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    1. intuitive decision in the moment of how you should handle that sixth sense

    2. You can also use this system to handle your electronic magazine / newsletter (Ezine) if you have one

    3. Sasha's hand reached for the door handle, though she wasn't sure what she'd do with it—the car was going at least 60 or 70 miles an hour on the freeway

    4. "I'm sorry but a businessman with his connections might possibly be able to handle four tons of aluminum

    5. “We’re going to have to jump when we get to the door, the handle is too far above us,” Johnny commented as they neared the door

    6. Ackers reached out his hand and tried to turn the door handle, it didn’t move

    7. Look how well he had handled the situation! Of course the boy was nothing but a civilian, and there really wasn’t much of a situation to handle, but Ackers was too relieved to think about any of these things

    8. Women can handle phone call, TV, child cry, kitchen sound simultaneously

    9. "And will I have to let him handle me to get his co-operation?" she asked

    10. Zitteraal stops in front of a door, puts his hand on the door handle

    11. You told me that you were really close … what if he couldn’t handle the breakdown of relations between you? If then the marriage/family thing went up the creek, that could have pushed him over the edge

    12. Zitteraal depresses the door handle and pushes the door open slowly

    13. You live in the same world and handle your responsibilities in a more effective manner

    14. 2 Actually you want the smell to be as strong as you can handle it! The stronger the better!

    15. It was bad enough when we heard about the … the shooting … and then they found the gun in our hedge, but we could handle that … it’s him … he’s acting so strangely now … it’s scary

    16. By the late 40’s he was mixing up tubs of his soap with a broom handle in the Los Angeles hotel room he was living in, and selling it after his lectures about his peace plan and the “FULL TRUTHS” he had come to understand could unite the entire world

    17. handle and here is my spout

    18. can handle things on this end

    19. Oliver takes a big hit with the sharp machete handle on the

    20. By the far wall of the cell I found a dry plastic bucket with a broken handle

    21. "There’s one control system we have that we could use that’s actually got what it takes to handle that kind of complex input/output and do it fast enough to fire the NS191 emitters in sync a million times a second

    22. Ahmed was already there giving orders to try and handle the overload

    23. I don't think I could even bear hearing her name right now, "She's going to handle all of that

    24. Anyway, at a moment he found a black pen and the opportunity to smudge two of the three pages of my published story! When I saw that, I flew off the handle! The little monster managed to stain the only success I've had in my life insofar!

    25. The mug had no handle

    26. But then, when you got a handle on things you realised that we were all mistakes

    27. It is their experiment and they are being left with the equipment and personnel necessary to handle the problem

    28. The handle of the door squeaked as someone operated it from the hallway and her eyes flashed to the doorway, her heart pounding

    29. You have to pay attention now, I wouldn't want to be holding this handle if a bolt hit the rigging

    30. The sun had set and it was hard to see as Son reached for the handle to

    31. time turned the handle

    32. The handle had a carved silver wolfs head on it

    33. "It's a machine that can handle things

    34. “I think we can handle that, got a strong hoover

    35. both Fred and Joe thought they would be able to handle the tree

    36. Anyone who does not attain to that absolute emptying of self in order to take the absolute filling of the Spirit will not be able to handle the intensity of being within that City

    37. It’s one way to handle things,

    38. Think you can handle that?"

    39. I rattled the handle and lingered, cheeky curiosity I suppose, and I didn't have long to wait

    40. "Thanks," Desa said, "but I could handle it for awhile

    41. ' He stroked the wooden handle

    42. I was pretty sure the cops would handle them

    43. I needed his support because I wasn't sure I could handle this on my own

    44. Alessandra tried the key and we could turn the door handle and hear the latch lift and listen to the tumblers but even with all our pushing and pulling it still wouldn't budge

    45. If the handle were to come off we'd be trapped in there forever and no one would ever know

    46. While Alessandra studied the handle, I found another door leading down to the crypt and although it might be a little bold to go creeping about like a burglar, I had to investigate

    47. I rattled the handle of the bathroom door

    48. Once inside her quarters she turned and placed her hand on his arm, “My Lord,” and then more softly, “Tarak, handle this carefully

    49. 'I won't handle money

    50. In their emotionless intellect, they decided the best way to handle this new situation was to ‘purge the herd’ of these oddities

    1. Complicated devices and hazardous materials are to be handled

    2. should be carefully handled

    3. Reducing stress levels in these cases, then, requires not an elimination of stressful situations (which is impossible), but a change in the way stress is handled

    4. Look how well he had handled the situation! Of course the boy was nothing but a civilian, and there really wasn’t much of a situation to handle, but Ackers was too relieved to think about any of these things

    5. This was the most high profile case he had handled to date

    6. Ajarn was one of the best there was and while he handled his mai sak and khem sak, the bamboo and metal ritual tattoo sticks, as though he were about to commit murder with them, the designs were as perfect and fine as medieval calligraphy

    7. Glenelle was a little leery because he handled it with his flippers thru the handles of long metal tongs

    8. Bahkmar feared the software in the houris was programmed to respond with even more enthusiasm when handled this way

    9. women would be kept informed of what is going on in this way, I believe it can be handled

    10. if handled maturely with the feelings of all considered, the relationship can teach new

    11. Of course, Terry's father handled the money side of things

    12. He admired the way she handled the difficult situation, keeping herself in tight restraint

    13. And later both were laughing at Alexei’s explanation of his predicament with Altera, and how he handled it

    14. Quantity should be handled and organized

    15. served, and she handled with absolute tact and aplomb every

    16. But he was centuries old and had handled better than hers several times in his life

    17. Corrente how easily he had handled the man

    18. When he reported this incident, Elmore took the call, and Alan was glad to find that he thought Alan had handled the encounter correctly

    19. When Emma had asked how she handled the events, she’d answered that she stopped asking questions

    20. At the beginning Roman handled them

    21. Calm was an understatement in describing the way he’d handled the last six years

    22. "He thought it would be best if I handled things," Coba said

    23. She knew the power the system administrator had in this expedition was too great and was conscious of how she handled it

    24. He shouted in Ionian, saying how he handled thieves by cutting off their hands

    25. I may have misgivings about Liam, but I should have handled it differently

    26. or are handled, or both of them

    27. how much the masses can be handled

    28. neither today, but can be handled

    29. Sally handled all the administrative duties herself, being hesitant to delegate much authority to others due to previous dreadful experiences she had had with the individual store managers who had not shown the commitment and energy that she had hoped for

    30. Kurt reached the end of the bridge and came across another cement bunker which he handled the same way he had on the other side

    31. I think that’s all I could have handled anyway

    32. Corny, but I was always proud of the way the people in this area handled problems of whatever nature

    33. Why did the signature have the suffix “Corporate Communications”? It was bad enough that the Colonisation Program was no more, but why was interstellar communication being handled by a public relations department? He could only guess at what must have changed back home for ESA to handle things in that way

    34. He then returned to the end office, wiped all over the part of the door he had handled

    35. It was Rosemary's black handled bread knife

    36. I will also tell you that I am proud of the way you have handled things in some of the worst situations I have ever seen

    37. She couldn't have handled that at this time

    38. I had read in a cat care book that kittens who aren’t handled during the first weeks of life might not respond well to humans

    39. So the children handled them, even bringing them into the house, much to the chagrin of their two dogs

    40. From the way he acted and the way his men handled their

    41. I put the letter to one side and picked up the other one that was there it was quite grubby and worn now with being handled frequently but this was the letter that Billy Boy had written and given to George Drew to give to Helen

    42. Jonathan handled his life as best he could

    43. Later I found out that I’d handled Charlie in the wrong way

    44. Tony and his agent handled the legal stuff

    45. This should have been handled months ago

    46. “You handled that well, Rufus, my friend,” referring to the Pickles incident

    47. ” With him buying, it would be, “Oh, no, I couldn’t possibly charge you for these supplies, and are you available for dinner tonight, my treat?” That was probably an exaggeration, but with most of the business in the city handled by women, surely he could arrange hefty discounts simply by smiling

    48. If he handled this right and destroyed all the paperwork, no one would know what they had achieved here

    49. Not just with the shop - starting a new business as foreigners in Cuba hadn’t been easy - but with the way she’d handled the release of her research to the media, drip feeding it to WikiLeaks a bit at a time

    50. The patrol dogs consisted of Alsatians handled by members called patrol dog handlers

    1. Having found it, he brought out what looked like a large thermometer with handles

    2. Michael tried going down to the Cash for Gold place but they told him to fuck off basically, that he needed to deal directly with Leo, the greasy little fucker that handles our debt

    3. Glenelle was a little leery because he handled it with his flippers thru the handles of long metal tongs

    4. handles imbalances and restores the matrix to a point of

    5. He handles the thing,

    6. application the view is only about displaying information – it is the controller that handles and responds

    7. They were not the wooden barrels with bung taps that he knew from the parts of Alan's universe he had seen lately, they were plumbed fittings behind a polished bar with fine woodwork around it and glowing symbols on the tap handles, more like the place where he used to play the Herndon Cherub for her

    8. It seems that a lot of it involves complicated commercial land purchases which he handles for developers

    9. She sat in silence; her fuchsia colored nails drumming the seat handles until the descent started

    10. She put it over the cabinet handles and kissed him before curling up in his arms

    11. They dipped the blades in the water and pushed the handles out, then pulled them back

    12. “I keep it on the rack downstairs, there’s a put-in at the base of this building and it handles two well

    13. When the mortuary technician found him on his knees in the mortuary’s ante-room, he tried to help, making a sustained but weary effort to persuade Billy to sit down and have a cup of tea, assuming that he was related to the girl on the trolley, but there were no handles by which he could get a hold of the flaking singer

    14. Ted continues to slide all the way to the door, where, having fathomed out the intricate operation of the swing handles, he pulls his jacket collar up and weaves his way out into the night

    15. Before Roman could ask what the handles lining the interior were for, he

    16. way a car handles

    17. ” He held one of the tools, his arms extended to full length in front of him with a hand on each of the tools lever handles

    18. He handles all the details but the math, that’s all I have to bother with

    19. Gina lifted her bag off the floor, opened it by the two handles on top, and

    20. Roman took two steps and held the bag so the handles touched Gina’s

    21. flavored coffees in petite cups, the handles of which could only be held by two

    22. It had two handles just so you could pick it up!

    23. Sticking out of the scabbards were a pair of silver, leaf shaped cross guards fixed to leather wrapped cherry wood handles

    24. It fell, slipping from the door handles and rattling as it landed on the street

    25. "That's it!" Theodorous shouted, throwing down his axe and grabbing one of the brass handles

    26. also handles the payment of your affiliates, which is great

    27. Nerissa had Miklos and Eugenia run around extinguishing the fires with water from the buckets, while she and Homer pulled the oars so hard, steam rose up from their handles

    28. handles all the payment processing

    29. Sebastian took the handles of Aspen’s wheelchair and turned back to the Temple, the nurse who had accompanied her falling in behind them as they left

    30. a spider to the bottom of one of the axe handles

    31. He gripped one of the handles with one hand, and, grunting, jumped off the wall

    32. The scroll handles were topped with ornate covers of deep embossed silver

    33. Many of them had hinges and handles

    34. I don’t imagine she handles the grant awards personally, though, so it probably doesn’t matter

    35. I landed on my back across the lawn mower, in the 'V' shape where the handles join the cylinder sides

    36. My head was resting on the cylinder and my legs were draped over the bar that supported the rubber-covered handles

    37. He took a moment before he opened the hatch, glancing across at the others, his fingers opening and closing on the handles

    38. There were two handles, each with a spring-loaded button on it

    39. “The new machines have no handles to pull; you just press a button to play

    40. He told me that, if you find the latest machines without handles, press ‘1 x 1’ till the free spins come up, then ‘1 x 1’ forty-eight times, and then hit ‘maximum bet’ and the maximum pay line will come up

    41. Waiting at the carousel to collect their baggage, Ingrid spotted two cases with red ribbons tied to their handles

    42. Just don’t go grabbing any of the handles on the back seat when you get in or out … because … THERE ARE NO HANDLES in the back seat…” Bruiser said wheezing with laughter and then added, “and don’t go sitting on any poles

    43. (It is at the back of the head) Temporal Lobe: Handles the sense of smell and sound and processing complex vision

    44. I move behind him and press into the handles of the wheelchair to get it moving

    45. She has a better wheelchair now, one without handles on the back, so she can maneuver it more easily

    46. Steel components such as handles, screws, hinges etc

    47. better it is to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud; he who handles a matter wisely shall find

    48. 5 I rose up to open to my beloved; and my hands dropped with myrrh, and my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh, on the handles of

    49. We also wiped our fingerprints of f the steering wheel and door handles as best we could

    50. The two plastic bags I was carrying suddenly seemed heavy and I was sure I felt the handles stretching, as the weight became too much

    1. I wrote to the brewery pointing out that their handling of the situation had caused me unnecessary embarrassment

    2. · Ability to meet the demands of life by handling problems as they come

    3. This enables cheaper average handling charges and getting better market rates than quoted

    4. Care should be taken whenever handling any formulas, chemicals or organic fertilizers, etc

    5. "That is the gist of my plan for handling it," Alfred said

    6. The Universe is always handling 90% of the process

    7. So I stood there like a twallop, swaying in the sunshine, cursing my bad handling of the whole situation and prising tiny, bloody needles from my hand

    8. She had no problem in handling six children; in true dragon fashion, she palmed out the rearing of the children to her brothers and sisters

    9. “Controllers” in a MVC based application are the components responsible for handling end user

    10. Perhaps the crates were sliding about on deck or maybe she was top heavy, or maybe she wasn't handling to his liking, any one of a thousand reasons

    11. Her careful handling of the Scather female was exemplary, she told her, and may have just provided them with a way to end the war with the Scathers

    12. I'm not handling this well

    13. ” and he explained how capable his wife, by his second marriage, was in handling the house and staff, his daughter, still at home and her interests, “It is in good hands that I leave my kith and kin, and to a welcome homecoming when I quit the road again

    14. employer on his handling of the interview

    15. Chloe was now the busy Director of Staff at The Rooms, handling every little crisis with deliberation and resolve, and having the time of her life enjoying every day, rain or shine

    16. Silently she was planning ways to avoid, the emotions she couldn't explain, and felt incapable of handling right then

    17. Every person touching anything in the place where it is sold has to be licensed, pass a test and have a certificate from the government allowing them to be involved in food production or handling

    18. The premises where food handling takes place has to be approved and licensed

    19. often the results of not finding the solution to handling feelings properly

    20. She believes in handling her slaves exactly as a drover treats his

    21. handling population in their interest and not in

    22. ’ You see, those athletes who are most proficient at handling the ball or scoring points and so on are those who are more highly valued and therefore naturally selected to be a part of the team in any given sport

    23. Through its emphasis and cultivation of all three centers, qigong ensures maximum resilience when it comes to handling stress effectively

    24. “The young woman is quite capable of handling herself

    25. Handling it rather like a soldier would handle an assault rifle, he dropped the rear handle onto his boot, loosened the chuck at the business end and dropped a shiny, black drill bit into it

    26. mange tout, handling packs of avocados and

    27. and not believe that we have a God handling all things

    28. as Apollos blessed Corinth, with their handling of

    29. ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth II Timothy

    30. staff was used to handling large numbers of people but a plane load of visitors was too much

    31. Of course, handling good fortune with grace, dignity, and charity are, also, self-defining acts, but we, as a whole, are ultimately, defined by the way we overcome adversity

    32. Much care is needed in the handling of the power and many will try to take it for their own

    33. With the good lieutenant handling the shipping, and Bilge and Netfiddle bending a few laws in their good town, I was able to use my painterly skills and charms to produce a steady supply of younglings for export

    34. Illogically, the old enforcer in Amaranthe cringed at this ham-handed handling of the law

    35. “I do not need handling,” he snapped

    36. If you are not properly handling your fathering role with your children then you should think twice about taking on the involvement and responsibility of a personal relationship

    37. The herbicide's manufacturer recommends handling with rubber gloves only, and hospitals reported constantly treating farmers sickened by the poison

    38. After a quick shower and something to eat, Frank rang the courier who’d been handling his business for the past few days and arranged to take back his deliveries

    39. Her acceptance of teasing from male crew members seemed incongruous alongside her cold, swift skills in handling the boat in rough seas

    40. Dawley remarked on my kid-glove handling of the Fritzie officer

    41. this Professor had no lack of confidence when it came to handling women

    42. “What about the rest of it Fred - how"s Kemp handling that?”

    43. Then he went upstairs and came down with the overcoat, handling it as though it was a must to avoid

    44. The Pilgrim was handling the roasting of the meat on his knife expertly

    45. How could he do that from all that distance? He was an exceptional logistics officer, very capable at handling personnel and men via manifests and report forms, but his communication skills were somewhat sub-par

    46. His feet moved of their own volition then, guiding him to enter this vast space proper and see better, even though sight alone was incapable of handling such a view

    47. I’ve driven our own machine in testing, and it has surprisingly precise and smooth handling

    48. “He took an unusual line through turn eleven, but he knows the handling of his own car best

    49. “Now let’s see if they have the handling

    50. The Prosops was a good host though it seemed to lack some real skill with handling people

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