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Contribute в предложении (на )

  2. New Age that I might contribute.
  3. You have MUCH to contribute and.
  4. Memory effects may also contribute.
  5. You can contribute nothing of value.
  6. Each race has something to contribute.
  7. Some have a lot they could contribute.
  8. If I can in any way contribute to the.
  9. I have nothing interesting to contribute.
  10. He said home shopping would contribute $0.
  11. He did contribute eighteen outfield assists.
  12. Thereby contribute to life's happiness not.
  13. There are many factors that contribute to a.
  14. There are causes that contribute to that state.
  15. I will contribute my savings in this priority:.
  16. Elandria smiled and lifted her hands to contribute.
  17. Alex smiled, happy to have been able to contribute.
  18. That gives you the amount you can still contribute.
  19. But there are many other factors that contribute to.
  20. If you contribute to these conversations, you have.
  21. There is a minimum amount you can contribute per year.
  22. You have something to contribute to this, Mars?
  23. This allows others to contribute ideas on how to move.
  24. You are only required to contribute in the sale of the.
  25. Ultimately, we would all contribute in one way or another.
  26. Schumacher Society were reaching out to contribute inter-.
  27. Frank realized that he needed to contribute some humility.
  28. All man made religions couldn't contribute to civilization.
  29. The nuclear industries currently contribute a little over 0.
  30. Eliminate anything that doesn’t contribute to your story.
  31. There are now nearly 4,000 PACs, and they contribute around.
  32. In addition, the various liquidity betas contribute about 1.
  33. More specifically, the necessity of having to contribute to.
  34. All of these elements contribute to your experience of water.
  35. That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.
  36. This, too, can contribute to shortness of breath in pregnancy.
  37. This is not to late for you to contribute your strength to him.
  38. Are there any underlying factors that would contribute to your.
  39. He also knew of writers who could contribute to the publication.
  40. Nature exists to contribute to the happiness of we Human Beings.
  41. Health issues contribute to the litter piling up within a nation.
  42. He does not contribute to destroying the natural world like I do.
  43. Hills of rock and sand that contribute to the dustiness of Cairo.
  44. There are many present but not all contribute in the same manner.
  45. I hope my part will contribute something to the cause, she thought.
  46. Thousands of outside experts contribute to the web site daily.
  47. There are several factors that are believed to contribute to snoring.
  48. These effects of following your passion all contribute to happiness.
  49. Know we all have much to contribute in this life, even if it's only.
  50. Such apparent underreactions could also contribute to price momentum.
  51. And the more money you have, the more you can contribute financially.
  52. Audrey is of the mindset that she is willing and able to contribute in.
  53. Individuals who contribute to the health, profitability and resilience.
  54. They raise its value, and thereby contribute to encourage its increase.
  55. So they will still have a huge population to contribute to the invasion.
  56. There are many factors and causes that contribute to the birth of a star.
  57. To accrue what I hear into this song, to let sounds contribute toward it.
  58. These are the fats that contribute to heart disease and high cholesterol.
  59. The patrons were called upon to contribute for the giving of this dinner.
  60. And it was said to them, Come, fight in the cause of God, or contribute.
  61. Come, I reflected, his father's selfishness may contribute to his comfort.
  62. With an ordinary IRA, the money you contribute is not subject to income 51.
  63. And there was no chance any of these boys could contribute their own funds.
  64. But each village should contribute the same amount so things will be equal.
  65. As you join in the conversations and start to contribute yourself, observe.
  66. Come, I reflected, his father’s selfishness may contribute to his comfort.
  67. Life is an opportunity for us to contribute something that outlasts us and.
  68. The best way for her to contribute usefulness is to dress her with education.
  69. The role of the AMY in learning processes that contribute to psychostimulant.
  70. Flat open interest in a trading range does not contribute any new information.
  71. He did contribute significant cash but only a small portion of the total cost.
  72. Remove all unnecessary practices that contribute to the higher cost of living.
  73. A number of factors are known to contribute to the formation of a drug addict.
  74. Whether she’d have anything useful to contribute, I couldn’t begin to guess.
  75. There are, however, limitations on who may contribute and under what conditions.
  76. These are the little air-guns which contribute to make the ice crack and whoop.
  77. We have Bane here too, who like the rest of you, will contribute in his own way.
  78. You can see that there are many factors that contribute to maximized health and.
  79. In a Roth IRA, you pay taxes on the amounts you contribute, but not the earnings.
  80. In addition, as this was an amateur affair, each player had to contribute to the.
  81. Developers who contribute to the core Bitcoin protocol tend to be very conservative.
  83. How would I fit into this new country? What could I contribute? Not much, I admitted.
  84. A variety of factors contribute to the way our brain stores and supplies information.
  85. Is this right child? Do you have something to contribute to the Royal Court?
  86. Some motives contribute positively to mental health and happiness, and others do not.
  87. If this could help bring back peace, then she would be most proud to contribute to it.
  88. This new object of awareness will be available to contribute to our pursuit of wisdom.
  89. However, increasing the ratio, Assets / Capital, will always contribute to the return.
  91. Therefore, in hitting the mark, one would nurture their mind so that it can contribute.
  92. Impulses are words said to a child to contribute a message before the brain fully grown.
  93. Colling brushed off Gambelli’s suggestion that the other men contribute more than $8.
  94. Bales of hay in the corner make excellent additional seating and can contribute to the.
  95. Indeed, margins and leverage are closely related and more leverage will contribute to a.
  96. Then contribute to a non-registered account with any remaining savings, if there are any.
  97. Anyone who is interested enough to contribute to the development of a protocol is welcome.
  98. Maybe we can contribute statements, but not to worry, our lessons will not be interrupted.
  99. Finally, these objectives plus its presuppositions contribute to the impact of the Project.
  100. They had helped where they could, but longed for an opportunity to contribute on their own.
  1. There were other contributing facters.
  2. Holt contributing her fair share of it.
  3. He insisted on contributing to the cause.
  4. It shows statistic contributing to the truth.
  5. That would be contributing to the greater good.
  6. It was evident that the pains had been contributing.
  7. I’m assuming Cam is at least a contributing factor.
  8. Is there a trapped emotion that is contributing to.
  9. What is needed to create How is TGF contributing to the same?
  10. He was a contributing author to three Commodore Computer books.
  11. It didn’t matter if you were contributing only $100 per month.
  12. We would be raising a contributing member of the next generation.
  13. As you can see, Zombies can be contributing members of society.
  14. Teach them to earn their place by being a contributing part of it.
  15. Your parents should be charged with contributing to her intentions.
  16. Irene River American industries were contributing their fair share.
  17. However, medical research has now shown it is a contributing factor.
  18. I sense there are other things contributing to the sunken land mass.
  19. That mistruth is contributing to the decline of courtesy and goodwill.
  20. I told him not to dye his hair because it could be a contributing factor.
  21. They did not all agree with contributing to the Hospital, for several reasons.
  22. You may be told that the individual is contributing to your success in a more.
  23. On average, people have about 70 years on this planet contributing to the future.
  24. Overtime has been a contributing factor to the current year’s projected deficit.
  25. James Altucher, a former contributing writer for the Financial Times and TheStreet.
  27. Capital, while contributing only 10% of the funds and the balance was contributed by.
  28. Contributing time to test many kinds of user input will help harden a project against.
  29. There’s another factor contributing to the current disaster, Jay Fairchild said.
  30. Sam struggled to think of something to say, as a way of contributing to the conversation.
  31. Superintendent of a contributing church, or an annual contributor of $5 or more to the A.
  32. Evolution most contributing factor is multiplication of the fittest in physical existence.
  33. Here’s what you are contributing in a real legitimate mlm business to make it work: The.
  34. Dealing systems are on-line computers that link the contributing banks around the world on a.
  35. It was willing to have one investor take this on, or as many as 25, each contributing $40,000.
  36. One contributing factor behind this improvement was, I think, the format of the Hebrew-English.
  37. These ingredients are all contributing to the massive amount of MSG found in the American diet.
  38. Whatever the total contributing causes behind this involuntary scenic show, nothing similar to.
  39. After the first shock Trask went cold, contributing only occasional sarcasm to this initial conclave.
  40. A sense of contributing to form the world's opinion makes conversation particularly cheerful; and Mr.
  41. Researchers from NASA's Langley Research Center presented evidence that contrails are contributing to.
  42. Unfortunately there are more and more hard working people that aren't contributing to useful production.
  43. All traditions, myth and customs serve as blindfold contributing to the negative symbolism of blindness.
  44. Another (unintended) factor contributing to worker anxiety is low savings/investment to spending ratios.
  45. While they may believe that they are contributing something of value to the trade, this is often not true.
  46. It sounds strange, but it’s true - your child’s habits at school may be contributing to problems at home.
  47. Further, increasing the data length increases the latency of the measured result, further contributing to lag.
  48. Commander Kakuzo Iida, the Mummy, was sentenced to death for contributing to the deaths of five captives.
  49. The advantages that can accrue to ruling parties are a major contributing factor to democratic atrophy in Africa.
  50. One of the engineers contributing remotely to the project was located on the research station where Greg grew up.
  51. Weston, the founding president of Crozer Seminary in Pennsylvania, as a contributing editor to the Bible’s notes.
  52. The performance might have been the cause but Natalie’s t-shirt and hot pants must’ve been contributing factors.
  53. There have been a couple of deaths where we have suspected that the side effects were the direct contributing cause.
  54. But whether he should succeed in that mode of contributing to the majority on the right side was very doubtful to him.
  55. He cherished his wife, relatives and friends and was a giving person, contributing many dollars to numerous charities.
  56. But it is usually assumed you are contributing more dollars to a tax-advantaged account than you are to a taxable one.
  57. They have a hard time compromising on issues that affect the entire population, contributing to congressional gridlock.
  58. This support programme did not materialise in Namibia and was one of the main contributing factors leading to its demise.
  59. Right up to the election itself many conservatives remained convinced he was not one of them, contributing to his defeat.
  60. As you negotiate the deal, make sure your interests are completely aligned and that each party is contributing in all areas.
  61. Some doctors have found that reactions to smoking and birth control pills can be additional contributing factors in migraines.
  62. She was the lava that was forming and showed her incapability to resolve and be a contributing factor in forming a happy home.
  63. There were heaps of garbage and filth on the pavements contributing to the constant stench that arose from the stagnant water.
  64. His sacrifice (restitution) seems to have been for the sin of artifice, contributing to his brother’s loss of his birthright.
  65. Common statistical analysis can identify correlations between any number of contributing risk factors and their impact on health.
  66. If you stay here and are a part of this system then you’re contributing to the system that promotes war and jihad and terrorism.
  67. At any rate, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep for five days, leading to my first psychosis, or at least contributing to it.
  68. Sure it is a better world that isn't run by greedy warlords and corrupt governments, but it is still based on everyone contributing.
  69. Even upon this very moderate supposition, the great body of the people, over and above contributing the tax which pays the bounty of 5s.
  70. You learned how to cope with variation through controlling, blocking, measuring or randomizing with respect to all contributing factors.
  71. And what comes next is so simple and so profound that it almost knocks me backward: For 43 years I’ve just focused on contributing.
  72. They also started the education process that would culminate in the passengers becoming contributing members of the community on Homestead.
  73. Soon a small band of volunteers joined Satoshi in contributing new features and fixing bugs (however, the fundamental design never changed).
  74. Yet, we continue to spend billions of dollars annually in support of an industry that is contributing to the racial genocide of black Americans.
  75. His father too was becoming a nuisance, insisting it was time his son found an after school job and started contributing to the family expenses.
  76. Determined not to quit Marianne, though hopeless of contributing, at present, to her ease, she hurried away to excuse herself from attending Mrs.
  77. To be successful in single parenting, one should realize that each member of the family is capable of contributing to the solution of any problem.
  78. If you are contributing to the design or analysis of someone else’s research efforts, a restatement of the objectives is an essential first step.
  79. In the knowledge organization, knowledge workers are the stars of the team, scoring points by contributing to the comapny’s intellectual capital.
  80. By achieving a good mental health and physical health, you become capable of contributing something good towards your family and also to this society.
  81. Correction of any type of sex misdemeanor requires insight, forbearance, a vast amount of emotional poise, and an understanding of contributing causes.
  82. Soon he found himself engaged in high-level discussions, contributing his perspective to innovative projects and engaging a passel of impressive peers.
  83. Usage of prototypes, conference room piloting, performing meeting with client or review by client all of them contributing to validation of requirements.
  84. Do you know why? Because she believed that it had been a joint effort, with Marines, soldiers and sailors as well as aviators contributing to the victory.
  85. These home missions societies established African-American churches and colleges, contributing to the idea that blacks should focus only on local missions.
  86. For example, decision support tools should be transparent to the current workflow, thereby augmenting current processes and contributing to the bottom line.
  87. But according to the existing theory, he is contributing to industry, and he must not—it would even be injurious to men and to society—stop his activity.
  88. Those radio messages had in fact helped in alerting her forces of when exactly the enemy was coming, thus contributing greatly in closing the trap on the enemy.
  89. I’m going to sell my stuff and try to find a position of some kind somewhere and start being a contributing member of society, instead of a self spoiled brat.
  90. It was that kind of disunity that has been cited as a contributing reason for increasingly autocratic rule under men like Julius Caesar in Rome and Napoleon in France.
  91. False national pride was seen as one of the major contributing factors to the war and history had proved that lines on a map had become tools of division and deception.
  92. The Lodges' account, into which they had been annually contributing about fifteen hundred dollars was now, after nine years of also modestly compounded interest: $25,400.
  93. Churchill ordered bombing civilian targets in 1942 as a way to placate the Soviets, to say Britain was contributing to the war effort without directly invading Europe yet.
  94. Years of productive capacity that could be contributing to society are being utterly wasted in school, along with the freedom and all the resources consumed in the process.
  95. Although it may not be profitable, considering the costs of electricity, it can be fun to accumulate a few microbitcoins by contributing computational power to the network.
  96. While lurking on message boards is common, Hill says that contributing good information is key if you want to make lasting connections to the other smart online investors.
  97. Identifying those web sites and contributing that free content, then placing your affiliate ads to run with your content will result in much more income than developing your own.
  98. The church raised for him by its own contributions $50 per month, besides contributing nearly $50 to aid yellow fever sufferers in other cities in the early stage of the epidemic.
  99. We are not certain of the reasons for this, but it seems a fair guess that Leasco’s abortive attempt to acquire control of Chemical Bank in early 1969 was a contributing factor.
  100. If we have never had a bad day, we would not appreciate a ‘good’ day and the contrasting difference between the two contributing to personal and psychological well-being.
  1. This cause contributed to 38.
  2. A paper was contributed by Mr.
  3. It has contributed to the spread.
  4. I could have contributed more to.
  5. Flo contributed to the conversation.
  6. The town itself contributed to our.
  7. And a few who contributed horses.
  8. I contributed a bottle of warm water.
  9. Contributed chapters to several books.
  10. You will also have thus contributed to.
  11. In all the health industry contributed $27.
  12. The automobile has also contributed health.
  13. Say it’s someone who contributed something.
  14. Other factors could have contributed to the.
  15. Station, friends, all contributed to keep his.
  16. This chapter was contributed by Ryan Litchfield.
  17. This drug smuggler has fully contributed to.
  18. That and changing times contributed to its demise.
  19. For too long the patrons had contributed to the.
  20. But even though they contributed largely to how I.
  21. She catered to the needy, contributed her time to.
  22. After 1975, he contributed to Việtnam and overseas.
  23. All these motives no doubt contributed to give pause.
  24. Even though they may have already contributed to the.
  25. So the metallic matrix hardly contributed to strength.
  26. Undoubtedly, this habit contributed to his death and.
  27. Black people have contributed to many firsts in America.
  28. The horse contributed to the opening up of the American.
  29. It also contributed to my conclusion that the criminal.
  30. Donors contributed Church property that had been stolen.
  31. On top of that he was certain shock had also contributed.
  32. John Goode contributed to the accelerated growth hormone.
  33. Elliot Hinder contributed to the cross of the DNA, but Dr.
  34. Nonrecurring revenues contributed appreciably to earnings.
  35. There are many people who have contributed to this history.
  36. But what contributed more than all to his success was his.
  37. You contributed to the problem, but not without the other.
  38. In addition, the company contributed to numerous charities.
  39. My colleague would do well to tell us how much he contributed.
  40. Don Hendricks has contributed to a gap divide in this state.
  41. Maybe the added alcohol contributed to his new open door policy.
  42. That of England contributed as little towards effectuating the.
  43. The Dalai Lama himself has contributed to the prevailing view of.
  44. They were missives which only contributed to the gnawing concern.
  45. One of the biggest factors, I believe, that contributed to all of.
  46. The military art has contributed to the development of other arts.
  47. Bartlett, contributed large sums of money to keep everything going.
  48. I believe his father's death had contributed greatly to his overall.
  49. Conversation, example, in short all, contributed, in that house, to.
  50. The government of Spain contributed scarce any thing to any of them.
  51. Now we can look out how much GT contributed to pension assets in 2009.
  52. Empire may have contributed to it before it disappeared, Trini said.
  53. To the contrary, it had contributed hugely to his present unhappiness.
  54. In 1984, the oil and gas extraction industry alone contributed 7%to GDP.
  56. And he had contributed significantly to the worsening state of affairs.
  57. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should.
  58. Mountain adventure, and the girls contributed ghost and burglar stories.
  59. It all contributed to the room’s air of experiment, of elaborate dare.
  60. Jersey, USA, he had already contributed a great deal to Physics with his.
  61. This single event changed history, but another may also have contributed.
  62. Not only that, David contributed, we have a patient on our hands.
  63. These contributed to the record attendance of almost 100,000 over 3 months.
  64. The IMF has now contributed billions to Greece, Ireland and Portugal and.
  65. OCS gradually contributed more officers to the Service than the Academy did.
  66. He also contributed to the team in our expansion into international markets.
  67. Trench mortars, rifle grenades, and machine-gun fire contributed to the din.
  68. Parents contributed immensely but still couldn’t provide financial support.
  69. Larry Lester contributed an entire chapter devoted to that great man, Wilkie.
  70. Each member contributed special skills with one objective to kill terrorists.
  71. Many different causes contributed to relax the discipline of the Roman armies.
  72. Money illusion may also have contributed to the rapid HPA of the early 2000s.
  73. This ease-of-use has directly contributed to their popularity among investors.
  74. Forums’ poor advice contributed to the useless trading start of this newbie.
  75. He was another good friend of Marilyn’s and contributed greatly to this book.
  76. Some said that the British actions contributed two additional years to the war.
  77. Without even knowing what the project was for, they had contributed almost two.
  78. They appear to them to have contributed nothing to the stock of human knowledge.
  79. Many causes have contributed toward the misunderstanding of the teaching of Christ.
  80. Many causes contributed to the squabbles that were, unfortunately, always going on.
  81. Perhaps excessive belief in fundamentals has contributed to carry strategy success.
  82. That’s one fact that contributed to his defeat in the 2000 presidential election.
  83. They contributed greatly to the foundation of Kansas City's development and economy.
  84. Capital, while contributing only 10% of the funds and the balance was contributed by.
  85. She was really fast for being pregnant, which I contributed to her military training.
  86. Michael contributed now and then, with measured words, and never with anger or haste.
  87. The biggest thing I could have contributed to Obamacare had already been accomplished.
  88. This probably contributed to his invisibility, but what really did it was his silence.
  89. Ursin, he contributed an article: The Religious Political Ideals of Polish Society.
  90. She went over and over in her mind everything she had contributed to the conversation.
  91. I now elaborate how the peso problem and irrational expectations may have contributed.
  92. At one point he was very angry with me about it, which only contributed to my despair.
  93. That ignorance, more than anything else, contributed to his disquietude, and left him.
  94. Even with the denouncement of slavery however, the Industrial Revolution contributed to.
  95. This contributed to Ingalls’ loss of overhauls—besides the exorbitant cost overruns.
  96. Men that contributed significantly to arts and science hailed from Greece and all around.
  97. They contributed prizes worth at least $5,000 for the series of the show and I got $100.
  98. Each of his children contributed to give him a new, last-minute computer with Windows 98.
  99. The new decoration of the Premises contributed much to the magnificence of the spectacle.
  100. He contributed a lot in the planning of the community and the rules that they had set up.
  1. Here each stock contributes exactly 33.
  2. It contributes a small annual profit to.
  3. Silent anger contributes marriage stability.
  4. The proton contributes to that reducing of space.
  5. The downstream gas industry currently contributes 0.
  6. They’re insane, it contributes nothing to humanity.
  7. Guess who contributes the big money to the campaigns.
  8. The coal industry currently contributes a little over 0.
  9. This investment in employees contributes to low turnover.
  10. He or she is greatest who contributes the greatest original.
  11. But the herring-bus bounty contributes to no such good purpose.
  12. The electricity industry currently contributes about 1 ¾%to GDP.
  13. This heavy investment contributes to lower asset-turnover rates.
  14. This supposed objectivity is phony, and contributes to alienate.
  15. This suggests that the ability to delay gratification contributes.
  16. Every human being contributes and has access to the Akashic records.
  17. This market activity contributes to the underperformance of the VXX.
  18. Safety concerns contributes to the litter piling up within the nation.
  19. Self-expression contributes to the litter piling up within the nation.
  20. Thus far we have focused on how the emotional brain contributes to anger.
  21. As you know a well-designed dwelling contributes to the quality of living.
  22. Goleman says in his book Emotional Intelligence, that IQ contributes about.
  23. But overall, the financial services industry contributes a lot to the world.
  24. Before the Angel or VC investor contributes funds to the venture, they will.
  25. That contributes to the social degeneration upon which the Civil War depends.
  26. I think that their hair contributes a lot to the beauty of the ancestor girls.
  27. Studies have shown that self-reliance contributes to the birth of de-motivation.
  28. The architecture of our buildings contributes to the ecology of the local terrain.
  29. Thankfully with most new house shares, each of the chosen tenants contributes what.
  30. Each caste contributes to the survival of the Colony; each caste has its role to play.
  31. Moreover, Vitamin C is known to produce collagen, the known protein that contributes to.
  32. The different impact of time decay on the two strategies contributes greatly to this result.
  33. The one whose area contributes the most to our increase in sales will win the trip to Hawaii.
  34. Steng contributes a fact, Brinkley was born in early 1960, according to the immigration records.
  35. It’s easy to say we act the way we do as we are tired, most of the time we are and it contributes.
  36. Thus, the research contributes to the understanding of the content Nigerian firms provide via the Web.
  37. Mastering the dichotomy of life eventually contributes to the growth of our soul and humanity on Earth.
  38. He regularly contributes stories for such shows as 20/20, World News with Diane Sawyer, and weekday GMA.
  39. Less pronounced time decay also contributes to the higher returns of options with further expiration dates.
  40. Walters contributes one-fourth, while the Corcoran Gallery sends its entire collection, numbering nearly a hundred, Mr.
  41. And so the modern lottery of medical malpractice awards contributes to ever higher health costs to be paid by American.
  42. Nothing has contributed, and still contributes, so much to the perversion of art as these authorities set up by criticism.
  43. Investor underreaction to fundamental news almost surely contributes to the momentum effect but cannot explain long-term reversal.
  44. If this be so, fancy the irresistibleness of that might, to which the most impalpable and destructive of all elements contributes.
  45. This suggests that the ability to delay gratification contributes powerfully to intellectual potential, quite apart from IQ itself.
  46. The toxins released in cigarette smoke can clog pores and promote bacterial growth in pores, all of which contributes to adult acne.
  47. Vilfredo Pareto the Italian economist used this chart in distinguishing the key factors which contributes significantly to the results.
  48. If demand for steel drops, these plants must continue to operate, and when sales drop, that contributes to a large decrease in earnings.
  49. Quercetin, a flavonoid found in most plants, has an inhibiting action on lipoxygenase, an enzyme that contributes to problems with asthma.
  50. So in year 1, if Bill contributes $10,000 to his plan, the unused $40,000 of his contribution limit DOES NOT carry over to the next year.
  51. Each of them, however, taken singly, contributes often but a very small share to the maintenance of any individual of this greater number.
  52. What contributes to that pleasing scenic condition is the fact that, under a volcanic layer, rest numerous and abundant deposits of water.
  53. Why? Investors require compensation for the risk each asset contributes to their portfolio—not for accepting an asset’s standalone risk.
  54. Aerobic walking itself requires one to hold the head high and in line with the body's center of gravity, which further contributes to posture.
  55. If you have only ten feet of ground to spare outside your tiny house, plan it so that every foot contributes to your joy at being in the country.
  56. Only 40 per cent of the land is irrigated while 60 per cent of the population depends on agriculture and contributes just 20 per cent to the GDP.
  57. Endogeneity contributes to momentum and value effects (see Chapters 14 and 12), and maybe also to carry and liquidity premia (Chapters 13 and 18).
  58. South Africa dominates the platinum supply, but Russia, which contributes 52 percent of the global mine supply, is the hammer in palladium production.
  59. John Hall, the famous Pastor of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, contributes to it, as current topics on which he wishes to address the public arise.
  60. The simplicity of the test contributes mostly to its popularity and since there are very few resources needed for the test, it is quite cheap to carry out.
  61. The trade of the merchant-carrier, or of the importer of foreign corn, in order to export it again, contributes to the plentiful supply of the home market.
  62. It is by this service chiefly that he contributes indirectly to support the productive labour of the society, and to increase the value of its annual produce.
  63. By paying that price, he indirectly pays all those wages and profits, and thus indirectly contributes to the maintenance of all the workmen and their employers.
  64. Margarine (vegetable shortening, hydrogenated oils) is not really edible and ends up in the blood stream where it clogs arteries and contributes to heart attacks.
  65. At Opportunity Village these individuals have an opportunity to earn a paycheck, an achievement that contributes substantially to their self-esteem and happiness.
  66. This age related papyrus disintegration also contributes to the possibility for prospective major misinterpretations and inaccuracies in any impending interpretations.
  67. Though he contributes, therefore, to the maintenance of them all, they are all more or less independent of him, because generally they can all be maintained without him.
  68. Heavy drinking over the long term can also impair your liver's ability to activate vitamins, which contributes to the malnutrition often suffered by long term alcoholics.
  69. But when it is applied to any other purpose, each carriage is supposed to pay for more than that wear and tear, and contributes to the supply of some other exigency of the state.
  70. It has long been thought that consumption of alcohol contributes to snoring, and at least one study has found this to be true, but several studies have been unable to verify this.
  71. The industry of merchants, artificers, and manufacturers, though in its own nature altogether unproductive, yet contributes in this manner indirectly to increase the produce of the land.
  72. During the minority of a man of great fortune, he contributes commonly very little, by his consumption, towards the support of that state from whose protection he derives a great revenue.
  73. Declare that, as the dead horse does not have to be fed, it is less costly, carries lower overheads, and therefore contributes substantially more to the bottom line than many other horses.
  74. To compete successfully in today’s economy, organizations have to treat the knowledge that contributes to their core competencies just as they would any other strategic, irreplaceable asset.
  75. Johnson, who contributes several other pictures, among them a fine Going to the Fair, by Troyon, in which is seen a drove of cattle and sheep, with a woman on horseback behind talking to a man.
  76. Remember not all activities of quality assurance are directly contributes to realization of product in a project, some of them are linked to the organizational maturity and contribution to other projects.
  77. If a purpose leads to happiness, or at least contributes to happiness, how does it do that? For one thing, purpose can promote happiness if it reduces the number of concerns on which you focus your attention.
  78. After reaching a certain level of attendance, where a theme park achieves its break-even point, every new customer’s ticket revenue drops straight to the bottom line which contributes to high marginal profit.
  79. The trade of the merchant-importer of foreign corn for home consumption, evidently contributes to the immediate supply of the home market, and must so far be immediately beneficial to the great body of the people.
  80. The success of one contributes to the overall success of the other, until the day arrives that our tycoon instrument manufacturer is seated front row centre for a performance led by the most popular actor of his time.
  81. For example, a programmer who contributes 20,000 lines of code to a project may add less value to the company than oner who contributes 2,000 lines of code in one-tenth the time, assuming the code provides the same functionality.
  82. As every man's humour regulates the degree of his consumption, every man contributes rather according to his humour, than proportion to his revenue: the profuse contribute more, the parsimonious less, than their proper proportion.
  83. He generally contributes, however, but a very small proportion to that of each; to a very few, perhaps, not a tenth, to many not a hundredth, and to some not a thousandth, or even a ten thousandth part of their whole annual maintenance.
  84. Age typically does not significantly diminish the need and desire for sex, that regular sexual activity is standard when a partner is available, and that most elderly believe that sex contributes to both physical and psychological health.
  85. Roger’s unwavering dedication to International Education stems from his sincere belief that it fosters friendships among peoples of different languages and cultures and contributes in a very positive way to world understanding and peace.
  86. Given LBO sponsors’ predilection toward maximizing net present values for themselves and their LPs it would appear as if the LBO phenomenon contributes little, or nothing, to either growing a target company or making it more creditworthy.
  87. Whatever increases the fertility of land in producing food, increases not only the value of the lands upon which the improvement is bestowed, but contributes likewise to increase that of many other lands, by creating a new demand for their produce.
  88. A dwelling-house, as such, contributes nothing to the revenue of its inhabitant ; and though it is, no doubt, extremely useful to him, it is as his clothes and household furniture are useful to him, which, however, make a part of his expense, and not of his revenue.
  89. For example, you may be born in one place but spend your entire Life in a different place, which contributes more effectively to the deep development and Synthesis of Aspects of those Qualities that can be realized in the greatest degree for this NUU-VVU-Form in its given Time Flow.
  90. But it is frenzy to repeat these thoughts to you: only it will let you know why, with a reluctance to be always alone, his society is no benefit; rather an aggravation of the constant torment I suffer; and it partly contributes to render me regardless how he and his cousin go on together.
  91. Against this negative view of material compatibility, the compatibility between a self-object and intentional source means that the self-object contributes to sustaining the source, and that a source cannot be understood as an isolated object independent of external factors for its persistence.
  92. Natural history is only useful in its practical applications; and if it can be shown to throw any light upon an art, which contributes so much to the comfort and happiness of man, we have established one of the strongest considerations, which can recommend it to general patronage and investigation.
  93. It as effectually replaces the capital of the person who produces that surplus, and as effectually enables him to continue his business, the service by which the capital of a wholesale merchant chiefly contributes to support the productive labour, and to augment the value of the annual produce of the society to which he belongs.
  94. Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us exercise them: if prophecy, in proportion to the faith; if ministry, in ministering; if one is a teacher, in teaching, if one exhorts, in exhortation; if one contributes, in generosity; if one is over others, with diligence; if one does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness.
  95. Fortresses, arsenals, men-of-war are built, new firearms are invented, which in a short time are replaced by others, because science, which should always be devoted to the promotion of human welfare, contributes, it must be regretfully acknowledged, to human destruction, inventing ever new means of killing greater numbers of men in the shortest possible time.
  96. If he spends one-thousandth of the money stolen by him on some public institution, a hospital, a museum, an institution of learning, he is also regarded as a benefactor of those very people on the deception and corruption of whom all his fortune is based; but if he contributes part of his stolen money to a church and for the poor, he is regarded even as a model Christian.
  97. The class of proprietors contributes to the annual produce, by the expense which they may occasionally lay out upon the improvement of the land, upon the buildings, drains, inclosures, and other ameliorations, which they may either make or maintain upon it, and by means of which the cultivators are enabled, with the same capital, to raise a greater produce, and consequently to pay a greater rent.
  98. Any person of evangelical sentiments,[A] who professes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is not a slaveholder, or in the practice of other immoralities, and who contributes to the funds, may become a member of the Society; and by the payment of thirty dollars, a life member; provided that children and others who have not professed their faith may by constituted life members without the privilege of voting.
  99. Any person of evangelical sentiments,[A] who professes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is not a slaveholder, or in the practice of other immoralities, and who contributes to the funds, may become a member of the Society; and by the payment of thirty dollars, a life member; provided, that children and others who have not professed their faith may be constituted life members without the privilege of voting.
  100. This magazine will be sent, gratuitously, if desired, to the Missionaries of the Association; To Life members; to all clergymen who take up collection for the Association; to Superintendents of Sabbath Schools; to College Libraries; to Theological Seminaries; to Societies of Inquiry on Missions; and to every donor who does not prefer to take it as a subscriber, and contributes in a year no less than five dollars.

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