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    1. Him as the serpent of Brass and the Smitten Rock

    2. looked at a simple brass carriage clock, the glass of which was inevitably cracked

    3. The abdomen and loins were of brass and represented Greece

    4. he sat surrounded by coils of brass,

    5. before carousing loudly with a brass band

    6. marks distempered time with the brittle brass

    7. The brass bolt that should have slid

    8. full of chatter and conversation, lit by burnished brass

    9. He lifted the red velvet cloth and unwrapped a three-foot-long brass trishul

    10. On the hull, at eye level, a brass plate announced the name, Kaliantikos

    11. Thom was afraid that the time was coming when they were going to make up a lie just to calm the frustration of the top brass

    12. On it were big brass knobs and levers, a few tall, cylindrical and deeply indented push buttons, and a few large meters with very thin needles that were waving slowly, but remaining in the green

    13. She kept turning that knob until the nicely engraved brass plaque at the top of the panel said ‘Judge’

    14. She turned a knob on the panel and words started going by in the glass covered, brass trimmed window next to it

    15. reflected brilliantly on a brass handle just before the lid of the box

    16. of a sparkle inside the brass of the cartridge, but never in the steel of

    17. Jock gets down to the brass tacks

    18. Harry was sent to the workshop for the four brass reels they had finally finished during the last winter

    19. The sides were all tooled leather over cedar panels and two sewn down wide black leather straps which encircled the trunk and secured it when closed with brass buckles

    20. Contour formed brass balls for feet were fashioned onto the corners as added protection from idle scuffing and a brass locking latch was fitted to the front center

    21. Velvet drapes over the windows let in the morning light which reflected brightly from polished brass fittings on the lacquered wooden poles and ceiling ribs, from which hung ornate lamps and tasseled bell cords

    22. He would love to stop and have a long cold pint of cider, letting the close confines of old wood and brass wrap him up like a corpse in a coffin, somewhere to rest and sleep, but he has to get home

    23. Behind him the lustrous, inlaid paneled cabinets, crimson velvet curtains, and brass knobs and fittings of the state room glowed warmly

    24. He decided to polish all of the brass keyholes on the classroom doors with a new

    25. The brass gleamed like it had on her first day on the job all

    26. Brass plates inscribed with the names of each year's classes were to be mounted, in succession, after commencement exercises were completed

    27. The newly graduated class of '85, the second brass plate, was thus installed on the plaque with great pomp and ceremony at the conclusion of the awarding of diplomas

    28. What they also saw, prominently presented just below the title at the top of the walnut plaque, there for all the village to see and remember, on the first brass plate were the three names of the School's first graduates---the class of '84: Jameson Aloysius Connor, Hipolyta Belle Livingson, and Titania Belle Livingson

    29. The earth trembled a little and opened in front of them, showing a square flat stone with a brass ring in the middle to raise it by

    30. The oak shaft two inches across and covered in brass studs

    31. "That's it!" Theodorous shouted, throwing down his axe and grabbing one of the brass handles

    32. The quantity of brass and iron annually brought from the mine to the market, is out of all proportion greater than that of gold and silver

    33. “That’s what the brass has deemed safest for you at this point

    34. They have a latent talent for martial activities and their physical bodies seem to be constructed of brass and leather rather than sinew and skin

    35. The main entrance was another piece of art with its massive solid wooden door hanging outwards, held in position with polished brass supports to prevent it from closing in the breeze

    36. They followed the spiral staircase in the lobby, flanked by highly polished brass railings, to the top floor where the main bedroom was situated

    37. Ever since the recent meeting between the Legion’s brass and the now constantly vexed commander of the Penitus Oculatus, there had been nothing but nervous and sometimes frenzied speculation

    38. Each drawer had an old-fashioned brass label holder that held a tiny hand-written card with a single pictographic symbol inscribed upon it

    39. He hadn’t walked more than a half-mile when he noticed a fabricated steel bench with a brass plaque affixed to its back

    40. Caitlin’s bed has a brass frame and a new mattress, and sitting on top of the mattress is a small white card that reads “Welcome Caitlin

    41. I hoisted sails, trimmed sails, dropped sails, swabbed decks, greased pulleys, polished brass, secured cargo, and hauled supplies

    42. Extending from the ceiling was a brass chain

    43. “I know what you mean Johnny the brass should have waited for the whole of the 42nd to have disembarked and moved up in support before planning something like this and throwing us in”, he ground out his smoke under his heel with considerable force

    44. Brass or bronze is usually associated in the Bible with God’s judgement

    45. Her dreams were strong, filled with brightly colored horses as she came closer to reaching the brass ring

    46. her fingers, the brass ring was hers and so was Tom!

    47. After a moment's pause as they stopped in line, and then a quick nod to each other, the brass section wailed a long low mournful chord, gently augmented by the rhythm section and lifting it gradually as the front spots came on one by one illuminating each musician in turn, until the rich ring of brass reached its apex, brought it to a cutting halt so that in the split second of silence it seemed to hang in the room like a clarion

    48. Their journey through the Palace was one of mixed feelings of nervousness and awe at the wonders that lay sprawled wall to wall – paintings of battles and ceremonies of kings, queens, heroes, and legends; tapestries; polished armour standing with spears or swords resting at an angle; mirrors as tall as the thirty-feet-high plaster ceilings worked with golden cornices of grapes and vines or paintings of angels flying through blue skies with white clouds; large chests bound in brass or steel or gold; polished furniture of oak, pine, or redwood; tables; stands; dressers and cabinets; ornaments; artefacts; statues of red-and-blue marble or white stone or gold-and-silver, including dragons and other mythical beasts – all arranged in perfect order and all glistening and gleaming as a result of meticulous dusting and polishing from the hundreds of servants in black livery slashed with red and gold or red and blue who walked busily about the hallways amongst the guards, soldiers, and Guardians who stood at every corner and staircase

    49. “Frank’s probably right the Brass just want a sample before the main attack then they and the artillery will know what they are up against

    50. “Once we have our Hun’s they will be sent back to the Staff HQ for interrogation the Brass really need this information as it is critical that we find out just what’s happening over there

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