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    1. “Honestly Aldous, that horrid man is SO AGGRAVATING! I HAVE to marry him!” Sam allowed himself an uncertain smile at the shrieks of laughter from Kira and Aldous as they cheerfully returned to work

    2. With that Instinct on her side she was safe to dare get as close to him as he allowed

    3. As they walked down the white, sterile hallway, the three started to pass rooms on either side with reinforced, plastic windows that allowed you to look in

    4. Before Nancy could really react to what gadget or technique allowed Silence to do this, the attack was on again

    5. When the Inspector intimates that he wants to continue this interrogation tomorrow morning Stephen tries to persuade him that I should be allowed to go home

    6. This allowed the fishing humans to mate with female humans more effectively

    7. smoking is not allowed

    8. That, and the much more productive Elven agriculture allowed them to over-run the Trolls by weight of numbers even before modern times began

    9. That allowed her to change the subject, she gave up grilling him for fear of doostEr talking of her fetish for virgins in front of Estwig

    10. She allowed the robe to fall open a little more

    11. still allowed the freedom of an apartment on the coast, somewhere that I could retreat

    12. students are not allowed to climb

    13. I couldn't blame personal problems, I wasn't allowed to mention the recession

    14. In spite of everything I was proud of my job and everything it had allowed me to do for my family

    15. ‘Don’t be daft!’ he said with a half smile ‘You’re allowed to be upset when someone vandalises your car

    16. "Those things aren't allowed in here you clown," Peadar said, "This is the Intensive Care Unit in case you hadn't noticed

    17. It was a very good representation of the environment the mortal humans on the planet below lived in, she wondered if they had planted nano instruments that allowed one to converse with people on the planet below in real time

    18. The use of that model was no longer allowed on Earth when the Lula departed, though they were still in commercial use on Titan

    19. Smith allowed the melody of sudden voice to flood through the vacuum of the

    20. to be the absolute cold that allowed Smith to feel the warmth, and the inevitable

    21. "I'm sorry,” Kandhi told her, "I'm not allowed to say

    22. No carry-ons allowed

    23. If he wanted to adjust the magic level of his universe he could bring that interface with him, but as it was he allowed it only at the kitchen table and the den of his house and at the desk of the main cabin in his yacht

    24. ‘I’ve not been allowed in to see her before this

    25. This advanced technology had allowed it to make the fastest crossing ever to Satan's Star, covering the eleven light years in under fifty years

    26. reserve of strength and clarity that allowed him to remain standing

    27. He allowed room for beliefs and convictions that were

    28. The clearance to view the data for that was a much bigger boon than non-technicians knew, for it allowed access to the diagnostic recording system and once one knew how to use the diagnostic recording system it was relatively simple to get access to every data stream in the crew, every sense, every output, even hormone levels

    29. This had been codified since the Prophets first allowed Angels

    30. weak be allowed to determine the direction of the church

    31. It would seem the wise and safe course for the congregation to be allowed to suggest

    32. At one time I attended a business meeting and although I do not know all the past history of the congregation it seemed evident to me that some were still licking their wounds These matters ought to be dealt with initially on an individual basis and not be allowed to create havoc in a meeting of the congregation

    33. I was allowed to keep the towel

    34. * Important side note: The local preacher as a part of the business meeting is to have no more "voting power" than any other man of the congregation but remember he should be allowed equal input

    35. When we left Earth there were more than nine hundred million mortal residents of Brazil alone who were not of our faith and we allowed them to live

    36. When he was not in a meeting, or otherwise on duty, Bahkmar was sometimes allowed to forget the woes of Haad politics and retire to his private quarters

    37. In the Qaidic faith, men and women have separate heavens and none is allowed to know anything of the other

    38. He resented the fact that his religion thought that was the only thing he would ever need from a woman, and only had four of them now, one for each of his wives as a mortal, out of his allowed seventy two

    39. There are no passages of scripture which specifically say "Majority Rule" is wrong and should not happen or be allowed within a congregation

    40. I don’t like to ask Mary but when she finds out, I have a very awkward five minutes with her demanding to be know why she had been left out and insisting that she be allowed to help

    41. Now if you assumed that they allowed twelve millivolt logic over there, you could get enough logic to run one soul at a time, serially

    42. The Kid stepped back into the corridor and allowed me to lift my hood up so that I could see the full glory of his bounty

    43. Thus began the depression, the madness that allowed time without end to pass unnoticed here in the darkness

    44. Both were involved in the sin, but only Eve allowed herself to be deluded

    45. A good Christian woman told me she attended a congregation which allowed women to

    46. He traced those techs all the way back via their financials, going into level after level of files where he technically wasn't allowed and not giving a damn

    47. I was allowed to keep the new clothes

    48. I was never allowed to watch when he was varnishing though or doing the last coat of French polishing – I remember that quite clearly

    49. That wasn't in scripture, so it probably wasn't allowed

    50. I'm not allowed to tell anyone my real identity because that would reveal my secret

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