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Black в предложении (на )

He was black and I.
He wore a black suit.
And black is the sand.
The Black vote is 90-.
It was a black panther.
They were red and black.
The Black Hand of Set.

Yes, I’m a Black Widow.
His eyes only saw black.
One: A black cloud sky.
I noticed a black knot.
Black as coal they were.
The black people shun it.
The black worm hole hole.
Black as the cold ground.
It is the Black Forest.
Then his world went black.
That was his name: Black.
The Black Door is silent.
When to wear black suits.
Black hair and green eyes.
The black cloud took over.
As we fumble in the black.
Vic Damone on black vinyl.
As for the rest of black.
It was pitch black anyway.
But what is a black hole?
Stil dressed in his black.
Then the screen went black.
These are the black waters.
His black hair was neatly.
Then the image turned black.
Black stood there in silence.
Black of the death chambers.
Just then the black prayer.
The black smoke grew thicker.
The black one was by itself.
A large black van passed by.
Before blacking out.
Blacking out was bliss.
She thinks she is blacking out….
I knew I was close to blacking out…or worse.
On one knee, close to blacking out, he heard a voice.
Thomas is trying to fight blacking out, but is losing the.
I remembered the massive headache and blacking out after screaming.
My eyes flickered to stay open, as I struggled to keep from blacking out.
The chauffeur feels something sting his cheek and neck before blacking out.
She would have liked to black her shoes, but she could not find any blacking.
I was on the verge of blacking out when Urtholan finally stopped dragging me.
He was blacking out, but I squeezed his arm and I think the pain brought him back.
The dullness, the silence, the quasi-nothingness—all are blacking out my thoughts and feelings.
Desperately trying to stop himself from blacking out, he reached the top and slumped onto the roof.
The rocks cut into me as I scraped along underwater nearly blacking out before Dog pulled me up on his side of the hole.
Feeling on the verge of blacking out Loric fumbled for the activate button and finding it his shaking fingers pressed it hard.
Big mistake; Greaseball came up to me and kicked me in the head, I started blacking out, then saw the foot coming back at me again.
It is interesting that that is how he has ended: he hires himself out to read the psalms over the dead, and at the same time he kills rats and makes blacking.
It was written by a doctor, but I’ve no idea whether it was accurate: the author claimed that blacking out wasn’t simply a matter of forgetting what had happened, but having no memories to forget in the first place.
Then I felt myself blacking out! While I was blacking out, the next minute I know, is that my soul or spirit is floating around in space! The next minute I know, is that I was in the next building standing on the fifth floor hallway at the receptionist desk with terrible pain in my left leg and foot while my eyes were fixed on the two hospital employees, who claimed to have witnessed me kung fu kicked the storage room door.
And then he blacked out.
This time I blacked out.
Then I blacked out again.
The lil bomber blacked out.
That's when I blacked out.
She must have blacked out.
That did it, I blacked out.
And with that, Rod blacked out.
I blacked out for most of it.
And then you blacked out?
People later assured me I blacked.
Joey hit the floor and blacked out.
On the way home I blacked out again.
As I told you, Doctor, I blacked out.
Shaking and terrified, he blacked out.
Not long after that, Scott blacked out.
Then you’ve blacked out before?
Then as he was sick, he just blacked out.
A gunmetal van pulls off, windows blacked.
The intensity of it almost blacked her out.
What I had discovered before I blacked out.
It seems like only seconds I blacked out.
Each of them had a couple blacked out teeth.
All maps had the state of Israel blacked out.
I felt something give, and then I blacked out.
Relieved that Hanor had blacked out, he would.
Before Manish could say anything he blacked out.
That’s the last I remember before I blacked out.
I saw Ben turn into a Runner before I blacked out.
Every single trade we made with nothing blacked out.
Joseph blacked out and when his eyes opened again he.
I tried to rise, and almost blacked out from the pain.
Joseph's body jerked violently again and he blacked out.
It was a deep silver grey with blacked out windows and.
Does he not trust me anymore after I blacked out last night?
He was so pissed when the cameras blacked out and she was gone.
Had she blacked out herself after she had made the phone call?
The only logical explanation is that I blacked out and ….
It was like he blacked out his final moments before going over there.
Kiera had hit her head on a spare stone on the floor, and blacked out.
The Blacks will continue to.
But why was he killing blacks?
Spend much time with the blacks?
She saw as many blacks as she saw whites.
It must have been done by a party of blacks.
There was lots of trouble with the blacks.
Tallahassee, was aimed at intimidating blacks.
Blacks may fear the political power of whites.
No, the police had just given up on blacks.
But the Bible says blacks are inferior! The.
A peaceful integration of blacks never happened.
He knew how the blacks were treated in the city.
I hate what it does to people - both blacks and.
After they killed him I began to rally the blacks.
So that was why the blacks were up, thought Willie.
A vendetta against blacks, but not a hate crime.
This restriction only applied to blacks, not whites.
Blacks had to sign work contracts they could not quit.
By the time he shifts to survival mode, he blacks out.
Blacks score higher on the verbal than the math portion.
Grays and blacks and red spots surged across her vision.
Clinton Cox – Come All Ye Brave Soldiers: Blacks in the.
The blacks were filing out of an archway into another court.
Skillfully unify blacks and whites into one missionary force.
A gusty sigh rose from the blacks, half in awe, half in fear.
NAACP by Blacks themselves posed no threat of policy revision.
Then he blacks out, his body, so tense a moment ago, relaxes.
Before the rape, blacks had to sit on the back of the bus.
Recognize further that many of them still don’t see blacks.
Two of the blacks turned to meet him, lifting their bludgeons.
In the early thirties, blacks were running government offices.
To him, Blacks were inferior to the White Man in intellect.
Waves slapped the lights off, they needn't have the blacks up.
Only the Bantu's and other blacks and those of mixed blood are.
The girl's make-up is stark and brutal; greys, browns and blacks.
The room was blanketed in darkness until the blacks were removed.
Once you "feel" the beauty of the sky, blacks knew the fruit well.
One out nine Blacks in the cities owned land, homes or businesses.
The blacks shuffled their feet uneasily, but did as they were told.

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