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    1. He listens while I outline what Liz told me about her early life

    2. the narrow opening in the arrow-slit high above him, its outline drawn in pitch

    3. His eyes found the culprit and she was every bit as unpleasant as he had feared; cavernous dripping allergy prone nose, mounds of shapeless, colorless, big New England hair, and a body so laden with fat that only the bare outline of a human form could be seen beneath

    4. In the middle of the wall opposite the mattress I traced at head height the outline of a caged light fitting

    5. by the outline of old boats and piles of ragged nets

    6. Then far into the distance I could see the outline of the misty mountains

    7. Using a hot etching gun she emblazoned the outline of a dragon on the back of each jacket

    8. In order to guide you in your choice of foods for your Yoga diet I will here outline the principle vitamins and their easily available food sources

    9. Friday takes its usual hectic course; I get home before the kids, which is unusual, but within ten minutes they arrive home (the bus, it would appear was held up en route) and I outline what’s been arranged

    10. I outline my idea for the study - my two legal advisers agree that this would be both possible and practical

    11. Better outline the plan for the weekend so they know what’s going on

    12. Tarak noticed a faint outline on the wall; a large picture had been recently removed

    13. that I will outline for you in chapter five

    14. I’ll try to draw you an outline of how it is set out before I finish this e-mail

    15. Again, that is to say not word for word but with the outline yet kept in

    16. Consider the following two letters to be an expandable outline

    17. solutions, as an outline, to who, what, when, where, why, and how questions

    18. It is offered to outline that faith is indeed necessary

    19. First, I will outline the

    20. “We do?” He slid his fingers around her body and down to her panties and back to outline a breast

    21. shoulder and saw Grinly's outline against the glow

    22. could see the outline of the standing stones through

    23. As he approaches the end of the barn he becomes aware of a subtle shift in the outline of the building

    24. My afternoon is taken up with a meeting intended to plan the office move at which I present my outline plans and we discuss the incipient problems; the move is scheduled for the first week of May so I have two and a half weeks to get everything organised with bank holidays to be taken into account

    25. I give her a brief outline of the day

    26. Spelman gave them a brief outline of his several destinations on the first leg of his journey and kept the bulk of his itinerary for his own travels close to his vest

    27. outline of his attacker

    28. ” He began to lay out the general outline for his investigations, and the elder man sat quietly until his host at last sighed and seemed prepared to continue with their story

    29. The date for the initial round of testing was published and all hopefuls were provided a cursory outline of the subjects which were to be assessed

    30. Silver shadows of clouds, hung on the emerging crimson sky, the mountains hazy purple outline, etched with a dusting of newly fallen snow, sent wave after wave of untold joy pulsating through her chilled body

    31. ‘I have the outline of a plan,’ said Jean eventually

    32. Leaning closer, so she could see what he was staring at, she caught the faint outline of a fish, and understood his frustration

    33. Swiftly she twirled around to face her captor, he was but a mere shadowed outline, against the blazing lights of the house, It didn't appear he was about to release his grip of her waist either

    34. ” Aaron sketched a brief outline of their years under her care, and the effigy was complete

    35. was the gray shadowy outline of John Smith

    36. Buttworst’s windows were shot out and I could see the outline of

    37. This time, Dora was closest, and he traced the outline of her flank

    38. Give a general outline of what it will contain, why and who it will be

    39. Outline the main things you want to cover

    40. As can giving them the chapter outline

    41. • Outline your product, or products (you may have more than one that

    42. enjoying the shadowy outline of her body, there was no change in his thoughtful expression

    43. He included a vague outline of the street he

    44. set up the outline, pick out the sections you think are the most difficult

    45. Four men! He couldn’t really see who the fourth one was; his outline was somewhat fuzzier than the rest

    46. She could only see the outline of the figure from where she stood, yet she could have sworn at that moment that whoever that person was, he was staring straight at her

    47. Then, in eye jangling white the outline of Thinking Stone, the Sapient tree, became apparent

    48. The landing was dark, and Mr Snickerty could not make out the man's features, but his outline was ragged, his posture was stooped and he had about him the odour of old leather and horses

    49. Jodie was enjoying seeing in the near-blackness when she sensed the outline of two tunnel entrances some distance before them

    50. To demonstrate how important it is to have your finger on the pulse here, let me quickly outline the compounded benefit of improving both these factors, rather than just focusing on one of them

    1. "Using the AmpliMagineer user interface paradigm, you just create this location translation pane here," she drew the boundaries of the magic carpet on an image of her home's foyer, "bundle it with this location," she outlined the magic carpet as it sat there over the beach, "and snap it into this site's continuous instance list here

    2. Before the guards arrived for morning ablutions he outlined his approach to me

    3. He made notes as she outlined her suspicions

    4. There before him was Jake, in all his awesome majesty, kneeling as it were, head bent, his body perfectly outlined by the rays of the rising sun

    5. And I am not asking you at this stage to become a vegetarian but merely making various practical suggestions as to how it can be done in the event of your gradually turning against the eating of flesh foods for the reasons I have already outlined

    6. I shook my head and outlined

    7. As the two of them sat and chattered away about the old days, great-aunt Edith outlined her plan for getting even with brother Danny

    8. She outlined the process we have to go through

    9. to test them using one of the testing methods outlined

    10. I have outlined in the

    11. outlined previously in this chapter, and as shown on

    12. simply follow the same process outlined in chapter six

    13. Our seven goals have been outlined further above

    14. The train rumbled on beneath their feet as the landscape flowed by the windows and Harry outlined his courses of study to the receptive British gentleman before him

    15. Kev outlined the episode, clearly ashamed that he’d colluded in such an incident

    16. The headmaster outlined the general program of entrance procedures, the examination, the assessment, which should only take a matter of a few days, the placement into a house, and a course of study decided upon

    17. It also outlined that there was an extra tax if the Horse was being fed on any non-local oats, for ‘security reasons’ of course

    18. The new Headmaster made good his open-door offer to Harry, and prior to the first day of classes they sat and outlined a course of studies which would yield the results from his academic career that would set him well prepared for his future path

    19. The merchant outlined the tenets of the discipline and various verifications of its claims, adding as he did so that he himself was at liberty tell her what he knew of it, as he had declined the invitation to the 'path' when he was still young and very foolish

    20. Ming outlined her duties as per the Confucian principle of filial piety – ‘devotion to one’s parents’ when she returned for the funeral

    21. The outlined shapes of

    22. The rest of the terrace was outlined with beautiful

    23. product, or who will provide the service you have outlined? Do you have

    24. outlined nicely in the lesson plan book (with a few

    25. Of course, it was all within the religious requirements outlined by Helez beforehand

    26. Tei quickly outlined to the Elf the regimen of training she was about to begin under the masterful direction of Tohm and Kate personally---with some vital firsthand input from the other First Water as well, “

    27. I have 3 more books outlined and

    28. He hit enter and a video obviously based on GPS positioning outlined a broad red line that began where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers met, known locally as the Point and also the beginning of the Ohio River

    29. The science has been nicely outlined in many books and courses

    30. When Kurt was digging into the records at the library for this trip he found a book published in 2025 by the State Commerce Department, which outlined the phenomenal turn around of the town

    31. Oddly old-fashioned, printed text and an outlined symbol of a globe within a star, on plastic

    32. Outlined below, surrounded by a rectangle of trees, was her stone farmhouse

    33. John: Do you know someone who could draw a map for me based on the new countries outlined

    34. pebbles outlined by the red brown pavers

    35. He continued with his thoughts outlined in his speech at his second-term

    36. Inside the tent, the strobe light still pulsed until he adjusted the weave to make it a very dim pale blue ball that outlined their faces

    37. The written accent is also used for other reasons, outlined below

    38. I then told her that I needed to help a friend out tonight, that there could be danger, and outlined the problem, but not telling her who the friend was

    39. Indeed, a former policeman was found guilty of murder in the early 1990s when it was revealed that his post-shooting reports outlined the same circumstances at every time

    40. ” Amaranthe outlined the rectangles with her hands

    41. The TV outlined the exclusion zones on a graphic, telling people living in the areas to keep their doors and windows closed and only go out if it was really necessary

    42. A child‘s maturity level is determined in part by that child‘s (incipient) understanding of things that are factual or real (or possible) in contrast with ideas considered to be a product of wishful thinking or make-believe that are otherwise agreeable in themselves provided that the (rational) limits and conditions of the imagination are properly outlined

    43. I‘m keeping my fingers crossed that Republicans and Conservatives, alike, will keep their campaign promises as outlined in their ―Contract with America‖, limiting the size and scope of government

    44. What has been traditionally understood as protecting minority rights and equal protection under the law, as outlined in our

    45. It was a reflection of her gentle face, outlined by the strong, full moon

    46. I believe that you and I generally agree on apostolic points of reference whose teachings are ―clearly‖ outlined in The Gospels

    47. His snout had a fresh scar running down one side, still outlined in congealed blood

    48. ) Many of the reasons for this pending event have already been outlined above

    49. Details of Scow Canada’s decommissioning of the Lennox site will be outlined at city hall by the program leaders tomorrow

    50. He went through the procedure and outlined the risks

    1. Raising the cup to my lips, I drink my coffee, the hot liquid hitting me hard, while the Inspector outlines what happened last Monday evening

    2. The mental television screen on which I could see so many familiar outlines flickered violently through a swarming wall of static

    3. I barely breathed as I traced the outlines of a few grubby pencilled words written in Arabic

    4. I saw outlines and shadows, but couldn't make out anything

    5. There were hundreds of them along their course, but only a few were on collision courses with Sol, he made those red outlines blink

    6. While we drink our coffee, he outlines the service he’s drafted it so far

    7. Anna outlines her plans – ‘We’re looking at late morning at the moment, on the basis that we can have a lunchtime reception together and then Simon and I can go off to Dartmoor with Rob and his family

    8. ' I commented as Kerry outlines all the complications involved in such an activity

    9. They already knew those basic outlines, there was little detail she could fill in

    10. She gazed across the murky space at the shadowy outlines of the corvettes nearest at hand

    11. The outlines of their faces could be seen as huge portraits in the sky

    12. Such have been the general outlines of the policy of the different European nations with regard to their colonies

    13. A letter of intent often outlines the major issues that will be discussed in future negoatiations

    14. I shall endeavour to explain, however, as distinctly as I can, the great outlines of this very ingenious system

    15. Martin watched the screen of the heat sensing equipment looking for any white outlines that might be a man

    16. ghostly silhouettes of fence-posts by the field and outlines of the four buildings

    17. He was slim in his silk dressing gown and she could make out the outlines of his muscles against the fine material

    18. It was now just becoming first light when you can first perceive night’s shadows and outlines and begin to interpret what they are

    19. The medic led Jimmy into the main control centre: The Bridge, all silver-grey outlines, consoles fused to the floor before low padded upright chairs, as if elements of it were copied from a number of TV space operas

    20. I told him the skeletal outlines, and when he heard about the shots by the bank, he

    21. The first three spacecraft matching the correct configuration appeared on the viewscreen, although only as artificially represented outlines

    22. By now, I was only a couple of feet away and could see their outlines in the gloom

    23. Bright yellow eyes and dark shadowy outlines were appearing from all directions

    24. I"m going to take it to the police in a while because it outlines a whole history of the sexual abuse Ted did to her before she left your home

    25. The towns and villages thinned out as they continued onward until at last they saw the outlines of tall mountains in the far distance

    26. Selena could only see the outlines of their bodies

    27. yet retaining outlines of that

    28. Before we left, the outlines of the next campaign began to filter down to the tumen commanders

    29. outlines of high shelves took shape before him, climbing the

    30. She sat on a cushioned seat near the fire in the house of Libuse and let her eyes trace the outlines of the faces that sat at the table with her

    31. touch, but you do not see — no colours, no outlines

    32. at the present, outlines without colour, hints at what can be

    33. This report outlines how these rules threaten the economic viability of America's manufacturing base and hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs

    34. room and he could still see the outlines of the pallets where they

    35. I have used outlines for the letters so your child can colour them in if they want to

    36. Farther ahead could be seen, now clearly, the outlines of the City that was the terminal point of their travels

    37. Further inspection revealed the simplified outlines of the continents of Kellaran drawn in thin black lines on the light side, and in thin white lines on the dark side

    38. The quickly glimpsed outlines of a city slowly disappeared into the

    39. Farther ahead could be seen, now clearly, the outlines of the City that was the

    40. He pointed at the outlines of the heavily traveled supply roads from Hanoi and Haiphong that exited North Vietnam into Laos via the mountain passes at Mu Gia and Ban Karai in Pack One, code-named Talley Ho

    41. Now, the shadows slowly gave way to more distinct outlines

    42. chuckles from the dark outlines of figures she had seen just beyond him

    43. Next, there begin to appear on either side vague outlines of houses, walls, trees, etc

    44. If a 3d observer outlines an experiment to be conducted with human measuring instruments (i

    45. We’ve several structure outlines already plotted, and I’ve had a bit of fun with them

    46. are entities with definite outlines (i

    47. hand there are entities with indefinite outlines (i

    48. Those things with definite outlines can be counted, exactly

    49. outlines of books which cover a similar area to yours, you'll see what's already been

    50. The following outlines

    1. The wind blew her caftan about her, outlining her body; her hair swirled wildly in the tempest

    2. Invest time in outlining the history of it's progress

    3. General Voltimir had been in conference with the president, outlining the inexplicable recurrence within compound 4569#3, a secret location somewhere in southeast Russia

    4. Lights appeared on a distant hilltop, outlining the walls of the fort

    5. This does not explain, however, the Republican Party‘s lackluster support among the more traditionally moderate to conservative suburban communities located outside the city‘s outlining areas, not to mention upper New York State whose population has overwhelmingly voted Republican over the years

    6. chest as well; then a sharp crown around his head, outlining his face and eyes in

    7. The feathers outlining his eyes glinted in the dim reddish light

    8. Delitah had a big yellow star made of construction paper outlining her image

    9. As soon as they woke up, Dyma and Noiu met with them, outlining for them all the details of the place, the boy, and the monstrous man

    10. I spend less time organizing, typing notes and outlining material, and more time just plain learning

    11. I have boldly spoken to Pharaoh from the strength and assurance I have received from this, your pillar of fire!” He waved his staff in vertical strokes outlining the fiery display

    12. your pillar of fire!” He waved his staff in vertical strokes outlining the fiery display

    13. Warm brown eye shadow and black eyeliner to make my eyes seem large and soulful; slight outlining of lips and subtle hollowing of the cheeks, highlighted cheekbones and thicker eyebrows transformed me into ‘Dionysius the sexy pagan’

    14. She had, as it was her custom, a pronounced cleavage wearing a sleeveless blouse and a skirt in gauzy fabric, adhering to the legs outlining her figure; and my fury would have exploded if I hadn’t seen Leonardo trying to get rid of her stubborn embrace with a grimace of annoyance

    15. The outside was candy apple red with shiny metal silver outlining everything

    16. , outlining on the bus or train, in the car service, on airplanes, anyplace

    17. each with additional papers outlining problems they were having in their sectors


    19. Sonya was outlining the plan to them

    20. By this time he was in earnest converse with Peter, Andrew, and John while Jesus was outlining to James the trip through Galilee and on to Capernaum

    21. So now is a good time to set your own staff some small targets and goals, outlining the incremental baby step process

    22. What the hell is this? Sheila scanned memos dated from two months prior, outlining an onsite lab that would carefully screen and monitor each patient’s progress

    23. “We’ll return this to you after the study is concluded," the nurse reassured her as she handed Carol a pamphlet outlining the rules of the study

    24. Carol drafted a letter to the Georgia State Medical Board, outlining her suspicion of Doctor Donovan, evidenced by the drug screen she had done on “one of the study volunteers

    25. “There were memos dated back to the beginning of the planning stages outlining this on site lab

    26. Sally continued to shake her head as the information unfolded, outlining every illegal move they and Dominex had made since the beginning of the study

    27. Paul began his presentation, outlining Dominex’s position of innocence and their genuine concern for the individuals who had been harmed by the terrible doctor

    28. Every evening, you’ll receive a newsletter outlining the

    29. He smiled and ran the tip of his forefinger against my lips, outlining them

    30. There in front of me was a full-page article outlining former President Brown's shenanigans

    31. Abdul had seen the look in his eyes when he finished outlining the plan, as if

    32. His face was completely emotionless, for his job routinely involved outlining, explaining, or recreating the causes of death or violence on a daily basis

    33. My plan…‖ The President went on for another twenty minutes outlining his agenda

    34. • Use the Roman numeral style of outlining

    35. “Let me start by outlining the operation in question from the very beginning

    36. He started by outlining the background

    37. It starts with five years permit then lawyers outlining their importance backed by recommendations

    38. Behind the fruit fly was a giant scale model (giant only in comparison to the fruit fly) of the Oviform and surrounding filth, with diagrams and plans outlining the next phases of clean-up and organization

    39. The Mayor’s Office has been provided with a Memorandum of Understanding from Peyton Consolidated, outlining, in very clear terms, the funding and resources the company is prepared to leverage in support of this venture

    40. With a phone cradled between shoulder and chin, she poured him a coffee before resuming animated gossip on the phone: Outlining her holiday plans

    41. Guinevere smiled, looking down and outlining the rim of her teacup with her finger

    42. Another way of outlining the process could be:

    43. Please note… we will use the above shortcut style when outlining the steps of future searches

    44. through the bodysuit was a large, perfect camel toe outlining her Venus

    45. outlining the relevant case law, statutes, and regulations on the topic

    46. outlining the power structure in a new government

    47. The more I dug through the documents outlining details of G

    48. • A checklist outlining the key areas to consider when reviewing on-page

    49. "So what do you think?" he said after outlining his concerns

    50. Then he started a discussion outlining the extreme differences between the two types

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