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    1. “I will never concede”, roared Goliath in his mourning attire

    2. Maybe we should make the best deal we can, concede that they will hold the ground, attempt to retain only those souls we can bring into heaven

    3. As ever I’m here to ask…do you concede?”

    4. Even in the vast emptiness of Smith-time the itch eventually returned, and Smith was forced to concede a fundamental philosophical point

    5. prepared to concede the fact that they may lose the argument

    6. I have to concede that the couple of times he has lost his rag with me (and invariably for valid reasons) he has always apologised … and he has been remarkably patient with me

    7. ’ I said ingenuously, and he has the grace to concede that he and Peter are alike in some ways

    8. “So I’ll concede those signals are coming from the ship

    9. When Jo, without any hesitation, starts on the fourth example, by which time we are all helpless with laughter, he has to concede her point

    10. ' I replied with a grin and Kerry has to concede that I've got a point

    11. In the end, of course, they had to concede that there was no case against the application and granted permission

    12. Marguerite was in no mood to concede her husband's logic

    13. By noon, she was ready to concede she’d misjudged him, but he wasn't ready to hear it

    14. A: Even animal lovers concede that the animal must be restrained or terminated

    15. Surrender the few children and save the many, they suggested, knowing that such an Ignist as Verios would never concede

    16. I’ll concede it may not have been Mrs

    17. She might as well concede his condition would already have been beyond recovery

    18. She might as well concede that Gerrid was now effectively dead, no more than a biological data-store barely capable of autonomic functions

    19. A Conscience‘s immune system, however, continues to inform itself in proportion to its inestimable failings, that, despite efforts to disclaim or otherwise rationalize an individual‘s failings, will not concede a moment‘s reprieve

    20. As a rule, every student should (generally) concede prudence and ―wisdom‖ to those best qualified to teach, keeping in mind,

    21. Addendum to the above: Such (oftentimes) occurs whenever parents (unconditionally) concede moral and intellectual authority to their children many have proven themselves worthy of confidence in such matters; that is to say, before they develop the necessary aptitudes and skills that will enable them to assume the burden(s) associated with such undertakings; before they acquire some measure of insight into the nature of ―things

    22. “I concede,” he bit out in a growl

    23. Where has it been written that a Great Nation must commend itself to the parochial interests or jealousies of ancient traditions that have lost their comparable standing or concede its leadership position among the Community of Nations, rather than conforming to its (own) enlightened self-interests? Such designs must inevitably tarnish that nation‘s highest historical achievements that it should (otherwise) enjoy and (rightly) pass along to posterity

    24. This constitutes ―believing‖ in light of incontrovertible evidence that requires neither Faith nor bold assumptions inasmuch as (even) the most skeptical among us must inevitably concede certifiable proofs whenever (objectively) presented to them

    25. Jury Nullification, precipitated by perceived historical injustices, rejects or makes void rules or articles of evidence and their proper application as instructed by law because of pre-conceived biases unwilling to concede the legitimacy of such statutes or official practices of the court

    26. Even the great majority of conservatives and Republicans concede it was a failure

    27. Thus it suited Nixon to concede virtually everything the left wanted domestically

    28. Public pressure certainly would limit any long term occupation, and may cause his administration to concede the formality of some extremely limited appearance of a democracy, much as happened in El Salvador in the mid 80s and Guatemala in the late 80s

    29. Amonas’ voice was finely and expertly tuned to defuse Hilderich’s probable ranting and almost concede in a sincere fashion that he was out of his depth in this matter and it would be wiser to let someone who knows better find out what is going on

    30. When the end of their workday arrived without incident, and Jan returned from his post to join the evening meal, Colling was ready to concede that Elizabeth was right

    31. Raul’s parents in particular, needed to hear him concede that their son had done right when he reported his whereabouts

    32. Colling could now concede to himself that the book did find some reflection in his own behavior

    33. It did not appear to him that he was being watched, but he did concede that the authorities may have become more subtle in their surveillance techniques since his last visit to Warsaw

    34. XIII - to concede vacations and license to the members of

    35. Persisting, refusing to concede defeat, I’d somehow managed to rise up and carry on singing anyway

    36. ” I had to concede Darnath’s point that Dr

    37. concede that the water probably played a part as well

    38. He will not concede that his new belief is not based on facts, cold reason, historical necessity, or reality as he imagines it to be

    39. He called Bush back and announced that he was not going to concede after all

    40. and I will concede by stating that this party was likely to be our only option for an end of

    41. Cashmere sweaters had always fascinated Ken, but he had to concede that this one approached perfection

    42. Perhaps I should concede and say that the unknown is an intrinsically con-

    43. At times he was driven to anger; other times he sang songs of praise, but never once did he concede defeat

    44. I concede that it would have been better to be chased by unarmed

    45. not going to concede a single centimeter of her stance to at least just

    46. I am definitely willing to concede that I am in a reactive phase,

    47. would finally concede to sleeping with him

    48. After forcing the pagan to concede that point, we are told to ask whether the universe itself had a beginning, or was always in existence

    49. I will concede that

    50. “I'm afraid I cannot concede,” Dither told her

    1. ’ I conceded, concentrating on my nail varnish

    2. He was busy grooming Starlight – something they had argued about, until he had pointed out that if he couldn’t do something practical, he would go crazy and she had conceded the point – and she was perched on a hay bale watching him

    3. ’ He conceded, a wicked look in his eyes

    4. ‘No …’ he conceded ‘Also, they can’t know which order you are intending to retrieve them … the Ercolano episode may just have been them assuming you would act because the volcano was near to eruption

    5. ' I conceded with a sigh

    6. West Ham have just conceded another goal

    7. “Perhaps,” Briz conceded slowly, “But who would want such

    8. “Perhaps,” Bram conceded, “But he could not have been sure of

    9. Belle conceded with a sigh of resignation that those were apt descriptors

    10. ’ Claude shrugged and conceded the point

    11. "You have a point there," Alfred conceded

    12. But when they left the compound he conceded to make use of support crutches

    13. ‘OK,’ he conceded ‘I’ll pay it back for you

    14. The technician had finally conceded defeat

    15. Jimmy had finally conceded with the questioning

    16. She naturally denied the accusation, and he conceded privately (as a single man) that since his destiny was already determined he might as well make the most of it, and allow himself to be seduced

    17. “Some might,” the medical officer conceded

    18. “You may have a point,” Lieutenant Howard conceded, “but I will be very interested in

    19. In this manner, a society will often settle on some inscrutable ―mean‖ or center point, conceded by popular opinion, that, however lacking the essential requirements of Truth, provides credible examples for others to follow

    20. "Well, maybe we could do it," I conceded

    21. Thus to avoid consuming his time, Nixon conceded virtually every domestic issue to liberals

    22. Britain conceded nothing to the US

    23. Lip service rendered to social/cultural issues has all but been conceded to the Democratic Party

    24. Tom Daschle, the highest ranking Democrat as a minority leader in the Senate, conceded his seat in South Dakota to the Republican winner John Thune

    25. “It’s possible,” he conceded

    26. "With Christ‘s help I can, otherwise, no," I conceded

    27. Barretson conceded, but warned Colling he would expect to hear from him no later than that afternoon

    28. At this point the alien conceded that the gangly stranger knew what he was doing with a nod and a wink

    29. In fairness, it has to be conceded that the incipient Free Church took ten years (known as the “Ten Years Conflict”) to plan the event

    30. It finally conceded his inability to further stand the

    31. Isaac finally jumped into the ring and busted out with some king tut poppin’ and some MJ and James Brown moon walking and such, but Isaac more or less conceded to Rory in his demeanor and in his comments, “Yeah man, Rory you’re good, that was cool man

    32. Brock conceded with laughter, “Yep, you’re probably right on that one

    33. It is now conceded it is not that, but is classified as a neural dysfunction

    34. She just as playfully conceded

    35. “Several,” the mayor conceded

    36. Elden conceded that Terry retained another law firm to do the detail work on the new contract

    37. Gore called Bush personally and conceded, saying he was on his way to make a public concession at Democratic election headquarters

    38. “I was splitting hairs,” the staff sergeant conceded

    39. No precise date can be given for this “revolution”, but it is generally conceded to have begun in he late 18th century

    40. He conceded the rectitude of my citations of the FAR and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement which explicitly forbade these actions and said that they were grounds for the USG to refuse payment—even for services and/or hardware which it had already received and used

    41. Stepping up to the plate as ‘banker up,’ he conceded that the bank officer knew salient facts about him from his first loan, but to spare the gentleman the gesture of opening his own client file folder, Park laid an updated balance sheet that could be quickly and easily scanned on the adjacent coffee table

    42. ” The skipper was a weather expert and later conceded he underestimated the severity of the storm

    43. Hobaugh conceded, “is the ice

    44. Papp conceded, “sovereignty concerns and Canadian unease with weapons carriage”

    45. He conceded that his boss had a point and he

    46. She'd set herself up for a fall, she conceded, with her glee over the trick she was pulling—glorying in her supposed ability to manipulate him

    47. conceded to humanity through divine grace

    48. Toney‘s defense team, the State conceded that its failure to produce this and other evidence violated Mr

    49. “You are now,” conceded Zach

    50. “Yeah, okay, that might be better,” he conceded, dryly

    1. I find it quite troubling whenever an (activist) judge eagerly concedes the legal ―rights‖ of a terrorist (at the risk of endangering the lives of law-abiding citizens) who would otherwise nullify, without pause, the very laws that he or she conveniently utilizes for his or her own (legal) advantage

    2. “In the new rules, no one concedes

    3. Bonnie modestly concedes that while she is smart, that Dale was the smartest, and Dixie, like her Dad, read the most

    4. “No,” he concedes, “but that is because, in the years since what you call the wars of the mountains and even in the current battle situation, the mountain people have been regaining their strength

    5. It was he who persuaded me to teach the boys to be proud of their manhood and refuse to become feminised snags, because that’s a form of castration, concedes female domination and turns youths into angry young men, prone to violence and contempt for women

    6. Power concedes nothing without a demand

    7. While the Diabetes Association concedes that

    8. We really focused on social media only at the end of 2013,’ concedes Congress MP Deeepinder Hooda who was in charge of the party’s social media cell, while also fighting his own election from Rohtak

    9. “When it comes to love life, nothing worthwhile can happen in a man’s life unless woman concedes,” said Lalitha as though to make Roopa privy to the ingrained characteristics of the feminine fecundity

    10. that and he concedes no place to the cow in dharm

    11. 580) and this is in a chapter where he is otherwise presenting a critique of the Quran and Hadiths, though many Muslims would consider his criticisms as not being appropriate, owing to his quoting verses out of context in their opinion, which he concedes

    12. He concedes that crime and punishment are here adjusted by human reason, but said it could not obtain under the Divine Government

    13. On November 4, 1980, the landslide is so great that Jimmy Carter concedes the election before the polls even close in California

    14. Kinsela said, “Your Honor, the defense concedes that the defendant expressed feelings of love for the witness

    15. Then his wife busies herself, grows passionately fond of handling coin, gets her fingers covered with verdigris in the process, undertakes the education of half-share tenants and the training of farmers, convokes lawyers, presides over notaries, harangues scriveners, visits limbs of the law, follows lawsuits, draws up leases, dictates contracts, feels herself the sovereign, sells, buys, regulates, promises and compromises, binds fast and annuls, yields, concedes and retrocedes, arranges, disarranges, hoards, lavishes; she commits follies, a supreme and personal delight, and that consoles her

    16. Each sovereignty concedes a certain quantity of itself, for the purpose of forming the common right

    17. ’ He concedes to us that he wanted to murder him, as though to say, you can see for yourselves how truthful I am, so you'll believe all the sooner that I didn't murder him

    1. I popped another beer, conceding the fact that I would never be able to keep

    2. I did notice that I got the largest slice of pie for dessert, and this fact was not wasted on Hal, as I saw him doing the mental math, conceding me the larger arc of pie; or was it pi?

    3. Unless America and other Western European nations are willing to level the playing field by conceding a portion of its (civil) liberties and placing national security and (public) safety ahead of the ‖unalienable‖ rights of (private) individuals, the Free World could conceivably wind up with neither!

    4. Conceding the argument that the war in Iraq, which I support by the way, has shifted momentum from the administration‘s domestic agenda, its reluctance to advance meaningful Immigration Reform in the wake of 9/11 has Conservatives and ―Moderates‖, alike, shaking their heads in disbelief

    5. Lowgri dropped what was left of his sword and held his hands up, conceding the duel to Nem

    6. If we always censor our behaviour in front of friends, it"s conceding that it"s only OK for us to be lovers if we pretend we aren"t

    7. Finally conceding, the captain said, “Fine, I shall tell you what I know

    8. "Get that bitch in here and don't bruise her up, you dig punk ass?" Slicky followed his stern commands, conceding to the weapons tremendous power

    9. ” She sighed as if she were conceding a

    10. The 2ème Bureau had allied itself with the Binh Xuyen, gradually conceding to it effective control of the majority of the city of Saigon and of the Cholon District

    11. “That’s two questions,” said Rudolph glumly, conceding a point, “requiring one answer

    12. The Californian shrugged and nodded, as if conceding the point

    13. Credit Rating and seen them conceding

    14. But many old and new political leaders were on Sunday night conceding the previous deal may have been shattered beyond repair

    15. ‘You’re too good a player,’ said Sandhya after conceding the game at 29-14

    16. “Maybe the corporate health sector symbolizes the Goring Syndrome like nothing else; the assorted diagnostic reports sought by the self-serving doctors that rob their patients’ savings would only serve the auxiliary health services; even conceding that the capital involved in setting up a corporate hospital is mind-boggling, begging for returns on investment, that the doctors there allow themselves to turn into con men to trick the sick is in deed sickening; I wonder how these are better than the pimps fleecing the whores; in spite of their daytime black deeds, the fact that they are able to sleep at nights shows that they have self-anesthetized their collective consciences; even as Hippocrates could be turning in his grave, wonder how these fare in hell as and when they reach there

    17. In the end, I gave up, conceding that it was an improvement on recent behaviour even if it caused an atmosphere at times

    18. She probably wouldn’t have handed me something dirty to wash my face with, but still, I hesitated before conceding that I really didn’t care

    19. The knight nodded, conceding to her point

    20. I'd expected that she would have been more conceding, that the way this world had affected everyone in it, including me, was something she would have to get used to; adjust her little moral world for, not the other way around

    21. He watched Flint's lip curl a little and then a conceding nod with the frown

    22. Not much love was lost between her and Rhea but it was either that or conceding that her son was a cuckold pure and simple

    23. depended on it, conceding one day it just might, on the second night of his training, this

    24. Conceding this was the final chance for Nole and Bane to go back home, he

    25. Conceding these folk were

    26. I nodded conceding that he had a point there

    27. Conceding that such a survival is contrary to the analogy of death in all other animated beings around us; that it is contrary to the original intention of God in the curse of death threatened at first to Adam in paradise; nay, even maintaining with Delitzsch that the survival of the soul or spirit in death is of the nature of a miraculous or abnormal provision, arising out of the economy of redemption, with a view to future resurrection; they nevertheless hold that it is impossible by fair means to eliminate the idea of a surviving soul from the Bible

    28. Wopsle, conceding his fin with a gracious dignity, was immediately shoved into a dusty corner, while everybody danced a hornpipe; and from that corner, surveying the public with a discontented eye, became aware of me

    29. She nodded, conceding the point

    30. Amy was conceding Carthage, finally forgiving me for moving back here

    31. Keeper David James (UK) played 170 games without conceding a goal playing for Liverpool, Aston Villa, West Ham, Manchester City and Portsmouth from 16 August 1992 to 1 March 2010

    32. Even conceding GH’s point that investors are increasingly focused on stocks for the long run and will manage to push the Dow up past 36,000, one has to ask just how free of risk stocks would be at that point

    33. Staggering or layering options throughout different contract months not only provides diversification but also allows an investor to experience option expirations nearly every month (conceding, of course, that she will have to cover a few of them)

    34. To yield to that pressure, or to any thing which should foster, in this country, the idea that it was an effectual weapon of hostility, was nothing more than conceding that she was dependent upon us

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