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    1. He had been lovers with that ghost in Tdsehi almost as long as he had with been with Tdeshi, before Jorma knew what she was of course

    2. There were only fifty million males in the whole urban universe of the Yakahn, and practically all of them that he had ever met, knew Venna intimately

    3. Moses walked with God and knew Him in Exodus

    4. Those who walked with God in Leviticus knew

    5. Those who walked with God in Numbers knew

    6. knew Him as the Rock and the One Who Gives

    7. Joshua walked with God and knew Him as the

    8. Judges walked with God and they knew Him as

    9. Ruth walked with God and knew Him as the Lord

    10. Ezra walked with God and knew Him as the

    11. Esther walked with God and knew Him as the

    12. David walked with God and knew Him as the

    13. knew God as the Rewarder of Faith, Burden bearer,

    14. " Jorma knew that Herndon was pretty excited about his boat because he popped back out the hatch and lifted one of the seat cushions to show him

    15. Before he knew

    16. I knew it was empty when I got here, so to speak

    17. " He knew that wasn't getting across what he wanted to say, she'd already said it, 'Frankensteined back to life' after Tdeshi's death

    18. ” I have a feeling I’ll be saying this a lot, but it’s good to know that there are still people around who knew him and remember him

    19. understanding of what you now have? If they knew how time management

    20. By now the whole population of North Island knew that she was gone

    21. They knew because he had been over to Raltain's at least once in each of those weeks since Venna disappeared and told many who asked for her

    22. Luke: 7:37: And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the

    23. "I never met Ava but I knew Tdeshi

    24. "Oh she let me know she was worth aluminum, I knew she could put up that camp with her left hand, she talked about putting up a whole plank villa

    25. Here we see a woman who is a sinner and she knew she

    26. He knew what Cynd was and knew it had thousands of asteroids orbiting it

    27. As soon as he moved, the candle went out and he knew someone was here

    28. She knew she was unworthy, so she

    29. He was almost too hung over to stand and knew it would be senseless to chase

    30. He knew she would never be back to explain, he was just one of those people in the way

    31. When he thought about how different Ava was from Tdeshi, he knew he was much happier with Ava

    32. It was moving too slowly to be a meteor, but he knew it looked like that only because of its tremendous size

    33. Both Odin and Jesus Christ knew of their fates, and yet they approached them unflinchingly

    34. Even though he knew that I did what I had to, he said he couldn’t forgive me either

    35. brethren, nor knew his own children: for they have

    36. The 'magic wand' principal was all I knew about starship engines before I met you

    37. I never knew such a perfect housemate could ever exist

    38. She knew that sooner or later she was going to be found out and get cornered by reporters

    39. "I probably still do," Ava said, "Last I knew it was still in the back of some lab at the Kassikan

    40. Before Bob knew what was going on, he had lost two of his accomplices

    41. There was one of them she knew very well, Herndon Luicius Carlos da Silva, the one she shared a bed with for twenty Earth years, three decades by the local calendar

    42. All Hermann knew is that Grandma breathed really loud and it scared him at night

    43. Everyone she ever knew growing up was probably waiting there

    44. “I knew this kid that threw a cat at a ceiling once,” Becca shrugged, placing a piece of ginger delicately on top of her salmon roll

    45. Besides that, she never knew more than a few words of Portuguese

    46. Athnu excused himself, but Ava knew Kulai would know every detail of their embrace and who it was that initiated what

    47. She barely even knew me, she said

    48. He didn’t have it yet, but sitting in the office waiting to speak to the principal, he knew he was going to get it

    49. Sniders had already given it to him, but he knew that students could get these things overturned if they said the right things to the principal

    50. “What does it do?” she asked him point blank, the look on her face clearly suggesting that she didn’t believe he knew

    1. I might have spent it a little more slowly without her, but you know those sandals you bought me in Zharvai?"

    2. He hadn't started it, and started back down past Ava, "I gotta do that, you know the house

    3. that, they understand and know who God is

    4. "You know, I don't want him watching me

    5. Could you read ten pages when you wake up in the morning? I know

    6. I know that this is not a new argument, but what is “Bravery” when used in the context of terminal il ness? I am unaware of anybody who

    7. For those that don’t know,

    8. Your brain doesn't know the difference

    9. Z, but I don’t know

    10. He was hesitant, he didn't know how close he could get to this ghoulish monstrosity

    11. “I know what you’re going to say already, but Kevin stopped by today

    12. have to live this way because I real y don’t know how long I have to

    13. “Does Theo know you have a problem?”

    14. Let her know that

    15. Mal: 2:4: And ye shall know that I have sent this

    16. Why would anyone want to know what I think are the best albums of al

    17. “You know, that’s not really true,” Kevin interjects

    18. We need to know that God is the God of covenant

    19. “I don’t know about everyone else who’s stayed on, but I left the Militia because I thought it was temporary

    20. can see how the sales and the production lines work and I know everything there is to know about your business

    21. “Did you see that film last night featuring the woman who was married to that chap? You know, the one who used to go out with the woman

    22. I know I shouldn’t have let this get to me—my parents were just trying to do what was best for me—but it still bothered me that my life growing up was so intertwined with a murderer like Robert Hansen

    23. "I didn't know at the time," she complained

    24. "It was a stupid place to put it, I know," Herndon said

    25. "We don't know for sure," Ava said, while Herndon scowled, "but you have to understand that because of the exchange rate there are sums of money involved here that even we can't calculate

    26. have received] Chemotherapy! Wel , I know that my memory can be a

    27. How do you know what to do during those times? You have a specific

    28. If you have a goal that is specific and you have specific action steps that you know you need to take, have a to do list of those action items

    29. I know, that example is pretty outrageous, but, I’m hoping that you see, that’s how some people are

    30. There is insufficient evidence for us to know for sure the best

    31. We needed to know that you hadn’t shot that man, and the doctor says that the man actually was either a zombie or recently dead when he was shot

    32. 1John: 3:2: Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that,

    33. “I thought you should know what happened to your father

    34. You need to know that repentance has nothing to do

    35. But it is only possible if they know what you now understand

    36. “I just wanted you to know the truth

    37. ” I have a feeling I’ll be saying this a lot, but it’s good to know that there are still people around who knew him and remember him

    38. We all know what the

    39. You have to begin to recognize who, what, and where you are associating to know what is

    40. Your parents wanted to know who you were hanging out with

    41. know who your friends were

    42. Basically, what they wanted to know is who

    43. They wanted to know who you were associating

    44. “Real boring, I know,” Jesse adds, waving his hand in the air

    45. "But she didn't want you to know she had it?"

    46. "Oh she let me know she was worth aluminum, I knew she could put up that camp with her left hand, she talked about putting up a whole plank villa

    47. But even then I didn't know what quantity

    48. I know when I broke that one, and saw how much money is in just one, I saw it was as much money as I once thought Ava had

    49. describe it as if they know precisely what they are

    50. "You know that asteroid at Cynd that fell out of its orbit?"

    1. Somehow it seemed much more real, knowing this body had actually been born under a different sun and he wasn't some dubious translation from dead flesh to electricity and then back to the flesh of a good friend's hot-box daughter

    2. Rom: 1:32: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they

    3. Rom: 2:4: Or despised thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the

    4. They were quiet for a time, Jorma worked on his forth cup of this ale, knowing he was going to feel it tomorrow

    5. Matt: 9:4: And Jesus knowing their thoughts said,

    6. I'll treasure knowing you

    7. Knowing God; God knows what is concealed within us,

    8. "I thank you for knowing you couldn't go full-out in the dark

    9. Knowing that he had spurned Venna to have her once again made her especially responsive

    10. ” She’s much happier not knowing, I’m sure

    11. He knew that Ackers never left the base, and the chances of him actually coming to Johnny’s house were the same as the chances of the United Order knowing that Johnny Clunker was Johnny B

    12. "How could they carry on knowing I suffer in torment with this moth-sized star?"

    13. "Yeah," she said, knowing what a surprise that was

    14. It is frustrating not knowing

    15. Not that anyone would have been able to break through all the security of the connection, but even if they did they wouldn’t find anything that was worth knowing

    16. Nancy waited, knowing that her handler didn’t like to be interrupted when given bad news

    17. When we entered into this world, we came knowing about the GOD FORCE

    18. Knowing that physical life is temporary, behaviours are more focused towards acquiring valid knowledge to move to spiritual maturity

    19. are interested in knowing a bit

    20. sand on a beach, never knowing

    21. He was more interested in knowing the ownership of the cargo

    22. Knowing I had Daithi and his 'couple of lads' behind me made all the difference

    23. " In spite of knowing she was totally illegal and would be erased if found out, she would fight for survival if she had to wouldn't she? That survival instinct had certainly been cloned with her hadn't it?

    24. What seemed more important were the affairs of this outpost, especially knowing there was likely to be no more contact after the Heavenly Mother, if they could even get them in

    25. Clever user interface, you already always knew it, you explore the memories of knowing the facts, seeing the pictures, hearing the sounds

    26. It is written that knowing the truth will set you free

    27. It is nerve wracking not knowing what is going on

    28. ‘Knew what?’ I half whispered horrified, knowing the answer, but dreading it all the same

    29. Maybe even you have something to do with it already, perhaps without knowing it

    30. Lucy took a step forward, knowing that with movement that she would reveal

    31. It’s the not knowing

    32. It actually felt good to go without that stream of constant data, that instant information, that knowing of whatever she wanted to know at a moment's notice

    33. I feel better knowing that someone is going to come soon, stupid of me, but there it is

    34. "Well," she said, knowing she had to start now, "I do have some things to tell you

    35. " she said knowing it was trump

    36. Will this be enough to protect him from the hatred of those he has disappointed? Will he be able to prevent the terrible disaster that looms in the corridors of the Boston Monitor? Will he run and hide or will he match brave words with brave actions? Sometimes knowing what's coming next just isn't enough

    37. Knowing that I was sitting in a hole in the ground seemed to me to be an alien construct, something half remembered from another world, another time, another me

    38. He spent those first seconds of knowing failure listening to the blood pump like crashing surf in his ears and waiting for the inevitable call from Horcheese in the cockpit

    39. It is hard to accept that office knowing full well that you will have to deal with many of those after being appointed

    40. We’d see the fires raging in Weston after the bombers had been over – it was terrible, seeing the smoke and not knowing what had been hit

    41. I wondered at his not knowing this word, but I explained it to him

    42. "Chief, how is anyone supposed to do this job knowing about all the things we've never even heard of that can go wrong

    43. Is there not a clear implication that Satan approached the woman rather than the man knowing it would

    44. Nick volunteers to help me and I see Janet and Rose exchange a knowing look …

    45. Nobody said it, but they all blamed him for not knowing it would happen

    46. unto good works," (2 Timothy 3:17) and "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation

    47. Knowing how thin the margin is between victory and defeat, Ram Devlin races to the Squidies' homeworld moon with a weapon of mass destruction that could end the war in seconds

    48. Not knowing what else to do in order to improve my social life, I have decided to quit gyms and start taekwondo lessons at Nicky's school, which is only a five-minute walk from my house

    49. I wake in the night aching for him … just to see him … to hear his voice … knowing I cannot

    50. Not knowing what else to do, Apollo sinks into his bed

    1. known that God is with him

    2. Abraham’s life; to the point where God is still known

    3. Tempus Fugit [as featured on the cover of this section] works as a metaphor in that the mol usc - not known for its speed - has fossilised with the inexorable passage of time

    4. “He’s a known name around here

    5. were a prophet, would have known who and what manner

    6. Walking is one of the most primal movement patterns known to man

    7. · Regular, active exercise such as swimming and running, raises our heart rate and may greatly reduce hardening and blockage of the arteries, a condition known as arteriosclerosis that is a major cause of heart disease and stroke

    8. It’s a known fact

    9. “I would have known all about it if I wasn’t stuck in radio silence land,” he pouted with a completely straight face, something that only Ackers could do

    10. He had found a whole back closet behind some shelves in the eaves closet that she hadn't even known about

    11. I should have known she was a homo, her being so big and all

    12. Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and well known religious trusts are other avenues for financial help to others

    13. There are over 4,000 species of cockroaches known, 57 are found in the United States

    14. He should have known, somehow, and he really didn’t know how he should have known

    15. It was well known in the village that Haques did not give thanks to the animals that he killed

    16. The mother land has known the secrets of the ocean since time itself began

    17. Of course if he'd known he was going to Taktor's he'd have taken his usual route

    18. He wished he had known where they were going before they left so he could have taken the back way

    19. The process is known as remineralization through rock dust application

    20. That was all the information known about Taktor by the eye

    21. Living in the secluded hills of Malibu Canyon is a man known as the “Invisible Gardener

    22. And we have known and believed the love that God

    23. it takes on the characteristics that are known to its creator

    24. He denied it at first but they ground him down and eventually he admitted that he’d known her

    25. Joanna wouldn’t have known there was a risk that the baby would be black … which was the case

    26. The Governor might not have known that, but I'm sure Ava has a plan

    27. it was known as

    28. someone he might once have known, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on who she

    29. It had to be, we must have known that or we would have been in a lot more awe of it than we were

    30. He had studied for a year in Trinity College when he was a young man and still remembered the beautiful young women he had known then

    31. She hadn't known that until now

    32. had known in all these years of absolute and necessary thirst

    33. I don't drink with him or have him over to the house but I've known him for years

    34. Of these, two were currently doing time, one was known to be still active in London and a fourth had gone under the radar during the course of the last 12 months

    35. known oil reserves

    36. also known around here as the

    37. While those natives had to be informed by the one of their clan who had gone to a data terminal, the network was connected to everyone on Narrulla's Tear and she was able to query, 'what is known about an asteroid that could collide with the planet Kassidor?' and find out quite a lot

    38. They blinked into a news center together to have what was known on the native media around them while they discussed this

    39. Its shuttlecraft was an early 22nd century design, but known for toughness and lifting power

    40. force and vitality known to the universal mind, but the inevitably subtle tonal

    41. By noon the following day I was in front of Sammy the Sharks 'office' on Main Street, otherwise known as the Darklow Cash for Gold shop

    42. He should have known better

    43. he had once known so well and wondered whether he could simply walk out of the

    44. It was now known that the Kassikan had been secretly influencing Earth for centuries, nearly taking over America in the 1970's, Europe in the 1990's, completely taking over Brazil by 2350

    45. ‘No, if we had known, we would have brought him back, but it was all so sudden

    46. front of him was a man he had once known as a brother, a man for whose freedom he

    47. He had lived in the suburbs of Baikonur all his life, the city of the greatest spaceport Earth had ever known

    48. Zedikiah is known as the king who had no spine meaning that he wanted to be all things to

    49. Forever associated with scorn – He is forever known as the King with a stiff-

    50. The elders ought to be the ones who are well known among the flock

    1. ” The second thing that happens is the universe says, “Ooh, look at this, somebody woke up, somebody knows

    2. knows how terrible sin is than the sinner

    3. She knows that

    4. God knows that we

    5. Knowing God; God knows what is concealed within us,

    6. Moyo knows he won't get cholera because he's strong

    7. knows the secrets of the heart

    8. “It was really more of an inevitability; if one knows the proper angles of attack and thought processes of his opponent, there really is only one outcome to ultimately destroy them

    9. "If he knows, she knows," Herndon said

    10. ‘What is my client here for, Inspector?’ he asked – it’s obvious that he knows DI Ditton

    11. "I wouldn't put it past her that she knows it's of some value

    12. Violet doesn’t take ballet seriously and he knows it

    13. Who knows why pretty girls do that to themselves?

    14. “The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions

    15. My sister knows of a crippled ship coming in from Yingol-Neerie, is that the problem?"

    16. ‘And who knows this?’

    17. Does that mean everyone knows I was suspected of murdering Joanna?

    18. It could be that only The Order of the Wolfians knows Blitzer’s true purpose, if anyone does at all

    19. Pausing with my hands in the washing up water, I watch a bird fly down to the bird table … I’ve never been much good at identifying birds, is that a tit of some sort? Goodness knows

    20. ’ He said absently, completely missing my amazement that he not only knows the child’s name but also how old he is

    21. Suddenly she produces a knife from god only knows where, presses it into John’s hand

    22. Ava knows more than I do

    23. ‘I thought no-one in Bridgwater knows where she lives

    24. "He knows where you're taking it

    25. "He knows it's two hundred fifty miles into the chaparral, that's all, as much as you know

    26. alone knows what way it is supposed to be

    27. "The earth will be a better place without that parasite and Ajarn knows it

    28. "Who knows, you might need that," Estwig said

    29. "Only because he knows what a hothead you are and no I didn't trick you, I tried to stop you coming here, remember? But you wouldn't listen to me

    30. He knows all our needs before we ask

    31. I'm sure he knows what this is

    32. "Is he the only one who knows what's in it?" DoostEr asked

    33. “God alone knows what the inside is like”, he muttered

    34. Knows the price of everything but never the value

    35. "I could be a clone?" she asked, picking up on the very pregnant 'might have been' and worried that she was committing the greatest sacrilege the church knows

    36. He's covered in the real thing and he knows his tats inside out

    37. I go in and shake hands with the man standing behind the desk while at the same time I am uncomfortably aware that he is scanning what I am wearing, leaving me with the disconcerting impression that he knows what colour my knickers are

    38. "I'm afraid the one who knows it best is not with us either

    39. Khalid winces with pain as the truck bounces along to god knows where

    40. ‘It’s not as though nobody knows where I am … I’ll have my mobile with me

    41. He knows everything and we know nothing

    42. knows how we should pray when we do not

    43. Goodness knows what he managed to get his mother to put together for a picnic

    44. Everybody around here knows him

    45. Not because he can’t – he knows lots of women who would be more than happy to accompany him – but because he doesn’t want second best

    46. ‘And just for the record, I don’t think he knows where it’s going either

    47. ’ Jeremy said warmly, managing to convey that he not only knows about the trials of the last few days but also that he is pleased they have concluded positively

    48. Father knows that you need all these things

    49. Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the

    50. mature but is one who knows the value of life

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