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    1. Remember that because a Solo Ad’ is dedicated to just your offer, this type of advert has by far the best response rate of all the Ezine Ad’ types

    2. The advert ended and Raven stared, dumbfounded, at the blank screen

    3. "It's an advert for that new brothel in the village

    4. Every little helped, as the TV advert said

    5. One day still in the autumn of the year, when I’d barely started, my mother showed me a newspaper advert: a singing competition for young people from the whole of eastern Canada

    6. advert, only now it promoted a different campaign

    7. I asked the newspaper, I was told that the advert had been phoned through to the offices

    8. We placed an advert in the papers that very day, in search of a house

    9. After about a week and only 3 genuine callers - who, after a few questions, appeared to be fleeing from the law - Gordon hatched another plan and posted another advert:

    10. One morning on his paper round he noticed an advert in the window of Jack’s

    11. put an advert in a national newspaper, found that it didn’t come up to

    12. Your landing page, hence your advert should be targeted towards a very specific

    13. Without the square brackets, this example advert will appear for anyone that

    14. market, as the advert will only appear when people type that specific phrase into

    15. broad match advert will bring in more traffic, but it will be less targeted traffic

    16. There’s no point in assuming that just because you’ve got an advert which is

    17. determine the optimum version of that advert

    18. to test all 3 aspects of your advert at different times in order to develop your

    19. landing page in addition to the quality and relevance of the advert as well as the

    20. Although testing different website addresses in your advert is the last thing that

    21. advert, it is certainly worth bearing in mind that the URL that you are displaying

    22. millions of advert dollars touting the value of the classic ―buy and hold‖

    23. “What is this B&T Boutique all about? They’ve got two adverts in the Mumbai Times,” said Jags whilst focusing on the advert

    24. The thinness of the remaining part of this book as you hold it between your thumb and forefinger, ready to turn this last page and stare at the unashamed advert for the next part in this trilogy, gives away the sad truth that there is no room to complete this story in this volume

    25. The amount that the individual advertiser pays for each click depends on many factors and is in particular dependent upon how much they are willing to ‘bid’ to have their advert displayed

    26. The advertiser chooses a keyword term or phrase that best describes or refers to the product or service that they are advertising and construct their advert around this phrase

    27. The online advertising agency through which they place their adverts then ensures that the ad that they have just created appears on websites and search results pages that best match the particular term around which the advert was created

    28. house shares and the second is by placing an advert yourself mentioning that you’re

    29. Also check the advert and product display options to integrate the advertising into

    30. have now placed your first advert and leaned the basics of placing the affiliate

    31. It was three weeks later that Mr Warwick heard of the enquiry by the police, he’d gone into town to place an advert for two boilermakers, calling into the pub for a quick beer he was accosted by a young constable with a photograph of Tony Rossi, the policeman asked him if he’d seen the young man, apparently Tony was a keen fisherman and was on holiday somewhere on the west coast, his family hadn’t heard from him for a couple of weeks and were concerned he may have had an accident, the policeman told John and the rest of the drinkers, that enquiries were being made from Geraldton to Port Hedland, as he was known to be travelling up the coast from Perth where he lived, another customer butted in with his opinion, if he’d been fishing around Carnarvon it was probable that a shark had taken him, he stated as fact that there were so many sharks around them waters you could walk on their backs to Dome Island, which seemed reasonable to John and the rest of the drinkers, they all told the constable that he hadn’t made it as far as Port Hedland or they would have seen him or someone would have mentioned seeing him, strangers not being very thick on the ground around here, satisfied that he’d done all he could the police man shouted for a beer and challenged one of the locals to a game of pool

    32. Another phone call from a nearby phone box answered an advert he had seen for a double lock-up garage in the back streets of the city

    33. ‘They called a meeting with a little advert in the paper

    34. Invest in a beautiful new designer suit and suddenly every other bastard in the street is a walking Armani advert, get yourself a Labrador and miraculously, Surrey is completely over-run with them

    35. advert and responded to it, or referrals who anticipate more?

    36. These limited skills, he knew, made him a particularly bad advert for his profession, but he consoled himself with the thought that his was always the first name on the guest-list at barbecues

    37. After doing some research I established what was a “fair market price” and I put up a For Sale advert in the local harbour where the boat sat on a pontoon mooring

    38. leafing through a copy of Come Together, exclaimed: ‘There’s an advert in here for something called the

    39. Nearly jumping out of his seat, Charlie noticed the advert for the Food Festival that happened each year in the area

    40. When the advert appeared my immediate boss, the head of the IT Unit, called me

    41. The first stair shivered as they ascended it, the second stair took them directly to her front door, it opened slowly like a Christmas card advert and Byron the consumer held his breath as if in anticipation of all good hallmark kitten soft moments

    42. There was an advert for a governess at the Fitzroy house, but I don’t think I could bear it

    43. ‘No! That song they’re playing on that advert

    44. ‘The advert that’s just finished – what was it for?’

    45. Or an advert!

    46. That includes the money from the television advert, plus the singles and album sales

    47. The royalties from the advert had been nice but Danny knew Stripehead would have burned through his share within days

    48. The Poles don’t get the word play, which is understandable, I was constantly pestered about an advert in which a cartoon dog is supposed to chase a stick but makes a joke about something falling on the floor

    49. an advert on the T

    50. How's the advert business?”

    1. ● Advertise and reach your customers

    2. Alan had read Earth history and news as a child and knew there would be trade magazines where the manufactures of these androids would advertise

    3. They would still know what she was doing, and that was more than she wanted to advertise

    4. advertise for mobilizing the population to strike in

    5. because the most sellers do advertise of their

    6. As a website owner, you can advertise and have your ad show either in Google’s

    7. Advertise in the ones that have the most subscribers

    8. Most of these publishing entities have web sites wherein they advertise

    9. Fortunately, women, who were equal in all regards in this new society, were also allowed to advertise their sex, if they cared to

    10. Equally, activating a distress beacon would only advertise his presence to the aliens, perhaps viewing him merely as the leftover detritus to clean up: the only sentient being to survive the wave

    11. Someone who gave a name which could not be verified by any database, claimed to be from a company called New Vistas, This man offered an extraordinary fee to advertise his product, a new type of AR system

    12. to advertise the games in the lobby of the bank

    13. You may even want to advertise your business in it as it reaches about ten to fifteen thousand ex-members every month

    14. After that they will advertise it

    15. I learned the hard way that a forensic auditor does not need to be registered at Institute of Chartered Accountants and thus any idiot can advertise himself as forensic accountant

    16. I already had his undivided attention; I didn"t need to advertise my presence

    17. They advertise, ‘Beer Chang’ only 60 baht

    18. planning on using the top bloggers on Yahoo to advertise his

    19. However, if a restaurant has to openly advertise WiFi to entice their customers, one must wonder if they are not confident enough in their food alone

    20. ” You can advertise in the Warrior Forum which has nearly 800,000 members, and many sections for promotion

    21. You can also advertise on mom forums

    22. bidding sites or by contacting companies that advertise for a transcriptionist on

    23. On the Internet, you’ll use a website to advertise yourself as a virtual assistant

    24. should advertise the summary route, use the command "ip summary-address"

    25. Advertise with us in the 2013 edition! With Namibia‘s ever-

    26. Some counselors advertise with

    27. 3 And he said to the kinsman, Naomi, who has come again out of the country of Moab, selling a parcel of land, which was our brother Elimelech's: 4 And I thought to advertise to you, saying, Buy it before the inhabitants, and before the elders of my people buy

    28. It became evident to him that if P&G knew one thing to do well, it was to advertise

    29. I remember all the Christmases growing up in Ithaca when my grandparents and family would gather around the black-andwhite television to watch talent shows and comedies, and the last thing you would want to do was to advertise food products on TV

    30. The rates are a little higher, but the coverage is better and the merchants don’t have to advertise in two newspapers so their ads have much better impact

    31. advertise the End-to-End concept, so if he could bring other companies to apply his

    32. At the moment, we need to advertise and expand the sale of this product

    33. For an instance, the members of exchange advertise links of the relevant website will

    34. "Pretty good," Engler said, "but if he runs short of work he doesn't advertise

    35. business and advertise the opportunity of working with you rather than using

    36. your replicated site to advertise for your company

    37. They didn’t advertise their trade or merchandise, but once you had actually spotted a liquor outlet you were nearly halfway there

    38. and ending with little flyers and stickers you’ve printed to advertise your next event

    39. used to advertise the motel was hit by a car and now was crashed into the ground

    40. How can you build your list, promote and advertise when you’re not there? This is one way to do

    41. To educate and advertise to the public Michael Toney's case and other people selected by the Defense Fund that have been wrongfully convicted of capital crimes

    42. The truly great thing about using e-mail to advertise properties to your buyers is that you can also send pictures of the property! You only have so many words that you would want to use to describe the property in your e-mail, but when you send a picture, it really is worth a thousand words

    43. com is a good sight to advertise on

    44. They are wonderful organisations and extricate people from the most appalling situations, but they also advertise their successes

    45. He told her to advertise the car in the county newspaper called the Kerryman and as many household items that they could do without

    46. son, a brother; we should certainly feel that it would be wrong to advertise

    47. He studiously avoided the negative method of imparting instruction; he refused to advertise evil

    48. Advertise offline with your website URL in the ad

    49. So think about listing some of your products as auctions and advertise your URL

    50. How to effectively advertise in ezines and the different options available

    1. In the preparation of this tome, I advertised its availability in the bi-weekly satirical paper Private Eye

    2. That made so little sense because intelligence said that the Al-Harron was also advertised as a seedship

    3. The merchandise is set out and advertised in just such a way as to cause for the brain to be stimulated and the drool to flow

    4. The graveyard had been deserted – Wiesse had not advertised the fact my mother was back on Errd, let alone that she had died here

    5. And although, as he grew older, he was tempted to get some help with the lawn mowing, old Ted could never quite bring himself to ring the telephone number of another old couple in the local village who advertised as odd job gardeners

    6. The final straw for Helen Roach came one Saturday morning when Lucy announced to her mother during a now rare and troubled family breakfast that she had entered a competition advertised in her favourite music magazine, the prize being the chance to meet the mystery singer

    7. She secretly advertised

    8. The next five days were not quite the idyl this heaven advertised

    9. The number of windows on that floor agreed with the advertised twenty rooms and four suites

    10. "He's advertised as the best long-haul coachman around," Alfred told them

    11. We advertised in newspapers, magazines, and after the first few sales, by word of mouth

    12. Several years ago we advertised in the Seattle Sunday paper during an especially gloomy, rainy Seattle winter and Seattle folks rang our phones all day

    13. We advertised in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and especially Entrepreneur Magazine as well as other outlets

    14. She was just in time to see the two enforcers entering an alley that advertised several shops and cafes

    15. Though thought is advertised as instant, it does take a little time to formulate in a thing as rudimentary as the human brain

    16. functionality within the software does not work as advertised (as described in your

    17. galloped across the lobby to a blue pickup van advertised as the

    18. “What if we advertised the show as a reunion of your old group? Is your old lead singer still in the area?”

    19. and for his bonuses on his actual sales page, I advertised my bonuses that they’re going to

    20. When a material or a process or an idea is advertised as scientifically proven, or scientifically tested, how can the public be sure that the material or process is safe to eat, or use, or trust, as the case may be? It depends on whether certain questions were asked and whether computations or experiments were done in the proper manner

    21. She advertised the business for sale, and started looking for new premises

    22. Split Horizon does not allow a route to be advertised back out the same

    23. because you would not want your products advertised in countries where your

    24. “Splice” movie has another movie advertised titled “LET THE

    25. she advertised the products of a healthy childhood on an Iowa farm

    26. There was no guarantee that this box would actually work and there was no court which would get you your money or cigarettes back in case that device did not function as advertised

    27. Ladies-of-the-night, it was said, preferred to enchant their prospective angels in that bar as their escorts had already advertised their affluence by going there in the first place

    28. • It is agreed and understood that shall not be advertised in any way other than

    29. These releases were always well advertised ahead of time

    30. At least Hephaestus had the decency to be honest about it-he’d put up cameras and advertised me as entertainment

    31. Behind the square, Hotel Chairen advertised double rooms at 4 dirhams a night

    32. company that advertised the port lectures on board the cruise ships

    33. We re-arranged the exhibition so the advertised show occupied the most prestigious areas, and an elegantly labelled Permanent Collection was scattered over the remaining walls

    34. Over-the-counter medications, or OTCs, are sometimes advertised as the

    35. price was what the agent advertised it at

    36. Ron’s Wrecking was conspicuously advertised with a luminous-pink, crunched Mercedes atop a pole at the end of a cul-de-sac

    37. He told her there were some vacant ones being advertised in the area beyond the local shops

    38. Even when freed, won’t it be his lot to wear the cuckold badge? What a shame he had advertised that his wife was loose? Oh, she did visit him often enough, but who knew she hadn’t replaced her dead lover? After all, wasn’t she as attractive as ever? And thanks to his rashness, she became a free bird without an encumbrance to name

    39. A recent book on fathering by Bill Cosby was advertised on New York City

    40. In buying your own clothing, you may have a tendency to purchase those that are heavily advertised by celebrities

    41. even though it was advertised as a picnic, burger vans

    42. The six pack sitting between them advertised two empty slots

    43. o ‘Iam writing to you to apply for the XXX position advertised in the

    44. Teachers were privatized, some as individuals, some with larger companies which advertised and promoted their services, but none as government employees

    45. He advertised to companies where they could buy some of the first health insurance for a cost to treat their ailments

    46. This machine was advertised as being

    47. The publisher even advertised it in the

    48. Chair the university advertised for an assistant and Roger

    49. Over the years the automobile manufacturers have advertised their new products and had great success in moving people to buy whatever they produced

    50. Add to that the fight you have with the kids after they implore you for some junk they saw advertised on the tube

    1. Thailand, the company advertises in the form of TV

    2. R2 advertises its loopback address to R1’s Serial interface, as does R3

    3. Guides” that he advertises on the right hand side

    4. We selected three companies to come and quote; one which advertises nationally and is a household name, one selected from the internet, and one recommended by our local mobility store

    5. A society that protects possessions from people, but not people from products, advertises that it values money over life

    6. “ Was it co-incidence or fate? My Uncle only advertises his business by word of mouth

    7. “ Was it co-incidence or fate? My Uncle only advertises his business by

    8. Just because a product advertises the moon it’s no reason to rush out and buy it

    9. In short, when the mutual fund advertises a specific return, it’s not, as Jack Bogle says, “the return you actually earn

    10. ” Wow! So if the fund advertises a 6% return, its investors achieved closer to 3%

    11. Frohman advertises in the New York manner by a catchline from Mr

    1. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    2. It was some old advertising for personal consulting services

    3. “The soap that crossed America on quality alone,” and it’s true, the Bronners have never spent a penny on advertising or marketing their soaps, but have relied solely on word of mouth and unsolicited articles for their word to be spread

    4. Artificially inflating demand was not considered an acceptable business practice in this culture, and people did not patronize merchants who engaged in 'push' advertising

    5. He wanted to reach out and throttle Alan for just blatantly advertising Gordon's Lamp like that

    6. "They give them away to captains who sailed for them as advertising

    7. All that Terry could do, once the dust had settled and his divorce had been dragged through the mire of the gutter press, was to lend his name and his former glories to endorsements and dubious advertising campaigns

    8. With audience figures going through the roof and with advertising revenues hitting all time highs, the executive producer was, of course, paid a big fat bonus

    9. and dubious advertising campaigns

    10. you can start buying advertising on other websites with greater confidence and

    11. From there I applied for full-time positions and worked 20 years for the Department of Transportation, selling Hauling Permits to truckers or trucking companies, billing companies for Outdoor Advertising, and later I paid the bills to State Contractors

    12. “I guess you could say your school provided a lasting education even shonggot couldn’t erase, but I’d hate to think there was any such market where you could use that as advertising

    13. Eunice then looked down the street to the new water tower and its painted marquis advertising the 'Lodges

    14. While they were at the eye she looked up old advertising campaigns which were often in the form of seminars

    15. It filled her head with ways to promote the place, advertising pictures, pamphlets, etc

    16. “No, we have the technological power to make phones that can carry voices over thousands of miles and starships that can carry souls and frozen zygotes over tens of light years, but no mind control more effective than video advertising

    17. I have about three or four different tweets advertising my book and I slip them in saying send for my free book and learn how to invest in a real easy way

    18. his advertising promised, what we had expected, and

    19. He sold his advertising

    20. this gives you the ability to run almost zero cost advertising with almost

    21. chaos that is today’s advertising world

    22. reputation and is one of the best forms of free advertising you can have

    23. Stop any advertising that is not returning a result, remove contractors or

    24. You have control over advertising

    25. I went back to business school with the idea of working in advertising

    26. There are basically 3 types of ads someone could use for advertising: 1

    27. This advertising space is usually at the top of the ezine owners broadcast so it will be easily seen when a subscriber opens up their email

    28. Ezine Advertising would have to be one of the fastest ways to get your offer out to literally hundreds of thousands of readers

    29. Remember that this is extremely targeted advertising

    30. This, and the sheer numbers of subscribers involved make this form of advertising extremely attractive

    31. to (try to) increase sales of a product by publicising and advertising it

    32. advertising, storing etc

    33. In fact, they were openly advertising for more recruits

    34. False advertising should be crime in any context

    35. books, in the back of the book, there was always an advertising section

    36. In times past, competition with the other networks was fierce to the point of employing the dark art of negative advertising

    37. I walked back into the ticket hall and saw the holes in the roof the advertising signs on the walls were rusted and covered in green growth and most of the brown and green tiles were missing

    38. The advertising production team, owing to the lack of accord between the partners, was left with a two-track advertising strategy that failed to integrate the two essential themes

    39. advertising their touring car for $1,475

    40. "Advertising, ain't it?" he replied, opening it out so I could read the message printed across the back

    41. That pervert is actually advertising the place on the back of his coat

    42. “I think this is called false advertising,” I said, looking at the artificial curves in bemusement

    43. Sylvia knew absolutely nothing about horses, but commercial advertising in equestrian magazines for similar animals convinced her of the enormous potential for profit

    44. I’ve found that by not advertising and quietly catering to the ex-patriot crowd, my operation stays out of sight sufficiently that other clubs don’t complain

    45. He had always thought middle-aged men looked ridiculous wearing club colours, advertising the mismatch between sporting fitness and their overweight, ill-maintained bodies

    46. With the ever-increasing demand for electric-powered vehicles of any kind, the company had gambled to a certain extent on the racing of magnetic levitation cars, for they would have spent a certain amount of cash on advertising and promotion anyway

    47. Society has also created a fashion around food in advertising, especially on television

    48. This is so since the Party could save these resources either for future contingencies or for advertising that they ‘did what they said they would and came in under budget

    49. All parties receiving more than some minimal percent of the popular vote could receive election advertising funds, perhaps set at actual expenditure in some hopefully-not-too recent election

    50. i had about 25 years of radio advertising sales

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