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Rectify в предложении (на )

  1. We can rectify that now.
  2. Will you rectify this? (being.
  3. Can you rectify this? (review the.
  4. They seek to rectify this situation.
  5. How do you rectify this? URL REDIRECT.

  6. Tonight he was hoping to rectify that.
  7. This I hope to rectify by establishing.
  8. We shall have to rectify this situation.
  9. We must rectify this situation at once.
  10. But they were going to rectify that mistake.
  11. I tried to rectify that, but that did not go well.
  12. To rectify the situation, the church needs to get.
  13. Any thoughtful society would want to rectify this.
  14. The diary helps you to rectify your mistakes then and there.
  15. And that’s what we’re going to rectify in this chapter.

  16. To further rectify the findings of this chapter, consider Dr.
  17. Envirocon had contracts to rectify both of these situations.
  18. I realize the rent's way over due and I mean to rectify the.
  19. Then I suppose you’re honor bound to rectify the oversight.
  20. To rectify this condition "spiking" of the lawn becomes necessary.
  21. He will rectify your conduct for you, and will forgive you your sins.
  22. To rectify this misunderstanding of one’s reality, the only way is.
  23. But I do really mean it when I say I want us to rectify our differences.
  24. However, his U Boats would rectify this by destroying their supply lines.
  25. You need to find the power to rectify and care for the issues in your life.

  26. Understand the changes that will be necessary to rectify these pernicious.
  27. To rectify that oversight, I offer a few last words of advice to this group.
  28. This I hope to rectify by establishing such a relationship with the three of.
  29. They did warn us that we would not be safe after using the powers to rectify the task.
  30. Dokhturov- Kutuzov hastening to rectify a mistake he had made by sending someone else there first.
  31. I decided to rectify this in as much as I could as my Father is indeed a very complex and unusual man.
  32. Then I will phone her and talk to her, Jenny insisted, adamant to rectify the ludicrous situation.
  33. I trust you will do your best to rectify this situation and we should leave you to it, the Rabbi said.
  34. Note: If the toor daal gets burnt, rectify by adding a small ball of cooked rice (it will remove the odour).
  35. Once you come to terms with your - inadequacies - your shortcomings - we'll be in a position to rectify it.
  36. The only way she can rectify the situation is by making amends, and I don’t know if that is even possible.
  37. Having given orders in the commander in chief’s name to rectify this omission, Prince Andrew galloped back.
  38. Stifling a curse Joel realized he needed to take action to rectify the bewildering turn their conversation had taken.
  39. Undeniably, there is great wisdom in holy books, such as the Bible which we can learn from, to rectify the situation.
  40. Once she decided that she had to choose her husband, there was nothing Greene could have done to rectify the situation.
  41. Many people tried to rectify the situation, but as it stood, the Dalai Lama was still living in exile in northern India.
  42. It made no difference though, for she had already spoken those horrendous accusations that no amount of apology would rectify.
  43. Kregridor and I were the last of the tannin, but in our spare time down here we’ve managed to rectify that problem somewhat.
  44. It is impossible to set the matter right by any diversions, comforts, and powders, whatever; only a change of life can rectify it.
  45. It seems our ability to successfully control the humans only work up to a certain point and all efforts to rectify this has failed.
  46. I think sir, after we rectify the current situation and send our troops out to neighboring communities looking for more infected.
  47. We hope we can rectify this mistake on someone’s part by saying that Louis Zamperini is alive and well as a prisoner of war here in Tokyo.
  48. Hopefully if there is a reader out there that is cheating a business or doing something unjust that they rectify or change their ways today.
  49. Here is the journey that Iceman took, and also the template, Five Steps to Improved Trader Psychology, to rectify any psychological trading issue.
  50. I know very little about what goes on under the bonnet of a car and though I realise this is something I should rectify, I’ve never got round to it.
  51. When something needs to be done in the world to rectify the wrongs, if one is really concerned with benefitting others, one needs to be engaged, involved.
  52. The fact that Titus still lived was just a minor setback but he would soon send another demon to rectify the situation, he had plenty more slaves to convert.
  53. You would likely tell me (as your mother has) that I could rectify this deficit with your sisters, but it is human nature to yearn for the things we cannot have.
  54. But you're never going to rectify that if you sit around waiting and moping for the rest of your life on the off chance that Fate might take an interest in you.
  55. He walked up-stairs, candle in hand, not knowing whether he should straightway enter his own room and go to bed, or turn to the patient's room and rectify his omission.
  56. Our duty, my dear, is to rectify his mistake, to ease his last moments by not letting him commit this injustice, and not to let him die feeling that he is rendering unhappy those who.
  57. The wonderful thing about our system is that we have the ability, through judicial review and the establishment of a legal precedent or by constitutional amendment, to rectify the situation.
  58. Even though the goal of Knowledge Management isn’t reengineering, a KM program is likely to highlight inefficiencies and inequities in the corporation that management may feel compelled to rectify.
  59. As the nation has faced new challenges not sufficiently addressed in the Constitution, legislators have used the constitutional amendment process to rectify the problems as the changing times required.
  60. In truth, though, Marilyn constantly fed the flames of controversy about her times with the Bolenders by painting a more dismal picture than was true, and she also never did anything to rectify any falsehoods.
  61. The message of the Greek tragedies is recognition of the boundaries of human action, of limits to violence, and of the need to rectify injustice and to assure retribution against those who violate those principles.
  62. Ignoring the strangled noises coming from her aunt, and the smothered laughter from the men standing around her, Cassie continued on in a martyred teenage tone, taking it upon herself to rectify her aunt’s omission.
  63. That what she was going through was not simply a depression due to Makiss death and guilt feelings for her past behavior that she could no longer rectify but was suffering from a mental dysfunction that was impairing her life.
  64. And if you cut down one of a group of trees, what a harsh discordant gap is usually left; but in time nature will, by throwing a bough here and filling up a gap there, as far as possible rectify matters and bring all into unity again.
  65. If I told uncle, he would have invited all their parents round our house for tea and politely ask them to rectify their daughters’ attitudes, then ending the conversation with his favorite sentence, This is not what Gandhi taught us.
  66. This is one argument you cannot win for if you know or suspect you aid money is stolen or let us be nice and say abused then why do you not rectify the situation as any honourable man will do? Your lack of action in this regard means two things to us.
  67. But this is our new and universal crisis: we no longer have any margin for What the fuck, let's give 'er a try error-mentality; each mistake compounds the severity of the previous failure to rectify the cascading feedback loop of diminishing options for sustainability.
  68. At the battle of Borodinó, when Bagratión was killed and nine tenths of the men of our left flank had fallen and the full force of the French artillery fire was directed against it, the man sent there was this same irresolute and undiscerning Dokhtúrov—Kutúzov hastening to rectify a mistake he had made by sending someone else there first.
  69. The question should be put thus: “How can I, a helpless, useless man, recognizing the misfortune of having lost my best years in studying the scientific Talmud, pernicious for soul and body, how can I rectify this mistake, and learn to serve men?” But the question is always put thus: “How can I, who have acquired so much fine information, how can I be useful to men with this my information?”.
  70. In an attempt to rectify the problem, doctors felt forced to take drastic steps — they decided to remove the entire left side of his brain The medical team knew that, since the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, the operation to save James’s life would also leave him partially paralyzed What they did not expect, however, were the developments in James’s condition which occurred soon after the surgery Within weeks, James began to talk and, two years later, was close to reaching a normal mental age.
  71. And under what conditions are you doing this? Being liable to die at any moment, you sign a death-warrant, declare war or take part in it, pass judgment, torture and rob workmen, live in luxury surrounded by misery, and teach weak and trusting men that all this is right and for you is a matter of duty, while all the time you are in danger of your life being destroyed by a bullet or a bacillus, and you may be deprived forever of the power to rectify or counteract the evil you have done to others and to yourself; having wasted a life given you but once in all eternity, having left undone in it the one thing for which it was given you.
  72. I should like to go farther, and give reasons to show that it is advisable to choose those who are to hold so necessary an office in the state, but this is not the fit place for it; some day I will expound the matter to some one able to see to and rectify it; all I say now is, that the additional fact of his being a sorcerer has removed the sorrow it gave me to see these white hairs and this venerable countenance in so painful a position on account of his being a pimp; though I know well there are no sorceries in the world that can move or compel the will as some simple folk fancy, for our will is free, nor is there herb or charm that can force it.
  1. This is a boon to those who have difficulty rectifying the spatial relationships inherent in chart reading.
  2. So what are the possible answers to rectifying and healing the irrational and painful devastation humans have created and perpetrated for and against one another.
  3. There are novel ways to get power, viral spy circuits in the hardware mask definition often get their power by rectifying electrical noise in the air around the circuit they're parasitic on.
  4. As if to reassure him that he needn't have a worry in the world, as if they were all friends out for a midnight picnic and only some minor irritation had occurred which she was easily rectifying.
  5. In truth, the insults caused him no pain, and he was not concerned with rectifying the unjust accusations that could have been worse, considering Fermina Daza’s character and the gravity of the cause.
  6. But the increased bulk and expense attendant on the introduction of so many new pipes or strings, together with the trouble occasioned to the performer, in rectifying the scale for music in the different keys, have hitherto prevented its becoming generally adopted.
  7. It seemed that the question of Duffy’s authenticity had not arisen and she was only concerned with the simplest means of rectifying the supposed injustice, so I said nothing for the moment, only determining to investigate this plausible rogue, (as I mentally termed him), before allowing him one penny.
  8. He saw just the same thing in the socialistic books: either they were the beautiful but impracticable fantasies which had fascinated him when he was a student, or they were attempts at improving, rectifying the economic position in which Europe was placed, with which the system of land tenure in Russia had nothing in common.
  9. But I needed only to understand that this was not some exclusive activity, which I have to invent and arrange, but that it was merely returning from the false condition in which I had lived to a natural one, merely rectifying that lie in which I had been living,—I had only to acknowledge all this, and all the difficulties vanished.
  10. Were he truly committed to rectifying social ―injustices‖, perhaps he might consider resigning from the newspaper, thereby enabling an equally qualified journalist of color, otherwise prevented from engaging in his or her chosen profession because of ―institutionalized racism‖, to assume his present position as sports writer.
  11. Rectifying the constraint by turning his chair slightly towards the jury, he could clearly see those suspects involved in his investigation and those who were willing to testify, though with much reluctance and after a lecture on civic duty provoked by the desire to avenge the death of the young woman in a meager way, here at this formality.
  1. This was rectified by.
  2. Well, the second one is easily rectified.
  3. This loss of racial face had to be rectified.
  4. Combeferre complemented and rectified Enjolras.
  5. There's a pressing problem that must be rectified.
  6. Yes, but could not the mistake be rectified?
  7. Owen rectified this serious oversight and proceeded:.
  8. Some mistakes ought be rectified, the Count growled.
  9. Cherry nodded, satisfied that the error had been rectified.
  10. I desire that a statement contained in it should be rectified.
  11. If your brother was put to death, that could never be rectified.
  12. Did you guess the celestial laws are yet to be work'd over and rectified?
  13. A famous victory had been won tonight and that would need to be rectified.
  14. This is very easily rectified – if you get in the practise NOW of saving.
  15. There were no letters labelled Lance, but that omission was soon rectified.
  16. All these things could have been rectified before you face the claim in court.
  17. She was haunted by a miserable fear that her mistake could never be rectified.
  18. The problem can be rectified by understanding the simplicity of the human mind when.
  19. But he was stubborn enough to believe that such oversights could always be rectified and managed.
  20. That was rectified at a ceremony in the town that paid long-overdue tribute to its forgotten hero.
  21. The repairing system is working on the steer­ing problem, it should be rectified soon, said Dexter.
  22. They had already rectified the binding brake that had heated up the near side hub and caused the stoppage.
  23. Mistakes made cannot be easily rectified, as the many sets of sun-bleached bones that litter it, make clear.
  24. Deep inside the plant a valve, already heavily encrusted and corroded had momentarily failed, then rectified itself.
  25. This situation has been rectified, but we would like to know if you have any knowledge of this intrusion or any other.
  26. I firmly believe that this situation must be rectified by the mechanism of free speech and presenting the truth of history.
  27. Another benefit of dealing with complaints is that you can see weaknesses in your process or products that can be rectified.
  28. Next Job took refuge in the consolation of a future life in which the inequities of mortal existence may be more justly rectified.
  29. But surely an astrologer of Carroll Righter's stature would have rectified her birth time, wouldn't he--for a millionaire client?
  30. They also know that, in the internet media market, there is no situation that cannot be sorted out, and no mistake that cannot be rectified.
  31. One day, in the presence of a witness whom we are not permitted to doubt, he rectified from memory the whole of the letter A in the alphabetical list of the Constituent Assembly.
  32. It was his job to oversee the monitoring of their whole operation, and to ensure that any interruptions to the service they provided to their customers were immediately rectified.
  33. She didn’t dare to use her power anymore, maintaining the shield was draining her, but Holly had to hold on till Legion rectified his mistake, until then they needed it more than ever.
  34. For even when a conspiracy is revealed, we react to it as the latest diamond collar crime to be discussed, rather than an injustice to be rectified and the system which allowed it fixed.
  35. It was urgent that this unbearable situation be rectified so he could get back to normal, continuing as before, immediately satisfying his every desire, buying today and paying tomorrow, because…the sky’s the limit.
  36. That her manner was wrong, however, at times very wrong, her measures often ill-chosen and ill-timed, and her looks and language very often indefensible, Fanny could not cease to feel; but she began to hope they might be rectified.
  37. With Maxs help these omissions were rectified, a letter with no return address was sent to reassure his parents, and eventually he saved money, bought another bike and, proving himself useful in a variety of ways, moved from site to site with his caravan.
  38. In an age when the gross national product of nations is public knowledge, and financial institutions on Wall Street blare out what they are worth: the richest banks in the world keep their accounts a secret… and nobody seems to care or notice or insist that this be rectified.
  39. He knew that the problem could easily be rectified by paving the courtyard, but this would cost a lot of money as the area in question was large, and he would have to buy the floor tiles and the materials needed for paving, also pay the delivery costs and the wages of the workers.
  40. The month of December ended up at -45% on the account - from £100,502 down to £55,000 The system still works and is within parameters but the money management, which at the end of the day is the bit that creates the severity of drawdown, was at fault and has since been rectified.
  41. They had tea punctually at half-past four up in Vera's sitting-room, but without, this time, a fire--Wemyss had rectified Lizzie's tendency to be officious--and after tea he took her out again to show her how his electricity was made, while the gardener who saw to the machinery, and the boy who saw to the gardener, stood by in attendance.
  1. Find a remedy that rectifies the problem.
  2. It also evaluates the inner strength of a seeker and rectifies the inherent flaws of his resolve.
  3. Thus referring to God’s indication rectifies the spirit’s conduct and makes it pleased and pleasing.
  4. Referring to God’s Revelation thus rectifies the conduct of the spirit and makes it well-pleased and well-pleasing.

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