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State в предложении (на )

  1. In the state of is.
  2. In a state of bliss.
  3. It is not a new state.
  4. It was the state New.
  5. For this state of shame.

  6. It’s in quite a state.
  7. The state of Avichi is.
  8. First State Bank in 1912.
  9. This state now has big.
  10. The state of Alaska has.
  11. The power of the state:.
  12. Normal State is not verbal.
  13. He’s a ward of the state.
  14. Whatever state I am in, I.
  15. Orland in a state of shock.

  16. M: Love is a state of being.
  17. Each state jumped on this.
  18. M: Nor can the waking state.
  19. Was this the final state?
  20. What is his state of mind?
  21. The rest of this state was.
  22. Mine is not a state of mind.
  23. This state was not a fun one.
  24. Happiness is a state of mind.
  25. We exited the state that day.

  26. Dollars for a state of mind.
  27. Q: Is love a state of mind?
  28. I state my reputation on it.
  29. Our world is in such a state.
  30. M: Echoes of the waking state.
  32. I am in a good state of mind.
  33. It is the only natural state.
  34. Thought is a state of energy.
  35. Political Basis of the State.
  36. The State will get more time.
  37. He lasted in that state for.
  38. CoolWater was about to state.
  39. State of New Mexico, and the.
  40. Conviction is a mental state.
  41. This may be our current state.
  42. Pamela was still in a state.
  43. The state which sprouts sud-.
  44. Look at the state you’re in.
  45. The Shan State soldiers were.
  46. It is just a state unaffected.
  47. Sharing the same Quantum State.
  48. Truly a sad state of affairs!.
  49. Here is my State of the Union:.
  50. In the waking state the world.
  51. We just crossed the state line.
  52. Your state of mind is up to you.
  53. This state of fearlessness is.
  54. A master is in a state of Being.
  55. M: His state is not so desolate.
  56. It’s all in the state of mind.
  57. This means that from the state.
  58. Summers was in a confused state.
  59. We soon entered the state once.
  60. I looked at his state of undress.
  62. To shift to an imaginative state.
  63. Each state could determine and.
  64. We entered the state Iowa safely.
  65. The fourth state (turiya) is a.
  66. The terrible state of the world.
  67. We approached the state boarder.
  68. M: Oh no, it is the normal state.
  69. Q: Is it not a very high state?
  70. Our vision state dissolved away.
  71. It seemed that in the state of.
  72. Both men looked in a sorry state.
  73. You'll come out of the state of.
  74. We had just lost the state title.
  75. Can the state universities where.
  76. Youll come out of the state of.
  77. Although both state and federal.
  78. In the state free from ideation.
  79. These state governments are not.
  80. In that state, very interesting.
  81. His state of mind was one aspect.
  82. Names state who we are, it's our.
  83. Of now the TRANCE STATE majority.
  84. Anyway, this state wasn’t the.
  85. Batistuta awoke in a groggy state.
  86. Years ago Bert lived in a state.
  87. God can’t state the following:.
  88. I had won the state championship.
  89. She was arrested by state officers.
  90. We sped through this state as well.
  91. City, state, and bank name?
  92. Association and State Bar of Texas.
  93. He did time in Rahway, and State.
  94. The knower is but a state of mind.
  95. The authors correctly state that.
  96. Former NC State Chancellor, Joab L.
  97. They are not a 'gift' of the state.
  98. State Governor George Pataki and N.
  99. The State of Rajasthan is beautiful.
  100. When you are living in that state.
  1. I'm only stating a fact.
  2. I’m only stating a fact.
  3. I am just stating facts.
  4. He was simply stating a fact.
  5. Padraig said stating the obvious.
  6. He said, ”No,” stating that.
  7. I am not only stating that for women.
  8. Shiva, as though merely stating a fact.
  9. I am just stating a matter of fact.
  10. Chinese officials stating their interest.
  11. By incorrectly stating that this person.
  12. Stating publicly his move to Lulu gives.
  13. You do have a gift for stating the obvious.
  14. I was merely stating a fact well known to her.
  15. Next is obviously stating your Web site domain.
  16. Julis, you have a way of stating the obvious.
  17. He sets the girls down while stating, I know.
  18. He seems to be stating that Shamir is immortal.
  19. Perhaps there was truth in what she was stating.
  20. She refused to see a psychiatrist stating that.
  21. I felt stupid stating my reasons in bullet points.
  22. Stating the intention positively, in such a way.
  23. Which I’m not, I say, stating the obvious.
  24. I am merely stating that you are not yet lord abbot.
  25. The military responded by stating that Langridge was.
  26. They did this by stating all prisoners of War being.
  27. She didn't win any points with Andrew on stating that.
  28. Are you stating that [the pool owners], before August.
  29. As long as there was no direct statements stating he.
  30. What do you mean by stating it will be too late?
  31. He was very rudely interrupted by this man stating his.
  32. Power Coaching believes in stating the end result, but.
  33. She was not bragging, but stating a fact as she saw it.
  34. But he loves her, Emily said, stating the obvious.
  35. Through the door, said Freddy, stating the obvious.
  36. For example if one of your affirmations is stating that.
  37. She was stating a fact to move the conversation forward.
  38. He looked at me as if he were stating an understood fact.
  39. The officers left their post stating, Have it your way.
  40. But in stating this fact, you must then ask yourself if.
  41. So I’m ok, Jossiah said, more stating than asking.
  42. Stating that the sickness was not unto death, meant that.
  43. Who's full of themselves Lever?! I'm just stating a fact.
  44. But there’s another reason for knowing and stating your.
  45. You’re in a dress, Alric said, stating the obvious.
  46. To another I wrote, stating my case, and requesting advice.
  47. You’re pregnant, Kletsova said, stating the obvious.
  48. I don’t remember any rules stating I have to eat with you.
  49. The boys were let off the hook, stating that they must’ve.
  50. Julie pointed at the ramp and raised her hands as if stating.
  51. I want everything, I said, stating my requirements frankly.
  52. Although it seems obvious, on a rational level, that stating.
  53. There was a sign ahead, stating that it was 24 miles to Hustle.
  54. Ferguson declined; stating that they were going to the airport.
  55. Smith forced a smile, Relax Daniels, I am just stating a fact.
  56. Well, considering that Ditherpedia once had an entry stating.
  57. I take it that these are only different methods of stating the.
  58. I remember her stating that if she was on time she was fifteen.
  59. As mentioned, they promulgate their blasphemies by stating that.
  60. Let me start off by simply stating that we are all the same being.
  61. Well, that’s stating the obvious, I said with a wry smile.
  62. Goldbloom stating, If this report is true we will be relieved.
  63. Oh god, Dominic you're crying, she said stating the obvious.
  64. All employees should be issued identity cards stating the name of.
  65. Connie is still lost, stating, I’ve never been in an airplane.
  66. The National Post newspaper ran an editorial stating that Alcock.
  67. He also sent a deputation to his brother Esau, stating where he had.
  68. The screen went blank for a moment and a prompt box came up stating.
  69. She refused to eat and only kept stating she wanted to go back home.
  70. He was relentless and kept stating, There is nothing wrong with my.
  71. Now, Jude 6 is quite clear in stating there was a fall of angels, or.
  72. Thanks, Alex, she said, as if he were merely stating the obvious.
  73. A nurse checked my weight and took my blood pressure, stating that it.
  74. With me, a simple vocalization stating a desire to abort will suffice.
  75. I practiced stating the horrible facts without any emotion whatsoever.
  76. I am just stating how Rose would have felt about you in this situation.
  77. University of California, Los Angeles, delivered a speech stating that.
  78. The pig snorted as it went, as if stating its disapproval of the melee.
  79. Sixteen professors have signed a letter to Timmons stating the program.
  80. His visitor refused to come inside stating it would be a short meeting.
  81. Republican Buck McKeon has a bill stating the US government has the.
  82. Simply stating that you are willing to do this will begin your journey.
  83. But what if you didn't have two different verses stating the same thing.
  84. The screen flickered and gave me a readout stating, ‘Not Available’.
  85. He spoke as if it were all so obvious, as if he was merely stating facts.
  86. Her posting orders, while stating that she was moved to the Washington D.
  87. After the game Coach Demera played off the wins, stating that everything.
  88. She then notices a button partly faded due to the dust on it stating date.
  89. So he used fear tactics to try to take control of the situation, stating.
  90. If he wrote a column stating, Video’s great but it’s not there yet.
  91. Stackton's involvement and declined the offer without stating his reasons.
  92. He began speaking by stating that he, „still had a dream; a dream that.
  93. Important notices from other sharks stating his request for a meeting in.
  94. The tradition stating that a brother will take the other brother’s wife.
  95. This is a very simple process, in where you’re simply stating the obvious.
  96. Why should I trust you? would be another way of stating this question.
  97. He declined their invitations to sit, stating he had a report to grind out.
  98. Inside the house, Kate was defending Christina’s choice, stating her case.
  99. Open-ended means that you are stating a question in a way that it is going.
  100. Try stating what you WANT, rather than worrying about what you don‘t want.
  1. And it is stated by.
  2. The ad stated that 81.
  3. I stated in the first.
  4. I calmly stated my case.
  5. It is stated in Genesis.
  6. He stated, I guess 181.
  7. It should be stated here.
  8. That was her stated belief.
  9. There it was stated that.
  10. He stated to walk off again.
  11. As stated in a recent (Nov.
  12. As stated before, it takes.
  13. Bruce stated in his barely.
  14. The benefits as stated are.
  15. She merely stated the facts.
  16. Obama has stated that what.
  17. And for the reason I stated.
  18. He also stated that he was.
  19. Then we stated to move again.
  20. And, as it was stated, they.
  21. While it is not stated, the.
  22. It has to be, stated Ray.
  23. At the hearing he stated.
  24. It stated it was already 4:30.
  25. So Wlodawer stated that Mf = 1.
  26. And it is stated by http://www.
  27. You may, the judge stated.
  28. As was stated in Second Kings.
  29. I will see to that, he stated.
  30. I stated earlier in Chapter 7.
  31. Use his power, he stated.
  32. This one would, Paul stated.
  33. We agree then, he stated.
  34. And he stated that because the.
  35. He simply stated matter of fact.
  36. I don’t know, Carol stated.
  37. Good point, the Judge stated.
  38. I stated flatly, You should go.
  39. You are happy, she stated.
  40. It can be stated pretty simply.
  41. He stated that all drug dealers.
  42. You can try, Jackson stated.
  43. I want to leave, Amy stated.
  44. So I stated that ‘the results.
  45. Yes, I agree, stated Iratus.
  46. It has already been stated that.
  47. He’s not here, Luke stated.
  48. I’m an old man, he stated.
  49. More like a century, he stated.
  50. This cannot be stated too plainly.
  51. Again this should be stated as a.
  52. Of course, it stated plainly.
  53. He stated, this one thing I do.
  54. Many authors have stated that if.
  55. It's mostly bravado, he stated.
  56. That’s not him, Ury stated.
  57. That is correct, Mike stated.
  58. As I stated in my opening remark.
  59. Crisp stated with arched eyebrows.
  60. I want a lawyer, she stated.
  61. Or so her birth certificate stated.
  62. The bosses' orders, Dave stated.
  63. We could treat addicts, he stated.
  1. All kinds of states of.
  2. The United States Navy, n.
  4. To me they are states of.
  5. States, in a daily briefing.
  6. In the United States alone.
  7. Of different states of mind.
  8. The Bible states you need.
  9. A report of the UN states.
  10. In the United States Senate.
  11. In the United States, the U.
  12. Elizabeth was in the States.
  13. Canada and the United States.
  14. Yes, in the United States.
  15. England and the United States.
  16. In states where this is not.
  17. However, he never states at.
  18. The United States and other.
  19. In the United States, it is.
  20. States and five outside the U.
  21. In the United States, where.
  22. In the United States we have.
  24. New York State, United States.
  25. Not a problem, he states.
  26. In those states, burglary is:.
  28. In the United States alone, a.
  29. For the states to afford this.
  30. The United States Army had to.
  31. We became „The United States.
  32. So is half the United States.
  33. I just flew in from the States.
  35. Then she can go, he states.
  36. Another theory states that the.
  38. In 2 Timothy 1:10, Paul states.
  39. For the United States of America.
  40. Yoga in Mexico and in the States.
  41. It specifically states that He.
  42. But my article states finite.
  43. However, since these are states.
  44. Revelation 6: 17 states otherwise.
  45. In the United States many, many.
  47. Chimpanzees in the United States.
  48. United States Territory of Alaska.
  49. In those states with freezes,.
  50. United States who need a safe,.

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