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    1. have a better body

    2. Me, wanting a better life not only for myself and my children, but me

    3. wanting a better life for you and your children and their children, that motivates me

    4. The better story by far was that of the girl who wrote it

    5. It's not selfish to take your time for yourself if you're using it to better your life

    6. If you're using it to better your life and you’re making the lives of those around you better in the process, that’s not selfish

    7. Try looking beyond the present to how future circumstances may be a little better

    8. Note any subtle ways in which you might already feel somewhat better as you deal with difficult situations

    9. "It would be better to catch her offshore, she can't disappear into the crowd that way

    10. Some people are interested in living a better life but they are not committed, and that’s okay

    1. Dark brows furrowed and he bettered his sword grip when he thought he saw shadows scurrying in one of the far corners of the room

    2. Now you have not only bettered the world you left, but

    3. Isodor turned his Land into a school for hunters, he bettered his father in the art of hunting and this could not make Zeus more proud

    4. In spite of heavy losses, they go out day after day in a display of courage and professionalism seldom equaled, never bettered

    5. He practiced it and soon bettered his condition quite material y

    6. respected the rights of others and bettered myself

    7. spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but

    8. We ended up united and at peace because we improved and bettered ourselves, and not by waiting and hoping for an invisible, immaterial God who actually never manifested itself once during those millenniums, except in the imagination of his believers

    9. world is bettered by it'; this its aha! , 'I feel its healing

    10. It's never been bettered

    1. A plentiful subsistence increases the bodily strength of the labourer, and the comfortable hope of bettering his condition, and of ending his days, perhaps, in ease and plenty, animates him to exert that strength to the utmost

    2. to his cause of bettering mankind via the

    3. bettering the lives of the less fortunate

    4. One of Lincoln's final private statements before his murder was that he was going to work towards bettering the situation of California Indians

    5. thus bettering the odds for survival so it could

    6. there"ll be, bettering the chances of success

    7. The politician was away in Mumbai where he planned to give talks on his new schemes for bettering the country

    8. Free of the scourge of war and of the burden of vast military expenditures, the citizens of the Global Council can concentrate on bettering themselves and on continuing to restore the environment of the Earth, which was devastated by a global nuclear war in the 21st century

    9. Don’t you find the bribe money coming in handy for the average in bettering their lives and improving the education of their children? But, if India were to be a Republic of Fairness, then we may have a few accumulating wealth ‘disproportionate to the calling of luxuries’, even as the rest struggle to make both ends meet

    10. Maybe the karma siddhanta that exemplified the Brahmanical concept of linking the fate of men to the deeds of their past births could have even encouraged the have-nots to strive for bettering their lot in the birth to follow that is through good deeds in the life on hand

    1. They bred their children to be their betters, as did their children and their children up until this very day

    2. and we are to live as denatured creatures controlled and directed by our betters

    3. When a player seemingly appears hot or on a hot streak, other betters will play the same numbers in hopes of winning as well

    4. And, again, in this case, she and the other betters were winning with her long streak

    5. everyone saying that their type of religion is betters then yours, and is the

    6. She began to wonder at the new sense of confidence in her husband, ‘Oh, what a difference a little recognition did make to his self-confidence! Why not? When a peg or more betters man in bed, won’t a step or two up at the workplace, buttress the feel good of his?’

    7. But what bowled me in the end are these from the Bhakti Yoga - Scores thought over mere rotting / Betters meditation awareness too / What helps man to find moorings / Are acts his with no axe to grind; Kind-hearted ’n considerate / Friendly natured, forgiving too / Lays no store on highs and lows / Suffers no pride ’n possessive not; Who's patient ’n cheerful / Self-willed as well persevering / Who's hearty ever at work / Makes he devout My beloved; Who’s simple, never in want / Covets he not in vantage post / Shakes him none, he keeps his nerve / It’s such who Me please the most; He’s My darling who craves not / Yet won’t shun the pleasures of life / Takes but things all as they come; Treats he equal friends ’n foes / Scorn or honour minds he not / Keeps he cool in grief and joy / Nurses for none soft centre, and above all, Pats ’n slights all in the score / Treats as equal score My man / Takes he lot of his in stride/ But won’t put the blame on Me

    8. They've no respect for their betters

    9. Also it was Sunday, and in spite of the example of their betters, most of them wouldn't dance that day

    10. Their position is essentially that when we don't like something or feel a media production violates our values we are to sit there with our mouths shut in deference to our supposed creative betters in the ranks of the cultural elite

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