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Allege в предложении (на )

  1. These members allege they.
  2. I do not wish to allege anything against her.
  3. So glory be to God, Lord of the Throne, beyond what they allege.
  4. But even if it had been in July, that would be far from the date you allege.
  5. He said, You are in a worse situation, and God is Aware of what you allege.

  6. American lives, others allege that peacekeeping missions sap our resources or.
  7. They allege that animals earmarked for slaughter often face days without food.
  8. Rochester in the shadowy orchard; but I could not find a reason to allege for leaving him.
  9. The operators have stolen a march on the men, who, so they allege, were secretly getting ready to strike.
  10. So how can they also allege that Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed drank a glass of poison without being affected by it?
  11. Other sources also allege that patients developed conditions such as syphilis and HIV due to contaminated organs.
  12. It is in vain to set up the plea of necessity, and to allege that she cannot exist without the impressment of her seamen.
  13. Sources allege that some people specifically chose cremation because they believed that one would not be resurrected, once cremated to ashes.
  14. They attacked Shanghai and Nankin with terrifying force; many historians allege that Japanese troops in Nankin carried out a programme of mass rape.
  15. Against a representation of Christ’s mission so fruitful as this, so conformable to the facts of man's condition, an ingenuous skepticism will have little to allege.

  16. But gentlemen allege necessity; the army must be filled up; officers are imposed on by fraudulent minors, who receive the bounty, and then claim a release upon the plea of non-age.
  17. Although there is no evidence that he was placed under arrest to face the prospect of a court martial, several of his fellow officers allege that this was the first of several Paddy Mayne cover ups.
  18. But would the end really be his own convenience? Other people would say so, and would allege that he was currying favor with Bulstrode for the sake of making himself important and getting on in the world.
  19. In July 1975, Fletcher Prouty, a retired Air Force colonel and discredited JFK assassination conspiracy theorist, went on television to allege that Butterfield had been working as the CIA contact man in the Nixon White House.
  20. The greater part of foreign bills of exchange must be paid in bank money, that is, by a transfer in the books of the bank ; and the directors of the bank, they allege, are careful to keep the whole quantity of bank money always below what this use occasions a demand for.
  21. As to Will, though until his last defiant letter he had nothing definite which he would choose formally to allege against him, he felt himself warranted in believing that he was capable of any design which could fascinate a rebellious temper and an undisciplined impulsiveness.
  22. This after reports today allege that Michael and Joseph Zuma had supplies worth R545,249 by Electricity Company Voltex delivered to their homes as part of the ‘prestige project’ – the same project which has been used to pay for the upgrade to President Zuma’s private home in Nkandla.
  23. Foster long ago suggested, to account for the whole vast sum of wickedness and misery which fills the globe, by the single action of one nature which, as they allege, is marked by no radical defect, rather than by the easier hypothesis of the combined action of two corrupted natures working in concert.
  24. But surely those who propose them, and who deduce them from analytical chemistry, physiology, and the testimony of the rocks will not again affirm the undeviating uniformity of the action of nature, or allege it as a reason why we must believe that 'all things have continued as they were from the beginning of the creation.
  1. During the hearing, he said, we were alleging [the four.
  2. United States, as a result of a lawsuit alleging patent infringement.
  3. During the hearing, he said, we were alleging [the four Mounties] were.
  4. I often refused to accompany him, alleging another engagement, that I might remain alone.
  5. She departed at the end of six or eight months, alleging as a reason, that there was no shade in the garden.
  6. On January 21, 1988, Sun State filed a complaint against the Maniatis Group alleging misleading information.
  7. I was then quite well enough to accompany him, but he urged me not to do so, alleging as his reason my state of health.
  8. He referred to Freakonomist Levitt’s recent book alleging that the drop really coincided with the time frame that the abortion.
  9. Leona and Bex are the subject of two Incident Reports alleging illegal substance misuse and detailing the actions taken by the medical teams.
  10. Wickland considered this along with the letter from Spalding alleging he would abstain when it came to voting on recommendations on the project.
  11. A few weeks later, Kejriwal decided to gherao the homes of Sonia Gandhi and Nitin Gadkari, alleging a Congress–BJP collusion in the coal scam.
  12. In these non-criminal contexts, the victim can sue the harasser in a private civil lawsuit, alleging that the harassment constitutes discrimination.
  13. He also told them, the FBI had received information alleging Jason Sterling had created the drug situation to raise funds, and the resulting civil unrest was all his fault.
  14. The defense appealed the guilty verdict alleging the jury was a nonrepresentative sample, offering anecdotal evidence based on the population of the Northern United States.
  15. An officer from the DCF filed an affidavit alleging the children were not being properly educated, lacked proper medical care, and were living in social isolation in their condominium.
  16. In this way they came at last to the Garden of Eden, beyond which the Baron refused to budge, alleging that further back than that no Christian could go; and even in that he repudiated the kiss.
  17. After alleging that Pocock had sent him inferior equipment, Ebright was now demanding a boat that simply would not go as fast as Pocock’s best, a boat that would not reflect well on him as a craftsman.
  18. Pope,) pressed by this argument, could only get round it by alleging that the original treaty between France and Spain was dated in 1761, prior to the settlement of the line and the cessions to Great Britain.
  19. It appears that some little trouble was caused by a woman, whose name has not been ascertained, who endeavoured to force her way into the house after the bridal party, alleging that she had some claim upon Lord St.
  20. Franz and Albert made some difficulty, alleging their fear of depriving him of it; but the count replied that, as he was going to the Palli Theatre, the box at the Argentina Theatre would be lost if they did not profit by it.
  21. He would not allow her to read to him, and scarcely to sit with him, alleging nervous susceptibility to sounds and movements; yet she suspected that in shutting himself up in his private room he wanted to be busy with his papers.
  22. He sat up alone with him through the night, only ordering the housekeeper to lie down in her clothes, so as to be ready when he called her, alleging his own indisposition to sleep, and his anxiety to carry out the doctor's orders.
  23. Sommer’s, but because the principle expressed in the rule is adopted by almost every Bible expositor, to prove the same thing, or give it as a reason for alleging the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus to be a real circumstance.
  24. The idea of the theatre quickly germinated in Bovary's head, for he at once communicated it to his wife, who at first refused, alleging the fatigue, the worry, the expense; but, for a wonder, Charles did not give in, so sure was he that this recreation would be good for her.
  25. The court of exchequer, instituted for the levying of the king's revenue, and for enforcing the payment of such debts only as were due to the king, took cognizance of all other contract debts ; the plantiff alleging that he could not pay the king, because the defendant would not pay him.
  26. I passed the night in trying to persuade myself to it; you questioned me, and what I have just said to you is so extraordinary that you have the right to do it; well, yes, I have passed the night in alleging reasons to myself, and I gave myself very good reasons, I have done what I could.
  27. I defended myself, "if I really may be allowed to defend myself," by alleging that being utterly unaccustomed to wine, I had been intoxicated with the first glass, which I said, I had drunk before they arrived, while I was waiting for them at the Hotel de Paris between five and six o'clock.
  28. I defended myself, "if I really may be allowed to defend myself," by alleging that being utterly unaccustomed to wine, I had been intoxicated with the first glass, which I said, I had drunk before they arrived, while I was waiting for them at the Hôtel de Paris between five and six o'clock.
  29. And why not? An awful lot of makebelieve went on about that sort of thing involving a lifelong slur with the usual splash page of gutterpress about the same old matrimonial tangle alleging misconduct with professional golfer or the newest stage favourite instead of being honest and aboveboard about the whole business.
  30. Between these two classes we find a number of intermediaries, who take charge of the executions, tortures, conscriptions, and they, too, wash their hands of all responsibility, alleging on the one hand the orders of their superiors, and on the other that it is for such as themselves, who stand lower on the social ladder, to do these things.
  31. This last proof, instead of giving him fresh strength, deprived him of it; the pickaxe descended, or rather fell; he placed it on the ground, passed his hand over his brow, and remounted the stairs, alleging to himself, as an excuse, a desire to be assured that no one was watching him, but in reality because he felt that he was about to faint.
  32. Whilst the chairman was trying to get the attention of the meeting in order to put the question, Bundy had become involved in an argument with several of the new hands who claimed to know of an even better place than the Queen Elizabeth, a pub called `The New Found Out', at Mirkfield, a few miles further on than Tubberton, and another individual joined in the dispute, alleging that a house called `The Three Loggerheads' at Slushton-cum-Dryditch was the finest place for a Beano within a hundred miles of Mugsborough.
  33. She had said good-bye to Dwight at the foot of his staircase, alleging an engagement as she smiled a smile that couldn't but be bleak--it was indeed, she explained, because of this engagement, that she was there that day, and having thanked him for offering to see her to whatever door she was bound for, and said she could easily find her way alone and he wasn't to bother, and having done her best not to let this sound as if she were in any way minding anything, she walked away into the twilight, and out of his life.
  1. They alleged that it was.
  2. It is alleged by them that the.
  3. He is also an alleged terrorist.
  4. They alleged the investigation was.
  5. And what is the alleged fault?
  6. Everything is fixed, he alleged.
  7. The Implementation, Effects and Alleged.
  8. So, were there any witnesses to this alleged.
  9. No, he did not elaborate on his alleged crime.
  10. Security may know some of the alleged offenders.
  11. What? What about the alleged affair? I wondered.
  13. Maybe my real problem is this alleged marriage.
  14. It is alleged that the war was originally unjust.
  15. He has an alleged trained nurse there all the time.
  16. Humphrey: That being the day after his alleged death.
  17. There is much regarding the alleged pilots and victims.
  18. This alleged gun you say you have, where is it?
  19. Enough to bias you against the alleged murderer, Mr.
  20. Since Jill had alleged sexual misconduct that had been.
  21. Fairmont? If Kirsten’s description of the alleged Mr.
  22. The alleged perpetrator was sent back to Broadmoor, but.
  23. The alleged reason for leaving home was that her father.
  24. The alleged gunman in question lives in our neighborhood.
  25. It was, however, an honorary membership or so he alleged.
  26. It wasn't a freaking alleged incident! I was about to be.
  27. Here the reader will remark it is alleged that Simon Peter.
  28. Hunting friends of the alleged assassin vouch for the 158.
  29. If Paul, as is alleged, wrote his series of epistles in the.
  30. Clark alleged that male officers made it quite clear of how.
  31. Unfortunately, this alleged cornerstone of the American con-.
  32. Herminia had pointed him out and alleged that he sold cocaine.
  33. First, then, it was alleged that the war was originally unjust.
  34. The man who is alleged to have murdered Dan Arkin, Mary.
  35. Both have treated this alleged omission with no little asperity.
  36. Chenma, alleged that thirty members of the Dorje Shugden Society.
  37. Benjamin to Egypt to act as surety for his son’s alleged actions.
  38. But it is alleged, by the honorable chairman of the committee, (Mr.
  39. To suggest that there is a mystery here is nonsense, he alleged.
  40. Of course my alleged plans were a cover also, for I had decided to.
  41. Liu worked as a waiter and as a grocery clerk, but was alleged to.
  42. Shockingly, the alleged perpetrator was a convicted rapist; he’d.
  43. You will hear that pipe alleged against me by Bulstrode and Company.
  44. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what has been alleged or.
  45. Instead a full examination of all the alleged similarities was needed.
  46. The alleged suit, he said with a laugh that lacked conviction or.
  47. Howard Hunt, an alleged CIA conspirator in the assassination of John F.
  48. Much has been alleged of the so-called Robber Barons of the 1800s.
  49. We have yet to pay one dime toward the principal of this alleged debt.
  50. Conservative MP Inky Mark alleged that the Liberal government had tried.
  51. The POW had called the police, who’d arrested the alleged war criminal.
  52. Then the young man, to be alone, alleged he had some business engagement.
  53. He is alleged to have killed his second victim just over a week after he.
  54. Several alleged anyone who stuck their neck out with complaints or raised.
  55. This individual is alleged to be responsible for the deaths of the gunmen.
  56. Torhan, it is alleged that Cerise Records is a front for the Russian Mafia.
  57. Sometimes, Da Xiora wondered about the machine-man's alleged lack of humour.
  58. Yet, when he started to voice concerns about the alleged improprieties, he.
  59. Sometimes it is alleged to be deducible from the power to regulate commerce.
  60. The officers alleged that Zaccardelli and others blocked investigations and.
  61. Jason took the time to review the alleged torture at Abu Ghraib on Wikipedia.
  62. The Commission alleged that Posner and his family had improperly obtained $1.
  63. Unfortunate love experiences were also alleged as the reason for my decision.
  64. And then he added with rather gallowsbird humour considering his alleged end:.
  65. He was under trial for six years then for his alleged hand in a hired killing.
  66. The murder convictions…there must be more to their alleged pleas of innocence.
  67. Priority in creation was the ground alleged by Paul as the reason why the woman.
  68. He had gotten the President’s nephew off an alleged rape charge some years ago.
  69. Soon thereafter, he was detained for his alleged involvement with an Ewe coup plot.
  70. In a more recent situation, cover-up again was alleged against the New Westminster.
  71. It is not and never should have been a federal job to pursue alleged child abusers.
  72. The late news had just started, the arrest of the alleged cop-shooter the lead story.
  73. The alleged illnesses, however, have not affected his ability to function in any way.
  74. Ever since that night they had gone to see the Elders about her alleged 'premonition'.
  75. He was alleged to have recruited a score or more of his countrymen to the French side.
  76. Shedmeyer, were you present at the time of the alleged shooting of the defendant?
  77. The family had always alleged that the land was sold using forged papers by their son.
  78. Each word which reminded him of the alleged crime of his son was to him a keen reproach.
  79. Britain and France's alleged failure to confront Hitler is also often falsely portrayed.
  80. Can you tell the jury what happened to you the day after this alleged confession?
  81. They show videos of alleged illegal practice against cattle, lambs, rabbits and pigs in.
  82. When she told her father about the abuse, Davis alleged, Ronald Reagan called her a liar.
  83. The net was really tight now with all three offenders, alleged offenders, under one roof.
  84. It is alleged that the non-intercourse law, constantly evaded, is incapable of execution.
  85. Everybody alleged afterwards that Mitya had turned white as a sheet on her entrance.
  86. He is alleged to have contacts with hawala operators and also the underworld through which.
  87. This page did carry a date – 1807 - long after alleged witches were persecuted and burned.
  88. As the (alleged) daughter of a Rastafarian, who believed that we Jamaicans should and would.
  89. The two alleged triads arrested for Wong’s murder could not possibly have been responsible.
  90. The real effects of the government subsidies constitute the accurate story of these alleged.
  91. My client is not guilty; I will prove that all alleged victims are trying to seek revenge.
  92. It was alleged that Sadam Hussein, a dictator in Iraq, had ‘weapons of mass destruction’.
  93. More so of him than of any alleged nefarious interlopers that may or may not be on the prowl.
  94. It transcends human wit to give any scientific explanation which could cover the alleged facts.
  95. Leonardo Da Vinci, himself is, alleged to have been a former grand master of the Priory of Sion.
  96. The injustice of this attack could only be equalled by the absurdity of the pretext alleged for it.
  97. The government had alleged in his courtroom that Gordon Liddy was boss and mastermind of Watergate.
  98. Michael Moore in his movie Rodger and Me highlighted the alleged inaccessibility of GM CEO, Rodger.
  99. The only investigation is, touching the power or capacity of certain terms to convey an alleged idea.
  100. Besides, if it be alleged that these threatening relate to time only, the main argument is abandoned.
  1. The man actually died after 4 Taser jolts, witness alleges.
  2. But the officers did not take a statement from her, she alleges.
  3. The investigation by the Central Bureau of investigation alleges that Greenhouse was the.
  4. Glenn Greenberg alleges that during his five years in this position he worked as a money mismanager.
  5. The diary alleges abuse and your fears that Nick didn’t want the baby, that he might want to kill you.
  6. There is another source19 which alleges a skeleton of an estimated 110 pounds, 4 foot long woman which is estimated at 4.
  7. The complaint alleges that Rumsfeld et al are principally responsible for a US Military program of detention and torture.
  8. This alleges that the obnoxious expressions are contained in a letter of the 23d of October, and to this limits our assertion.
  9. But one man in Charkov, another in Iver, and a third in Samara, refuse to comply, and, as by one accord, each man alleges the same reason.
  10. Van Thorn now owns the Arkin ranch and alleges to have found gold there, but how could he possibly be linked to this? It still doesn’t make much sense.
  11. In it, he alleges that Nancy Laplante has grossly violated the operating protocols of the Time Patrol by bringing back from the past an ancestor of high historical significance.
  12. William Sherman, the journalist who was instrumental in uncovering this fraudulent mess, alleges that the cost of 1 ounce of bone, in terms of dental implants, is more than the cost of 1 ounce of gold.
  13. But I just wanted to ask the Minister if he has read the column in the newspaper today which alleges that the police know the man they are holding in custody for murder has absolutely nothing to do with the four other murders.
  14. But I shall be told that he shammed illness on purpose that he might not be suspected and that he told the prisoner of the money and the signals to tempt him to commit the murder, and when he had murdered him and had gone away with the money, making a noise, most likely, and waking people, Smerdyakov got up, am I to believe, and went in—what for? To murder his master a second time and carry off the money that had already been stolen? Gentlemen, are you laughing? I am ashamed to put forward such suggestions, but, incredible as it seems, that's just what the prisoner alleges.

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