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    1. An International NGO (which is also active in India) has facilitated the establishment of Old People’s Associations in four locations across Shaanxi Province in China

    2. We should try and take initiative for the establishment of such centers

    3. So far this particular establishment was fine, but he'd been put off by some herdsmen he'd met in the past

    4. And what is the false religious establishment at its core? Does it not have at its heart the very things that the principalities and powers promote? It is based solely off of self-preservation, self-promotion, and self-pleasure

    5. Herod had control of the major religious establishment

    6. The first anniversary of the official establishment of the Guild was celebrated by a brilliant show at the new concert hall here in London … I have a feeling that it has been built on roughly the same site as the Royal Albert Hall on Earth, though I am not positive about that

    7. This is an establishment of the rule of David over the nation Israel

    8. Entry criteria were argued about and the cost of his treatment at the expense of the public purse became an issue for some of the more garrulous members of the establishment

    9. After all, the political and media establishment knew about the magic powers this wonderful document possessed and the great politician knew that these people, who generally failed to see the bigger picture, would be as keen as mustard to see how unfit or stupid various members of the government might be

    10. The fisherman still caught sea bass when time permitted and he still sold them on, although usually to a higher class of establishment nowadays

    11. 'Any individual belief system is regarded as just another cult and its followers seen as heretics and therefore rejected by the establishment

    12. “You shouldn’t second guess yourself, and how were you to know this war would happen? Yes we might have guessed that Alan’s hack would take over the Brazilian expedition when it got there, but how were we to know they would convince the Brazilian establishment to put a viral complex transmitted from that hack into production?”

    13. of the little people to remind the establishment of who it was that

    14. issue for some of the more garrulous members of the establishment

    15. although usually to a higher class of establishment nowadays

    16. images of riot and unrest, of the dispossessed and the establishment

    17. The next villager to cross Mandy's path before achieving the doors of her own establishment was the grocer's wife, Eunice Stubbins

    18. I’m the Warden in charge of this Establishment, and it is my duty and

    19. based at the Reserve Defence Training Establishment

    20. Training Establishment, and become probationary members of the

    21. The establishment still ran on old fashioned lines; notably, there was little incidence of the super-bugs which appeared to afflict the majority of hospitals and the locals appreciated it accordingly, fighting tooth and nail to keep the place open every time there was a rumour that it might be closed

    22. Smythe-Wilkins that you be installed in this establishment, for the duration, at least of Kaitlyn's term of instruction, as her lieutenant

    23. Harry related clearly his perceptions, and observations of both the establishment itself and its management, with the additional promotion that its location in the hamlet was also advantageous, central and accessible, well lit outside and secure

    24. The usual tenants were respectable and the establishment itself enjoys a favorable reputation among the villagers

    25. “We, the Council of Tahoe City, make proclamation of the establishment of a School for our children, aged six through thirteen, to be publicly financed through the receipt of taxes assessed upon all sales of goods, merchandise, and services conducted in this town during the months of June, July and August of each year henceforth

    26. The initial establishment of a temporary location for the first Tahoe City Schoolhouse is the newly renovated building at Main Street and Hill Street

    27. “Sounds like they might have had a falling out with their establishment

    28. One of the provisos she had insisted upon in her contract of transfer was that Jameson would no longer be a member of her former restaurant's staff, which naturally left him with the only avenue available for the pursuit of his chosen vocation---the head chef for the new establishment

    29. By the time the ink had dried on her transfer contracts, Mandy was in possession of the construction plans and interior design drawings for the new establishment

    30. establishment Jean had ever stayed in – the straw on the

    31. Every establishment of every company involved in any ingredient at any time has to follow volumes of regulations that you don’t have a bookshelf long enough to hold

    32. comfortable looking establishment, and when he heard

    33. between the husband and wife who ran the establishment

    34. and labourers, of the country, who have seldom opposed the establishment of such

    35. His tranquility, and peace of mind, having been compromised at the Wayward Inn, Alec sought refuge at a far less crowded, and less refutable establishment, the Timber Wall Tavern; a dilapidated shack that made his former residence seem as grand as the Archenon

    36. It was in no condition to refuse anything to the country gentlemen, from whom it was, at that very time, soliciting the first establishment of the annual land-tax,

    37. According to the eloquent, and sometimes well-informed, author of the Philosophical and Political History of the Establishment of the Europeans in the two Indies, the annual importation of registered gold and silver into Spain, at an average of eleven years, viz

    38. If, notwithstanding a great rise in the price, it still continues to prevail through a considerable part of the country, it is owing in many places, no doubt, to ignorance and attachment to old customs, but, in most places, to the unavoidable obstructions which the natural course of things opposes to the immediate or speedy establishment of a better system : first, to the poverty of the tenants, to their not having yet had time to acquire a stock of cattle sufficient to cultivate their lands more completely, the same rise of price, which would render it advantageous for them to maintain a greater stock, rendering it more difficult for them to acquire it; and, secondly, to their not having yet had time to put their lands in condition to maintain this greater stock properly, supposing they were capable of acquiring it

    39. These natural obstructions to the establishment of a better system, cannot be removed but by a long course of frugality and industry ; and half a century or a century more, perhaps, must pass away before the old system, which is wearing out gradually, can be completely abolished through all the different parts of the country

    40. It must be a long time after the first establishment of such colonies, before it can become profitable to feed cattle upon the produce of cultivated land

    41. the town ever since its establishment twenty years ago

    42. The one has arisen from a mere accident, in which neither prudence nor policy either had or could have any share; the other, from the fall of the feudal system, and from the establishment of a government which afforded to industry the only encouragement which it requires, some tolerable security that it shall enjoy the fruits of its own labour

    43. Such are the people who compose a numerous and splendid court, a great ecclesiastical establishment, great fleets and armies, who in time of peace produce nothing, and in time of war acquire nothing which can compensate the expense of maintaining them, even while the war lasts

    44. When the establishment of law and order afforded him this leisure, he often wanted the inclination, and almost always the requisite abilities

    45. Without the establishment of some regular government of this kind, without some authority to compel their inhabitants to act according to some certain plan or system, no voluntary league of mutual defence could either have afforded them any permanent security, or have enabled them to give the king any considerable support

    46. By the establishment of colonies in distant countries, not only particular privileges, but a monopoly was frequently procured for the goods and merchants of the country which established them

    47. considerably since the establishment of the bounty

    48. The latter glanced back and forth nervously, wondering if he could manage to talk his parent into finally leaving the establishment to return home and sleep off the ale

    49. When our country gentlemen, therefore, demanded the establishment of the bounty, though they acted in imitation of our merchants and manufacturers, they did not act with that complete comprehension of their own interest, which commonly directs the conduct of those two other orders of people

    50. The boat-fishery; accordingly, which, before the establishment of the buss-bounty, was very considerable, and is said to have employed a number of seamen, not inferior to what the buss-fishery employs at present, is now gone almost entirely to decay

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