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    1. They had been quite sure they would be the ugliest people in town, judging by the tourist channel on TV

    2. "Is there usually this much chop in this channel?" he asked

    3. There was a nice big lake sprite there already, but enough room to get the stern of his boat in and slide up along the dock and the channel side

    4. The earpieces of the glasses had tiny in-ears hanging from them, she got them positioned so she could hear and requested a voice channel to her clone sister in heaven

    5. "It's your sister with a voice channel request," Herndon said and tried to acknowledge it

    6. Morg'll like that channel when he gets here

    7. You are seeing a photographic image of this android on live video, not the output of an Angel's personification rendering channel

    8. The native channel selector under the helmet interface was like being inside a ball with screens all round you and when you looked into one it would be the channel

    9. "Wow," Ava said, "It's my sister and she wants to open a voice channel

    10. " She had to play with drivers and things on screens only visible from her side for awhile to get a voice channel open from a mortal on the ground to Ava's universe here on this idealized Carribean beach

    11. While Ava tried to put thru a voice channel to the ground, Glenelle viewed the recorded data from their biggest scope

    12. By now Ava had the voice channel established so her sister's voice was in the room with them again

    13. She had opened a special secret channel into it and could now monitor and control its activity directly

    14. He was a while answering the voice channel request

    15. Glenelle also tried to raise Ava's sister for a voice channel and failed, so she told her about it in a message

    16. She tried to get a voice channel to Herndon next, it was answered, but, "This is Elond, not Herndon," but she was on his pocket-eye

    17. "That was Raleigh on another channel," she said

    18. He is a nice, good-looking and sensible guy; moreover, he is quite wealthy and he has a good job in a big TV channel

    19. He knew the paths to the instrumentation, restudied them, and with a little clandestine help from Enrico, who didn't know he was giving it, found the communication channel to the probe's motor

    20. He was deep into studying the circuitry around that channel when he heard Jaseem call his name from his door

    21. He gave Bahkmar a hardware memory address where the motor instruction would originate, it was his job to get it to the antenna, undetected from the monitors on that channel

    22. Alan pulled his harness off and while doing so the last thing that he saw before Alan killed the channel was a quick view of that girl's nude body as she looked toward Alan

    23. Occasionally a road would reach the channel they were on and they'd see a couple farms and a few houses

    24. They don't understand the human mind, but if they copy the brain at a fine enough level of detail, the interaction you get with that mind is indistinguishable from the living mind over a communication channel

    25. Alan's raft was as isolated as it had ever been, no other native raft was taking the channel his was on within a half hour in either direction

    26. In order to get the water, Herod rebuilt the desert so that water would channel from Jerusalem (17 miles away) through the mountains and to his palace

    27. About the only thing she really knew is that large data bursts were usually introduced with header activity in those first headers Thom had discovered on channel thirty seven

    28. Sometimes only channel thirty seven would have data, and sometimes channel thirty seven would send data first, then stop while the other thirty six had data

    29. Since channel thirty seven was also the only one to have header information, she figured there could be other things special about channel thirty seven

    30. "I think the data sent on channel thirty seven is like the hardware data in our systems

    31. rocks into a pool which then led away down a channel out of the

    32. “Saw that on the Discovery channel

    33. By the end of the 52nd shipping had to keep clearing to maintain a channel thru to Shempala

    34. The river was still braided, but not so hectic, a main channel and some side sloughs

    35. There's a clear channel cut across to Hrrst

    36. Here the river spreads for miles across the flat land and all but the channel was choked with enthora and lon

    37. "There's a hint of seasons here, the clawleaves aren't quite as hangy as in Trenst and it's a little more obvious which is the channel here, but this is a lot of the same look, especially on the south side of the Myassa

    38. Weren't you on the History channel recently?' I asked

    39. He searched every channel of the render engine and found no references to her

    40. He got the channel open, and only to the auxiliary veron store he was pretty sure

    41. He expected data to immediately flow thru that channel and as soon as that happened, he expected Ava to re-appear

    42. “They disappeared into the population my dear,” Thom said, there was still an interstellar channel open with the Brazilian expedition at 61 Cygni and Gordon’s Lamp was able to monitor all the traffic on it

    43. "Is there forgiveness for one who does not provide his wife sufficient comfort in her marriage bed?" Thom didn't know where the viewpoint of Arthur's visual channel patch-thru into this cubicle was, but he looked the confessional grill directly in the eye

    44. “Thanks,” Kelvin said, and cut the channel

    45. Instead of answering a channel and giving a location, she stepped into his office, wearing a very stylish shimmering black suitcoat with a generously padded white fur collar that continued down the front

    46. “If all the molecular errors were coordinated on an otherwise empty channel, it is possible the effect would be picked up as a signal, but the probability is about as great as a pencil spontaneously tunneling out of a pencil box

    47. York,' the BBC news channel reader said

    48. "Sorry that took so long," Ava said from a voice-only channel somewhere in the room

    49. Twenty minutes later Naria was swearing over the Com channel

    50. They were in the channel between two of the inner ring of islands now

    1. This did make the water in the channels smoother

    2. One can select magazines, newspapers, sites and TV channels for whom the site provides on-line linkage

    3. These channels are always open to receive information

    4. She would soon encounter the ship, and knew that the android's skin was wired with pain sensors that she could connect up to her pain input channels

    5. A feed of all the channels Narrulla could currently open from the planet below was up on screens around them

    6. Channels are uni or bi-directional

    7. As a tech, using the diagnostic channels, he could get the real data to a screen in his mind's eye and see that they were really only at seventy five percent but there was none who would dare mention that to the Haadij

    8. It had, in fact, blasted free, but only their data channels went with it

    9. Bahkmar could probably figure out a way to find out with the diagnostic channels

    10. "Who has access to the diagnostic channels?" God asked in a voice that made the whole sky rumble and crack

    11. From there, via one party conversation or another, he landed a series of job offers that culminated with him moving to London as foreign correspondent for Consolidated World News, better known as CWN, one of the many news agencies that supplied stories for the Middle East newspapers and satellite television channels

    12. The channels and sandbars upstream and the configuration of the swamp itself were constantly changing

    13. I think it's all configuration info for the data on the other channels

    14. At a point where three channels of the river joined, Luray thought it looked like it did when she'd first sailed this route to Wescarp, in the early decades of the 34th century when this was still called the sea of reeds and she and Oliar were just leaving the old lands

    15. ’ I said, keen to move the conversation into less emotionally fraught channels

    16. Once he had some mapping he could use, the log entries made sense, at least he could follow the action because Ava did have the audio channels logged that day

    17. Entries were invited from gardeners across the land, the prize being the chance to have your very own television programme about gardening on one of the satellite television channels

    18. Nothing else was rendered in visual channels at all, only the snowflakes they were cruising by were seen

    19. Compared to Gujarat, Ahmedabad had better luck, the Ty channels said

    20. many satellite film channels

    21. From what the channels knew at that point, a mob stoned a bogie of the

    22. TV channels had reached Godhra station

    23. These were the trendiest clubs in the city that night, even though many channels were available that told them the truth

    24. channels what fat does to your arteries

    25. This can only be achieved if the energy channels that supply this

    26. – tip-offs, really – from the Watchers through a number of channels

    27. George lowered each plank down through the channels of the consecutive posts, Harry nailed the once leveled planks into place and once again put on quite a show---He made one hammer blow per nail

    28. several lighthouses and numerous buoys marked out the safe channels

    29. official channels, judging by the aftermath of the motorcycle attack

    30. number of twenty-four hour news channels, his eyes focused on an image on the

    31. Anna follows me into the lounge and watches as I switch between channels trying to find something with the news on it

    32. The conversation became more heated, Desa heard the dyke's voice bellowing commands about channels and pickup sites

    33. changing the channels we saw this

    34. He couldn’t get it off the log and couldn’t get it off a couple system channels she had it on

    35. channels on the tube, there was always a brief stop of curiosity on the Christian

    36. Finally they got around to checking their mailboxes, it seemed they each had several others that weren’t on public channels

    37. “Its that's blasted TV Robert bought it has no proper channels its all so terrifying, frightful, Paul its driving us out of our minds!”

    38. He knew Alfred and Vic could communicate with each other thru the channels on the ship much quicker and faster than they could by speaking using audio

    39. These androids were merely I/O devices with the ability to capture a human body's sensory input channels, and produce a human body's output motions when controlled by a personality that was actually located on some host distributed on the commnet

    40. The diagnostic readouts said all that space was available for controlled execution in a diagnostic space, and for interaction via all sensory channels

    41. All her data really came to her via her soul's sensory input channels and that's all she really knew

    42. All the voice and ear I/O lies next to each other in arrays of channels, one for each of the fifty six souls

    43. another one of the many channels which criss-crossed the

    44. Everything is all data, even the channels of the ions that take the place of their neurons are data, configured in something they call the 'hardware data layer'

    45. the message or there was a dysfunction on the channels

    46. the TV channels al over the world

    47. channels, it would have far fewer crewmen

    48. It ought neither to force nor to allure into either of those two channels a greater share of the capital of the country, than what would naturally flow into them of its own accord

    49. Her commerce, instead of running in a great number of small channels, has been taught to run principally in one great channel

    50. The silver panel clattered to the ground, exposing a circuit board of optronic nodes and fibre optic channels

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    channel distribution channel television channel tv channel canal duct epithelial duct transmission channel communication channel line groove channelise channelize transfer transmit transport carry conduct convey impart conduit pipe sewer strait tube gutter depths inlet slit gouge path furrow send divert redirect route irrigate