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    1. Remember that because a Solo Ad’ is dedicated to just your offer, this type of advert has by far the best response rate of all the Ezine Ad’ types

    2. The advert ended and Raven stared, dumbfounded, at the blank screen

    3. "It's an advert for that new brothel in the village

    4. Every little helped, as the TV advert said

    5. One day still in the autumn of the year, when I’d barely started, my mother showed me a newspaper advert: a singing competition for young people from the whole of eastern Canada

    6. advert, only now it promoted a different campaign

    7. I asked the newspaper, I was told that the advert had been phoned through to the offices

    8. We placed an advert in the papers that very day, in search of a house

    9. After about a week and only 3 genuine callers - who, after a few questions, appeared to be fleeing from the law - Gordon hatched another plan and posted another advert:

    10. One morning on his paper round he noticed an advert in the window of Jack’s

    1. ● Advertise and reach your customers

    2. Alan had read Earth history and news as a child and knew there would be trade magazines where the manufactures of these androids would advertise

    3. They would still know what she was doing, and that was more than she wanted to advertise

    4. advertise for mobilizing the population to strike in

    5. because the most sellers do advertise of their

    6. As a website owner, you can advertise and have your ad show either in Google’s

    7. Advertise in the ones that have the most subscribers

    8. Most of these publishing entities have web sites wherein they advertise

    9. Fortunately, women, who were equal in all regards in this new society, were also allowed to advertise their sex, if they cared to

    10. Equally, activating a distress beacon would only advertise his presence to the aliens, perhaps viewing him merely as the leftover detritus to clean up: the only sentient being to survive the wave

    1. In the preparation of this tome, I advertised its availability in the bi-weekly satirical paper Private Eye

    2. That made so little sense because intelligence said that the Al-Harron was also advertised as a seedship

    3. The merchandise is set out and advertised in just such a way as to cause for the brain to be stimulated and the drool to flow

    4. The graveyard had been deserted – Wiesse had not advertised the fact my mother was back on Errd, let alone that she had died here

    5. And although, as he grew older, he was tempted to get some help with the lawn mowing, old Ted could never quite bring himself to ring the telephone number of another old couple in the local village who advertised as odd job gardeners

    6. The final straw for Helen Roach came one Saturday morning when Lucy announced to her mother during a now rare and troubled family breakfast that she had entered a competition advertised in her favourite music magazine, the prize being the chance to meet the mystery singer

    7. She secretly advertised

    8. The next five days were not quite the idyl this heaven advertised

    9. The number of windows on that floor agreed with the advertised twenty rooms and four suites

    10. "He's advertised as the best long-haul coachman around," Alfred told them

    1. Thailand, the company advertises in the form of TV

    2. R2 advertises its loopback address to R1’s Serial interface, as does R3

    3. Guides” that he advertises on the right hand side

    4. We selected three companies to come and quote; one which advertises nationally and is a household name, one selected from the internet, and one recommended by our local mobility store

    5. A society that protects possessions from people, but not people from products, advertises that it values money over life

    6. “ Was it co-incidence or fate? My Uncle only advertises his business by word of mouth

    7. “ Was it co-incidence or fate? My Uncle only advertises his business by

    8. Just because a product advertises the moon it’s no reason to rush out and buy it

    9. In short, when the mutual fund advertises a specific return, it’s not, as Jack Bogle says, “the return you actually earn

    10. ” Wow! So if the fund advertises a 6% return, its investors achieved closer to 3%

    1. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    2. It was some old advertising for personal consulting services

    3. “The soap that crossed America on quality alone,” and it’s true, the Bronners have never spent a penny on advertising or marketing their soaps, but have relied solely on word of mouth and unsolicited articles for their word to be spread

    4. Artificially inflating demand was not considered an acceptable business practice in this culture, and people did not patronize merchants who engaged in 'push' advertising

    5. He wanted to reach out and throttle Alan for just blatantly advertising Gordon's Lamp like that

    6. "They give them away to captains who sailed for them as advertising

    7. All that Terry could do, once the dust had settled and his divorce had been dragged through the mire of the gutter press, was to lend his name and his former glories to endorsements and dubious advertising campaigns

    8. With audience figures going through the roof and with advertising revenues hitting all time highs, the executive producer was, of course, paid a big fat bonus

    9. and dubious advertising campaigns

    10. you can start buying advertising on other websites with greater confidence and

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    Synonyms for "advert"

    ad advert advertisement advertising advertizement advertizing bring up cite mention name refer allude touch attend give ear hang pay heed publicise proclaim broadcast promote declare communicate promulgate exhibit vaunt show uncover expose display disclose

    "advert" definitions

    a public promotion of some product or service

    give heed (to)

    make a more or less disguised reference to

    make reference to