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    1. Knowing that physical life is temporary, behaviours are more focused towards acquiring valid knowledge to move to spiritual maturity

    2. Taktor would assume Tahlmute's claim was valid because doostEr was there to haul for him

    3. ‘Both entities are equally valid and they are linked, but not the same

    4. What about before you came across? Renald had jumped to the conclusion that you were looking into the problem of illegal immigrants … what if someone had picked up on that and assumed it was correct … yes, that would present a valid reason for someone to try to kill her

    5. ’ she said, unable to come up with a valid reason

    6. ” The question itself was totally valid

    7. Whether one is overtaken by the lies of whatever religion in which they are immersed, or if they have a valid mental illness, or if someone was abused by their father as a child -- it all comes down to the same thing

    8. other person may have a very valid reason for their actions but if you are only interested in what you have to say and are unwilling to listen you will not hear their point of view

    9. I have to concede that the couple of times he has lost his rag with me (and invariably for valid reasons) he has always apologised … and he has been remarkably patient with me

    10. Is the following route definition a valid route definition?

    11. No, the above definition is not a valid route definition, because there is no literal value or delimiter between the placeholders

    12. values, valid even today

    13. Granted, his sample was small and he was extrapolating to the dark matter of the whole galaxy and its halo, but the data from the non-targeted halo object lead him to believe extrapolating to the whole galaxy was valid

    14. All methods of healing are valid and have their place

    15. before, all healing approaches are valid

    16. is valid to say "their disgust is their lust

    17. One piece of advice he was given early in his career was still valid

    18. Delurna looked up what they each earned at the Kassikan and in the last four days his paper chasers were able to find public records of a valid sample of Kulai’s real estate and shipping transactions all the way back to that decade

    19. All the memories you have of David remain, all the positive … and negative things he said and did – they’re still valid and unchanged

    20. I noticed that the petitions approval is valid only for four months

    21. system – valid for twelve months

    22. noticed that, mutatis mudandis, they are valid

    23. The theory is valid for “our” universe

    24. thinking of any valid reason why she shouldn’t accept his offer

    25. was valid at the time when the scholars

    26. How can there be two “ah-has” when one re-frames The other? – a higher insight? The next insight on an Infinite chain of ever-changing recognitions? Everything Falls into place, retrospectively, so each prior insight remains Valid in its place in the chain? The retroactive web Extends out further as its center swirls up:

    27. Perhaps you don’t have the money to hire staff? (Not a valid excuse

    28. that goes along with the process may be valid, but the final payment and penalty

    29. The dilemma naturally leads to the inevitable question, “Who is right?” In truth, both views are valid and are non-contradictory

    30. Martin realized that he needed more information to convince Security that his suspicions were valid

    31. “Well we believe, June and I, that to understand societies and civilizations you need to appreciate their valid or positive points, not just discard all that they did

    32. Torres was one of their leading analysts and that he would not have entered the data unless he felt it had come from a valid source

    33. The man who ran was white, which made the description valid because not many whites would be out walking the Laurel Mountain trails these days

    34. The term, during which such a lease can be granted, as will be valid against every future purchaser or proprietor of the land, has been prolonged from nine to twenty-seven years

    35. It will identify your DNA as being a valid operator,’ Roidon shouted as he followed Torbin

    36. If you have a valid argument, speak

    37. Torbin mused that it was some kind of sulking objection at being usurped, though more likely it sensed its primary purpose in sending him to the black hole was no longer valid

    38. In order to render the election valid, it was necessary that the sovereign should both consent to it before hand, and afterwards approve of the person elected; and though the election was still supposed to be free, he had, however all the indirect means which his situation necessarily afforded him, of influencing the clergy in his own dominions

    39. This information can then be considered timeless and will be as valid today as it was in 1,500 B

    40. The value of 11 would no longer be valid for looking at the numerical structure, with which the placement of books in the Bible and numeric values, with regards to the authors, was designed

    41. If it is scientifically verifiable that the same supernatural design qualities are found in both the Old and New Testaments, would both then not need to be considered as originating from the same source and that both would be equally true, valid and important? Can we find any linkage between the New and Old Testaments that would confirm that they are meant to go together and that would reveal additional information not visible when considering only the Old Testament in isolation?

    42. With this information available and considering the fact that the Bible contains truthful facts, there is really no valid reason why one would assume that the Author of the Bible would intend the reader to understand a time period that is different to what was written, or to apply special interpretations to the information as presented in Genesis 1

    43. We know that the inverse square law is valid in gravitational force calculations, which means that if you decrease the distance between two objects under gravitational influence by 4 or it becomes 1/4 of the previous distance, the gravitational force that is exerted between the objects will increase by a factor of 16

    44. It has been taxed indirectly in two different ways; first, by requiring that the deed, containing the obligation to repay, should be written upon paper or parchment which had paid a certain stamp duty, otherwise not to be valid ; secondly, by requiring, under the like penalty of invalidity, that it should be recorded either in a public or secret register, and by imposing certain duties upon such registration

    45. hard either of us argue our equally valid standpoints,” he took the bottle from the goblin and refilled

    46. When we decree God’s peace and unity in our family, then anything purposed against peace and unity has no valid objection or standing to come against us

    47. Yet the Moderates believed an ideal world is as true as any opinion (is valid)

    48. thought a valid precaution—though making a jump like this with active munitions was proscribed

    49. I can tell you that many policemen are murdered every year for their fire-arms so that was indeed valid up to a point

    50. A killer question is a question that presumes a falsehood, or has no valid answer, or the answer itself is a waste of time or is counterproductive

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    valid genuine authentic true original factual authoritative bona fide sound logical substantial satisfactory convincing binding