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Handle в предложении (на )

  1. I could not handle it.
  2. I can handle this one.
  3. The mug had no handle.
  4. To get a handle on it.
  5. I can handle it anymore.

  6. I can get the handle.
  7. He felt the fork handle.
  8. I could handle it if I.
  9. I will handle that part.
  10. I know how to handle it.
  11. Yeah, I can handle this.
  12. Neal could handle it all.
  13. I sweated the door handle.
  14. It was tied to the handle.
  15. I said I’d handle it.

  16. Or rather, by his handle.
  17. No handle for this one.
  18. No, no, we can handle it.
  19. She tried the door handle.
  20. It’s all we can handle.
  21. How will you handle it?
  22. As much as you can handle.
  23. I can handle it from here.
  24. I will handle it, Jerry.
  25. I began turning the handle.

  26. I can't handle it anymore.
  27. I can handle it on my own.
  28. I have to handle this now.
  29. Doc tried the door handle.
  30. But I could never handle.
  31. Shut up and handle the map.
  32. The bolt handle was rusted.
  33. But we can handle all that.
  34. Carl could handle his drink.
  35. Helve: The handle of an axe.
  36. I yanked at the door handle.
  37. I think I can handle it.
  38. On the rest of the handle.
  39. I’m prepared to handle it.
  40. The Handle Contains The Ink.
  41. I know Aida can handle this.
  42. Haft: The handle of a dagger.
  43. I think we can handle that.
  44. They can't handle the silence.
  45. It was all too much to handle.
  46. It is, but I can handle it.
  47. I love the way you handle me.
  48. These dogs can’t handle it.
  49. How we handle problems says.
  50. Think you can handle that?
  51. Had to handle some business.
  52. But nothing I can’t handle.
  53. I think I can handle this.
  54. She said for me to handle it.
  55. That the system can't handle.
  56. Honey, let me handle this.
  57. We can handle that ourselves.
  58. Isn't this name only a handle.
  59. Here, you can handle this by.
  60. That won’t buy the handle.
  61. At least they could handle a.
  62. Was weird to handle one there.
  63. Now, don't fly off the handle.
  64. I couldn’t handle it now.
  65. A split not many could handle.
  66. You can’t handle the truth:.
  67. He put his hand on the handle.
  68. I could handle it, I say.
  69. Of course, the way to handle.
  70. My fingers gripped the handle.
  71. I think I could handle that.
  72. He pointed to the metal handle.
  73. I can handle this idiot myself.
  75. The handle was covered in sick.
  76. You have business to handle.
  77. We’ll let you handle this.
  78. I couldn‘t handle that today.
  79. The handle was black and curved.
  80. Some folks can’t handle that.
  81. He wants me to handle the sale.
  82. They handle all your objections.
  83. He could no longer handle the.
  84. The car could barely handle it.
  85. Any of my men could handle.
  86. I can handle it, Noah said.
  87. Can you handle chop sticks?
  88. It is how you handle them that.
  89. I never knew how to handle that.
  90. I can handle any bastard Indian.
  91. How I handle this will define me.
  92. Isaiah scroll, but NOT handle it.
  93. It was red with a bamboo handle.
  94. But Eric, he grabbed the handle.
  95. It’s nothing I can’t handle.
  96. They can handle the translation.
  97. She can handle the situation.
  98. Has me flyin’ off the handle.
  99. Jack reached for the door handle.
  100. Handle care and pray to Thee….
  1. I'm not handling this well.
  2. Second way of handling such.
  3. Hersh is handling that end.
  4. Perhaps handling the laws of.
  5. Chapter 7: Handling the Doubts.
  6. She might need careful handling.
  7. As a result, she was handling it.
  8. Handling and Storage of the Image.
  9. That means no handling any weapons.
  10. Be very careful when handling them.
  12. She’s not handling your impending.
  13. There are ways of handling problems.
  14. So the best way of handling time, is.
  15. For not handling situations in the way.
  16. Detective Oswald was handling the case.
  17. Don’t you? How are you handling this?
  18. He wondered how Smith was handling it all.
  19. He was soon handling the weapons like a.
  20. I do not need handling, he snapped.
  21. You are handling this totally on your own.
  22. They require handling with the same care.
  23. Here are some bully handling suggestions.
  24. Officer Kennedy is handling that case.
  25. He tingled at the thought of handling it.
  26. Things are rough, but I'm handling them.
  27. She’s going to be handling your case.
  28. There are alternative ways of handling fish.
  29. Tuesday to neglect in handling his C8 rifle.
  30. We wear our fingers rough with handling them.
  31. The lil bomber went back to handling his meat.
  32. Now let’s see if they have the handling.
  33. Michael mastered the handling within minutes.
  34. His father was still handling Diane's mother.
  35. Now he was thinking of handling it on his own.
  36. I'm handling some of the aspects of the case.
  37. Handling customer issues: This one is up to you.
  38. Steve continued the odyssey, handling a brown.
  39. Handling the raw power of the Sprug causes even.
  40. Shipping and handling for books: For within the U.
  41. I'm handling this, Mama, said Chinedu curtly.
  42. Didn't take a feather out of her my handling them.
  43. I live and work in Wilmington, Chase, handling Mr.
  44. If inspection requires handling the cable, power.
  45. Instead of handling the situation with the seats.
  46. He is handling the problem so much better than Mom.
  47. The body is capable of handling and curing the pain.
  48. But the anger was easier to resist, easier handling.
  49. The body is capable of handling and healing the pain.
  50. In this boat two women were handling one of the oars.
  51. You were best at handling him because you were older.
  52. They exhibited little skil in handling the silverware.
  53. Finally, in our horseshoe handling, we have the egg-.
  54. Handling the P I ships in space came naturally to her.
  55. Shipping and handling will get added to the price tag.
  56. The young woman is quite capable of handling herself.
  57. It’s unprecedented how they are handling your re-.
  58. I wish there’d been some other way of handling it.
  59. I felt completely violated by his handling of my stuff.
  60. Both agencies have been handling the issue since April.
  61. Age-related changes in Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) handling.
  62. She was rather glad she was handling this one personally.
  63. Remember, they’re handling butadiene, not candy floss.
  64. He had no trouble handling it, much impressing our hosts.
  65. Olga was handling the cleaning of the residence on her own.
  66. Fortunately she had people she could trust handling all of.
  67. She blushed, and then smiled, handling his compliment with.
  68. The way she is handling things now, my specific accusations.
  69. That’s correct, plus the state troopers are handling this.
  70. Making big money is all about handling hundreds of problems.
  71. There are Seven Steps to Handling Criticism Effectively ….
  72. That's the closest ship capable of handling a two-nineteen.
  73. She sat in silence for a minute; this needed careful handling.
  74. In fact, the entire handling of the matter had been a fiasco.
  75. Handling success is more tedious task than handling failures.
  76. The Universe is always handling 90% of the process.
  77. Handling stress was part of the job, but even she had limits.
  78. Teach your child to wash their hands before handling any food.
  79. He also had the tough job of handling out degrees and posing.
  80. You must be extremely cautious when it comes to handling them.
  81. That damned son of a bitch who was handling the sale did not.
  82. Dafyd for the most part didn’t interfere with her handling.
  83. Dawley remarked on my kid-glove handling of the Fritzie officer.
  84. A student asked her about her handling of the Park Street rape.
  85. Many farm hands are brutal when it comes to handling large pigs.
  86. But with him handling the cases right now, he might be busy.
  87. What is important is, how one is handling any of such a crisis.
  88. You are a true artisan, said Fearghal, handling the blade.
  89. What about the rest of it Fred - hows Kemp handling that?
  90. But I thought that your attorney was handling this matter for.
  91. The hazard level is comparable to that of handling boiling water.
  92. Al-Gore has no explanation, he had problem in handling the truth.
  93. The other thing is that you are capable of handling yourselves.
  94. I recall my dad liking his smooth handling of the lyrics, as well.
  95. Would you expect any less of him? He is handling this responsibly.
  96. Are you handling this situation in the way that you want to?
  97. I could see myself handling the situation in a very similar manner.
  98. I was able to keep the men from man handling me in a nice way and.
  99. The edges were worn, the folds nearly torn from excessive handling.
  100. She believes in handling her slaves exactly as a drover treats his.
  1. No one has handled it.
  2. Jeeps handled turns a lot.
  3. It was Padraic who handled.
  4. I could have handled them.
  5. The IHC company has handled.
  6. For alas! he has handled it.
  7. Sure, you handled that well.
  8. Tony handled the job just fine.
  9. Only certain people handled hits.
  10. That’s not something we handled.
  11. This is handled by the statement.
  12. The soldiers handled Travis roughly.
  13. You would have handled it better.
  14. That was how I would have handled it.
  15. He needs to be handled with care.
  16. I think Max handled the payment of.
  17. I could have handled that by myself.
  18. It was after being handled by other.
  19. You’ve handled it perfectly so far.
  20. At the beginning Roman handled them.
  21. Lucy handled it without problems, too.
  22. Oh, I handled that all wrong….
  23. Yes, he’d handled things just fi ne.
  24. Though he still handled most aspects.
  25. That stuff is handled by the super ego.
  26. It was all handled by computers that.
  27. You handled that mostly well, Major.
  28. This needs to be handled ‘just so’.
  29. I had never handled a rifle in my life.
  30. I handled that by hiding their shovels.
  31. First though, business had to be handled.
  32. Quantity should be handled and organized.
  33. All of which were handled by her father.
  34. Few other women would have handled the.
  35. A horse that has not been handled by a.
  36. I’ve handled quite a lot in my time.
  37. Johnny Salmond handled the introductions.
  38. Both boys handled it very, very well by.
  39. How will this be handled if I hire you?
  40. He was glad by the way he had handled it.
  41. This should have been handled months ago.
  42. The skiff handled easily and sped swiftly.
  43. Jonathan handled his life as best he could.
  44. That is handled by another branch of The.
  45. Butnote how freely the rhythm is handled.
  46. This has been handled recently,' he said.
  47. Al of the meals would be handled in this.
  48. Corrente how easily he had handled the man.
  49. If a horse is handled regularly from the.
  50. I really handled this badly and I know it.
  51. Margaret handled them all with quiet dig-.
  52. Some of them handled it better than others.
  53. South how he would like that to be handled.
  54. You couldn’t have handled the truth then.
  55. He also handled the Incorporating Division.
  56. Tony and his agent handled the legal stuff.
  57. It was Shahzad who emotionally handled her.
  58. Brad handled everything including setting.
  59. The affair has been most deplorably handled.
  60. Jonas handled it as if it were a holy object.
  61. Otherwise perhaps I would have handled the.
  62. This matter is handled at the highest level.
  63. It was Rosemary's black handled bread knife.
  64. She couldn't have handled that at this time.
  65. Not the way I would’ve handled it, but.
  66. During his career, he has handled thousands.
  67. Everyone who handled his case was a Beaufort.
  68. This part would have to be handled personally.
  69. This actually should be handled in Oklahoma.
  70. Tildy studied the way they handled the wicker.
  71. Here is how I handled this problem at the time.
  72. He told me I’d handled the conversation well.
  73. He took a swig and handled the bottle to Court.
  74. I think you handled this badly, she said.
  75. The men, panicking, all handled Vamenos at once.
  76. But this has to be handled in the good old way.
  77. You handled it well, she complimented him.
  78. The human who had handled our bags came to give.
  79. Jack handled the camera like a real professional.
  80. I tried to handle you with a long handled spoon.
  81. How can this be handled with both external and.
  82. He handled all the insurance needs for the bank.
  83. She never handled her pain, so she put it on him.
  84. I think that’s all I could have handled anyway.
  85. I got this problem handled, boss, said RR&L.
  86. Spiritual forces aren’t handled well by science.
  87. Now I trust y’all to get that business handled.
  88. She fell when the horse bucked, but we handled it.
  89. I should’ve handled that between me and Paul.
  90. This was handled pretty smartly, said Walden.
  91. He handled the work so well that he was able top.
  92. Ranger handled the moment of enthusiasm graciously.
  93. I don’t think we could’ve handled another one.
  94. The car handled unlike anything he’d ever driven.
  95. It's handled differently here, as you may be aware.
  96. He loved the way it sounded and handled on the road.
  97. Tammas had handled Klingons, so how bad could this.
  98. And, of course, the whole exercise must be handled.
  99. Produce should be handled careful y to avoid damage.
  100. Arson is handled in various courts throughout the U.
  1. But he handles it well and smiles.
  2. Yair, the Post Office handles that.
  3. Nothing useful on the door handles.
  4. Many of them had hinges and handles.
  5. There were no handles on the coffin.
  6. Handles the state of the application.
  7. Eugene handles things a bit differently.
  8. The conscience handles the inner voice.
  9. She handles me as well as anybody could.
  10. The handles are of silver at Bombarda's.
  11. Bev’s mugs by the handles also with ease.
  12. Same ones where she handles internet cybersex.
  13. Wooden handles are more comfortable and more.
  14. He pulled straight down of the toggle handles.
  15. They were armed with pick handles and shotguns.
  16. His ankles were handcuffed to the faucet handles.
  17. His numb fingers grip the handles of his luggage.
  18. It had two handles just so you could pick it up!.
  19. I carefully try other door handles in the passing.
  20. We will soon see how it handles once at 40,000 feet.
  21. Its blue handles grew into the shape of a butterfly.
  22. He handles the lighting and sound board for the band.
  23. Steel components such as handles, screws, hinges etc.
  24. She pulled the handles and was surprised to find pots.
  25. You’re the one that handles the money in this house.
  26. The news reporter is lightly holding onto the handles.
  27. The rover has external handles near the front and back.
  28. Just admiring your handles, Halfshaft assured him.
  29. I’ve always wanted to see how a Judge handles things.
  30. So that’s why there aren’t any handles or clinches.
  31. Those love handles and a stomach hanging over the jeans.
  32. It’s a meter long and only safe to hold by the handles.
  33. On it were two oval wooden-backed brushes without handles.
  34. The handles of the swords crossed in front of his stomach.
  35. The handles on the front doors telescoped out of her reach.
  36. Tobias mostly handles his affairs here at home, and often.
  37. The plastic handles dug into his hands, but he followed Mr.
  38. She puts her hands on the door handles and looks over at me.
  39. Investing in a jump rope that has handles could be used too.
  40. Two of the ornate handles had been sheared from their mounts.
  41. In the office of the attorney who handles this client?
  42. Wooden tool handles tighten at the approach of stormy weather.
  43. Yоu mау nоt аlwауѕ аgrее with the way hе handles a.
  44. The – ah – the ones with the pink handles are for ladies.
  45. But did he steal the handles? Did he do anything wrong?
  46. There were two handles, each with a spring-loaded button on it.
  47. He pulled on both handles of his long, red, handlebar mustache.
  48. It was of course two polished timber handles, suitably inscribed.
  49. Alex and Tony were turning awkward hands to plows and hoe handles.
  50. Extension handles: We covered them pretty well earlier in the book.
  51. That government handles bank matters differently than our country.
  52. They looked practically antique but were solid with wooden handles.
  53. Looking like no handles to me in the first place but I plodded on.
  54. The Government handles the administration of this facility and the.
  55. There was a band of metal over the handles that guarded the fingers.
  56. If I need to use this archive in Windows, then WinZip handles such.
  57. Notice how much more freely Espronceda handles this meterin Spanish:.
  58. Because of Who He is, I know He handles it a lot better than I would.
  59. If the handles are just below your armpits, then you have a good rope.
  60. Roman took two steps and held the bag so the handles touched Gina’s.
  61. The handles? He saw the media display about the exhibit and felt drawn.
  62. Pulling them free revealed carved out stone handles on the undersides.
  63. Then, make sure that the handles of the rope are thick and comfortable.
  64. Pushing the doors ajar, his hands wouldn’t let go of the door handles.
  65. He's been working for the INS for years, handles a lot of Afghan cases.
  66. Monroe’s first big-budget picture, an assignment she handles to a tee.
  67. Before Roman could ask what the handles lining the interior were for, he.
  68. To water ski, the Nal just transform themselves into handles you can hang.
  69. If the venue handles all the pay-outs, the contract should al ow them to.
  70. The scroll handles were topped with ornate covers of deep embossed silver.
  71. There were four pipes with four differently colored shut off valve handles.
  72. He grabbed one of the smooth iron handles; it was already warm to the touch.
  73. Dantes seized the handles, and strove to lift the coffer; it was impossible.
  74. He jumped, grabbed one of the cabinet handles, and tried to pull himself up.
  75. Gina lifted her bag off the floor, opened it by the two handles on top, and.
  76. He handles all the details but the math, that’s all I have to bother with.
  77. Miss please put my bottle in a plastic bag, and tie the handles in a knot.
  78. The new machines have no handles to pull; you just press a button to play.
  79. Earlier in the book, I briefly mention handles with a quick release on the end.
  80. It was a lovely, slender chalice with long curved handles and a rim of silver.
  81. He was holding on to the grab handles on the door and his knuckles were white.
  82. He cradled the box with rope, forming handles at the ends for the heavy lifting.
  83. The handles on the drawers looked like real gold, with white pearls on the end.
  84. I move behind him and press into the handles of the wheelchair to get it moving.
  85. You may not always agree with the way he handles a crisis situation for example.
  86. There are very few handles for our modern explaining consciousness to grab onto.
  87. These different types of roller handles may work very well for the right person.
  88. Raya brought her swords down as if she held the handles of a pair of bull whips.
  89. Each convergence zone handles a category of objects (faces, animals, trees, etc.
  90. She put it over the cabinet handles and kissed him before curling up in his arms.
  91. It fell, slipping from the door handles and rattling as it landed on the street.
  92. Having found it, he brought out what looked like a large thermometer with handles.
  93. He gripped one of the handles with one hand, and, grunting, jumped off the wall.
  94. CodeIgniter handles looping through database results using PHP for each statement.
  95. Ensure handles of saucepans are turned inwards, out of reach of children to avoid.
  96. His company handles 100% of everything so you don’t need to get involved at all.
  97. Plastic pales and wooden broom handles scraped along the floor, then tomb silence.
  98. Soon—yes, very soon—they would invent an auto with six silver handles on it!.
  99. He checked the handles of the smaller suitcase to see if it could handle the weight.
  100. Sudhir Nakum, who handles the finances, estimates the salon averages more than 100.

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