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    1. while now they wallow in ambiguous alternative

    2. Sometimes, though, the cues that we receive from others are ambiguous

    3. Luck is an ambiguous term for karma

    4. The US president’s use of the word ‘cost’ in his address statement was deliberately ambiguous; it could either mean cost in monetary terms or a cost in lives to the enemy

    5. It was ambiguous, but at least his tone was a little lighter

    6. This argument does not necessarily apply, however, to ―lower‖ or evolving truths; that is to say, immeasurable ―truths‖ lacking infinite proportion; conditioned by circumstances or events that (oftentimes) require a reassessment of their former assumptions whose (ambiguous) validity lacks a critical center

    7. If he was, then he seems to have been a rather ambiguous choice, to my mind

    8. Some have ideas of heaven and hell but these concepts may be nebulous and ambiguous

    9. Assumptions documented here, should not be ambiguous in nature

    10. The publication Nursing Science is quoted as advocating a new feminist approach that is “open-ended, ambiguous, dynamically constructed, incessantly questioned, endlessly self-revising, never set, but floating and moving with the river of life

    11. our respect for the laws of war against our armed forces and are trying to open the door to claims of war crimes based on ambiguous

    12. Those ambiguous albeit meaningful descriptions constitute the

    13. Most current questions, I wager, define amorphous and ambiguous spaces, and

    14. In October 1929 Lord Irwin, Viceroy of India, tried to make an ambiguous statement in relation to the Dominion status but no changes were made

    15. to have an ambiguous meaning and ultimately it did although

    16. That is: many and ambiguous rules; a chaotic spider-web to use only when you want to or when you sense a result that is coherent with your own interest

    17. meaning of the poem is illusive, ambiguous, and the

    18. The police were hesitant on entering the ambiguous grounds which were beyond the borders of Punjab

    19.  If there is a lack of planning in these areas results may be ambiguous, even useless

    20. ‘Yes, in more ways than one,’ reflected her Ladyship, in an ambiguous tone

    21. Yosef felt ambiguous about the coming birth as he got out of his house, wanting a quiet moment alone to reflect on things

    22. I was ambiguous about

    23. then?’ he said, using the sailor’s code of being intentionally ambiguous, to avert

    24. From the approaching radio sounds, Mitchell then felt their private conversation was somewhat ambiguous, that Nathan may have been speaking through pure anger

    25. profile and a couple of e-mails in the ambiguous world of online dating

    26. showed little interest and seemed deeply engrossed in the ambiguous

    27. Hawaii in reference to his ambiguous references to the land deal

    28. them with his ambiguous speech

    29. Was the hint ambiguous? A threat to her job, as in, walk the plank? – Savannah

    30. Under normal circumstances, Wickland would have thought that they were probably taking the accident to the extremes, especially in light of the past scandals that had rocked the foundations of city hall; however, his perspective on this issue was somewhat ambiguous given his discovery at the Spalding home

    31. Closing the password box and right-clicking on the icon, Wickland selected Properties in hopes of gaining some further insight into the nature of this folder, the title of which was ambiguous and confounding

    32. The political and social situation in Indochina is a lot more complicated and ambiguous than American newspapers might have led you to believe

    33. of its movement is ambiguous

    34. button to symbolize his ambiguous feelings about the endeavor he

    35. It was so ambiguous, you could have argued about ‘local time’ for ever, if you needed to

    36. With as much discretion as I can manage without being ambiguous, I turn the conversation to the topic of a bribe

    37. Genocide required a clear distinction between Keller and his victims, but the data was ambiguous at best

    38. ‘The perception that women are ambiguous by nature is not unfounded for they tend to dissemble

    39. Politics at the best of times is ambiguous, and we

    40. The ambiguous cheering from outside the car mutated inside Byron’s head into one big cheer for him, suitably deluded he finally stepped from the car accompanied, and guarded against bolting, by the beautiful Flower and Candy

    41. prophecy is written in an ambiguous manner, but most of what we will

    42. “And that would be the first type, the Conspirator's Conspiracy?” Olive felt ambiguous about 808

    43. N-generation narration is ambiguous not because it is pragmatically realistic, but because it is idealistically indifferent: it does not have the spirit to will an ideal to action, and rather has an idealism of pragmatically compromised action absent of spiritual direction

    44. So, I ask you again, what is more pornographic, your thirteen year old Cuntry Club daughter texting her breasts to her gender ambiguous gym coach, or the child labor of missing limbs and lost lives in every product, the villages and nations ruined to a migration of extinction by the land grabs, research labs, and corporate conquests extinguishing all that stands between it and profit, the occupation of your boredom, and the preoccupation of your meritorious privilege? You tell me which is more pornographic?” EvEx concluded and hir images faded

    45. When they forgot what they had been reminded of, the Almighty opened to them the treasures of the earth, then He would inevitably and on a sudden destroy them, for the truth became ambiguous to them 'due to their disbelief'

    46. ” Joel quietly interjected, in an ambiguous tone, for he’d also noted the way Kathy had withdrawn from him, her voice chilling a notch when speaking to him

    47. They only had Ellie’s ambiguous text to point them in this direction, but everyone at the station, including Clayton, agreed it was the place the made the most sense

    48. She was filled with sudden insight into why their ancestors had chosen these ambiguous kamon and emblems

    49. He felt this was as ambiguous as he could be

    50. Such an ambiguous thing, this little glow

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