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    1. Tempus Fugit [as featured on the cover of this section] works as a metaphor in that the mol usc - not known for its speed - has fossilised with the inexorable passage of time

    2. That traffic moved at the speed people paddled and the speed big teams of kedas moved the heavy barges around

    3. The ninja vault the counter and I back into a corner, slicing at them with the force and speed of a man not ready to die

    4. Dad drove ten miles over the speed limit the whole way

    5. "The disadvantage of traveling at this speed is you never have a chance to get local detail maps

    6. He would talk no more after that, but took the wheel and concentrated on the race to the tunnel, five hours away at the speed he was driving

    7. In spite of her fear of this speed in the dark, she went inside and tried to get some sleep

    8. Of course, even that paled in comparison to the speed of the Super Chip

    9. It has been launched out of Cynd's influence entirely, and ejected in this direction at high speed

    10. He urged his mount to speed

    11. "It was probably the shuttlecraft that spooked them, once I urged mine to speed, they got carried away

    12. against it, watches John burn rubber and speed away

    13. Once the shiny Audi was out of sight he made his heavy way back into the station and fished an old battered phone from his pocket and selected a speed dial number that picked up quickly

    14. Theo didn't even see the mobile speed camera as he powered by

    15. She spent all her money on speed and sexy clothing, Ava is a much better person

    16. Theo passed more speed cameras on the way back, he was at nearly twice the speed limit on some sections of the small Irish motorway

    17. Theo weaved at break neck speed before hitting a stop go section of road works

    18. With an increased speed

    19. ’ Emma commented, clearly surprised at the speed with which matters have moved

    20. "No," Glenelle said, surprising herself with the speed that word was out, in spite of the racing heart her ethical misgivings were causing, "I just need to understand who I am and where we are

    21. They were moving faster than an atmospheric warplane, closer to the speed attributed to flying saucers in the 20th century

    22. legs and speed back towards the light of town, the wolf slid the hood from his head

    23. God’s chariot can speed freely along the

    24. When the jam kicked off again VD got ahead of Melinda and stayed there, just out of reach, taking her to her furthest extreme of speed and anger but always outpacing her

    25. She took the scope and was able to pan it at a slow enough speed to look in the area around the landing site

    26. I don’t know what speed limits Jeremy broke between his place and here, but he and Tonya are at the door before I expect them

    27. Then, in 2348, the Kassikan launched a missile traveling at the speed of light aimed at the heart of all faith

    28. This one right here between us and this Squidy? It isn’t about speed

    29. You and those flashy F-151 Bitzers have speed, maneuverability a decent sensor package…

    30. Probably can’t catch us if we keep moving at this speed," Phipps said, "but we’ll have to stop if we actually find anything and we want to secure it

    31. After all, they speared us with a missile that flew at the speed of light

    32. So, I suddenly found myself in a small, green flivver, which could hardly speed at 40 klm per hour, together with a stranger

    33. ‘The speed with which they communicate takes my breath away sometimes

    34. Well, I don"t know about that, but I do know that dating helps speed up the

    35. "They saw the code for that virus as a missile striking at the speed of light," Herndon recited their propaganda

    36. The powerful craft was much easier to maneuver at high speed on open water than at a crawl in crowded chop

    37. He should stop thinking about refining the design of their speed yacht and concentrate on using it

    38. She may have made fun of this craft, but once she was on it at speed, she was clearly excited

    39. This was actually the least wake for the banks, "The next slower speed with less wake than this is that of a kayak

    40. "There are trade-offs in life, this design makes other trade-offs in the interest of speed

    41. He had to notice it, he was genuinely worried about it, but separation got it done, got Alfred his own vessel and got all the annoying souls away at ever-increasing speed toward a destination twelve billion miles out of his hair

    42. Above Lastriss there was a gentle current that drifted at the speed of a slow walk

    43. The car sat up and seemed to skim across the surface water like a steroidal jet ski, and still he pushed and pulled at the wheel, desperate for more speed

    44. This was the instant of doubt, the point where the prey loses its fear of those mesmerising eyes and runs for dear sanctuary, but in that instant when Lucy felt that she might regain control of her legs and speed back towards the light of town, the wolf slid the hood from his head

    45. he dodged them with great speed

    46. the speed that Son moved with and found it pointless to draw his sword

    47. But when will that be? Hmmm … as the train picked up speed, she reached into her bag and pulled out the letter

    48. As passed us at full speed, going uphill like it was nothing while I was advised, just because it has been offered doesn’t mean we struggled to catch our breath and gasping for air

    49. The lanterns are very effective and we make a good speed, pounding along the deserted tracks

    50. Gilla reappears breathlessly, the water in the glass she is carrying sloshing in reaction to the speed with which she must have run along the hallway from the kitchen

    1. When he was out of sight of the Guard post, he speeded up and

    2. Alan’s heart immediately speeded up and his insides began to vibrate

    3. How the CO2 was released in areas where housing growth was to be speeded up, how the condensing and drawing off of byproducts at their temperatures was used to keep the draft going

    4. “The war has changed everything love and speeded things up you must take chances now because death and destruction is all round us

    5. When the dog spotted the kittens, it speeded up on its short legs

    6. Yes, time travel! The Earth passed by in front of his view at an extraordinary rate, like a speeded up film

    7. But this speeded up the process

    8. It would be speeded up by the deleting of Cinderella from our consciousness

    9. speeded up to the wild gallop of a runaway horse

    10. The pressure and added heat of bodily contact had speeded the spasm on through, but no sooner had she seemed to relax than another was upon her, and then another

    11. A black Mustang speeded up to them as Cara set food on the tarmac

    12. Sometimes I speeded up to be sure I was still behind him, and saw tail lights only a car length ahead as I jammed on brakes to avoid ramming into the back of his vehicle, hoping my truck wouldn’t skid off the road as I did so

    13. “What? Talia!” Mark exclaimed, re-gripping the armrests as they speeded to the top of the pass

    14. It had been hurled by a Sylvan, and speeded on its way by the spells of thousands more, piercing his faltering Shields

    15. With my heart in my mouth, I thought: "we had gone so far to be discovered!" Then, Leonardo speeded up the step and dragged the dead weight of my body

    16. He had displayed meekness that seemed out of character yet definitely speeded up the meeting

    17. to Unix source code, a trend that only speeded the number of

    18. The policeman speeded his car to within a few feet of us

    19. Instead of slowing it down with useless detail as she had done in the beginning, she speeded up the work

    20. The warmth of the ambient air at this time of year had speeded up the decomposition process

    21. techniques at that time which speeded up the meditative process

    22. He had several books-on-tape with him, borrowed from the local library, which speeded his journey back and forth in the car

    23. There is detachment that is speeded for the inevitable ascension process to the fifth and sixth dimensions

    24. It can’t be stopped, or speeded up

    25. Suddenly a man speeded towards her in the darkness

    26. He increased the flow of vital energies as he speeded hastily in front

    27. staff a few times and the ship speeded away

    28. However, the intervention of a higher power than Hollywood, speeded decisions with the money-providers, quickened assembly of a crew, and put the fear of Death into the rapid organisation of making this film

    29. He reiterated his point by yet again demanding that the two key selection issues be speeded up, and in doing so drew up battle lines

    30. Darius speeded up as his shoulders started to bunch upwards and outwards

    31. Flowers can seem to explode if the actual rate of time is speeded up

    32. The rate at which human population increased speeded up

    33. Then the Northwest Company based in Montreal entered the fray; and things speeded up

    34. The scale of ecological rape and genocide rape and cultural rape, and every other kind of rape has accumulated and speeded up to the point where 33% of the world’s non-renewable resources have been destroyed in a short 35 years

    35. They have speeded up this insanity after the USSR collapsed: at the exact time that their weapons became obsolete and should have been dismantled and destroyed and all manufacturing stopped

    36. For the briefest moment his heart speeded up at the thought that Sally had changed her mind about moving out

    37. Seeing her family settled into their respective seats, Sophia hurried to join them, as the welcoming bearing of her father speeded her

    38. In turn, the healing is speeded up

    39. separate the snakes from the people, and do this, what this means is, that when, the original sin/crime, was committed, by the human race that is Adam and eve, which means every male and female is that they were poisoned, by the serpent with hypnotize, bewitchery, black magic, sorcery, etcetera, that is that it is described in the bible as the serpent deceived thus: they poisoned the world with things such as lies to deceive Adam and eve, which speeded even worst unto the world, thus it is not only the 10 commandments that the world has to obey only, but also the NEW testaments commandments, and also revelation commandments, therefore even if someone did not commit sin in this world, the original commandment in the book of Geneses was broken, by all, and I mean all, except some, like TRINITY and me who obeys all of it, and the Original command

    40. The sight of these men threw the County boys into a panic for fear the war would be over before they could reach Virginia, and preparations for the Troop’s departure were speeded

    41. This development allowed societies to build tools and weapons, which speeded advancements in construction and technology

    42. During the last generation the tempo of economic change has been speeded up to such a degree that the fact of being long established has ceased to be, as once it was, a warranty of stability

    43. It did this by encouraging customers to use credit cards to pay their bills, which speeded up its collection of receivables

    44. The borrowing binge speeded up in good times—the 1950s, 1980s, and 2000s—and was supported by diverse benign developments: rising wealth (higher collateral value leading to greater creditworthiness, and also to higher risk tolerance), financial liberalization and innovation, loosening lending standards, low policy rates and abundant savings from emerging markets, improving faith in central banks’ ability to manage the economy, and other factors

    45. Joe speeded his engines, gained altitude, and continued the circle

    46. He merely speeded the wheels of his factory

    47. Jim saw the old man ahead of him and speeded up to catch him

    48. He reached the trees and speeded up

    49. See it against the sky?” He speeded his walk

    50. Al speeded up, and when he came to the low brush he pulled up short

    1. He began speeding along the hard shoulder to the left of the tailed back traffic, oblivious to the angry stares of other motorists

    2. The young Arabs toss Bolt unceremoniously from the back of the speeding Nissan truck without slowing down

    3. John clambers up onto a boulder, looks around, spots a pair of military jeeps and an old truck speeding their way

    4. with the apparent speeding up of time,

    5. The large animals had started off at a slow gallop, but their speed increased until the coach was speeding along at a fast clip

    6. But let me say this, if you play this stupid game any longer, well they can't be held responsible if another crazy old lady wanders out in front of a speeding car, now can they? Think about it

    7. He tries to remember; speeding tickets, unpaid fines, tax fraud, anything that might shut out the possibility of a name other than his daughter’s being mentioned

    8. Buttworst’s, speeding though the students’ problems with the same velocity as

    9. She’d never been partial to speeding cars – or trucks in this case

    10. For two days he traveled the cosmic infinite, encompassing his spirit in a protective ball of Life-Light, speeding through time and space like a comet

    11. a speeding car which hits him; he flies up in the air,

    12. The water in the tunnel shot upwards faster than a speeding train

    13. They all piled into the van waiting for them in the drive, and one of the Guardians took the wheel, speeding off toward O’Hare Airport

    14. Speeding out of the tavern with the first part of his plan in place, Longleaf stepped into the warm evening air and headed towards the Calamity

    15. I have been in vehicles that can travel safely ten times faster than a speeding horse

    16. "Look pal," he replied in a low growl, "any more out of you and I'll do the both of you for obstructing the police, speeding, dangerous driving, wasting police time and anything else that I can think of

    17. William looked behind him and he could see a young kid speeding along, trying to catch up to them

    18. In his mind, William imagined the clock spinning at the speed of a fan and the clouds overhead moving as fast as speeding automobiles on a busy highway

    19. Increasing municipal and state government budget deficits, occasioned by reckless spending by both political parties at a time most could actually boast a budget surplus, (no saving money for a rainy day) has government officials marking time exploring imaginative ways of speeding up the process so they might obtain the money faster

    20. “Dangerous driving is a little iffy, but he admits to speeding on the Lake Road

    21. Traffic was light this early in the morning and twenty minutes later, he was speeding down the A9 toward home

    22. But if you should step out in front of a speeding truck, it’s their duty to try to save you, even if they’re Dorian’s sworn enemies

    23. vulnerability as speeding tons of black water released their core energy directly behind my right ear

    24. When speeding along at ninety or a hundred miles per hour, a pilot has little time for astronomical observation, even when weather conditions are favourable

    25. Moments later, they were speeding along toward his favorite spot on the ocean under what was, definitely, a full moon

    26. Speeding up, it began slithering towards the dark opening

    27. Earlier in the evening, I had been impressed by Mia"s ability to levitate from sitting to standing faster than a speeding bullet

    28. As educators then, are there ways of speeding that

    29. He started to back slowly away from me his hands held up in a karate defensive position – like maybe he could catch a speeding bullet

    30. When he thought he was far enough away that I could only miss or he could outrun the speeding slug, he turned and beat it out of there as fast as if the hounds of hell were on his heels

    31. ” He set his jaw and accelerated the already speeding car

    32. The cabbie happily drove them out of town at a steady and sedate velocity of about forty-five k’s an hour, if the weeds speeding by outside and the drift of the dust were any indication

    33. From a distance, the faded red Kombi, covered in bulldust, would have resembled a speeding gold bullet, cutting a path through a desolate stretch of highway, with no end in sight

    34. Taking the hint, Colling turned his attention to staring at the buildings lining the broad avenues along which they were speeding, and made up his mind to postpone any attempt to obtain answers to the more pressing questions that he would have liked to have had answered

    35. A red sedan was now speeding into the junction from left field

    36. With blurred vision, thinking of Jay and one moment to impact he braked allowing a speeding sedan to just pass without crashing

    37. And so they were ploughing on the vastness of space, speeding away from the Binary 888

    38. and turned around, speeding back towards the opposite direction, zooming by

    39. They feel the vibrational forces speeding up and vibrating at a faster rate

    40. himself from the roof of the speeding locomotive and swung into

    41. It was years earlier when Luke had gotten his first speeding ticket and Lieutenant Lewis dropped the charges because of the affair he was having with his adoptive mother Mrs

    42. How could you convince someone that their life was in danger, that an Obeah woman’s curse was supposed to send them hurtling off a cliff in less than six weeks, when you didn’t have a pinch of evidence to back up your claim? When their life was on the upswing, while yours was speeding steadily towards the ground? After one week of being in New York, Manda was at a loss

    43. “That’s why I wanted to avoid speeding,” Noah said

    44. “He had a DUI a couple of years ago and two speeding tickets

    45. paper’s on road accidents that most accidents are due to speeding and

    46. It is also speeding up to 500+ miles an hour!” Warfare Officer yells

    47. Luckily for Hobbs and AJ, a speeding teenager came burning past them and slammed his brakes on in a screech of rubber as he saw the copper

    48. While I ran home, the wind speeding through my hair stubbornly, my mind raced

    49. party quickly fled into the sky, speeding westward to the

    50. Is this speeding up due

    1. The next thing Nancy knew she was in a super sonic elevator traveling at high speeds

    2. Unperturbed, Ricci cuts across the highway median and peels out, slinging sand and gravel, speeds back in the other direction

    3. Ricci comes in and Ahmed jumps up, speeds to his embrace

    4. John sits on his knees in the dark van, lurches forward as the driver speeds away

    5. The newer ships with their near relativistic speeds and more delicate construction must dodge the interstellar bodies like the veils of snowflakes that nearly disabled the Heavenly Mother

    6. If you could travel at speeds

    7. Flooring the car to speeds

    8. change speeds and throw an occasional off-speed pitch, but there was no need to

    9. Understanding the process speeds it up

    10. the players, there are several different rhythms that cal for different speeds

    11. Temperatures were so high that the random motions of particles were at relativistic speeds, and particle - antiparticle pairs of all kinds were being continuously created and destroyed in collisions

    12. Added to this, consider the possibility of this layer of water serving as a lubricating section between the inner parts of the planet, resulting in differing rotational speeds between the inner and outer parts

    13. The crack may also have been caused by a passing celestial body, of enough mass to exert a gravitational effect on the Earth, that could have caused contact between rock layers, moving at different speeds

    14. It would have shot up into the atmosphere for miles at supersonic speeds, bringing with it millions of tons of sediment from friction caused by the water rushing past miles of rocks through the cracks on its way up to the surface of the planet, and sweeping sediment with it, as it rushed out into the air and onto the surface of the Earth

    15. dragged behind the whale at speeds up to twenty-five miles per

    16. This time Jean spoke the names of the forms every time she gave the four demonstrations at different speeds

    17. “Obviously sound waves would travel at different speeds through water of different

    18. The Casspirs moved quickly on road and speeds of 70 miles per hour were common

    19. More vampires, moving at inhuman speeds

    20. I noticed that the various speeds were clearly marked

    21. More than one simply flew into the ground at speeds the compensators simply couldn’t handle

    22. In an instant he saw a flashing bright well of swaths of light passing by him in horrific speeds

    23. We use the sciences of both electrodynamics and aerodynamics both to steer the car, and keep it stable when going straight at high speeds

    24. The turbulence generated by other cars can be pretty brutal at the speeds these cars achieve

    25. Wide as the track was, at racing speeds it was never enough, as previous racing formulas had proven

    26. User14 - CAPITUS: The Universal Pattern Virtual Coin or Unique Coin CAPITUS is a new monetary standard that turns all the coins of the world in virtual coins and it speeds up economic relations among countries

    27. Cremation merely speeds up the process of “returning” to dust

    28. that it can be taken at greater speeds

    29. The UFO08 could start moving at faster speeds at any moment

    30. “They are shooting at me! Aaaahhhhhh,” the lady in the car yells while she speeds up

    31. The computers will automatically adjust at lower and higher speeds

    32. Jaden speeds up and continues heading south in Manhattan

    33. He speeds up to 204 mph and heads up through the clouds

    34. My eyes would have been able to keep up with what Adrinius and Zacchaeus were doing, but as for the werewolf, our speeds aren’t even able to match a quarter of theirs

    35. Air Force jets flying at sonic speeds over land

    36. The FAA approved flight at these speeds to shoot down an experimental government jet that was stolen

    37. Time also slows down around you when you are traveling at light speeds as your brilliant scientist Albert Einstein figured out in his relativity theories

    38. ‘Before you ask, nanotime speeds up our ships and minds so something that happens fast seems as if it is going in slow motion

    39. ‘We need to create this type of shield around the ships to protect them at faster than light speeds

    40. God designed us with multiple speeds or “gears,”

    41. and through rocky places at breakneck speeds, it was all I could do to hang on!

    42. unimaginable speeds near the speed of light

    43. A printer does exactly what the name implies and that is print at speeds anywhere from ten characters a second up to and over many thousand of lines per minute

    44. “At the speeds which the car was going to collide with her, it most likely would’ve killed her or paralyzed her

    45. “You see, raga nuances and tonal modulation while rendering them in various speeds are unique to the music

    46. While the closest that comes to it is the North Indian classical music, it, however, is made up of well-defined speeds in nuances, if any, and more of plain notes and tones

    47. For example, let’s assume that you sell a software product that speeds up slow computers, and a competitor tweets a question about their own version of the product

    48. Intending to speed off and leave him behind, I press heavy on the accelerator, but he speeds along, racing with me

    49. “I'm sorry …” I rush after her as she speeds down the corridor

    50. With my hands clinging to his chest, he speeds away

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