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    1. ‘Oh yes, Kate, we had a pretty big contingent hereabouts

    2. contingent that had remained in the west of the country to assist with

    3. England contingent of that organisation

    4. The female contingent of the Bellimont household stood

    5. livestock, each of the older contingent trying to capture

    6. While the rest of the contingent soaked up the

    7. A large contingent of his Guard has disappeared as well, likely moving to join him in the Outlands

    8. craft had loaded its new contingent of passengers and

    9. I know General Tullius has had thoughts of dispatching a contingent to deal with them, but we’ve all had our eyes elsewhere as of late

    10. He was part of the contingent that intended to execute me and others

    11. Carius often wondered if he would be ready should the final battle calls come while he still lead the Rift’s contingent

    12. As he had looked around his contingent in the Rift, he noticed the numbers of humble farmers, fletchers, butchers and even some restless veterans

    13. The previous day Ashpenaz had confirmed that a large contingent of Hebrews from Judah had been captured and that their city, Jerusalem, and its temple had been razed to the ground

    14. In other words, your happiness is not contingent upon what you do or what you have

    15. Are we not the closest contingent to that scene?

    16. “Was, during the Great War? That special contingent he was part of?”

    17. upon their capital; and that whatever remained of their revenues and neat profits at home should be divided into four parts; three of them to be paid into the exchequer for the use of the public, and the fourth to be reserved as a fund, either for the further reduction of their bond-debts, or for the discharge of other contingent exigencies which the company might labour under

    18. As we waited for our orders to move a large contingent of cavalry rode by row after row of sleek well fed horses with the cavalrymen looking down on us from on high

    19. were contingent on the context

    20. had a full contingent for the work ahead

    21. Of course they would have every contingent in place to ensure he was thwarted

    22. The rest of the children continued introducing themselves, including Wyll, Cheeryup, and the large Parfinn contingent, minus poor Soapy, who had vanished without a trace

    23. Nevertheless, that peace was fragile and contingent on diminishing resources amongst a burgeoning population

    24. Chicago, so I found my tan slacks, as well as a blue shirt with all of its buttons, and walked down the treacherous steps again, to find the feline contingent at the base of the stairs

    25. There were no extra females there, and James was off to wherever it was he went, so Hal, Paul, Estrella, Mother and I were the contingent for supper

    26. Apparently, during the Rhodesian war a contingent SAP COIN members who completed their tour of duty met up with a fresh contingent beginning their tour

    27. Space is not contingent upon Matter thereby allowing the possibility that Space is arguably some predetermined, predefined dimension capable of containing nonexistence or non-matter

    28. The main hall seemed quiet although the usual contingent of guards and other castle folk were at the various tables throughout the room

    29. Although this ―group‖ is routinely characterized by the ―mainstream‖ media as right-wing fanatics, this enigmatic contingent, commonly referred to as ―swing voters,‖

    30. “We will have a full contingent of my father’s men within two days

    31. Wealth, in whatever manner acquired or however abundant, is never entirely our own; that is to say, an individual‘s (purported) wealth is oftentimes contingent upon a government‘s need for Revenue

    32. An individual may be aware of having achieved some contingent level of (material) competence in whatever manner, although an awareness of such competence oftentimes implies a presumption of knowledge based on reasonable evidence or what is otherwise assumed to be conditional knowledge because of the (existing) possibility of (potential) misunderstanding(s) or other faulty premise(s) that would otherwise call its absolute certainty into question

    33. A ―probable‖ law is probable inasmuch as it remains subject to ―proof;‖ that is to say, until it is validated by common practices and/or legal interpretations by legal authorities consisting of nonelected men and women appointed to our nation‘s highest courts who remain unaccountable to the American People; subject to contingent legalities that directly affect them and whose ―definitive‖ arguments are (oftentimes) subject to change as the ideological alignment of the courts may vary thereby overriding legislative authority vested by the people to sanction laws by rendering elastic, interpretations of (uncertain) legal propositions and subsequent laws of the land, thereby setting themselves up in a uncertain manner as supreme arbiters of the law

    34. , with my family—the usually husband and kids contingent, with extended relatives who pop in and out of the house from time to time

    35. Months later, Spain sent a contingent of 1300 soldiers to help in the reconstruction of that country which had just rid itself of a perverse and bloody dictatorship

    36. Nevertheless, they had been collectively nervous approaching the fishermen’s wharf, half expecting to see a contingent of police – but there had been nobody

    37. She had been half expecting to see a contingent of police descend upon the table and haul her away! Why he hadn’t asked more directly was beyond her, but relief was palatable

    38. There was less occasion at Camp 146 to deal in tailored uniform shirts and the like, but he was able to sell some items to the men of Company A and the AMGOT contingent

    39. He seems to be pulling the local Italian contingent who love their coffee shops

    40. My upcoming retirement was contingent on the fact that she and I were building a life together

    41. Athens sent a small contingent of troops to help in the fight against Darius

    42. He had fought with the Mexica contingent in Grandfather’s campaigns and had also served under Juchi and George

    43. The antechamber was fairly large and manned by a small contingent of guards

    44. The people in the port were mostly Ishak and Titskan Watitch doing all the work, Hasinai doing most of the supervising with the usual contingent of Choson artisans and Leni lenape merchants

    45. Next they sent a contingent of volunteers who could speak the Kakan language to pose as deserters ready to join the conquerors

    46. There was also a full contingent of sailors on the ship, of course

    47. The Republican Tea Party contingent is in a strong position to ridicule the tendency of “moderate” Republicans to wander “across the aisle,” lured by a “spirit of bi-partisanship

    48. With you and your crew as my guard contingent and the guides as laborers, we could go there to give the appearance of securing some of the grain that they must know is there if those are Pharaoh’s soldiers and not renegades

    49. As if smarting from the exchange, “Bring the rest of my contingent and meet me over there! And you!” he waved a finger at Mahli

    50. Millions of the enemy turned and fired at them at the same time, and in a panic, Povon Translocated the entire Hilian contingent to the other side of the mountain

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