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    1. Proverb: 3:6: In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he

    2. Deut: 33:9: Who said unto his father and to his mother, I have not seen him; neither did he acknowledge his

    3. "It's your sister with a voice channel request," Herndon said and tried to acknowledge it

    4. The goon didn't acknowledge them and they said nothing to him

    5. Was offended at God’s Word - Refused to acknowledge that he should do what

    6. It was difficult to get either of the sons to even acknowledge the existence of the asteroid

    7. The first thing to acknowledge is their presence and their principles

    8. ” Can you imagine the humility it would take for a nation to come under that? Can you really imagine a nation that would acknowledge their boundaries being established by the hand of God according to the sons of Israel?

    9. You cannot truly acknowledge that people without acknowledging the God of that people

    10. to acknowledge the inherent stability and beauty

    11. Accept it and acknowledge that it is in your mind

    12. Celebrate! Acknowledge the truth about it and

    13. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths

    14. I acknowledge my sin unto thee, and mine iniquity have I not hid

    15. ” The woman clearly didn’t understand the situation and Ava didn’t seem to wish to acknowledge that she didn’t understand

    16. She has a Bible and a diary that she's sending, although she told me that if I ever try to get her in court, she'll not acknowledge talking to me and forbid me to give you her number

    17. Then the fox said proudly: "There is no doubt that what I said is true, is there?" The tiger had nothing to say but to acknowledge the result

    18. It was a lot to take in, but Harry had, once he got some perspective on the issue, been able to acknowledge his new role in the family's finances and hoped someday to be able to also contribute significantly towards them

    19. It does no one any good to hear about something new to them, if they do not fully acknowledge any need for that information

    20. We have difficulty dissuading ourselves from the habit of thinking we are 'one;' so to not acknowledge our presumed 'unity' by avoiding saying 'I' is tantamount to denying our existence

    21. It did not at all acknowledge Monica’s presence in any way whatsoever; instead the wolf quickly galloped off into the mist

    22. Anyway, as she was growing up, her father had come to acknowledge, him as being his father more and more

    23. She confirmed for herself what Kaitlyn would not confess, nor what Harry would yet acknowledge

    24. By refusing to acknowledge it, the institution could

    25. Roman didn’t acknowledge the question

    26. had to acknowledge her charms and the fact that she

    27. She was cheerful, attentive, solemn, at times playful, and absolutely determined that Harry should acknowledge his intentions of future companionship before she departed

    28. So again she shouted "Hello" but still nothing it seemed they were to occupied with each other to acknowledge her

    29. There was a grunt from Roman, as if to acknowledge her and at the same

    30. warden seemed to silently acknowledge the seriousness of

    31. "You see, what Brice refuses to acknowledge is that we are the problem

    32. acknowledge it was he) 'and this is Frere Frederico

    33. He didn’t speak or acknowledge Nerissa’s presence in any way

    34. single line, Homer would have to acknowledge there was some slight merit in her verse:

    35. The thief could finally acknowledge what he assumed Penelope had encountered during her visit here

    36. Consider the qualities of the fictional character and how you may need to incorporate or acknowledge those qualities within yourself

    37. To see a headstone in your dream represents a forgotten or buried aspect of yourself which you need to acknowledge

    38. To dream that you receive jewelry as a gift indicates that you need to acknowledge and incorporate those corresponding qualities within your own self

    39. To see someone else’s sibling(s) in you dream represents a quality or characteristic of that sibling that you need to incorporate and acknowledge within yourself

    40. If you do not have a sister and dream that you have one, then it signifies feminine qualities that you need to activate or acknowledge within your own self

    41. You need to acknowledge the youth and child in you

    42. We all have to acknowledge what happened, and see it through

    43. I do acknowledge my personal responsibility for my perception and experience of the world

    44. Of the former extent, however, of this now ruined and abandoned fishery, I must acknowledge that I cannot pretend to speak with much precision

    45. You need only acknowledge the way things are, and then emotionally accept them

    46. As the man finally turned ever so slightly to acknowledge her, strands of his auburn hair caught the wind and blew into his face

    47. In spite of the cruel destruction of the natives which followed the conquest, these two great empires are probably more populous now than they ever were before; and the people are surely very different; for we must acknowledge, I apprehend, that the Spanish creoles are in many respects superior to the ancient Indians

    48. Domingo was established by pirates and freebooters, who, for a long time, neither required the protection, nor acknowledged the authority of France; and when that race of banditti became so far citizens as to acknowledge this authority, it was for a long time necessary to exercise it with very great gentleness

    49. Humility notwithstanding, we should acknowledge ourselves as powerful quantum beings steering the direction of this world and beyond

    50. When we acknowledge that we are part of God and thus have the essence of God, the mysterious ways which have been referred to, are actually extensions of our actions

    1. be acknowledged, because that is the only reason why

    2. He also acknowledged my discovery about the awareness of time and space; “Yet, if your Ego is satisfied by it, you are in danger of losing the way,” he concluded

    3. As soon as I acknowledged that about myself, I was

    4. He acknowledged the usherfolk

    5. He raised his head and acknowledged them; and then returned to his conversation

    6. He half-bowed in respect as they approached, Jake acknowledged him and Jeffery immediately started towards him

    7. He acknowledged that he felt completely at ease, and safe with these people

    8. Alexei also noted that no one introduced Lady Tara, or even acknowledged her presence

    9. It should be acknowledged and understood that this was truly a small minority of the villagers

    10. If that is the activity of a machine, I'm the poster child,” acknowledged the host

    11. Jim acknowledged the same thing and presented his hand in a friendly jester,

    12. Emma acknowledged what he’d just said, and then he continued, “I don't know what made me think we had her Will, but I'll see to it that everything here is gone through

    13. alternative, but it had to be acknowledged as a possibility

    14. ” The call was acknowledged Fred carried on putting his old fire overalls and hat on then as he walked down to woodland he heard the Brigade alarm blast across the fields

    15. looked put out, but acknowledged that the monk’s opinion

    16. In the greater part of the silver mines of Peru, this, it seems, is all that remains, after replacing the stock of the undertaker of the work, together with its ordinary profits ; and it seems to be universally acknowledged that these profits, which were once very high, are now as low as they can well be, consistently with carrying on the works

    17. The produce of all the other mines which are known is insignificant, it is acknowledged, in comparison with their's ; and the far greater part of their produce, it is likewise acknowledged, is annually imported into Cadiz and Lisbon

    18. ’ The tanner acknowledged the stranger with a

    19. That the silver mines of Spanish America, like all other mines, become gradually more expensive in the working, on account of the greater depths at which it is necessary to carry on the works, and of the greater expense of drawing out the water, and of supplying them with fresh air at those depths, is acknowledged by everybody who has inquired into the state of those mines

    20. All indications, it is acknowledged, are doubtful; and the actual discovery and successful working of a new mine can alone ascertain the reality of its value, or even of its existence

    21. Taking the course of the present century at an average, the price of corn, it is acknowledged, even by those who account for this rise by the degradation of the value of silver, has risen much less than that of some other sorts of provisions

    22. effect was so profound that even though acknowledged as the

    23. The commerce and industry of the country, however, it must be acknowledged, though they may be somewhat augmented, cannot be altogether so secure, when they are thus, as it were, suspended upon the Daedalian wings of paper money, as when they travel about

    24. Thank you, I acknowledged inwardly and then shifted

    25. He kept his thoughts to himself and acknowledged the king’s instructions, confirming the details

    26. The king acknowledged his praise and said brusquely, “Goodness, young man – get to the point

    27. More so, if he acknowledged Euredon was his son

    28. The natural advantages which one country has over another, in producing particular commodities, are sometimes so great, that it is acknowledged by all the world to be in vain to struggle with them

    29. He’d all but acknowledged Euredon as his son and heir

    30. Because Tragus’s reputation had improved, townsfolk even acknowledged her with civil nods

    31. If he opposes them, on the contrary, and still more, if he has authority enough to be able to thwart them, neither the most acknowledged probity, nor the highest rank, nor the greatest public services, can protect him from the most infamous abuse and detraction, from personal insults, nor sometimes from real danger, arising from the insolent outrage of furious and disappointed monopolists

    32. The custom-house books, I think, it is now generally acknowledged, are a very uncertain criterion, on account of the inaccuracy of the valuation at which the greater part of goods are rated in them

    33. Holland, perhaps, approaches the nearest to this character of any, though still very remote from it; and Holland, it is acknowledged, not only derives its whole wealth, but a great part of its necessary subsistence, from foreign trade

    34. In other respects, their effects, it must be acknowledged, are the same as those of bounties upon exportation

    35. The king nodded as he acknowledged their gratitude

    36. Both of them quietly acknowledged that even one life lost in this conflict was one too many, and now with all of these bloody weeks gone by, there could be no truly happy ending

    37. " Here he politely acknowledged Mr Pinscher

    38. “Those tears around your neck,” she nodded and the Elf acknowledged it

    39. Domingo was established by pirates and freebooters, who, for a long time, neither required the protection, nor acknowledged the authority of France; and when that race of banditti became so far citizens as to acknowledge this authority, it was for a long time necessary to exercise it with very great gentleness

    40. Despite the group’s higher level of wisdom, everyone is still acknowledged as a Divine Being of equal importance

    41. Very often, these acts are showered upon others with the unspoken condition that it must be reciprocated or at the very least, be acknowledged

    42. A Security officer at the entrance checked his name and acknowledged his ID and clearance from Security

    43. Even tobacco-pipe clay, though acknowledged to be different from fuller's clay, yet, on account of their resemblance, and because fuller's clay might sometimes be exported as tobacco-pipe clay, has been laid under the same prohibitions and penalties

    44. By the famous treaty of commerce with Portugal, the consumer is prevented by duties from purchasing of a neighbouring country, a commodity which our own climate does not produce ; but is obliged to purchase it of a distant country, though it is acknowledged, that the commodity of the distant country is of a worse quality than that of the near one

    45. First, this class, it is acknowledged, reproduces annually the value of its own annual consmnption, and continues, at least, the existence of the stock or capital which maintains and employs it

    46. The soldiers who are exercised only once aweek, or once a-month, can never be so expert in the use of their arms, as those who are exercised every day, or every other day; and though this circumstance may not be of so much consequence in modern, as it was in ancient times, yet the acknowledged superiority of the Prussian troops, owing, it is said, very much to their superior expertness in their exercise, may satisfy us that it is, even at this day, of very considerable consequence

    47. As a military officer submits, without reluctance, to the authority of a superior by whom he has always been commanded, but cannot bear that his inferior should be set over his head; so men easily submit to a family to whom they and their ancestors have always submitted; but are fired with indignation when another family, in whom they had never acknowledged any such superiority, assumes a dominion over them

    48. He acknowledged her presence by attempting to lift his head from his shoulder, with little result

    49. A private teacher could never find his account in teaching either an exploded and antiquated system of a science acknowledged to be useful, or a science universally believed to be a mere useless and pedantic heap of sophistry and nonsense

    50. “Remember in like Flynn get the guns put out of commission and get out no hanging around, right is everyone ready?” We all acknowledged that we were and then we made a final check of our weapons making sure we had a round up the spout and that our bayonets were attached properly and would not fall off at an embarrassing moment

    1. Wally dozes off halfway through the film, a fact which Rose acknowledges with a fond smile

    2. Satanist then simply acknowledges that she or he has become that hidden

    3. Whosoever denies the Son, the same hath not the Father: he that acknowledges the Son

    4. The young lad behind the bar acknowledges Billy and takes an immediate interest in Bex

    5. He acknowledges his impromptu drinking partner

    6. Fleetwood acknowledges, upon one occasion, that he had made this mistake

    7. front row acknowledges it all with a sincere whistle

    8. Men pass on the road from time to time, but nobody acknowledges a slave

    9. His choice was a life lived for itself, where a person acknowledges the absurdity of the world without flinching, and then lives life to the fullest

    10. It is perhaps some minor consolation that the political left (reluctantly) acknowledges that Saddam Hussein is an ―evil‖ man

    11. The power of the human mind, for Minsky, lies in its vast repertoire of different ways to think, and in its ability to switch among them in order to pursue its goals…[He] acknowledges that it is useful for us to conceive of our goals as originating from our ‘selves’—mental constructs that embody our personal identities

    12. “[He] acknowledges that we have very little introspective insight into the thought processes we were born with…as for the larger mysteries—like the nature of meaning and the origins of consciousness—it is not clear that Minsky has much to say beyond identifying the solutions that he thinks are bad

    13. “A brave man acknowledges the strength of others,” Four replies

    14. There are tears on my face, but neither of us mentions or even acknowledges them

    15. Tori acknowledges Marlene with a nod and scans the crowd for another recommendation

    16. Unlike spirituality, which is based on having absolute knowledge, spiritualism acknowledges that we don't currently have the answers

    17. Brown acknowledges that current governance

    18. And, she acknowledges that

    19. Since you are engaging with visitors from a social venue, you can adopt a lighter tone that acknowledges the fact that they have clicked through from Twitter

    20. He knowingly acknowledges that transcendental illusion itself

    21. “I will”, Keisha acknowledges while he leaves for his car smiling from ear to ear as he calls Toni

    22. He acknowledges that he is speaking to a small minority: “At its core, this group will be a small minority of the population, but they will be augmented by a much larger group of fellow travelers

    23. Even as he acknowledges that thought, a roar behind him catches Ralph unawares and the next moment he feels the jaws of death about his throat

    24. She has unified so many for peaceful purposes that the Board acknowledges her superiority

    25. This concept acknowledges the fact that individuals react differently to the

    26. The group indirectly touches on this topic when it acknowledges the

    27. For example, Science acknowledges that for our universe to exist there must be a preponderance of matter

    28. Also, proxy treatment acknowledges that it is often not bedwetting itself that is a problem, but rather it is the problems caused by it that seem unbearable

    29. Sidney chuckled, `Not at all, he acknowledges your presence

    30. They share the same mother, yet neither acknowledges nor appears

    31. acknowledges who they really are

    32. Impressed at the amount of effort that is being put into his visit, Grailem acknowledges Irin Gspa with an almost human smile as he breaks the communication

    33. It is a lovely morning but Suzy barely acknowledges her surroundings; she had been trying to ring Lewis for over an hour

    34. He acknowledges her by being quiet as he looks at that

    35. describes its existence as a "vicious rumor," he acknowledges that such thoughts did enter his head

    36. the time‖ This acknowledges their shortcoming while at the same time

    37. acknowledges that Islam is his or her religion

    38. Hinduism also acknowledges the

    39. dhism acknowledges the duality of existence, its focus is more on in-

    40. Islam acknowledges that there is a supreme

    41. My Belief also acknowledges the fact that we are reborn and have 176

    42. My Belief acknowledges the fact that a belief in the energy, spirit, or entity that created us and the universe we live in will bring us rest and salvation at the end of our lives

    43. person acknowledges that there must indeed be a Creator of the earth and the universe, that God

    44. He will return when Israel acknowledges their guilt and their portion in the

    45. Toensmeier acknowledges the complexity of Food Forest Farm, but hopes that this doesn’t discourage others in pursuing similar projects

    46. It acknowledges that the two

    47. Academic tradition acknowledges the market cost of debt as the only true

    48. Buddhism is the only major religion that acknowledges a large area of

    49. This acknowledges the need for the Investor to achieve

    50. · An attitude and style of life that acknowledges God’s claims on human life and seeks to live in accordance with God’ s will

    1. You cannot truly acknowledge that people without acknowledging the God of that people

    2. ’ He said, acknowledging the olive branch

    3. This was a step up perhaps because I was acknowledging again that he was my father in a sense

    4. Gary had gone into great detail over dinner in the pub about what a capable cook he is - he laughs – acknowledging the hit

    5. I can also support this with acknowledging that my life

    6. Belle recognized the nature of the unformed plea, intuitively acknowledging that a woman's practical interest in the modern achievement stood in contrast to a man's academic appreciation; she said, “If you don't mind, I'll just go and check that the twins aren't into any mischief

    7. Alfred was fairly slow in acknowledging and the last one on the call

    8. acknowledging that one have certain strengths and weaknesses, and have the courage to

    9. As you grow in acknowledging the presence of God you will begin to sense different kinds of anointing

    10. He watched, numb, his mind no longer acknowledging his senses, blind to his environment and the events unfolding around him

    11. If the deer is black, then it means that you are not acknowledging or are rejecting the feminine qualities in you

    12. If you are not an immigrant and dream that you or someone is an immigrant, then it implies that you are acknowledging an aspect of yourself that was unexpressed

    13. If you receive a package, then it indicates that you are acknowledging certain feelings or acquiring new resources

    14. If the sea horse is invisible, then it suggests that there is an emotional issue that you are not acknowledging or recognizing

    15. You are acknowledging your abilities and moving toward a new stage in your life

    16. To dream that you are hiding behind a wall suggests that you ashamed in acknowledging your connections

    17. And acknowledging the newly strained non-relationship he bore with the Guild, it would have to be a delicate process of extraction

    18. The narrow view of many people prevents them from acknowledging the similarity of the life force or God energy that pervades all life forms

    19. Then he looked back to the group realizing that he had been reminiscing out loud and said, “It’s like what we’re getting tonight, weather off of Lake Erie,” he finished quietly without acknowledging Martin who stared at him with contempt

    20. Acknowledging in full what Zolla had said was now bringing about an improvement

    21. He had won the fight calmly and with determination and, after yet another trip to the infirmary to fix his broken nose and fingers, he had returned to his room acknowledging his remorse for Gabriel, but with hope cushioning the guilt

    22. He looked at me without acknowledging me in any way

    23. Such ―denials‖ are symptomatic of a politically correct society utterly determined to refute the past by sweeping ―offensive‖ expressions under the carpet and making believe they never existed rather than acknowledging that such indiscretions…

    24. The handler, not being stupid, and acknowledging the danger of explosives, would start running! At that point the dog, thinking this is a great game, chases after him still holding the explosives but now biting it firmly to ensure it does not fall out of his mouth during the chase

    25. Be certain that you’re acknowledging and rewarding what you do want in a timely

    26. He stared into the distance, barely acknowledging their presence

    27. “Is this one close enough to be of concern to us?” Mashu asked, in way of acknowledging his father’s awareness of his presence

    28. Acknowledging the reality, he walked through into the corridor beyond

    29. acknowledging he was an emcee and he set off a battle

    30. in acknowledging fear and the extent to which it rules us

    31. She looked straight ahead and drove away without ever acknowledging him

    32. We must begin by acknowledging that our situation in life is, to a large degree, the result of our own actions

    33. Venezia had made peace with the Ottomans by acknowledging the latter’s sovereignty over the lands they had conquered and ceding to them Scutari, whose garrison had held out against repeated attacks

    34. ○ Acknowledging that there is a God

    35. Harry looked over at all the pieces scattered about and simply picked them up without acknowledging his friend

    36. Instead of acknowledging His

    37. I felt a little guilty at not acknowledging that they too were grief stricken, they lost a son

    38. We may not wrestle with an actual angel, but how many of us wrestle God in our minds? How many of us refuse to let God tell the story and direct the show, and acknowledging before Him who we really are?

    39. Also he has allowed an invasion into the ‘people’s’ right to privacy through the National Security Agency (NSA), beyond that authorized by Congress or the Courts --- acknowledging such action and stating that he had reviewed that action and we should trust him

    40. Acknowledging his nickname, he pauses and stares at me with raised eyebrows

    41. My heart throbs and my stomach flutters, acknowledging his proximity

    42. day adding value and consciously acknowledging (and being acknowledged for) the terrific

    43. The opponents of revisionism, while acknowledging the ten-

    44. acknowledging that they would not hold congressional power

    45. His experience of leadership at that point was the same as being a child in the experiences of the world and acknowledging his lack of leadership ability and his ignorance of what was required of him to be king was but the first step in a journey that would lead to him being called the wisest man who ever lived

    46. As we see with the Biblical leaders, learning begins by knowing and acknowledging your weaknesses

    47. John tempered his boldness with humility, acknowledging there was Another who was more than the wild man of the wilderness to look to – there was Another who had more that was much better than anything he could offer, there was Another greater than he:

    48. acknowledging that I had another son

    49. After acknowledging that Torin is not going to spend the night, Toni calls him after she has finished showering

    50. She has been really good at acknowledging

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