even this is not the real cause of the Medfly problem

    4. With the popularity of Yoga spreading throughout the world, there is also the innate danger of people attempting to teach Yoga without actually being fully trained to use it as a therapeutic tool

    5. It is also spreading among mainstream

    6. It takes some doing to keep them apart, but John manages by hanging onto their collars and spreading his arms wide

    7. satisfied with the territory of just your body, it will go on spreading onto

    8. elders, the church can serve God scripturally by spreading the gospel, by teaching and

    9. Son felt the poison spreading through

    10. I have to say that it is invaluable being able to use this as a base when we are in London – something that is becoming more and more necessary now that the Guild is spreading its influence across Errd

    11. spreading fingers search for water, testing, flexing,

    12. Kortrax was again free of the horizon, smiling broadly on the endless expanse of ribbonleaves and fronds spreading away to the northwest like a floor of hip-deep yellow flowers widely scattered with graceful archwoods like the clump they were camped in

    13. The sleeper has awoken, spreading,

    14. Once she lifted it, there was a moment of hesitation, then a spreading smile on her face and she too was engulfed by that joy of knowing she had found her dragon

    15. ' It was good to laugh with the locals and sure enough, after spreading the stuff over my soreness, the stinging faded and the throbbing disappeared

    16. No one seemed to know who had done it, and the word that was spreading about was that the

    17. the air, it’s spreading through

    18. “If it is spreading in all directions, but if the signal is generated by something small and local and sent in a tight beam toward us, not much energy is used

    19. Just as Mya was about to give up he raised his head and turned to her spreading his wings wide again

    20. The place is a mess, covered in abandoned building material and rapidly shooting clumps of dock and nettle, which are spreading across the broken and barren ground

    21. under a spreading horse chestnut tree that creaked alarmingly in the

    22. getting crowded in their forests, so they started spreading down to the

    23. steadily growing in his chest and spreading out to

    24. He knew, when they first landed he had lain near death while pathologists raced to save the victims and keep the infections from spreading

    25. Judging by the stain spreading across the front of the man’s trousers it is obvious that he has started to relax already

    26. “Yes, he’s still around, he’s also still investigating Tdeshi’s end and he’s still spreading the rumor that Tdeshi’s body was taken for you

    27. He meandered under the spreading boughs of hardwoods and along shrub-shrouded trails until he saw The Lake

    28. The wilderness is suddenly spreading out and dragging her down, right here in the kitchen

    29. She spent the late Afternoonday spreading the old maps of Zhlindu all over the table and getting wrapped up in them

    30. spreading mouths of teenagers could be humbled by certain atrocities

    31. She walked to two amr chairs and settees behind spreading Areca palms and stared at a spot between them as if peering back into time itself at the silly young woman and the bashfully debonair young gentleman chatting about Shakespeare and Tigers

    32. And then the doctor made me feel a little better when he said that if you don't suffer from high blood pressure, the high reading today is probably due to the pain and infection that is spreading from your finger throughout your body

    33. Atop the remnants of the Northern Tower, a brilliant sphere of azure blue grew, stretching out to cover the entire city, spreading to the Outlands as well

    34. But ever since the Rift awoke, a dark scowl had been spreading upon his visage

    35. But what do you think of yourself spreading reports about me like that, and then crawling to me for help the moment you are in trouble? What sort of a game is that--eh?"

    36. The courtyard was filled with vibrant colors, a rainbow of foliage spreading out before them

    37. Always aware of the conditions he looked around constantly, the fire was raging and spreading and it was going upwards towards the Petols building, then he spotted two young faces coming out of the trees heading toward the Clearys, when the wind veered and bits of leaves and ash started to fly in the air and whirl about then dove down ahead of the boys

    38. It wasn't an attack, her arms were spreading and on her face was the look of a mother re-united with her son after great trials

    39. He traveled both geographically and horologically, spreading his research through time in order to get a feel of the history of the beings that dwelled there

    40. "Can't see the point of dusting off then spreading it about again

    41. spreading any lies about the rag you claim is the true coat

    42. There’ll be no spreading of lies

    43. It has taken me a lifetime to come to the conclusion that giving hope and spreading happiness is the most efficient and fastest way of attracting them to one's self

    44. At the same occasion, see your new happiness spreading around

    45. Darkness swept from the pod, spreading outward and into the Hangar

    46. The Dark Army moved on, spreading through the tunnels and leaving him for dead

    47. ‘Dona’Cora,’ Anon thought, a grin spreading across his face as he sensed her familiar presence

    48. Adjectives, conjunctions, and prepositions: some sort Of bionomic central force in the monkey seemed to Express itself through the de-centered processes of Rolling grammatical progression and spreading activation That converged around the impulses flowing between The brain-machine interface, with the monkey’s intentions Refined by the computers rationalizing

    49. I watched as his eyes fixated on the bruise spreading across Ash’s cheek

    50. How she ached for him! He looked so handsome in his formal attire and she resisted the urge to run to him and kiss him full on those lips! She blushed at the thought and turned her face away from him so that he wouldn’t see the redness spreading up from her neck to her ears

    1. Such a close connection among words spreads through the whole language

    2. A silly grin spreads across his bloodied face and he begins to mumble

    3. Shipping cut comes up the side of the city, and right at the turn the buildings along the canal are small so the view of the whole city from the land side spreads before you

    4. that spreads the world out flat beyond these Luton skies

    5. and reveals the dry rot that spreads within”

    6. She spreads herself

    7. Here the river spreads for miles across the flat land and all but the channel was choked with enthora and lon

    8. The bird gathers itself, spreads its wings and takes off

    9. As word spreads, they will

    10. ‘I’ll try, but if the infection spreads to the blood

    11. It spreads for 502,000 square kilometres and has a population of 48,600; most people live around the mining areas

    12. then spreads itself, if I my say so, over the face of the land, and, by being employed in

    13. It spreads slowly but surely

    14. He spreads his arms to indicate her lawn

    15. It spreads its tangled strands out across the adjacent path

    16. His fame rapidly spreads across the country

    17. grown-up woman," while Harry spreads out on the hearth a goodly store

    18. Spreads and other products that are added that are high

    19. As famine spreads forth across the land, My heart is rent inside Me over the hardness of men’s hearts! As My face fills with the heat of My fury, My eyes are set ablaze with fire, over that which I see!

    20. For the wicked gather like locusts, and their sin spreads forth like a swarm, devouring and polluting the land! Therefore shall their pain be great, and their affliction intolerable!

    21. He had spread his heresy to the armies like the mythic whores of old spread disease; like a cancer that spreads from the roots of a tree to its leaves and brings about its death

    22. Until it spreads throughout the earth

    23. A smile spreads over his face

    24. Blood springs from her nose and spreads over her face

    25. A deep ache spreads through my throat

    26. I haven’t seen a blue sky in a long time, so when it spreads out above me, I feel the breath catch in my lungs and the effect is dizzying

    27. His eyes look like black pits, and he wears a smirk that spreads too wide across his face, forcing wrinkles into his cheeks

    28. Heat spreads through me slowly

    29. I smile, and a tingling spreads through me

    30. A patch of blood spreads over her shoulder

    31. “And it’s a better model for having the option to select particular members of a population to opt out—you inoculate them, the virus spreads within twenty-four hours, and it has no effect on them

    32. 8 Who alone spreads out the heavens, and treads on the waves of the sea

    33. 9 He holds back the face of his throne, and spreads his cloud on it

    34. 30 Note, he spreads his light on it, and covers the bottom of the sea

    35. 30 Sharp stones are under him, he spreads sharp pointed things on

    36. The man who flatters his neighbour spreads the net for his feet

    37. hands in the midst of them, as he who swims spreads out his hands to swim, and he shall bring down their pride together with the

    38. graven image, and the goldsmith spreads it over with gold, and throws silver chains

    39. the heavens as a curtain, and spreads them out as a tent to dwell in: 23 Who brings the princes to nothing; he makes the judges of the

    40. spreads abroad the Earth by myself; 25 Who frustrates the tokens of the liars, and makes diviners mad; that turns wise men backward,

    41. daughter of Zion, that bewails herself, that spreads her hands, saying, Woe is me now! for my soul is wearied because of murderers

    42. spreads out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat comes, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of

    43. Zion spreads out her hands, and there is none to comfort her: the Lord has commanded concerning Jacob, that his adversaries should

    44. The cesium then spreads along these rivers, contaminating

    45. 59 He spreads out the heavens like a vault; on the waters has he founded it

    46. A whirlpool spreads behind the ship in all directions

    47. The zero gravity wake quickly spreads outwards and pulls hundreds of animals into the ship’s direction

    48. The effect slowly spreads to the whole of American culture as thinner and thinner English tends toward the kind of “demotic dialects” that hastened the collapse of Rome

    49. A complete circle is formed around the game and the ground quickly spreads apart

    50. spreads His arms out wide enough to embrace all of us, in the same way

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