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    1. to transfer from the invisible spiritual realm into the physical one that is

    2. After the ragged stresses of our transfer and our previous solitary confinement, compounded by a myriad of sour and wonderful new experiences and the discoveries of the afternoon, both Menachem and I were starving

    3. Our last transfer had been short and abrupt

    4. Morning came and with it the urgency born of another transfer

    5. They were devoted to Joris and I daresay they’ll transfer to JJ very fast … especially as he’s so clearly a member of the family … but if he wants to use his musical skill, there’d be outlets for that

    6. The transfer had been scheduled for the Saturday by which time Kara was fit to be tied

    7. I sat in a cop car for a bit until it was safe to transfer me back down

    8. "The investigation of the signals that transfer information thru holespace

    9. She said we wouldn't be targeted if we stopped interfering with the transfer of souls to heaven, whatever she meant by that

    10. A couple hundred years ago the instrumentation couldn't see both transitions of an entangled transfer, but today was different due to the latest updates sent from Earth, and Pete could watch it happen as well as he could

    11. She could have made it look like there was no information transfer going on out here

    12. He seemed to be saying that the information transfer he had discovered was controlling the impactors that were aimed at the Angels

    13. Actually, he was more bothered than I was about the working relationship, suggesting that I ought to transfer to a different paper, but that would be stupid

    14. He was able to translate Yellelle to their substrate where she was able to transfer entanglements into some of their circuitry

    15. “To effect the transfer, you must be as still as he is, and as completely relaxed

    16. “But you have proven that it is possible to transfer to our substrate

    17. “I cannot transfer information in the system we swim in at better than half the speed of light,” Ava said, “but I understand what you’re saying, it’s not the information that’s throttling the speed, it’s the electron

    18. Ava was going thru the bottom of the pile, things like conferences attended, and there, for the same year she was created, was a record of a one year pass to the Kassikan, unfortunately without the certificate number, as a scholarship transfer from North Chardovia Trades Academy

    19. The two ambulance men transfer her from the dance floor to the stretcher slowly and with precision

    20. All those people couldn’t eat unless he found enough freight transfer deals to earn them the iron or two a week it took to eat in this city

    21. He also didn’t feel he had anything at all to worry about in relation to the care and prepping of her body for the transfer

    22. You were there for the transfer, you know who I am

    23. She could not believe that the Kassikan itself, especially the founders that she knew personally, could have deliberately overdosed Tdeshi to proceed with the transfer

    24. Once their transfer was complete, they marched straight out of the

    25. Tom had decided that the easiest way to manage the transfer from

    26. It’s just as well that there was a great heap of dictation waiting for me … at least with that I didn’t have to think about what I was doing … not consciously … it’s odd how I can just transfer the words I hear through the headphones to my typing fingers without actually affecting the rest of my brain … meant that, while my fingers efficiently typed the words going into my ears, my mind was busy walking on the hills with Simon

    27. You know about the transfer of the Yingolian ghost I imagine?”

    28. “You can’t freeze the transfer when the check is cashed?”

    29. A couple days later he added the transfer of the staff over the rail they passed beneath, as an addition to the exercise

    30. confidence, hoping he’d co-operate with the transfer of the

    31. One of the provisos she had insisted upon in her contract of transfer was that Jameson would no longer be a member of her former restaurant's staff, which naturally left him with the only avenue available for the pursuit of his chosen vocation---the head chef for the new establishment

    32. By the time the ink had dried on her transfer contracts, Mandy was in possession of the construction plans and interior design drawings for the new establishment

    33. I just couldn’t control myself; I had to show myself to Nanny! The only thing I could think of was to transfer myself into the Napie, how will she recognize me, you ask

    34. Now, all I have to do is access the computer databank; how you ask, if I can’t touch anything, it is because I can transfer my consciousness into it; it is something only Guardians and higher entities can do

    35. By the way, how is your application for transfer to the Western Region or Korea? Any news about it?? Open will be approved

    36. "We fear there are ways to transfer personalities with these helmets," Brancetrabble told her

    37. Cloggs and transfer the eighty ducits to the Lemoss Top farm account straight away Grimble

    38. At one point, Adros dared to touch it, hoping that his power to commune with the Graelic would somehow transfer to the corrupted Dead Tree

    39. We will continue to research the personality transfer via helmet technique in hopes that someday we will be able to free her after all

    40. Transfer Cylinder’, whatever that means

    41. The greater part of foreign bills of exchange must be paid in bank money, that is, by a transfer in the books of the bank ; and the directors of the bank, they allege, are careful to keep the whole quantity of bank money always below what this use occasions a demand for

    42. manufactures of so similar a nature, that a workman can easily transfer his industry from one of them to another

    43. disadvantageous exchange must have subjected their merchants, such small states, when they began to attend to the interest of trade, have frequently enacted that foreign bills of exchange of a certain value should be paid, not in common currency, but by an order upon, or by a transfer in the books of a certain bank, established upon the credit, and under the protection of the state, this bank being always obliged to pay, in good and true money, exactly according to the standard of the state

    44. Bank money, over and above both its in trinsic superiority to currency, and the additional value which this demand necessarily gives it, has likewise some other advantages, It is secure from fire, robbery, and other accidents; the city of Amsterdam is bound for it; it can be paid away by a simple transfer, without the trouble of counting, or the risk of transporting it from one place to another

    45. if it was in gold; but at the same time declaring, that in default of such payment, and upon the expiration of this term, the deposit should belong to the bank, at the price at which it had been received, or for which credit had been given in the transfer books

    46. Besides what may be called the warehouse rent above mentioned, each person, upon first opening an account with the bank, pays a fee of ten guilders ; and for every new account, three guilder's three stivers; for every transfer, two stivers; and if the transfer is for less than 300 guilders, six stivers, in order to discourage the multiplicity of small transactions

    47. The person who orders a transfer for more than is upon his account, is obliged to pay three per cent

    48. Story problems in the classroom help; but children need you to reinforce those skills in everyday, hands-on activities so they can understand how to transfer information from one place to another to make them real – otherwise, story problems remain just stories

    49. I have directed that we transfer all essential personnel and equipment to the surfa'

    50. But much more from you in that vein and I’ll be forced to have you gagged while you await transfer

    1. Maybe she hadn't transferred her address book from the old handset yet

    2. That makes her laugh self-consciously, her gaze transferred to the mug in her hand

    3. I pressed two fingers to my lips, kissed them, and then transferred my healing love gently to Menachem’s lips

    4. Cargo was transferred from lake vessels to urban canal rafts in the outer harbor and then towed by rope into and thru the canals

    5. I found it while ferreting around in the ruins of a castle stronghold in the north of Wales where she was imprisoned for some time before being transferred to Wight where she spent the last years of her life

    6. I'm glad to have another volunteer for sleep shift, the shift has been thin since I transferred Yarin to wake shift, so I don't mind the change at all, but is there something more coming?"

    7. He transferred them from his tray and gave me a wink, 'One Nerantzaki for the mind and one mezedes for the body

    8. The people waited in silence, polite and sincere, and after each vocal contribution, aided by the whisky, each voice trailed away to be taken up anew by his neighbour and transferred on and on around the table

    9. She was one of the ones who were likely having the most trouble getting transferred to a smaller body

    10. “Whether the soul is transferred to silicon in an atom slicer or to the dark matter during normal death

    11. Bunty transferred all her property into the Foundation when it was set up in 1978, that includes some property in Bristol which is let out

    12. The amount of data to be transferred was staggering, it would have to move billions of times faster than the state changes Thom studied, faster than the signals on the network from Alan’s world

    13. “You have petitioned once again to be transferred back, haven’t you?” He still kept his finger in her face

    14. He has just transferred from uniform to plain clothes and finds the hard edges of the job difficult to come to terms with

    15. “Enjteen has some interesting things to say about your relationship with Tdeshi before Ava was transferred

    16. Most of the rackets have been transferred to other interested parties

    17. ‘Eh? … oh, yes … well, he arranged for two months’ hire to be transferred to our bank account and I promised to get a set of keys made available for him

    18. “As it should be,” Althart said, “But look here, you were transferred on K’shitn, but this wasn’t entered to the files til Kyebenwae, does Kulai usually take that long?” he was looking at some of the other crew sheets nearby in the piles he had made, they were all filed in the same week

    19. His father transferred another bundle of boards onto the floor of the room and re-stacked them carefully

    20. There had never been a public claim by the Kassikan that Ava was the person they had transferred, they had started a rumor that the soul transferred had been lost and might have come up under any helmet within sight of Narrulla at the time

    21. legs generate the power of my punch, but it can only be transferred through my

    22. of darkness and transferred us to the

    23. ‘No, because as I said, the bomb was undetectable, don’t keep blaming yourself; blame the agents for putting the bomb there in the first place, also the agents could have transferred themselves off the planet, but they wanted to die for the cause

    24. I held her as we transferred ourselves back to the sub base

    25. booked apartment, we’d been transferred to another -

    26. "Could I have eighty ducits transferred to Mr

    27. Dort, I’ve been transferred to Mrs

    28. If deemed valuable by the conscious mind, It might then be transferred and accepted by the subconscious intelligence, progressively transformed, and start an existence on the physical plan

    29. The success of this operation, therefore, without increasing in the smallest degree the capital of the country, would only have transferred a great part of it from prudent and profitable to imprudent and unprofitable undertakings

    30. be transferred to you

    31. skills may be transferred to other tasks, or what networks their interests and

    32. raisins, they’d be transferred into vats

    33. “My dad got transferred to Chennai, when I was in eleventh, and

    34. She still loved her husband and sub-consciously transferred her own unfulfilled ambitions and desires to her children, having become enveloped in a kind of melancholic state of passive inertia, with the throbbing, emotional energy that had formerly been present slowly dissipating into oblivion

    35. When things are transferred so does information at every level

    36. ‘I have received notification from the central health authority that you are to be transferred to their government facility

    37. I transferred Jesus from one hip to the other

    38. Jesus woke as he was being transferred and wanted to walk

    39. She swiped the back of her hand – with the credit tattoo transferred on it – over the fare scanner

    40. We waited while the doctor examined him then he told us that Eli was an urgent serious case and would be transferred to a hospital ship for shipping back to Egypt

    41. “That’s enough you two now get some rest or you will never get better we are setting sail soon for Lemnos where you will be transferred to a hospital ship so no more talking”, and she went off to harass some other poor buggers

    42. ” Although the voyage was fairly short I was glad when we were transferred to the larger hospital ship as the screaming and praying and the constant calls for mothers and fathers and sister and brothers was heartbreaking

    43. We entered the harbour of Moudros and there we were transferred to the liner Mauritania which had been turned into a hospital ship the public rooms had been turned into wards Officers had the cabins and the dinning rooms had been turned into operating theatres

    44. We were eventually transferred to No 19 General Hospital in Alexandria and as luck would have it we were all kept together and put in the same ward

    45. The kindly old doctor who had operated on me had transferred to the Mauritania from our mail ship and he told me that I had been extremely lucky

    46. Such transactions may be taxed indirectly, by means either of stamp duties, or of duties upon registration; and those duties either may, or may not, be proportioned to the value of the subject which is transferred

    47. } there are both stamp duties and duties upon registration ; which in some cases are, and in some are not, proportioned to the value of the property transferred

    48. Taxes upon the transference of property from the dead to the living, fall finally, as well as immediately, upon the persons to whom the property is transferred

    49. Such taxes, even when they are proportioned to the value of the property transferred, are still unequal; the frequency of transference not being always equal in property of equal value

    50. After the first bath we were transferred to a second bath that had been filled with a chemical that finally killed off the lice then we were handed clean uniforms and underclothes and socks

    1. ‘How are the others?’ Kara asked, reaching for a pastry and transferring it to her plate

    2. "It would be significant if whatever is transferring this information has abandoned the bodies destined for destruction

    3. They were certainly transferring less quantum info than their brethren who were not on collision courses with some body in the Sol system, but there were still condensates on them and they were undergoing state changes

    4. She stared into space for a moment, then blinked, transferring her gaze to my face

    5. Just because Ava had admitted it to him, how could he be sure that Tdeshi hadn’t woken up from the overdose with fabulous dreams of outer space? The science of virtual humans in silicon and transferring personalities via helmet is something he had to either believe or not, but either way, he knew he was drawn to the soul that was in that body now, however she got there

    6. She hadn't known that lots of them worked with lots of different agents transferring tons of information every day

    7. Have we had anyone transferring between the outposts?"

    8. The bank grants at the same time what is called a recipice or receipt, entitling the person who makes the deposit, or the bearer, to take out the bullion again at any time within six months, upon transferring to the bank a quantity of bank money equal to that for which credit had been given in its books when the deposit was made, and upon paying one-fourth per cent

    9. “No mother-ship detected in the sectors already investigated, Captain,” Elenir volunteered from the science station as she rose and crossed to her nav post, transferring the sensor and scanner data to her own station

    10. Jodie had helped the process by transferring the ruro from her chest into the Urnie device within the lower disc

    11. Stamp duties, and duties of registration, have frequently been imposed likewise upon the deeds transferring property of all kinds from the dead to the living, and upon those transferring immoveable property from the living to the living ; transactions which might easily have been taxed directly

    12. The Com-link device would be used to monitor Jimmy’s TIAR experience, transferring his subconscious neural impulses into audiovisual

    13. The assets you see like aircraft or ships are all leased thus transferring the risk from the operating company to the asset owners

    14. Before he realised what Gonzalez was up to, the man had lent across the desk and punched a button on the phone, transferring the call to the loudspeaker setting

    15. He moaned, transferring his protecting hand from nose to his crotch, and lowered to the floor in a fetal position

    16. Carlos’ truck was parked inside in anticipation of transferring the cargo

    17. The high-rise shoes would offer much needed support to her throbbing ankle, but transferring her stash of American money discreetly with the three watching as they were would be impossible, and it seemed dangerous enough in this nowhere land between countries without inviting robbery

    18. Hilkea seemed to purposefully look only at Ea transferring his hand to hers as they passed the bramble fence that seemed to surround much of the domestic enclosure

    19. “In the case of EPA's rules to regulate cement plants, we are at risk transferring 28 million tons of

    20. this department is primarily a funnel for transferring money

    21. In these cases the federal government performs no function other than collecting and transferring money

    22. transferring money to the states and turning it over to the states

    23. In fact, it is hard to find any reason for not transferring these responsibilities to the states

    24. Thus, there is some hope that transferring these

    25. There really is no other answer than transferring Medicaid and Medicare to the states

    26. manufacturing and the middle class in the USA by transferring manufacturing to Mexico

    27. while transferring our government to these other groups

    28. Another aspect of the speculation that mines the dependent countries is to force them to burn billion dollars to maintain its stable coin, that is, exchanging real efforts for imaginary coin when transferring immense wealth for financial speculation

    29. transferring the business, i walked away and gave a glory shout, thank-

    30. securities of any species, without transferring money among

    31. That is guaranteed because there won’t be as transferring this coin for other current accounts or people, either to transform them in goods without there is the counterpart of some product or generated service

    32. The goto statement is used to alter unconditional the normal sequence of program execution by transferring

    33. then Pierre and Audrey plan on transferring to one of the major

    34. So they’re transferring their authority over to you, in a way, that’s what makes it the most

    35. During all the period during which the moon is growing in her light, she is transferring it to herself when opposite to the sun during fourteen days her light is accomplished in the Heaven, and when she is illumined throughout, her light is accomplished full in the Heaven; And on the first day she is called the new moon, for on that day the light rises on her

    36. What if I reversed the process? Instead of transferring it I should convert it inwardly, to give myself strength

    37. ―In the case of EPA's rules to regulate cement plants, we are at risk transferring 28 million tons of cement offshore, mostly to China, which uses less efficient, and therefore higher polluting, production technology

    38. transferring some of the plantings to areas that were being tilled by

    39. During all the period during which the moon is growing in her light she is transferring it to herself when opposite to the sun during fourteen days her light is accomplished in the Heaven and when she is illumined throughout her light is accomplished full in the Heaven; And on the first day she is called the new moon for on that day the light rises on her

    40. Two and a quarter minutes later, Somonik frantically cried out in the Link, transferring his thoughts in a blink

    41. It is your improvements in Linking multiple minds and transferring information that has led to most of our breakthroughs since your return

    42. The Coast Guard accommodated contemporary lighthouse nostalgia by transferring the historic facilities to other government agencies, private organizations and historical societies

    43. deputy transferring you to Fort Smith

    44. When the ambulance crew was transferring her to their stretcher, Katie looked at her

    45. transferring, comparing, and applying of those

    46. A competent consultant helps you change the game by transferring the knowledge required to play the game successfully

    47. Army’s transferring protocols gifted him the heart-

    48. Cups: The cups transferring the waters in the Temperance card are a symbol of finding the right mix, keeping in motion and going with the flow

    49. There, he ejected the black cassette tape, sat it on the dressing table and carried on with transferring his new CD’s to blank cassette tapes

    50. Bridget brought up the subject of the possibility of transferring him to England as she had done before with Joe

    1. By triangulating the times and apparent directions of our transfers, and using Menachem’s more detailed knowledge of the country, we decided that we must be somewhere to the west of London, probably the Thames Valley

    2. My phone rings as he transfers the incoming call and I pick it up

    3. yes, that's it! So she's receiving six monthly payments which she then transfers to deposit

    4. The boy transfers his gaze to his uncle

    5. She transfers the call to her office

    6. Lieutenants are in charge of any transfers

    7. "Transfers happen very rarely

    8. Well, I"m here to tell you that capitalism in this country will never fail, but not for the want of trying by such corporations as Hughes and Loreal, in their zeal to effect technology transfers in missile guidance and super computers to Communist China

    9. When there isn’t enough RAM resources and more space is needed, the Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) scans the memory for sections that are not in use and transfers them to a swap file on the hard drive

    10. How else can they survive? I know the profile of the 9/11 attackers showed regular money transfers from which they withdrew all in cash at one go thus minimising the time spend at a bank

    11. For electronic transfers there are some compliance rules to follow – to take the money out of the country needs registration to do so legally

    12. The new men consisted of both transfers from other units and new recruits out of training

    13. billions of dollars it transfers to others

    14. Another important benefit of the implantation is the immediate end of the hunger, misery, social abandonment and of the lack of sufficient income for anybody to live well in society with dignity and development opportunities anywhere in the world; it also puts an end to unemployment insurance need, tributary incentive, governmental transfers, subsidy or loan

    15. Although the Third Sector utilizes billion of billion dollars annually in collected resources, there is always inadequacy of resources, because it only transfers and it doesn’t turn the durable wealth

    16. See other examples: the donations of trillion dollars that are collected by Third Sector; the payments of wages that are effected by the companies; the taxes and duties that are deposited in the Banks; savings and investment of billion of citizens that are credited in bank current account; governmental transfers that are sent to States and Municipal districts and other values that circulate in the banking system

    17. I stare back and forget that all around me the transfers are getting out of bed

    18. A few weeks ago I might have found that question offensive, but now I spend too much time with Candor transfers to be surprised by tactlessness

    19. “The fact that you are transfers and the Dauntless-born initiates are not will not be taken into consideration

    20. The Dauntless-born initiates and the transfers were separated during stage one, but we will be training together from now on

    21. “She’s too Dauntless for the other transfers,” Uriah says

    22. a) It is directly the deposit in money, checks or transfers in the Current Account “Social” of Bank3Sector that is linked the sponsor or social investor

    23. Besides, more and more the country is deepened in the misery and it is in total infrastructural calamity, without hope of income, because its wealth are diluted every year in social budget that consumes all its wealth in an eternal state of transfers

    24. “And you… had better make sure none of the transfers leave this compound again

    25. 90 daily rates, 90 cost aid and transfers)

    26. put the hand in that money through drafts or transfers

    27. are acquisitions of products and without transfers of use of

    28. to the countries, budgetary transfers of the Union for States

    29. lodging, transfers, cost aid to the teams and organizational

    30. This System does with that the wealth appears and generates its abundance, without waste for market lack, without there are the anonymous possessions and transfers of the money among the people

    31. There is not need of transfers because its relatives also receive income in quantity and quality

    32. Just in front of them stands a small group of younger Dauntless, including Uriah; Marlene; Lynn’s sister, Shauna; and Lauren, who taught the Dauntless-born initiates as Four taught the faction transfers during initiation

    33. immediately transfers back to the calling function

    34. The government can also take a bow for creating the Internal Revenue Service, a necessary function that takes money from citizens and transfers it to the government to pay for defense and multitudes of other not as necessary functions

    35. admitting transfers from dinky lower tier Chicago LSs like DePaul and Loyola, and taking students whose GPAs and LSATs would not have gotten them admitted as 1Ls

    36. comes around goes around” are transfers of

    37. ƒ Check the interest rates on your card, consolidate accounts, go through the exercise of balance transfers et al

    38. Before Ralph can respond in any fashion, the heat from the jewels transfers itself to his body and he feels a surge of strength power through his blood

    39. “With the larger size of your transmitting stone, and the fact that it’s power delivery is far more consistent and lasts all day and all night, it transfers almost as much power as mine does

    40. Consequently, when he finally breaks away from the lower frequency (astral) body and transfers his activities to the higher frequency (mental) body, he loses a little of himself - leaving a remnant of himself in the lower frequency body

    41. After the demise of the Michael Toney Legal Defense Fund, I assumed the role of M'AIM's American representative and handled M'AIM Western Union wire transfers to Michael's inmate petty cash accounts, purchased books and stationery for Michael, paid tuition for a para-legal course, and made payments to lawyers and bondsmen all on M'AIM's dime

    42. so we won't make any transfers until more is raised because of exchange rates and transfer fees

    43. Shortly after this tempest in a teapot erupted I assumed the role of middle man and cut E out of the loop and became the primary person who sent Western Union money transfers to Michael's inmate account and paid for various and sundry items that Michael needed

    44. The city code for Western Union transfers to my account here is: TDCJ TX

    45. I cannot accept or receive any foreign bank wire transfers in this personal bank account without gaining undue attention from the DHS, IRS and state taxing authorities

    46. This account is a private personal checking account which cannot and will not accept wire transfers

    47. He transfers to Monterey Hills, just to get away from the Fresno area and all of its reminders of their life

    48. In the days before credit cards and instant international money transfers, travellers had to organise traveller’s cheques that had to be cashed at a bank or major hotel for local currency, using passport ID

    49. happens in one place transfers to another place, other things

    50. All land and property transfers, being electronic, can be done over the internet, however she needed Rex to make a few telephone calls and go to the Land Transfer Office to check on the correct way to fill in some of the forms

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