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    1. Other psychological factors, including depression, lowered self-esteem associated with overall loss of physical strength and the onset of physical signs of aging, anxiety, and substance abuse can all contribute to male impotence

    2. As women age, hormonal production diminishes and this can indirectly contribute to discomfort

    3. If we do have a center within a reasonable distance then we should take part in all its programmes and contribute for its proper management

    4. If you contribute to these conversations, you have

    5. “Very interested, and honored that you’d think an old history professor could contribute something to the effort

    6. He made her a nice cup of tea, sat down opposite her and suggested an alternative way in which she could contribute to family life

    7. His argument is that I’ve given him a chance to have a day out not only in entertaining company but also in a beautiful part of the country and must therefore allow him to contribute towards the costs

    8. He was limping home in shame and despaired of being able to contribute anything to disabling any doomsday weapon system out here

    9. they can cause or contribute to physical pain?

    10. alternative way in which she could contribute to family life

    1. Contributed chapters to several books

    2. He contributed a lot in the planning of the community and the rules that they had set up

    3. As they approached, a whiff of the fragrance reached them and contributed to the joy of their deliverance

    4. contributed to this ebook and the Brave Heart System

    5. Even though they may have already contributed to the

    6. contributed to the War which you have so recently experienced at

    7. The fact that he'd been born on a starship from YingolNeerie seemed irrelevant now, other than the fact that their fundamentalism might have contributed to his ambition

    8. That employment, however, by occasioning a new demand, and by diminishing the quantity which could be employed in any other way, may have afterwards contributed to keep up or increase their value

    9. has contributed to sink the common price of butcher's meat in the London market, somewhat below what it was about the beginning of the last century

    10. The great rise in the price both of hogs and poultry, has, in Great Britain, been frequently imputed to the diminution of the number of cottagers and other small occupiers of land ; an event which has in every part of Europe been the immediate forerunner of improvement and better cultivation, but which at the same time may have contributed to raise the price of those articles, both somewhat sooner and somewhat faster than it would otherwise have risen

    1. Age typically does not significantly diminish the need and desire for sex, that regular sexual activity is standard when a partner is available, and that most elderly believe that sex contributes to both physical and psychological health

    2. Moreover, Vitamin C is known to produce collagen, the known protein that contributes to

    3. Whatever increases the fertility of land in producing food, increases not only the value of the lands upon which the improvement is bestowed, but contributes likewise to increase that of many other lands, by creating a new demand for their produce

    4. A dwelling-house, as such, contributes nothing to the revenue of its inhabitant ; and though it is, no doubt, extremely useful to him, it is as his clothes and household furniture are useful to him, which, however, make a part of his expense, and not of his revenue

    5. It is by this service chiefly that he contributes indirectly to support the productive labour of the society, and to increase the value of its annual produce

    6. It as effectually replaces the capital of the person who produces that surplus, and as effectually enables him to continue his business, the service by which the capital of a wholesale merchant chiefly contributes to support the productive labour, and to augment the value of the annual produce of the society to which he belongs

    7. By paying that price, he indirectly pays all those wages and profits, and thus indirectly contributes to the maintenance of all the workmen and their employers

    8. He generally contributes, however, but a very small proportion to that of each; to a very few, perhaps, not a tenth, to many not a hundredth, and to some not a thousandth, or even a ten thousandth part of their whole annual maintenance

    9. Though he contributes, therefore, to the maintenance of them all, they are all more or less independent of him, because generally they can all be maintained without him

    10. Each of them, however, taken singly, contributes often but a very small share to the maintenance of any individual of this greater number

    1. trapped emotions appeared as a contributing factor,

    2. and this may have been a contributing factor to the

    3. contributing factor in the creation of this cancer? I

    4. “Is there a trapped emotion that is contributing to

    5. The Lodges' account, into which they had been annually contributing about fifteen hundred dollars was now, after nine years of also modestly compounded interest: $25,400

    6. As in a civilized country there are but few commodities of which the exchangeable value arises from labour only, rent and profit contributing largely to that of the far greater part of them, so the annual produce of its labour will always be sufficient to purchase or command a much greater quantity of labour than what was employed in raising, preparing, and bringing that produce to market

    7. You may be told that the individual is contributing to your success in a more

    8. Were two men of equal fortune to spend their revenue, the one chiefly in the one way, the other in the other, the magnificence of the person whose expense had been chiefly in durable commodities, would be continually increasing, every day's expense contributing something to support and heighten the effect of that of the following day ; that of the other, on the contrary, would be no greater at the end of the period than at the beginning

    9. Even upon this very moderate supposition, the great body of the people, over and above contributing the tax which pays the bounty of 5s

    10. It is reasonable, therefore, that they should be defrayed by the general contribution of the whole society ; all the different members contributing, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities

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