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    1. save the organisation millions

    2. Don’t know any garages round here … there is one in the village, but I’m reluctant to try it in case they’re a cowboy organisation

    3. I think I may have stumbled across the organisation behind it

    4. As before, I am impressed by the skill of our distant ancestors … I can’t imagine the work and organisation that must have gone into building this place

    5. He thinks we should listen to the wonderful Hellenic Organisation for Tourism, in Athens

    6. Talos jumped up, 'All I said was that the organisation has made a concrete proposition that will save the village, but for it to work we will have to make compromises

    7. I am a multi-billion dollar organisation

    8. organisation which is entrusted with protecting the crossing and the

    9. organisation known as the Watchers

    10. England contingent of that organisation

    11. and, Tom suspected, also by the secretive Watcher organisation were

    12. the organisation, put his head around the door

    13. circumstances, a Guides’ duties included the organisation of travel

    14. This organisation was in overall control of the

    15. equivalent to the Guides – and the mysterious organisation know as

    16. Apparently there was a similar organisation, usually also referred

    17. Guardian organisation in the early Nineteen Thirties

    18. This will mean a lot of organisation for Jo in her role as office manager – the practical side of the move is her pigeon

    19. I couldn’t really see what they were doing but there was a definite sense of organisation about it

    20. If that wasn’t difficult enough for his executives to accept, Toran then had to convince the producer to broadcast the even-more-mysterious datafile, telling his deputy not to run it through verification software since he may leave himself at risk to whatever secretive organisation wanted such information

    21. ’ She recoiled at that, and he continued, ‘of course having me hostage would be such a coup for you’re little organisation

    22. Saldon studied at the shambles of organisation

    23. At that wonderfully incompetent organisation called the United Nations, did these countries support you? Or did they uniformly condemned you and paid lip service to your request in the form of information to save your citizens lives? I think we know the answer to that one for we regularly change channels when we see the bizarre attacks on you with boring consistency

    24. The fact is that the SAP was for many decades an honourable organisation, but as with the defeated German Army in 1945, and the Confederacy of American South in 1865, nothing good is said about them today

    25. A noble organisation was now dishonoured due to the whims of unscrupulous politicians

    26. I once asked a group of delegates from an organisation:

    27.  Is this important to the organisation?

    28. They are doing what that wonderfully incompetent organisation called the United Nations cannot or will not do

    29. I suspect he must have been part of a secretive Afrikaner organisation called the Broederbond for in those days no-one who was not part of it could and would be promoted to senior rank

    30. Did I join an honourable organisation to commit cold blooded murder? Who decide on who live and die? Arrest them and bring them to the court to deal with and be grateful you don’t judge them for they have good reasons for acting the way they do

    31. There is no doubt in my mind that South Africa did the same with an organisation called the "Wit Doeke" which refers to a state sponsored group who attacked the rioters for being "criminals" and chased them away from their town

    32. · The second and the greatest difference can be seen in the organisation

    33. This cottage was on the edge of the woods, about a hundred yards from the house where my parents lived and the office where my father ran his organisation

    34. The only payment my father wanted from Ernest was that he agree to become a figure-head (so-called treasurer) on the triumvirate of the Board that ran his organisation, described as religious and charitable

    35. Because of recent bad publicity, he wanted someone he knew he could trust to manage the office and routines of his organisation during the transition

    36. The remodelled basement held offices and a large area to house the printing press and other equipment needed for the organisation, which relied on mass mailings requesting donations from thousands of Christians in Canada and the USA

    37. I looked for help from the minister of his church - that powerful organisation that backed the repressive government of the day

    38. I am not paid by any religious organisation or church; therefore I can call a spade a spade

    39. The Kenya Wildlife Organisation states that elephants will most of the time only threaten or kill humans to defend their territory

    40. “They’re a special organisation within Shinra that scout for

    41. from Tseng’s organisation that helped her out

    42. Study of Planet Life, as an organisation to protest Shinra, Inc

    43. I won’t abide sloppiness in my organisation

    44. competitive organisation that drives

    45. So many leaders base their role in an organisation on the maxim ‘follow me I’m right behind you’, which relates more to a military type relationship as of a general to a private than a leader /disciple relationship

    46. and agreements drawn up within the Organisation

    47. (5) Work organisation and keeping conditions for all dogs in provisional shelters

    48. protection organisation, and in those municipalities where no such organisation exists, a

    49. recognised animal welfare organisation for re-homing

    50. The organisation of the brain obeys principles of uncertainty and complementarity, as does the physical world with which brains interact, and of which they form a part

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