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    1. The walls in the house are pretty thin, and I sometimes heard him pacing up and down in there in the middle of the night and I swear I heard him call out Liz’s name once

    2. “What is beautiful about my father is that he believes everything on that label,” says Ralph, who says that way back when, he suggested his father’s soap - of which the uses range from shampoo to toothpaste, laundry cleaner to bug repellent, and plant cleaner to body message (though customers swear there are hundreds more uses) -something catchy like ‘Mint Glow’

    3. Of all them, why Fiona bloody Finnegan? Kids will break your heart, I swear to you

    4. "My son and I will both swear to it

    5. I swear to you, you don't know what kind of country you are living in until you've been arrested

    6. She couldn't swear by anything he said, but she couldn't swear against it either

    7. I swear he’s never forgiven you for giving him a ducking that time, Stephen

    8. ‘Very much so, his hedges were always properly laid, even if he had to swear like a trooper at the younger men to achieve a proper result

    9. Without any real range data, he couldn’t swear to the size, but he was willing to bet it was 120 meters

    10. " That's all she needed to hear, "I swear Oriah! The ceremony is in three days and the boy has no idea!" She turns her attention toward Apollo and her voice returns to its soft tone, "Apollo, you can stay here with me if you want, your father apparently has no idea what he's doing

    11. ‘Oh, Kate! How long have you known? I’d swear you didn’t know at Christmas

    12. COURT CLERK: You swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth

    13. This I swear by all I hold holy

    14. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear

    15. I swear it was him

    16. I swear I believed everything that Kaliantikos had said

    17. 'Standing on the spur, I swear a lady was standing

    18. Karen was made to swear that she would

    19. My mother made me swear that I'd never fall in love with a Muslim girl

    20. I could swear that I was a sixteen year old in the excitement of a first love not a sensible forty year old man

    21. I swear she can type as fast as she can talk, but even so she was more into the guys she was hanging with and what she’d seen shopping back of the near north shore

    22. His eyes widened, ‘I swear by the all that is

    23. For the first time in years he tries not to swear

    24. ‘It wasn’t me, I swear it

    25. ‘No! You must swear on something that is

    26. would you have me swear on to seal the bargain?’

    27. whispered, ‘I swear on the souls of my wife and

    28. ' He didn't mind, but before I'd even finished getting him something to drink he'd spotted 'I' several times and I swear I thought I was watching myself carefully! And forget that spinning hands thing

    29. ‘I swear I didn’t have anything to do with that, Angie

    30. I swear it

    31. “I swear on my own life Johnny that if you had anything to do with that

    32. I swear the

    33. I swear the same thickness was used for the windows of the space shuttle

    34. 'I swear in the name of God,' said Jacob earnestly

    35. 'I can’t swear to it, but I imagine it was Sandini

    36. If Tipene knew any swear words, and was not so polite, he would have cursed under his breath

    37. 'I swear to

    38. ‘We haven’t been followed, I’d swear to it,’ Francois

    39. ‘But I didn’t touch it – I swear on the holy Torah!

    40. ‘You’ll swear to it before a priest if you have to?’

    41. ‘Please place you hand on top of this and swear before

    42. ‘Please place you hand on top of this and swear

    43. ‘You would swear this on oath before a priest,

    44. ‘Yes, yes! I’ll swear, I’ll swear

    45. him to swear to what he has told us here today, then take

    46. ‘I swear on my mother’s grave

    47. I wish I could swear I'd change but I can't

    48. I swear that even the cows were smiling as we

    49. And that wall I swear to God had to be at least 75 feet high

    50. My head hit the forest floor and I swear it

    1. Swearing, I hit the brakes hard

    2. it would not stop its heathen roar and swearing

    3. A little banter, some gentle jeering and friendly swearing as they danced

    4. She promised, swearing blue and blind to every saint and deity that she could think of, that she would be good from now on, but no matter how much she pleaded and cried, her father would not to be moved

    5. Swearing, he quickly pulls Adamant over, leaps off the gg and starts delving into one of his bags

    6. The afternoon was turning sour with his sweating and swearing and swaying

    7. Round at the front, I could hear Alessandra on the other side of the door muttering and swearing at her own frustrations, 'Godfrey, can you hear me? Are you down there?'

    8. He suddenly stops and I hear him swearing to himself

    9. She promised, swearing blue and blind to every saint

    10. Twenty minutes later Naria was swearing over the Com channel

    11. swearing, although he did not recognise all of the curses blistering the

    12. The picture cuts to their manager who is swearing blue murder

    13. They heard Ozzie swearing as he slammed his way back into the building

    14. shouting, cussing and swearing from the carters in numerous

    15. (Jeff loaned some money) I was following the Good Samaritan teaching in the Bible and this fellow security guard had been abandoned by his father at a bus stop when Mike was very young along with seven or eight brothers and sisters and they had a very hard life, so his brother was in jail for whatever reason and they begged me to loan him like $600 or $700 to bailout his brother swearing he'd pay me back

    16. He’d been clad all in gang clothing, sporting a bandana around his shaven head and swearing every other word

    17. Then the singing stopped to be replaced by the same voice swearing at the top of his lungs, the fact that they could hardly hear, testament to the thickness of the door

    18. And as the Breton man was hauled forth, swearing, still bound, and still sore from his blow to the head just hours earlier, Carius could see and hear why the young woman next to him appeared so suddenly distressed

    19. We passed through the next right angle bend and came to a halt as a party that had dropped their loads were coming back down the trench there was more swearing and cursing as we all met up

    20. At some stage he heard Doc grumbling and swearing in the bathroom

    21. I think it is our stumbling and swearing he enjoys, because he also has an internal alarm clock that wakes him up every morning at 4:00

    22. If he is in the house, he meows at the foot of my bed until I go downstairs, stumbling and swearing, to let him out

    23. Some pleaded to be killed rather than left to the enemy; several, with blood spurting from their wounds, started to run through the mud; others called for rifles, swearing that they would die like men, not like dogs

    24. He suddenly straightened in his chair, leaning forward, swearing under his breath

    25. Grunt looked about with gathering frustration, swearing quietly to himself

    26. Last they were seen running to France swearing never to return as the interrogators told them to stay away for a few years

    27. Swearing, he turned back and hurried down the hall

    28. Cole Bell knew his wife hated swearing, and that meant she must be really angry with herself for not taking the package out at the first attempt

    29. Swearing , he pulled at his leg, praying that he could somehow work it free before the lamp failed altogether, but his foot wouldn’t budge

    30. Freda was almost hysterical, swearing at the top of her voice - something she never did

    31. One minute Freda had been there, standing in the doorway, swearing like a trouper, firing the gun at goodness knew what

    32. spewed a steady streak of the worst swearing I’d ever heard

    33. I pulled at a door but it was closed and I heard swearing behind it

    34. Probably home now, soon he would be swearing at Henrietta

    35. And Son often swearing his father in hearts,

    36. It happened one night when an imbalanced woman arrived at the apartment swearing and screaming

    37. Suppose a congenital brain disability children, nobody taught him swearing, nor taught his aggressive behavior

    38. 10 For the land is full of adulterers; for because of swearing the land mourneth;

    39. 2 By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they

    40. 9 Accustom not your mouth to swearing; neither use yourself to the naming of the Holy One

    41. 11 A man who uses much swearing shall be filled with iniquity, and the plague shall never depart from his house, if he shall offend,

    42. 13 Use not your mouth for intemperate swearing, for in it is the words of sin

    43. In modern times, the men would have thought Joseph was either joking, or swearing,

    44. Swearing, and using the names of God as oaths is out! So are dodgy stories!

    45. 5 Then Adam said to Eve, "If you saw what I did, tell it not; for I sinned against God n swearing by His great name, and I have placed my hand another time into that of Satan

    46. 1 And if a soul sin, and hear the voice of swearing, and is a witness, whether he has seen or known of it; if he do not utter it, then he shall bear his iniquity

    47. These election officials that threw out the ballots completely ignored an affidavit from an aircraft carrier postal clerk swearing to the fact that mail sent by naval personnel often lacks a postmark

    48. If it please the court, the defense would request that the witness be allowed to remain in his wheel chair for the swearing in and cross-examination

    49. 5 Then Adam said to Eve "If you saw what I did tell it not; for I sinned against God n swearing by His great name and I have placed my hand another time into that of Satan

    50. swearing a promise to the seed, or all generations to come, and that a person

    1. It’s fishy enough that the guy who swears he spoke to Joanna after Sadler had left for the rehearsal works in Sadler’s garage … then there’s the matter of the paraffin

    2. What's going on? The sonic war against me is getting more and more unbearable day by day and I just can't stand it any more! For some strange reason, I am surrounded by all kinds of noise pollution: Every morning, at 7:30 am, my father gets out to the yard and keeps himself busy with meaningless tinkering and hammering at pieces of wood or metal for hours! When I return from work at 4:00 in the afternoon and lie in bed so as to have a brief nap, dad goes upstairs, to Alice's half-built penthouse, and starts hammering at stuff again till 5:30 that I leave for the gym! He doesn't really repair anything, he just enjoys the noise! The yard and the penthouse are full of rusty tools, old dilapidated furniture and all kinds of junk dad finds on the road and carries home! I often complain about the noise and the piggery but he never listens; on the contrary, he swears like a trooper!

    3. What’s a girl to do when the world swears blind

    4. Her mother swears

    5. What a surprise - Ben has done ‘nothing much’ at school ever since he left the reception class - it takes at least a week for information about any event to percolate through and every single time he swears that he told me all about it on the day

    6. As soon as he sees the clock, he swears and stops dead

    7. He breathes deeply, swears quietly once more, and promises himself that he will never work for foreign bloody bastards again

    8. Spotting the mud on his Chinos, Davie raises his eyes to the heavens and swears

    9. The owner swears blind that he follows the rules

    10. Alex swears that it will be worth it, but won't say any more in public

    11. If only he would do Galimoto this final favor, Galimoto swears he will not ask for more

    12. “He swears he saw that up in the high mountain plains, where the snow seldom clears

    13. He who swears by Himself, for there is none greater,

    14. �He was there at that time, but swears he left her alive

    15. He swears on the Bible that she was alive at that time, but, outside of our killer, he's the last person to see Laura Smith-Hughes alive

    16. This young man has been her teacher, and has come to her, she swears, as a kind of ambassador of his people, these same people who are now gathered before us all!” There was a stir among the group accompanied by some mutterings of disbelief

    17. 11 But the king shall rejoice in God; everyone who swears by him shall glory, but the mouth of those who speak lies shall be stopped

    18. to him who sacrifices, and to him who sacrifices not; as is the good, so is the sinner; and he who swears, as he who fears an oath

    19. In that day shall he swears, saying, I will not be a healer; for in my house is neither bread nor clothing: make me not a ruler of the

    20. over the face of the whole Earth, for everyone who steals shall be cut off as on this side according to it; and everyone who swears

    21. 10 For as a servant that is continually beaten shall not be without a blue mark, so he who swears and names God continually shall not

    22. Similarly for that reason, I cannot conceive that, in the real world of an exalted global terrorism that seeks death as a prize and swears to kill whoever opposes its rule, “utopian spirit” can ever become the protective force of our liberty

    23. He looks down at his watch and swears

    24. 3 Or have found that which was lost, and lies about it, and swears falsely; in any of all these that a man does, sinning in that:

    25. If he cared about me the way he swears he does, he would have

    26. My brother swears he remembers nothing of this, but

    27. So he swears under his breath in his mother’s tongue as he strides along the hallways towards the newly fragile stairs but, as he reaches them, something snags at his thought and he turns back

    28. 16 "Woe to you you blind guides who say 'Whoever swears by the temple it is nothing; but whoever swears by the gold of the temple he is obligated

    29. 18 'Whoever swears by the altar it is nothing; but whoever swears by the gift that is on it he is obligated?'

    30. 20 He therefore who swears by the altar swears by it and by everything on it

    31. 21 He who swears by the temple swears by it and by Him who lives in it

    32. 22 He who swears by Heaven swears by the throne of God and by Him who sits on it

    33. He swears in the old Gathandrian tongue and, before the scribe can react, reaches out and grabs him by the top of his tunic, twisting it to drag him closer until Simon gasps for air

    34. The scribe swears again, softly, and the shape of her brother at the front of the hollow casts their refuge into darkness

    35. you blind foolish ones: which is greater the gold or the temple which sanctifies the gold? And whoever swears by the altar it is nothing; but whoever swears by the offering that is on it shall be condemned

    36. You blind foolish ones! which is greater the offering or the altar which sanctifies the offering? whoever then swears by the altar has sworn by it and by all that is on it; And whoever swears by the temple has sworn by it and by him who is dwelling in it; And whoever swears by heaven has sworn by the throne of God and by him who sits on it

    37. 23:2-31 The Scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat therefore everything whatever they bid you observe that observe and do but do nothing like their works because they say and do not do it because they bind heavy burdens and too difficult to be carried and lay them on men’s shoulders but they themselves will not carry any of those things with one of their fingers but all their works they do to be seen by men; they make their phylacteries broad and enlarge the borders of their garment and love the uppermost rooms at feasts and the best seats in the synagogues and greetings in the Markets and love to be called: “Rabbi Rabbi” by men; but do not be called Rabbi because only one is your Master even Christ and you are all brothers anyway; and call no man on the Earth your father because only one is your Father who is in Heaven; neither be called masters because the one is your Master even the Christ but he who is greatest among you shall be your servant and whoever shall exalt himself shall be degraded; and he who shall humble himself shall be exalted; but disaster to you Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites! Because you block the Kingdom of Heaven for men because you neither go in yourselves nor do you allow those who are entering to enter inside; disaster to you Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites! Because you devour widows’ houses and make long prayers as a pretence therefore you shall receive the greater damnation; disaster to you Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites! Because you cross land and sea to make one proselyte and when he is made you make him twice more the child of Hell than you yourselves; disaster to you you blind guides who say: Whoever shall swear by the temple it is nothing but whoever shall swear by the gold of the temple is a debtor! You fools and blind ones because which is greater the gold or the temple that sanctifies the gold? and you say: Whoever shall swear by the altar it is nothing but whoever swears by the gift that is upon it he is guilty; You fools and blind ones because; which is greater the gift or the altar that sanctifies the gift? Therefore whoever shall swear by the altar swears by it and by all things on it and whoever shall swear by the temple swears by it and by him who dwells in it and he who shall swear by Heaven swears by the throne of God and by Him who sits on it; disaster to you Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites! Because you pay the tithes of mint and anise and cumin and have omitted the weightier matters of the law judgment mercy and faith; this you ought to have done and not left the other undone; you blind guides who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel; disaster to you Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites! Because you make the outside of the cup and of the plate clean but inside they are full of extortion and excess; blind Pharisee first clean that which is inside the cup and plate so that the outside of it may be clean also; Disaster to you Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites! Because you are like whitened tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly but are full of dead men’s bones and all the uncleanness inside; even so you also appear to men righteous outwardly but inside you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity; disaster to you Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites! Because you build the tombs of the prophets and decorate the grave sites of the righteous and you say: If we had been in the days of our fathers we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets; therefore you are witnesses against yourselves that you are all the children of those who killed the prophets; Fulfil the stature of your fathers you serpents you generation of vipers; how can you escape the damnation of Hell? So note that I send you prophets and wise men and Scribes; and some of them you shall kill and crucify and some of them you shall beat in your synagogues and persecute from city to city so that on you may come all the righteous bloodshed on the Earth from the blood of righteous Abel until the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias whom you all killed between the temple and the altar; Truly I say to you all these things shall come on this generation

    38. Course he swears a lot, but he always excused hisself

    39. change: (that swears to his own hurt, and) changes not

    40. swear: (that) swears by him

    41. swear: (that) swears to his own hurt

    42. He swears he got the guy

    43. Travis, to this day, swears if he looked out in the Hudson River on a clear night he could see that man floating

    44. Michael Garrett has no prior convictions for child molestation and the overseer of the homeless shelter where he stays swears that he’s a good man, though slow-witted

    45. `I, King Gorham the third, accept Alice as my queen and swears that I will rule with her in harmony regardless of her being the elected queen

    46. He says that he never once saw you in their bank and he also swears that Hammond always took Metcalfe and Jordan into his office then came out with the deposit slips and stamped them him self

    47. 16 "Woe upon you who dissimulate when you take an oath! You are tricksters since you teach that a man may swear by the temple and break his oath, but that whoso swears by the gold in the temple must remain bound

    48. You are not even consistent in your dishonesty, for which is the greater, the gold or the temple which has supposedly sanctified the gold? You also teach that, if a man swears by the altar, it is nothing; but that, if one swears by the gift that is upon the altar, then shall he be held as a debtor

    49. If Xaltotun, then, is the man pictured on the coin, as his Majesty swears he is, that means he was no common wizard, even in his other life, for the years of his life were numbered by centuries, not as the lives of other men are numbered

    50. Dippa swears in frustration; �On me way

    1. She wound up saying she might be detained a little longer than she had hoped but things were moving along and Herndon swore he still needed her help

    2. as an inheritance the land which I swore to their fathers to give them

    3. I swore in whispers as I moved, damning to hell the bastards who had brought me to this state and place

    4. Chief Horcheese landed hard in a three-point stance and he swore she dented the hull

    5. I awoke with a start, my neck stiff and sore, and I swore under my breath, nearly breaking down in tears

    6. I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to leave him to those monsters

    7. My knees were freezing and I swore never to sniff at bikers in all their padded glory again

    8. They checked their legal agreements through, clause by clause and swore to each other in front of various newspaper and television reporters that they would always be true, but no matter how vehemently they protested their love for one another the doubt always remained

    9. Atlantis never swore fealty to the King of Knossos or the High Priestess of the Goddess in Knossos

    10. thee, nor forgets the covenant of thy fathers which he swore unto them

    11. I swore that

    12. My brain is whirling as I lie in bed staring at the ceiling … I’ve read about people who meet and find that they are two halves of the same being … that secretary we had before Claire … she swore she and her boyfriend had that sort of relationship … didn’t really believe her to be honest … especially once I’d met him

    13. " Beth rarely swore in the Lord name, and Alex knew it

    14. She cautioned me that I was to do exactly as requested and swore me to secrecy

    15. He swore that his island was the most secure space on the ship, but she knew it wasn’t secure from Ava

    16. vinegar, but Jean secretly swore that he would search

    17. Alec had watched several soldiers crawl up the thing already, and every time they neared the center the entire bridge bulged downward, flexing till he swore it would surely snap

    18. Whether it was the light of Minos or a trick of his mind, Alec swore that he saw a gleam appear in Solo Ki's dull lifeless eyes

    19. To save this one world -- to save the life of her love and the children she swore to protect -- she had to take this darkness

    20. Once, long ago, he swore to end this monstrosity

    21. Two male slaves testified that Evander swore revenge against their master

    22. Pappi not to report this incident but Pappi swore he would

    23. Their Breton mother, true to form in all of her formidable petiteness and feistiness, swore to protect her tall and broad-shouldered Redguard husband from any and all menaces with everything in her – promising to rip them apart with her bare hands, even

    24. Penelope swore that she had seen the man tense with the mention of the Emperor’s clandestine guard

    25. And among all of the hisses and growls and roars, Penelope swore she could make out what sounded like a voice

    26. When the man grinned this time, Brynjolf swore he noticed the flash of what looked like a fang

    27. Looking warily from his far corner of the room, Maro swore to himself that for a half-second, the eye seemed to glow

    28. All of the things he had had to leave behind in the name of the oath he swore to the Legion and the Emperor

    29. Seeing Russell he swore

    30. He swore and took off down into the next street

    31. I eased my rifle from my shoulder and swapped arms this weapon was my pride and joy but now it seemed to weigh a ton and as I walked along I swore at it under my breath berating it for being so awkward and heavy

    32. I swore under my breath calling the young Lieutenant every swear word I could think of and then some in fact as the fire coming towards me intensified the more I cursed him

    33. We asked George what had been happening at home and he swore saying

    34. Frank swore under his breath

    35. As I finished she was visibly shaking and she swore saying

    36. And number two, she swore that she and Chelsea had spent hours laughing over a pumpkin

    37. And then, while the money race was still on during the 1996 presidential campaign, he swore that he was not in the room when a Chinese General delivered a briefcase containing $600,000 in cash

    38. aghast and swore the telegraph operator to secrecy, and told no

    39. As I watched I felt an anger that I had never known before and I swore to myself that any German I saw from now on wounded or alive would receive the same treatment that they were now dishing out to our lads

    40. I crawled back over to the hole aching in every bone of my body and as I dragged myself through the grass I cursed and swore under my breath and I must admit that I prayed as well

    41. Worse still, she may have revealed vital information, secrets that she and all the team swore they would die to protect

    42. ” Eli then copied the man and also swore

    43. He swore under his breath as he crossed the room to examine her neck

    44. He turned away from her and swore bitterly, driving his fist into the milk bucket

    45. How I still hate the sound of an electrical polisher and swore I that I would never have anything to with one again! I am glad to say I have kept that promise for twenty six years now and fully intend to do until death

    46. Some swore by a certain brand

    47. They discussed the plans Halon had made and Manna swore his allegiance to the cause and promised any help he could provide, wherever needed

    48. They were tired, fed up and hungry by that time and swore revenge on the sergeant and all of us who were cracking up at their misfortune

    49. Forgo and Dorro both swore they saw Dalbo in the midst of the fighting, yelling commands to the two giant bears who were, unbelievably, targeting pirates and leaving the Thimble Down combatants alone

    50. Alex swore loudly, jabbing his finger towards the coastline - now approaching at a rapid rate - trying to make it clear that he was going to land on the Isle of Wight whether or not it was a restricted area

    1. I could have sworn Molly told me that she met his father somewhere in Dorset

    2. Ever since the great patriarch had sworn a pact with the dark stars, ever since he had

    3. Bahkmar knew that was not quite true but Imelse Nostraheem was sworn to more oaths than the technicians were

    4. Therefore being a prophet, and knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him, that of the fruit of his loins, according to the flesh, he would raise up Christ to sit on his throne; he seeing this before spake of the resurrection of Christ, that his soul was not left in hell, neither his flesh did see corruption

    5. (CINDY steps in the witness stand and is sworn in

    6. He would have sworn one was filled with placentas in shallow fish tanks

    7. fear on her face? Jean could have sworn it was

    8. She told me, with some embarrassment, how she tricked Kaitlyn into telling her what her friend had sworn never to tell

    9. echo so perfect that we could have sworn there was

    10. I could have sworn that it was set in a smile

    11. It was said that there had been a Death Guard in the Ancient times, an elite army formed by various races that traveled the worlds sworn to eradicate the Plague

    12. and Jean could have sworn he heard a collective sigh of

    13. "What in the name of the Gods is going on here, Grimgy? I could've sworn that things would've quieted down after last night

    14. Lemoss could have sworn it had licked its lips

    15. Theoton has sworn to your honesty

    16. Locket, she could have sworn that the little,

    17. sworn that the apples were left in the kitchen the last time

    18. Holy Marduk! What more does this woman want from me, a sworn statement on Xonia’s grave? “Are you jealous, or what?” he asked, his patience wearing thin

    19. She could only see the outline of the figure from where she stood, yet she could have sworn at that moment that whoever that person was, he was staring straight at her

    20. “Your sister took the oath and was sworn in

    21. From those sworn to fight for him and give their lives for the homes and lands we hold dear

    22. “Return to your post; but know this: I will not intentionally influence your sworn obligations to the Guild

    23. He could have sworn he recognised the pair from somewhere

    24. Something compelled him to reach under his shirt and pull out the dragon pendant he had so often cursed and sworn to destroy

    25. Isa 54:9 For this is as the waters of Noah unto me: for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth; so have I sworn that I would not be wroth with thee, nor rebuke thee

    26. All the old songs were sung and declarations of undying friendships were sworn none of which would be remembered come morning

    27. } in order to pay his debts, adulterated his coin, all the officers of his mint were sworn to secrecy

    28. We filled the hole in but as we did Bert and I were in a blue funk shaking and I could have sworn that I had filled my trousers as Bert stuttered

    29. “I am your sworn protector,” Terese said sternly

    30. After Lincoln was shot and he lay dying, the argument arose again, but in this case, less than three hours after Lincoln’s death, precedence prevailed and Andrew Johnson was sworn in

    31. ” During sworn testimony taken in the case, Marine officials admitted they would allow speech that favored Islam, but not Nieto"s speech because they considered it “extremist, indecent, and offensive

    32. She becomes Jean Fairsythe’s trainer with the sword to make her a Blademaiden and considers herself the sworn protector of the Daughter of Thor

    33. “Go speak to the police that is my statement, sworn in the name of God and the Torah itself!” and with that she turned on her heel and flounced off the find the Rabbi

    34. If she left now, she would not only be running away from her life, but she would be abandoning Sespian, the emperor she had sworn to honor and protect the day she became an enforcer

    35. “When you were sworn to act as his regent, you made a promise to him and the empire that you would step down when he reached his majority

    36. And then you just carry on to give billions away including sophisticated weapons to a nation who is a sworn enemy of your only true ally in that region called Israel

    37. and colonizer of the American colonies, and the sworn foe to Spain, had

    38. “I have sworn to keep Sarah’s memory alive for Joey and Paul,” he responded quietly

    39. But she had sworn to Em that she would maintain this charade, at least until her father had arrived

    40. Understanding the difference is historically important because the myth of indiscriminate carpet bombing took hold afterwards and we still read with much delight the sworn statements to this effect

    41. The bemused paratroopers were sworn in as policemen for the duration of the contact and mounted a classic helicopter assault as it was before the Rhodesians discovered fireforces

    42. It is also well-known that all outgoing US Presidents sign the pardons the morning before the new guy gets sworn in

    43. The ostrich stopped at the far edge of the field, looking back at the chaos it had caused and for one moment, I could have sworn it was smiling

    44. I stood stock still, my ears ringing with the noise, and just for one brief moment, I could have sworn I heard Uncle Hobart clicking his dentures and chuckling happily

    45. The sworn testament by one of the dancers that she had seen Frank arguing with the dead man earlier that evening in the club, added weight to the Prosecutor’s contention that Frank had beaten, then stabbed the man to death

    46. “In my office, I nearly did something that I had sworn never to do again,” he said

    47. His brother had sworn that it had been a stupid mistake, a one-off thing

    48. But if you should step out in front of a speeding truck, it’s their duty to try to save you, even if they’re Dorian’s sworn enemies

    49. But I could’ve sworn, on pain of anything other than death or excruciating torture involving genitalia, that I had never laid eyes on that man, or any of the other folks on the screen in my life; not even waiting in line for the cash register, or in one of those cult films on after-hours TV

    50. “This ship is in my care and custody, and as a licensed security agent I have sworn to uphold the law and to protect the property thus entrusted to me,” Hartle informed them in an indignant voice

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