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Empower в предложении (на )

Could it be to empower our youth?
Make the sheep afraid and they will empower.
For Full Terms and Conditions: Empower Network T&Cs.
This will further enrich and empower a Gemini’s mind.
We don’t trust God that He will help us and empower us.
We have rules in our lives that can empower or disempower.
It is love that will empower us to fulfill all of God’s.

Appropriating the reality of the organisation will empower.
The power of God will help us and empower us, to break with our.
Empower your staff and enlist their help to narrow your selection.
The dictators empower rigid rules from lack of the spirit of cooperation.
Is it really a workable government structure that will empower ‘we the.
Love is the ability to empower the other to actualize themselves according.
Please share this little eBook with your friends and family and empower them.
If for example we empower the above question with passion, superlatives and.
The errant Yogini then put forth that she could further empower Namuchi with.
Now God is speaking His will, His purpose, which He will empower to take place.
Okay, now we want to look now at the principles that empower a man's leadership.
Live from inspiration and empower your mind through the power of observation and.
Further more we could add other superlatives that would empower the question even.
As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.
Only then will you be in a position where the Almighty will never empower a devil over you.
IBD and CAN SLIM empower me with the information I need to manage my money more successfully.
When a business truly considers it important to empower employees, it encourages them to speak up.
Empower all believers to exercise their spiritual rights to mobilize with the entire Body of Christ.
Its purpose is to empower and inspire youth to reclaim some responsibility in rebuilding our cities.
Why did he fail to accept these families as members and empower them with better jobs and housing?
This is attained by the power received in the sacred hours of conversation with God, which empower us.
Choosing life over enslavement to the past is a choice that will empower you, free you and move you forward.
In contrast, my leadership objectives focus on pioneering missionary structures that empower others to lead.
Missions, done Biblically, empower leaders in other countries with the authority to govern their own churches.
What shocked me even more was when she started to give a 50 Empower Yourself With Psychic Protection Techniques.
The first liberation of any wisdom culture, therefore, is to empower the individual to construct their own ethic, i.
Empower them to test doctrine, making the Bible’s ultimate authority their litmus test of what they believe and do.
Why? Because it's to empower us internally, to help us in our spirit dimensions in our life - so here's the keys then.
She notified the FBI and volunteered for an inside track within the project that could empower her to free the subjects.
May God empower you the same way to pioneer at home and abroad as you mobilize many laborers and their financial partners.
They envisioned a government that would be fiscally responsible and would empower its citizens by keeping them free of debt.
If we can die with low vibration we have the ability to empower our soul to travel the path of light that defines our reality.
You will discover muscles you never knew you had and discover internal reserves of strength that will empower your daily life.
Jesus was empowering them.
Educating and empowering self.
Answers to Empowering Questions.
The Mind as an Empowering Agent.
Answers to Empowering Questions:.
Ladies, this is a great empowering.
Encouraging and empowering the client.
Such a stance can be quite empowering.
Taking personal responsibility is empowering.
And it is more empowering than a holosuite.
This is an empowering exercise, which I didn't.
Benefits of NOT doing this Empowering Questions.
Allowing is still passive, welcoming is empowering.
Becoming aware of this is in itself quite empowering.
Benefits of NOT doing this and Empowering Questions.
Empowering the Ministry of the Intercession (1Cor 12:28).
One of the really empowering things about putting it all out.
The Baptism of the Spirit is an empowering and anointing for.
It had been so empowering to quit that crummy job this morning.
The women's liberation movement though necessary and empowering.
This new approach was far less stressful and far more empowering.
You will start the process of Empowering Questions with your goals.
Not only will you receive empowering tips, secrets and strategies.
The Subconscious Perspective and Empowering Questions address the.
Everybody has got an empowering story if he or she wants to find it.
It has empowered us as women.
In essence they are empowered to.
But a committee was empowered to assign a.
Live an empowered life above the fold.
Has she empowered you to accept my terms?
Jacob Zuma will be empowered in the future.
Choose now to become empowered and create the.
Empowerment that will yield a new Empowered you.
I have really never felt more empowered, though.
They’ve never been empowered by the Holy Spirit.
He said, What my Lord has empowered me with is better.
I felt empowered and eight years old at the same time.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama shall be empowered to execute.
Health if empowered by a quality type of treatment is cheap.
She had been empowered to grant a wide variety of requests.
I feel strengthened and empowered and can't help but smile.
The police state was empowered by a corrupt court system:.
In terms of Section 51A, the Central Government is empowered.
Therefore, they wake up unexpectedly clear, empowered, and happy.
I want you to feel empowered and excited by the journey you’re on.
He made her feel vulnerable and yet empowered all at the same time.
And since he believed that everyone needs to be empowered, he made.
Army who was the only officer empowered to issue a full alert warning.
I felt empowered, comfortable in my skin and confident in my identity.
This life of the Spirit is empowered when you are baptised in Holy Ghost.
It’s the people at the bottom of the workplace that need to be empowered.
When you are empowered, you minimize the negative impact of causal emotions.
The thought empowered her; now she just had to follow through with the plan.
It’s hard to explain, but it’s like I was empowered like I’ve never.
For one, there is every reason to believe that Modi empowered his team fully.
They empowered the apocalyptic scenario: unconditional dependence upon GE food.
Napoleon’s men felt empowered when Josephine was with them in the battle camp.
In other words whatever's yours, take ownership of it and then you're empowered.
People empowered to communicate about anything and everything create the change.
Then with a surge of power the Holy Spirit empowered Jesus as He opened Hie eyes.
Hell there are heroes and for the empowered women heroine – hell hath no furies.
Empowered by a force unknown to the creature now stooping down to where he sat, its.
The more you know and understand universal principles, the more empowered you become.
Use only helpful, empowering questions to help motivate others to feel empowered and.
This empowers me.
Monroe empowers Mr.
My fear empowers them.
This process empowers.
It empowers his C positivity.
This is how the mind empowers.
She empowers women and the oppressed.
Then the Holy Spirit empowers us to live in.
In contrast, a coherent philosophy empowers you.
Then rewrite the script in a way that empowers you.
He energises, takes over and empowers all our praying.
In other words it empowers you to fulfil your potential.
I tell my story because it empowers me, and because other.
A positive liberty empowers through enablement and access.
Faith empowers the believer to mock the devil, death, evil.
The Holy Spirit empowers us, to bring the message of salvation.
He/she empowers them to reach their most fulfilling results in.
He guides into the truth, sanctifies its agents, and empowers for witnessing.
The other empowers the President to establish a provisional government there.
They love this! This empowers them! If they want that trip to the roller 26.
It empowers her, gives her an occupation and role at home, for herself, anyway.
This knowledge empowers you to reliably, and with absolute confidence, create.
Do you see how that question empowers the buyer to not only answer the question.
Our grassroots training program empowers the community with critical life skills.
He empowers us with His life, while removing the things that are trying to harm us.
Great Hate has no doubt; it liberates, empowers, prompts the hateful to execute their plans.
The Holy Spirit empowers believers in one of two ways the anointing coming and remaining within.
Disruptive technology A technology that empowers a different group of users and gets better over time.
Brings color and light to one’s life With messages of hope for those who weep Empowers strength to the weary and weak R.
Writing To Sell In The Internet Age empowers writers by revealing the immense new earning power that Internet technology gives them.
Since karma deals with cause and effect, there is no need for crippling guilt – only constructive regret which empowers positive change.
It holds that His death does not pay the punishment for sins, but instead, politically empowers people to overcome oppression in this life.
This empowers you to choose to engage only in behaviors that serve your life while no longer choosing the ones that harm yourself and/or others.
New Delhi is not Gandhinagar—just the scale and dimension of the challenge makes it imperative that the leader empowers the Cabinet and delegates work.
We must obey Christ’s mission together, but you must take the initiative to lead! This highest entitlement empowers African Americans who spiritually arm themselves as vanguards of world missions.
The next 'given' is caught in the midst of physical and spiritual dualities and is the emotional center, which empowers our confident orientation within the world we live, through the meaning we bring to it.
Embodying the concept of future possibilities, he empowers all energetic structures with strength, the will to acquire, and a propensity for attainment, which is the foundation of all that which brings renewal.
As soon as the Holy Spirit empowers you, or comes on you, and you're baptised in the spirit, you are able to operate in the gifts of the spirit immediately, if you will learn how to recognise and work with the Holy Spirit.
Additionally, such introspection empowers us to be more aware of what we think, say, and do – thereby leads us to change our unskillful behavior, and in the process plants positive seeds in our mind stream, to then experience pleasing outcomes in the future.
The eight-unit curriculum empowers youth to have healthy relationships by providing information about power and control, elements of healthy relationships and healthy sexuality, and media literacy as well as education on sexual harassment, sexual assault, and dating violence.

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