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Give в предложении (на )

1. He would not give up.
2. I will give you as.
3. I don't give a shit.
4. I never give a word.
5. The idea is to give.
6. He did not give the.
7. And give her the LOOK.

8. Till you all give in.
9. I will give you both.
10. To give you that seed.
11. Now, give me the name.
12. If you give dates to.
13. He will never give up.
14. Come give me a hug.
16. Let’s give it a try.
17. Then give your dog a.
18. Give me about an hour.
19. I’ll give it a try.
20. They asked me to give.
21. He did not give a name.
22. I give you the chest-.
23. With one prayer to give.
24. I’ll give him a call.
25. Oh give me a hooome.
26. I'll give you a hint.
27. Um, give me a second.
28. Give my regards to Max.
29. She had plenty to give.
30. Give them a reason to.
31. They would not give in.
32. Give the kids the word.
33. He’ll give it to you.
34. I can‘t give them up.
35. I didn’t give a shit.
36. Give me the name of one.
37. We were able to give Mr.
38. So huge that they give.
39. Oh, give up on that one.
40. I give itone last try:.
1. Giving me all of it.
2. Giving Paul a nod, Mr.
3. Giving you all a life.
4. Giving her a nod, I.
5. In giving them a hand?
6. He did not mind giving.
7. The branch is giving way.
8. Of giving to his children.
9. Giving her a large smirk.
10. Instead of giving a man.
11. Giving each other a few.
12. I’m not giving that up.
13. Use your fear of giving.
14. It is only by God giving.
15. We’re not giving up yet.
16. He was giving Gary an out.
17. She was giving him a Look.
18. Giving out love felt good.
19. They’re giving me a ship.
20. But I love giving them.
21. Radner was a giving person.
22. They weren’ t giving up.
23. I loved giving the gifts.
24. She told him about giving.
25. Giving LoVe is giving flow.
26. As for the giving side, a.
27. The trailer was giving me.
28. He was giving me no choice.
29. Giving freely to those who.
30. You must be used to giving.
31. Giving is the nature of God.
32. Giving advice can be a bad.
33. As you focus on giving and.
34. Without giving him time to.
35. And giving the hourly news.
36. Giving me the greatest love.
37. Roberto was a giving person.
38. God is giving you a chance.
39. I remember Jesus giving me.
40. Keep your giving to yourself.
1. Of the F flat given.
2. We are given the key.
3. That much is a given.
4. They wil all be given.
5. By my God given words.
6. She was given a huge.
7. Is given the terms of.
8. The Lord has given me.
9. A man who is given a.
10. She was not given her.
11. On any one given thing.
12. He was given a bright.
13. There mole had given a.
14. They will be given the.
15. The God given secret art.
16. It is not given to one.
17. He hath given meat unto.
18. When this too is given.
19. Knut had simply given a.
20. As they are given inside.
21. Nothing was given to you.
22. Pamela had given up her.
23. If John had given up at.
24. Of false F flat (E) given.
25. The world had given me up.
26. Than she has given to him.
27. The faith was given to us.
28. Hardly a thought given to.
29. He’d only given him the.
30. That was not given to me.
31. She'd almost given up hope.
32. She had given up all hope.
33. It has given me something.
34. Everything was given to us.
35. She’d given it to the guy.
36. Or where it is given to you.
37. Happiness is best when given.
38. He commanded it to be given.
39. You have given the Chief.
40. This grace is given only to.
1. If she gives up 0.
2. He gives me a look.
3. Joel 3 gives us a.
4. He gives me 4 - 5.
5. He gives me a moment.
6. And he never gives up.
7. But who gives a fuck.
8. She gives him a shove.
9. Tori gives her a look.
10. Father gives it to him.
11. But it gives me pause.
12. If God gives to some.
13. She gives me a look.
14. He gives it a squeeze.
15. Gives me a good living.
16. Also, it gives us the.
17. He gives me the creeps.
18. It gives a great deal.
19. It gives you a stable.
20. Barrons gives me a look.
21. It gives a picture of.
22. It gives me the creeps.
23. God gives his the best.
24. Bread gives a sugar rush.
25. Barrons gives him a look.
26. That gives us some time.
27. God gives to those who.
28. Power gives way to sail.
29. Gives you a lower score.
30. This gives him pause too.
31. He gives her half a grin.
32. She gives Bex a huge hug.
33. He turns and gives me a.
34. Thank God that He gives.
35. Carl gives the game away.
36. Philip gives Harry a look.
37. He gives her a funny look.
38. This gives me the creeps.
39. It gives him a head rush.
40. It gives us a chance to.
1. He gave her a look.
2. I gave him the gun.
3. He gave it to me.
4. It gave me an idea.
5. I gave a birth to.
6. Final y she gave up.
7. I gave her a smile.
8. She gave him a list.
9. She gave it a sniff.
10. My jenge gave me a.
11. Chin Lee gave me a.
12. The boy gave no reply.
13. She gave up all hope.
14. Ish gave a half smile.
15. He gave it to Martin.
16. He gave a short laugh.
17. It gave quite a view.
18. He gave me the same.
19. He gave me the serve.
20. That gave him an idea.
21. He gave her an answer.
22. That gave him some joy.
23. It gave me a headache.
24. I gave my best smile.
25. God gave us free will.
26. They even gave you a.
27. Raven gave her a glare.
28. Their joy gave me joy.
29. I gave her my old one.
30. He gave His life for us.
31. Finally I gave in and.
32. Roman gave a brief wave.
33. And gave me the bullets.
34. He even gave up his Ph.
35. He gave me a big smile.
36. He gave me this ring.
37. So they gave up on him.
38. She gave a little laugh.
39. He gave me a blank look.
40. A friend gave it to me.

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