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    1. Why did she think it was? Were they only trying to answer the question of whether Tdeshi OD’d from striving or despondency, he might have thought it was solved

    2. Clearly there’d be those wanting to capitalize on a nation’s despondency

    3. He studied the UK New Vistas subscribers’ database with increasing despondency

    4. Belatedly wishing that he had stayed with Brightness in the safety of her sett instead of chasing his wild dreams, the young badger felt himself plummet into the depths of a deep despondency

    5. That many individuals seeking salvation have oftentimes found themselves in a State of Grace at one time or another only to have it rescinded, is a humble reminder of how difficult it is to sustain; a blessing suddenly conferred and taken away just as quickly through spiritual despondency or neglect

    6. He remained four months in San Sebastian prison, seesawing between hope and despondency, before his judge could be reached with a bribe of sufficient magnitude to secure his release

    7. He left a note to that effect indicating his despondency

    8. the ridiculous came to his rescue, and lifted him out of his despondency

    9. 9 This your schism has perverted many; has cast many into despondency; many into doubt; all of us into grief and as yet your sedition remaineth

    10. which means that prayer protects the soul from the sins of dispirited sadness, despondency, oppression and

    11. pul himself out of the sloughs of despondency

    12. In an effort to stem her slipping into despondency, he seized the opportunity to ask another question that should return her focus to the situation

    13. I am afraid there are myriads of true Christians in this condition, who go trembling and doubting toward heaven, with Despondency, and Much-Afraid, and Fearing in the Pilgrim's Progress, and fear they will never get to the Celestial City at all

    14. And in this dual response to the Western cultural infusion lay the revival of the Hindu intellectuality and the beginning of the Muslim despondency

    15. Moreover, the apathy of the Musalmans for a planned family betrays their insensitivity towards their own women; won’t their persistent refusal to adopt the family planning methods that avert the health-hampering carriages and miscarriages render their fair sex into despondency? Oh how the Musalmans burden their women with a child in the lap and another in the womb till they can bear no longer, and as the moulvis aver they have a duty to procreate for the sake of Islam regardless that is

    16. A state of utter hopelessness and despondency

    17. Overcome with despondency, she stopped waving her arms and plopped to the ground in

    18. As the wise master looked at the man God revealed to him, within an instant, the true extent of his need and suffering: the profound misery and despondency which arise from poverty and lack of income was displayed clearly on the stranger’s face

    19. Having seen many illnesses and much grief in her extended lifetime, Elandria resolutely decided to do all within her power to bring him out of his despondency

    20. If you will study the needless moods of anxiety, worry, despondency, discouragement and others that are

    21. We exercised together three times a week at the gym, supported and encouraged each other but we also had our moments of despondency

    22. Normal that is, if you ignored those sudden bouts of despondency that gripped me whenever I had a moment to myself and Lizzie came to my mind

    23. I looked ahead and in the distance over the flat plain I saw a crossroads and parked in the middle of the intersection was a car with a man standing in front of it leaning back against the hood in an apparent mood of despondency

    24. I had been expecting this depressed despondency, but it made it no easier in bearing it

    25. They sat silently in the living room, Shapiro exhausted both by the scotch and the depth of his despondency

    26. with my overwhelming feelings of despondency, and then I used Vallium and sleepers to try

    27. Up one minute and down the next; now in spirits and now in despondency!"

    28. Lorry; "what is this despondency in the brave little breast? A shadow indeed! No substance in it, Lucie

    29. It is impossible to conceive Cervantes giving way to despondency or prostrated by dejection

    30. Take courage! take courage! for despondency in misfortune breaks down health and brings on death

    31. For the parents who had taught one child to meet death without fear, were trying now to teach another to accept life without despondency or distrust, and to use its beautiful opportunities with gratitude and power

    32. I forgot, with equal facility, that I ever felt sorrow, or knew care in the country; while a transient rainbow stole athwart the cloudy sky of despondency

    33. The captain's undaunted serenity buoyed them all up against despondency

    34. "Remain where you are, Catherine," he said; without any anger in his voice, but with much sorrowful despondency

    35. The pure heather-scented air, the bright sunshine, and the gentle canter of Minny, relieved his despondency after a while

    36. The prisoner reproached himself with not having thus employed the hours he had passed in vain hopes, prayer, and despondency

    37. "Now, Handel," Herbert replied, in his gay, hopeful way, "it seems to me that in the despondency of the tender passion, we are looking into our gift-horse's mouth with a magnifying-glass

    38. But always after one of these arguments - or, rather, disputes - with his fellow workmen, he almost relapsed into hopelessness and despondency, for then he realized how vast and how strong are the fortifications that surround the present system; the great barriers and ramparts of invincible ignorance, apathy and selfcontempt, which will have to be broken down before the system of society of which they are the defences, can be swept away

    39. As he looked at this little helpless, dependent creature, he realized with a kind of thankfulness that he would never have the heart to carry out the dreadful project he had sometimes entertained in hours of despondency

    40. He looked haggard and feeble, and betrayed a nerveless despondency in his air, which had never so remarkably characterized him in his walks about the settlement, nor in any other situation where he deemed himself liable to notice

    41. , though views of conveniency made me, at first, exert myself to regain his affection, I was giddy and thoughtless enough to be much easier reconciled to my failure than I ought to have been; but as I never had loved him, and his leaving me gave me a sort of liberty that I had often longed for, I was soon comforted; and flattering myself, that the stock of youth and beauty I was going to trade with, could hardly fail of procuring me a maintenance, I saw myself under the necessity of trying my fortune with them, rather, with pleasure and gaiety, than with the least idea of despondency

    42. But still he had that look Levin knew so well that always irritated him, a look of hopelessness and despondency

    43. His terror of the gallows drove him continually to commit temporary suicide, and return to his subordinate station of a part instead of a person; but he loathed the necessity, he loathed the despondency into which Jekyll was now fallen, and he resented the dislike with which he was himself regarded

    44. When the peasants, with their singing, had vanished out of sight and hearing, a weary feeling of despondency at his own isolation, his physical inactivity, his alienation from this

    45. But as for the proposal made by Levin—to take a part as shareholder with his laborers in each agricultural undertaking— at this the bailiff simply expressed a profound despondency, and offered no definite opinion, but began immediately talking of the urgent necessity of carrying the remaining sheaves of rye the next day, and of sending the men out for the

    46. And the despondency of the next morning's dawn, when it was no longer Sunday, but Monday; and no best clothes; and the laughing visitors were gone, and she awoke alone in her old bed, the innocent younger children breathing softly around her

    47. She was humiliated to find herself a mere victim of feeling, as if she could know nothing except through that medium: all her strength was scattered in fits of agitation, of struggle, of despondency, and then again in visions of more complete renunciation, transforming all hard conditions into duty

    48. There was clearly something better than anger and despondency

    49. There is a sort of jealousy which needs very little fire: it is hardly a passion, but a blight bred in the cloudy, damp despondency of uneasy egoism

    50. "Oh, that would not do—that would be worse than anything," she said with a more childlike despondency, while the tears rolled down

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    despondence despondency disconsolateness heartsickness unhappiness depression melancholy gloom dejection grief blues