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    1. Why was this not registering in her self confidence index? Because the lack of yaag cut that pathway off? Or was it a genetic defect

    2. A defect in the law may sometimes raise the rate of interest considerably above what the condition of the country, as to wealth or poverty, would require

    3. employments of labour and stock, which the defect of any of the three requisites above

    4. Barrie, who probably suffered from a growth defect, never had any children of his own although he was married for a time

    5. on account of a defect in the law, its execution depending upon the office of clerk of the

    6. This defect was not remedied till the third of George III

    7. They fill up, in some measure, a very important void ; and supply the place of the merchants, artificers, and manufacturers, whom the inhabitants of those countries ought to find at home, but whom, from some defect in their policy, they do not find at home

    8. that it was a character defect in him as he had a controlling and

    9. if any defect was found the dog was rejected

    10. This was not a bad thing as long as it does not hide another defect

    11. “Although, to be fair, it seems in each case you simply emphasized a defect which already existed

    12. ) So far the biggest problem with Obama care has been a poorly run website, and that is a failure by a private company, not any defect of government healthcare

    13. As no man had ever a point of pride that was not inju-rious to him, so no man had ever a defect that was not somewhere made useful to him

    14. The defect I identify does not mean a person will necessarily be Leftist

    15. If the defect of common sense is slight, then the autism will be slight

    16. --, this kind of defect is perfect, can development in social learning and cognitive theory, when does not involve the sentiment, sentiment question is prominent, processing a variety of

    17. Or maybe he thinks it’ll be fun to have consequences that could be a baby with a heart defect that forces you into medical bankruptcy before you even turn nineteen thus ruining your chances for becoming qualified for more debt help in the future?

    18. 8 Blessed is the rich that is found without defect, and has not gone after gold

    19. Sometimes organizations think that defect is injected in this activity and that can be removed using adequate testing, this is a wrong conception

    20. The defects are injected from requirements activity itself and the defect injected at that stage is more devastating than the defects injected at coding (though volume may be more)

    21. Only Testing based Defect Removal

    22. Defects are logged with severity, defect injected phase and type of defect, these data in addition with defect causes will help in causal analysis, and prevention of defects in further projects and improve the process

    23. Whenever the final outcome is at risk due variation in intermediate phase outcome (ex: effort variance, defect rate, schedule variance, etc) the SQA based on the devised triggers can initiate the causal analysis along with the project manager

    24. For example, defects are normally captured for defect analysis which helps in defect prevention, but if for one week the activity is not happening due to certain constraints, the SQA should be available to monitor and raise this as a concern in the project meeting, so that the problem could be resolved quickly and corrective actions can be taken

    25. The purpose is not to find defect, but the purpose here is to ensure compliance of work product with established standards

    26. If by controlling review time, if the final value of interest Y (for example Defect containment effectiveness) can be achieved, then we might interested in controlling the review time

    27. Nominal: Categorical data where the order of the categories are arbitrary ex: development type, defect type

    28. The addiction problem is due to a society defect that is based on our inability to provide a nurturing environment of truth to our children

    29. This is the society defect

    30. “Me? You were the one who was always saying no and finding a defect in every single guy within a ten mile radius

    31. One of the twins was born with a heart defect (a small hole in the back of her heart)

    32. The heart defect was not known until years later

    33. Now after all the stones were removed and there was no longer a single one lying around the tower he said "Let us go round the tower and see lest there be any defect in it

    34. Spondylolysis is a defect in the formation of the spinal column, most

    35. This defect appears in

    36. the work which the Master Himself adopts, because, in addition to any defect

    37. If the cell survives the catastrophe, the off spring will carry the same defect

    38. If the defect is not serious, the embryos will live and carry the mutation; when the animals mature, their off spring will have the ability to inherit the mutation as well

    39. He was becoming aware of Kirby‘s personality and was gradually realizing that this guy had a serious personality defect

    40. The bodies disturbed the greenery as they slipped beneath the surface creating a blackish defect

    41. Was this due to some character defect in herself, or did everyone secretly feel this way?

    42. “I guess the defect was in my physical brain, which is

    43. They’re more likely to defect, so launch a retention campaign to those customers

    44. Sad? What Defect Is This? Is

    45. had 2 in 100 babies born with some form of birth defect

    46. This defect in his character may only have been confined to the United States

    47. a mind that is perfect and without earthly defect

    48. a physical defect, that was no “accident

    49. The Carrico description agrees with the McClelland directed drawing where about 1/5th of the president’s brain is missing and also agrees with Moorman’s photo where no defect in the right side is visible

    50. The lower photos at autopsy show a much larger bone defect where the table underneath the president’s head is visible from the upper right side view

    1. With the loss of the phone he had REALLY defected

    2. It would be as it was when he was a small child, before the local corporations picked her as their figurehead in Washington and before Ohio defected to Laurentia

    3. Starships changed from mortal frozen-human daedelus torches to Angel-driven bussards, half America’s non-corporate population defected to Laurentia, and Angels and other simulates were granted legal standing

    4. My mother embraced Edward after he defected from Dauntless

    5. converted to Catholicism and became a Catholic priest, and then at the urging of the newly-organized House of Rothschilds, defected

    6. Almost a quarter million have defected to The Just Alliance so far, and while that is still an insignificant fraction of their population, those numbers continue to increase

    7. One of our own had defected and was recaptured three days later in bed with a woman

    8. After Joyce had defected I’d taken the whole business on

    9. Nighthawk and the defected goblins struck at the Illusionaries with their weapons

    10. Nighthawk, the defected goblin, and his assistants forewent parlaying with their maverick kindred and engaged in battle with full force

    11. The vampire and defected goblins wove themselves among their larger opponents

    12. The defected goblins grappled with the horned minotaurs

    13. Nighthawk and his entourage of defected goblins came to the aid of Taliesin and Sharon

    14. Nighthawk and his band of defected goblins moved in a manner similar to the Maegar Dwarves

    15. then?" Farley said "Kaiten too had defected and is now on the

    16. You have not defected

    17. Of the rest, more than half of the ships registered on Earth have defected, most of them after the news of our defeat around Mars

    18. years old and looked a bit like a hippy that’d defected to the dark-side

    19. Only a few minor Italian units and ships either tried to resist the Germans and were wiped out, or defected to us

    20. I’m told that the current thinking by his Director, Egor Ivanovic, is that he has probably defected, but he’s just guessing and not saying anything publicly

    21. “There are those who are occluded and then those who have defected

    22. Of course he wouldn’t be over the slaughter of his people, who defected to Commander’s Tio’s side

    23. As for our Ghandharvas, I’m sorry to say that every last one has defected and gone over to Viswava

    24. of the barrels, I’ll leave you here and tell them you defected, you old rag head!” Colonel Jabul thought that was a funny statement and started to laugh

    25. Our other contact said they think Panin defected by getting on the plane with Miss Tishinsky and they think both of them perished with the Iranians in the Gulf between Sweden and Russia as the boat they thought was there to pick them up was never found after another storm came up right

    26. They were not aware that as living organisms, they had defected to the other side

    27. Seems I’ve been kept out of the loop about what was going on because I defected from Big Phil last

    28. Caleb had defected from Heaven

    29. At the time she could have no idea that her father was an important spy who had defected from the G

    30. Hill had been active on Yahoo’s message boards, but then in 2003 he defected with a bunch of other investors and became one of the first members to join the premium investor site ValueForum

    1. He pieced together the list of defecting military units by intimidating a frail young Melioran idealist who had lost his nerve on the eve of the coup and stayed in Austin

    2. Abusive and/or defecting husbands, fathers and boy-friends, aided by an abusing, male-favoring judicial system in this country, are casting women and children out of their snug, not-so-safe homes in record numbers these days, changing the face of the homeless

    3. We will tell them that the men were defecting to a neutral country and that is why they bailed out and took our chutes so we could not follow them

    4. As a result, a lot of Armada players were defecting to play Terra Firma

    5. The global economic crisis of 2008-2009 had multitudes of customers defecting to cheaper coffee joints like Dunkin’ Donuts, where a daily jolt can be had for about a quarter of the price

    1. Eyestrain is a very common ailment suffered by those who live in a state of nervous tension because slight defects of the eyes, normally tolerated by a calmer person, becomes aggravated in nervous people

    2. Most of his remarks concerned the defects of the engine he

    3. In a fertile soil and happy climate, the great abundance and cheapness of land, a circumstance common to all new colonies, is, it seems, so great an advantage, as to compensate many defects in civil government

    4. with human qualities and defects

    5. This can correct most defects in a person's genetic material providing they have a sufficient number of sex partners

    6. Folic acid is essential in preventing birth defects

    7. the real one, has all the known defects of any

    8. human qualities and defects

    9. determined by the defects of

    10. where m – degree of homogeneity of material, taking into account the character of defects distributing; A – constant value

    11. Modulus of elasticity of concrete reduces with exposure dose increases because of accumulation of structural defects in aggregates and cement stone

    12. If mean and improper persons are frequently appointed trustees ; and if proper courts of inspection and account have not yet been established for controlling their conduct, and for reducing the tolls to what is barely sufficient for executing the work to be done by them ; the recency of the institution both accounts and apologizes for those defects, of which, by the wisdom of parliament, the greater part may, in due time, be gradually remedied

    13. material defects, since you can only expect uniform quality with the strictest standards

    14. Thus „Though in the incidents of my administration, I am unconscious of any intentional error, I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects, not to think it probable that I have committed many errors

    15. The actual training only starts when he is about three years of age by which time x-rays was taken and studied to see any defects on his hips

    16. The Body Count: 200,000 to 220,000 immediate deaths, 370,000 severe long term injuries or early deaths from radiation and other effects, including cancer, emphysema, leukemia, sterility, birth defects, blindness, deafness, and severe burns

    17. Admittedly, that was a lucky find, and I was fortunate to know about bikes and how to fix any defects I found

    18. He hoped that the fact that he would appear to be a young newly-minted second lieutenant would account for any defects in protocol

    19. Elevated rates of cancer, birth defects and miscarriages were widely claimed

    20. His discovery of sunspots was later attributed by critics to lens defects

    21. Were entirely ready to have Steve Case remove all these defects of character

    22. Were entirely ready to have our winkie remove all these defects of character

    23. Except this ethereal form has no defects and displays itself in perfection and suffers no ill effects of the aging process

    24. This type of man is not a neural defects is to create the human body healthy chemical

    25. tsunami and the other that went into details about the defects of the Mark 1 BWR reactors

    26. The defects are injected from requirements activity itself and the defect injected at that stage is more devastating than the defects injected at coding (though volume may be more)

    27. Regression Testing: Re-testing after fixing of defects or modifications

    28. A good testing will cover all the features and critical features adequately tested with, test cases with ability to discover defects

    29. In some organizations they use prediction models, which are based defects identified in earlier phases using review and other techniques

    30. When the predicted number of defects is not identified in testing, then the organization tries to understand or control the testing activities

    31. System report consists of final status of defects and how many are known, accepted and their criticality

    32. Reviews are typically used to detect defects at the early stage for removal

    33. They reduce the overall rework cost compared to completely depending on testing activity to remove defects

    34. In the previous table we can see, without adequate review, it’s difficult for testing to detect all the defects and client will also find many defects in their acceptance testing

    35. The objective of inspection is to detect defects in the work product and ensure that resolution is provided to that

    36. There is separate inspection meeting conducted, and the defects are discussed and moderator governs the meeting, a recorder records it

    37. Defects are logged with severity, defect injected phase and type of defect, these data in addition with defect causes will help in causal analysis, and prevention of defects in further projects and improve the process

    38. · How much the testing is effective in removing defects

    39. Total Defects Detected/Size of product

    40. For example, defects are normally captured for defect analysis which helps in defect prevention, but if for one week the activity is not happening due to certain constraints, the SQA should be available to monitor and raise this as a concern in the project meeting, so that the problem could be resolved quickly and corrective actions can be taken

    41. However if the SQA is involved only in review, then he comes after a month and finds the problem, then no one will be ready to log the defects, as the volume they missed to log might be so high and project will try to avoid taking this job

    42. However be clear the tools also needs data in clear form, if Project enters defects or learning or risk in a messy form, the tool can’t do much and Project effort will not go down

    43. This is very important in product based organizations, as they can’t afford to have products with defects sold to millions of customers

    44. In the example given here on defects category and frequency of a testing in a project, we can see standard, logical and cosmetic defects are playing vital role in the total count

    45. Hence we can concentrate on doing further analysis on these defects and try to reduce or prevent them

    46. location and appearance of unique birthmarks and birth defects that eerily corresponded with

    47. birthmarks or birth defects with the child’s memories of past-life events of physical trauma

    48. number of birth defects still have an unknown cause, ranging in frequency from 43% to 70% of

    49. all birth defects that cannot be otherwise explained

    50. 219 Thus, birthmarks and birth defects that

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