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Outline in a sentence

outline a few of them.
outline of his attacker.
Skeet saw the outline.
Outline the plot first.
The general outline of.
Where’s your outline?.
I do not have an outline.

First, I will outline the.
outline was then carefully.
sky can trace its outline,.
the outline of his own hotel.
This is the general outline.
I could see the outline of.
But as the dark outline got.
Below is a brief outline of.
I gave her the outline of.
The hexagonal outline of the.
devise the outline of our plan.
Doctrine of Two Spirits outline.
outline of that blessed old man.
re-reading the one-page outline.
Inside the heart outline on a.
A short outline of this chapter.
Her eyes and facial outline had.
as well as the top of the outline.
Outline Historical Survey of the.
The outline of the game plan was.
She can make the outline of a man.
And then the outline grew to sixty.
outlining the muscles in her back.
Sonya was outlining the plan to them.
He started by outlining the background.
• Use the Roman numeral style of outlining.
Another way of outlining the process could be:.
outlining the power structure in a new government.
Invest time in outlining the history of it's progress.
There is a shortage of published material outlining a.
Every evening, you’ll receive a newsletter outlining the.
The more I dug through the documents outlining details of G.
"So what do you think?" he said after outlining his concerns.
In Training the Mind in Seven Points, after outlining how to.
The feathers outlining his eyes glinted in the dim reddish light.
Lights appeared on a distant hilltop, outlining the walls of the fort.
outlining the relevant case law, statutes, and regulations on the topic.
through the bodysuit was a large, perfect camel toe outlining her Venus.
• A checklist outlining the key areas to consider when reviewing on-page.
He smiled and ran the tip of his forefinger against my lips, outlining them.
, outlining on the bus or train, in the car service, on airplanes, anyplace.
Delitah had a big yellow star made of construction paper outlining her image.
The outside was candy apple red with shiny metal silver outlining everything.
Let me start by outlining the operation in question from the very beginning.
The color of death; outlining the images of animals they had hunted and killed.
Abdul had seen the look in his eyes when he finished outlining the plan, as if.
each with additional papers outlining problems they were having in their sectors.
Guinevere smiled, looking down and outlining the rim of her teacup with her finger.
chest as well; then a sharp crown around his head, outlining his face and eyes in.
My plan…‖ The President went on for another twenty minutes outlining his agenda.
Then he started a discussion outlining the extreme differences between the two types.
The first step is outlining what the goal of a proper option selling program should be.
outlined for that one.
man, outlined in blue.
I have outlined the.
The outlined shapes of.
I have outlined in the.
The third outlined the.
net (as outlined earlier).
As it was outlined earlier.
Colin outlined his reasoning.
They outlined our policies.
outlined below for such fears.
This outlined the catastrophe.
I shook my head and outlined.
outlined in the staff handbook.
Bart outlined what had happened.
I have outlined this in MY Word.
I told him, and outlined my plan.
Your cock was outlined perfectly.
I have 3 more books outlined and.
The headmaster outlined his worries.
God's mount outlined against the sky.
other ways as outlined here did work.
Some of them will be outlined below.
With only bits of the edges outlined.
He outlined the challenges he saw1:.
These sacrifices are outlined for us.
Rory outlined his life since leaving.
outlined against the pink-streaked sky.
the purpose outlined in the attachment.
The following outlines.
More outlines take shape.
light and softened outlines.
The outlines were very thick.
school I used Schaum's Outlines.
2) Use outlines and brainstorm.
yet retaining outlines of that.
The outlines of the cave appeared.
She quickly outlines what she knows.
problems he outlines in this song;.
He outlines the Second Beast fairly.
are entities with definite outlines (i.
and then some vague outlines came running.
'The very outlines of the land are changed.
Bloom’s taxonomy outlines this for us:.
Finley outlines all of the identity factors.
I only have outlines of what needs to be done.
There were numerous red outlines all around him.
Paul outlines the problem of the human condition.
and soon the familiar outlines of planes appeared.
Selena could only see the outlines of their bodies.
hand there are entities with indefinite outlines (i.
The marketing plan is a document that outlines your.
There were bruises forming, outlines of his fingers.
From his outlines I can tell he takes school serious.
touch, but you do not see — no colours, no outlines.
have traced their outlines in miniature on the window.
directive clearly outlines our roles in this conflict.
He remembered the general outlines from Hebrew school.

Synonyms for outline

outline schema scheme abstract synopsis adumbrate sketch delineate limn draft