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    1. Today the situation is so ‘immoral’ that only a few of us feel that we were given the correct advice

    2. If a child has not been given correct information, relevant to our perception, about questions he may have asked about God, birth, death, gender difference and so on, then the incorrect or insufficient impressions could affect his life all the time

    3. Observe the correct planting dates on vegetables, etc

    4. The TV, which is wedded to sensationalism, is least bother about the influence of the story on young mind or the frustration of intellectuals in being helpless to correct the situation

    5. We must follow all correct procedures, have PAN number allotted and include all taxable income in the Income Tax return

    6. Even with considerable research the managers of Mutual Funds are not always able to take correct decisions about entering or exiting a particular script as the share price movements usually defy all logics at least in the short run

    7. "God told you that you could from any tree, correct?"

    8. Logically, the tiny robot would have to build a ship and survey the entirety of the world's oceans to get the correct calculations

    9. "Who is it? No hold on, hold on," Sammy paused to correct himself, "Forgive me

    10. "That's correct Garda, yes

    11. to correct this project

    12. Or at least his fellow prisoners thought so and I would have no doubt that they are correct

    13. If Althart had been correct in his back-of-the-envelope calculation of dendrite growth rates we probably would have succeeded and Narrulla's Tear would be inert wrecks of abandoned starships

    14. There is a spell check on my computer so correct spelling is not difficult


    16. Again the question should be asked: how does the church correct such a problem? It is

    17. rulers do not correct the problem, then all the faithful men should go

    18. Bahkmar had to admit that the events of the last week had not made his politics more correct, but they had made him more careful

    19. "That is correct, but how do you know that?"

    20. To one side we see those that are simply subscribing to the correct teaching that we have been raised to new life

    21. What about before you came across? Renald had jumped to the conclusion that you were looking into the problem of illegal immigrants … what if someone had picked up on that and assumed it was correct … yes, that would present a valid reason for someone to try to kill her

    22. He would teach the children how to navigate the gods so that if there are problems in life you can offer the correct sacrifices to the correct gods

    23. Sometimes it is just necessary that you leave your father’s house, even if they have the correct ideologies and theology

    24. You simply don’t subscribe to theologies that you think are correct

    25. ‘It is, that’s the worrying aspect of the whole thing, these people have the correct permissions

    26. I think she is a fine young woman and hope that you will be able to persuade Wiesse that this is the correct course of action to take

    27. If my deductions are correct, the rot goes deep

    28. If there is a problem with volume, if something isn't in tune with the audio or if there are other issues with your video, you can use editing tools to correct these errors

    29. baby" he tries to correct himself at a loss of

    30. "You can never contact them again, is that correct?"

    31. CARRIE: That is correct

    32. JOYCE: Is it correct that you were faced with a predicament - if you fight him, you run the risk of being beaten up, and if you don't fight him, you have consented to having sex with him?

    33. Is that correct?

    34. Is that a correct assumption?

    35. SAM: That is a correct assumption

    36. Isn't that correct?

    37. I have demonstrated the correct Camel

    38. I have demonstrated the correct position in figure 18, and you can see why this posture is named the BOW

    39. strated the correct position in figure 22, page 77

    40. I have demonstrated the correct position in figure 30, page 91

    41. Jake chuckled and told him that he was correct, but this was information that was best not shared

    42. I have demonstrated the correct position in figure 45

    43. I have demonstrated the correct

    44. Do not omit the correct breathing as you perform these exercises and if you would slim do please avoid constipation, as this is one of the worst enemies of the body and of the figure

    45. This mineral builds strong bones and teeth, aids heart action and the clotting of the blood, and helps to establish the correct balance of vitamin D in the body

    46. correct method of directing the thoughts towards positive

    47. I have demonstrated the correct position in figure 49, page 151

    48. Jake learned that Jeffery was correct; the White had been waiting for his Rider

    49. My Lady you are correct

    50. ” That was the correct term for deleted with all backups

    1. A lot of older people have poorly corrected vision

    2. Even if one or two cases were corrected, we would have done a service to the society

    3. The conditions that invite wood damaging termites can be discovered and corrected long before the problem gets out of hand

    4. So, I corrected and sent them an old story of mine titled “Escape from the Tower of Eons”, and it was included in the issue of March! Certainly, this isn't a terrific success, but it is an unprecedented victory for me! I am on cloud nine!

    5. Berndt has the grace to look shamefaced as I turn to him in feigned astonishment, but retorts in kind to his friend, protesting that it wasn’t his fault if Joris had made that assumption; it was just that he hadn’t corrected him

    6. Would that one more pill have corrected it? She thought not

    7. the problem, it can tell us whether we’ve corrected

    8. “Before Tdeshi was born,” she corrected, accusing him of a pronoun infraction

    9. ‘Humans,’ he corrected,

    10. ” Harry corrected his companion's story

    11. “Tdeshi,” Delurna corrected him

    12. Quite by happenstance, I assure you,” he corrected quickly, “and I naturally had to recommend the finest tailor in Redditch for Roger's needed wardrobes

    13. hoping to be corrected

    14. Any information and data still vague, for whatever reasons, was individually determined and corrected

    15. Slowly, walking towards her like a corrected child, he ran his hand along the length of the truck right up to the door handle

    16. "The birth of a child," Jesse corrected her

    17. “Not that any of these gentlemen are of that ilk,” she quickly corrected, “It's just that public prominence seems to go to some people's heads

    18. "No," Jim corrected him "But we wish we did–" looking to his puzzled friend, "It helps when no one says anything

    19. You’re wrong, Nerissa thought, just stopping herself in time before she corrected him aloud

    20. In the process, all my mistakes would be corrected and replaced with more gratifying stuff

    21. “Six and a half inches!” I corrected her

    22. of alligators,” I corrected him

    23. ” I corrected him again

    24. What a coincidence! What was the name of that city in Arabia she moved to? Jibbah or something? Jubbah,” he corrected himself as he suddenly recalled the city’s name

    25. The violence and injustice of the rulers of mankind is an ancient evil, for which, I am afraid, the nature of human affairs can scarce admit of a remedy : but the mean rapacity, the monopolizing spirit, of merchants and manufacturers, who neither are, nor ought to be, the rulers of mankind, though it cannot, perhaps, be corrected, may very easily be prevented from disturbing the tranquillity of anybody but themselves

    26. “Dickson,” I corrected him absently as I stared at the spot Professor Mendes indicated

    27. “Nothing in your experience,” the Elf corrected, “and that is as accurate as I can be

    28. Visual relay gave the illusion of a 180 degree screen, with light-shift corrected for optical clarity

    29. They are, besides, much more easily corrected

    30. "Her," corrected Danny, but he did sit still

    31. ” The web lord corrected himself after a pause and a strange sound that sounded something like

    32. By the time you get through this phase, you will be much more aware of your strengths and weaknesses and most of those weaknesses will have been corrected

    33. “An option,” she corrected

    34. Halon, now steering, corrected the course and made the sail full again as they pressed on in their journey

    35. He stood corrected

    36. “And business-halflings,” corrected his smaller colleague

    37. ” Flesh’ailer corrected Halon on his previous statement

    38. Dust floated everywhere, Amaranthe corrected

    39. Some unscrupulous mates may have also been tempted to block them as a joke (it is not), and many a policeman went into panic stations until he corrected the fault, much to the laughter of his mates

    40. There‘s ―nothing wrong with the picture‖ that can‘t be corrected by the person who done hung it!

    41. “We appreciate each other, she and I,” she corrected Reese gently

    42. They made the mistake to burn the flag and such action showed long haired liberal tendencies that could be fatherly corrected in our eyes

    43. “No, not now,” she corrected in a steady voice

    44. ‘You can always count on God and then me,’ she corrected me before we ended our call

    45. “He is not trying to destroy the drawbridge,” he corrected with an angry snap

    46. These miscalculations will need to be corrected in the future, especially when rapid population growth will eventually transform many of our rural areas into bustling towns and cities

    47. "Five," Soffen corrected him abruptly, "there were five of us who came searching for this truth

    48. "No, not the money," I corrected her

    49. "Surfing," I corrected him

    50. “Because of the bond,” he corrected

    1. Spirit that is correcting us and teaching us how to be

    2. Use this study as the beginning of correcting this work of Satan

    3. Then he turned to another disciple and proposed her correcting my translation, so that the text will return to its original style

    4. It also exerts a healthy pressure on the kidneys, thereby correcting any disorders in their function

    5. fault without correcting it

    6. “Briz,” Tom said, correcting himself, as the older man grasped his

    7. perhaps you won’t,' said Jean, correcting himself as he

    8. honest Christians,’ he said, correcting himself

    9. One interesting point in the notion of time travel is that it creates for us the possibility of correcting our errors of the past while projecting the new reality in the future

    10. But the healthful state of the human body, it would seem, contains in itself some unknown principle of preservation, capable either of preventing or of correcting, in many respects, the bad effects even of a very faulty regimen

    11. He seems not to have considered, that in the political body, the natural effort which every man is continually making to better his own condition, is a principle of preservation capable of preventing and correcting, in many respects, the bad effects of a political economy, in some degree both partial and oppressive

    12. Zorandi was having trouble keeping a steady course, his suit’s fusion units were constantly correcting deviations

    13. The Instructors were not pleased and spent much time correcting him

    14. That needed correcting and it also needed to be firmly established, before he learned of what she had in mind, with him that Caroline was never to learn of anything of it

    15. Many thanks to him for fine-tuning my recollections and pointing out problems that needed correcting

    16. should be identified and Congress should pass laws correcting those situations

    17. Is it possible that we could balance the budget and make a start toward correcting this problem

    18. Or, perhaps his teachers had simply spotted some trends that she herself had come to notice and wanted to work with her in correcting them

    19. Therefore, we propose that in order to eliminate conflict, we must eliminate the disconnect among those with differences by correcting the lack of understanding that arises from ignorance with knowledge

    20. Correcting errors is not restricted

    21. Soon he was correcting my pronunciation and with much effort we were able to communicate slowly

    22. preached, and correcting it should you hear an error

    23. so keen on pleasing man that we avoid correcting

    24. difficult to operate for our purposes, which will be the punching of some cards to be used in a program or for correcting those cards, which have been keypunched incorrectly

    25. I wonder how he goes about correcting the errors in his programs?"

    26. very hard time correcting the imbalances that these items cause

    27. We had been correcting and improving our rules for you benefit too

    28. “The Pastor is remarkable for his age,” she said before correcting herself

    29. Everything serves only to introduce new abuses without correcting the old

    30. If it is truly too much for her, I have ways of correcting that, but I must know, for they are specialized spells that I will not entrust to Talia without years of training as a Healer

    31. ” I thought, Correcting it now might affect Earth and its inhabitants forever

    32. Thank You for looking after us, and for correcting our mistakes

    33. Planets are intelligent beings, and they are capable of correcting errors and problems that exist within themselves, but on the whole, your species has no regard for the effect of your actions on your planet

    34. Pa read it correcting the pronunciation and adding implied words:

    35. He apparently is skilled at correcting this condition

    36. Lord knows I’ve resisted correction many times, but the more I experience His love, the more easy it becomes to receive it because I realize that He is correcting me so that I can experience more of His love for me! What a great motivator to help us receive correction! Sure He also corrects us when we’re being selfish towards others, but even then the more His love flows through us, the more it will increase in our lives as well

    37. One of the standards that God has given me for rebuking or correcting someone is that I should always come into it with the intention and desire of actually becoming even closer to that person than before

    38. 2 Of course, while Science generates theories it also checks it; so there is a correcting mechanism

    39. Because of our limited spiritual capacity it is difficult for us to discern either the Spirit of God or the Spirit of Truth, although many are conscious of the operation of the indwelling spirit in their mind, correcting their thoughts and ministering to their souls

    40. we’d be correcting the corruption and injustice

    41. She has dedicated virtually every waking minute of the last 9 years to correcting the injustice I have suffered

    42. It is a necessary viewpoint of unity instead of separation, thus correcting that viewpoint

    43. word of any Testimonial with the exception of correcting spelling errors and

    44. • The feedback that would tell the business unit and the IT process it was doing a good job, and how to correct what needed correcting

    45. The featurelessness of regrowth forest paralyses the senses and without some means of correcting one"s direction there"s little likelihood of travelling in a straight line

    46. Correcting those events that they caused during their life time can

    47. I didn’t bother correcting him though

    48. with a self correcting balancing movement

    49. Panicked, I grabbed a bottle of correcting fluid, excused myself from class and deleted ‘Singing Cup…Richard Stone

    50. ” He let that stand for now, not correcting himself

    1. creates, changes and corrects everything… God gives us instructions:

    2. Zechariah 11:17) - He takes heed, he is steadfast, keeps qualified, and corrects his own faults, as David did his (Psalms 51)

    3. If I read Proverbs correctly, one of the key components of a father is that he corrects his children

    4. She corrects his latest minor transgression

    5. The Lord corrects us but with justice,

    6. whom the Lord love he corrects

    7. The postscript is, therefore, to be found in few copies ; it corrects several errors in the book

    8. adds something, or corrects him

    9. But know this, I am also He who corrects and disciplines those He loves

    10. Charles corrects himself at the same time apologising to Nana, "Sorry Nana

    11. With that, it corrects the flaw of the current economic model, generating income mainly for the billion of excluded human beings through the passive activities or active activities that exist in any country, without breaking its economy, without any capital loss or work and without there is vinculum to the employment

    12. “It’s much larger than average,” the man with thinning hair corrects himself

    13. do not despise the disciplining of the Lord neither be weary of his correction, because whomever the Lord God loves, He corrects;

    14. who corrects a man shall afterwards find more favour than he who flatters with the tongue

    15. fact the Lord corrects His children, but with great mercy

    16. It goes off course then instantly corrects, goes off course then instantly corrects

    17. “For whom the Lord loves He corrects, Just as a father the son in whom he delights

    18. When God corrects, or rebukes, it is always to accomplish the purposes of His love in our lives

    19. He never corrects people by only pointing out things that they’re doing wrong

    20. Lord knows I’ve resisted correction many times, but the more I experience His love, the more easy it becomes to receive it because I realize that He is correcting me so that I can experience more of His love for me! What a great motivator to help us receive correction! Sure He also corrects us when we’re being selfish towards others, but even then the more His love flows through us, the more it will increase in our lives as well

    21. Since bedwetting often corrects itself in part or in full with time, a combination of some treatments and some patience is often necessary for success

    22. Build a new flowchart that corrects the

    23. “Twenty-three point six,” he corrects

    24. Do you not remember that it is written: `My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of his correction, for whom the Lord loves he corrects, even as the father corrects the son in whom he takes delight

    25. “Merman,” corrects the guardian

    26. She corrects him with an icy glare and tone, “It's my special-secret-place

    27. corrects the gravitational pull

    28. carotene that corrects hormonal imbalance thus helping

    29. Love gives more protection than a law, it corrects everything that was wrong

    30. By this magnific love for the Possessor of Perfection (glory to Him), the spirit will be colored with a stain of perfection; and only such kind of love corrects man’s morals and changes the state of spirit from one to another

    31. “Ya mean my mom and her husband,” he corrects me with disdain

    32. Through this magnificent love for the Possessor of Perfection (Glory to Him), the spirit will come to be colored with a stain of perfection; it is only this kind of love that corrects a person’s morals and changes the state of their spirit from one condition to another

    33. "Try six thousand years," she corrects

    34. My mother corrects him, “No, she was Queen Bumble Bee, and she was the only one in her group with a line

    35. "The work house," she corrects

    36. “It’s not forbidden,” Julia corrects him

    37. A rational man knows—or makes it a point to discover—the source of his emotions, the basic premises from which they come; if his premises are wrong, he corrects them

    38. make that mistake she swiftly corrects it

    39. corrects the problem and then you just resume

    40. ” He corrects me

    41. Installation of vents corrects the problems

    42. presuppose there is a therapist who corrects actions of his patient and

    43. “We are far more lethal weapons,” Ryodan corrects, “and we have you

    44. The regulator samples the air, figures out what’s wrong with it, and corrects the problem

    45. “Ana,” he corrects himself

    46. If the market corrects we would expect our shares not to do as badly as the market as they are already crunched

    47. 10:17:30+00:00 Using the default length corrects the above problem

    48. This gives you some idea of where the stock can trade within a normal uptrend and will keep you in when it corrects sharply

    49. Time corrects many errors in holding performing loans

    50. Even the cheapest security in an overvalued market can be a bad investment, if you believe that it could become much cheaper if the market corrects

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