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Correct в предложении (на )

1. He had to correct that.
2. It is not correct to.
3. With the correct cel s.
4. She had to correct her.
5. My Lady you are correct.
6. And boy was he correct.
7. That is correct, I heard.

8. And he would be correct.
9. See if you are correct.
10. If I am correct, you.
11. If you have the correct.
12. Yes, Tom, you are correct.
13. I correct him, of course.
14. No Jamie, he is correct.
15. NNS story had been correct.
16. If Newton was correct we.
17. Caris did not correct her.
18. But I don’t correct him.
19. And the correct answer is.
20. Was the correct for us BE.
1. Some bad habits need correcting.
2. I’m correcting it, she said.
3. Correcting errors is not restricted.
4. I didn’t bother correcting him though.
5. I aim to spend money on correcting the.
6. Correcting out of a desire to better the.
7. The Muslim nation needs correcting conceptions.
8. Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) functionality.
9. Pilates address the body as a whole correcting the.
10. For me this journey has a self correcting feel to it.
11. Correcting any problems Reviewing the final results.
12. Lezura translated; also correcting it to mynamather.
13. They stop questioning and correcting the actions of.
14. He apparently is skilled at correcting this condition.
15. Spirit that is correcting us and teaching us how to be.
16. Then he looked at me, and said, correcting himself,—.
17. Am correcting the 10th chapter, it is about to be sent off.
18. To the Senate, you mean, said Fanarin, correcting him.
19. And by way of correcting him he struck his legs with his whip.
20. Without correcting this, it increases the risk of a stroke.
21. Various Possible Moves for Correcting Market Prices for Shares.
22. Were they going as far as they dared to in correcting the King.
23. Use this study as the beginning of correcting this work of Satan.
24. You mean, who were my parents? Nathan said, correcting him.
25. Thank You for looking after us, and for correcting our mistakes.
26. No, this is not necessary, but there are ways of correcting the.
27. This little trick is great for quickly correcting typing mistakes.
28. Pa read it correcting the pronunciation and adding implied words:.
29. We had been correcting and improving our rules for you benefit too.
30. The Instructors were not pleased and spent much time correcting him.
31. I wonder how he goes about correcting the errors in his programs?
32. Aye, Trini said, not correcting for their previous momentum yet.
33. Correcting those events that they caused during their life time can.
34. Do not count on successfully correcting spraying urine if the cat is.
35. Briz, Tom said, correcting himself, as the older man grasped his.
36. No, don’t touch me, Garcia said, correcting her misunderstanding.
37. Don't delay in correcting your records and contacting all companies that.
38. He spoke respectfully, but he seemed comfortable correcting his superior.
39. Everything serves only to introduce new abuses without correcting the old.
40. Not at all sinister, she said, correcting herself severely; all most neat.
1. Then I do stand corrected.
2. For him I corrected her.
3. I stand corrected, it seems.
4. I stand corrected, I said.
5. Corrected some typos and errors.
6. The corrected symbols for the.
7. In the morning I corrected Art.
8. It can be corrected by surgery.
9. Well then I stand corrected.
10. Instead being of corrected, it.
11. The car corrected its aberrant.
12. He is, she corrected herself.
13. Adams my mother corrected her.
14. Someone has to, he corrected.
15. He will try, Garcia corrected.
16. Why hadn’t he corrected the man?
17. He corrected her: With a mulatta.
18. Doctor Lloyd, he corrected her.
19. To-day I corrected the 10th chapter.
20. Bomb shelter, she corrected me.
21. Areola, the guide corrected him.
22. Hacked sir, Bridge corrected him.
23. And how is the error to be corrected?
24. No, it’s not, Garcia corrected.
25. No, not happy, Kate corrected herself.
26. That was a rabbit, Sis corrected.
27. The servant will not be corrected by.
28. Bull Terrier, Smith corrected him.
29. An awful crank, she corrected herself.
30. Because of the bond, he corrected.
31. We have good news, corrected Greg.
32. On the contrary, Lester corrected.
33. Her father, Jacob, she corrected sternly.
34. Borodinó, the other corrected him.
35. Sweeny then caught and corrected himself.
36. What’s his job? I corrected myself.
37. Heroine Sir, Thompson corrected him.
38. We have defeat, the CEO corrected him.
39. It can be corrected by surgery and must.
40. I meant the going part, I corrected.
1. A father corrects his child.
2. Ana, he corrects himself.
3. Merman, corrects the guardian.
4. The condition corrects itself in time.
5. Build a new flowchart that corrects the.
6. Twenty-three point six, he corrects.
7. She corrects his latest minor transgression.
8. Installation of vents corrects the problems.
9. It’s not forbidden, Julia corrects him.
10. Time corrects many errors in holding performing loans.
11. Ya mean my mom and her husband, he corrects me with disdain.
12. But know this, I am also He who corrects and disciplines those He loves.
13. We are far more lethal weapons, Ryodan corrects, and we have you.
14. Charles corrects himself at the same time apologising to Nana, Sorry Nana.
15. She corrects him with an icy glare and tone, It's my special-secret-place.
16. Love gives more protection than a law, it corrects everything that was wrong.
17. He never corrects people by only pointing out things that they’re doing wrong.
18. When the price corrects I buy at 150 and move my stop (on both positions) to 125.
19. Corrects acidity of the stomach, allays fever and gently operates upon the bowels.
20. It’s much larger than average, the man with thinning hair corrects himself.
21. It goes off course then instantly corrects, goes off course then instantly corrects.
22. For whom the Lord loves He corrects, Just as a father the son in whom he delights.
23. When the price corrects again I buy at 200 and move my stop (on all my positions) to 175.
24. When the price corrects again I buy at 250 and move my stop (on all my positions) to 225.
25. The regulator samples the air, figures out what’s wrong with it, and corrects the problem.
26. When God corrects, or rebukes, it is always to accomplish the purposes of His love in our lives.
27. The postscript is, therefore, to be found in few copies ; it corrects several errors in the book.
28. If I read Proverbs correctly, one of the key components of a father is that he corrects his children.
29. My mother corrects him, No, she was Queen Bumble Bee, and she was the only one in her group with a line.
30. If the market corrects we would expect our shares not to do as badly as the market as they are already crunched.
31. The effective stop distance will widen as the price rises, before the price corrects and a new stop level is noted.
32. However, just because the market corrects the day after a follow-through doesn’t mean the follow-through was false.
33. This gives you some idea of where the stock can trade within a normal uptrend and will keep you in when it corrects sharply.
34. Zechariah 11:17) - He takes heed, he is steadfast, keeps qualified, and corrects his own faults, as David did his (Psalms 51).
35. These invariably move in the opposite direction when the other side (buyer versus seller or vice versa) corrects the exaggerated movement.
36. Even the cheapest security in an overvalued market can be a bad investment, if you believe that it could become much cheaper if the market corrects.
37. Since bedwetting often corrects itself in part or in full with time, a combination of some treatments and some patience is often necessary for success.
38. A rational man knows—or makes it a point to discover—the source of his emotions, the basic premises from which they come; if his premises are wrong, he corrects them.
39. The reason is that the stock corrects and falls back sharply to its absolute low three times rather than twice, as with a double bottom, or once, as in the strong cup with handle.
40. Do you not remember that it is written: `My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of his correction, for whom the Lord loves he corrects, even as the father corrects the son in whom he takes delight.

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