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Serious in a sentence

He knew I was serious.
Was he serious, or is.
I am serious my love.
She was serious about it.
He could not be serious.
With him sex is serious.
I have a serious habit.
It was a serious warning.
Plus we have a serious.
But you look so serious.
Are you serious? I asked.
They have a serious kiss.
That is a serious thing.
He was a serious drinker.
He was in serious trouble.
He was serious this time.
This is serious, you know.
I want this to be serious.
It was a serious business.
The risks are not serious.
I need a serious favor.
This is a serious dilemma.
This was becoming serious.
Mac, he is dead serious.
This can’t be serious.
Our principal was serious.
Katherine was more serious.
Suraj put on a serious face.
That’s how serious it is.
That's why it's so serious.
He couldn’t be serious!.
You are in serious trouble.
Ingrid then became serious.
Things were pretty serious.
He was a kind, serious man.
But this is not a serious.
This is serious, Taylor.
No, you can’t be serious.
I’m being serious here.
I hoped he wasn’t serious.

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dangerous grave grievous serious severe good sober

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