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    1. Who likes a person that is perpetually cranky? “Oh here he

    2. He was known for his ultra-aggressive nature and is someone you didn’t want to mess with and who was best to avoid contact with at all costs if you planned on finishing out your safari with all your limbs and body parts still attached to their original frame! He had a huge set of sharp teeth with long canines that could be used quite effectively for fighting, coupled with a cranky disposition and unfaltering determination that would surpass that of the best mixed martial arts fighters that take center ring nowadays

    3. But instead, Aoife had become cranky with tiredness and it had taken a lot of coaxing to get her to finally submit

    4. festivities, cranky, crabbed, and crusty though he was

    5. I never would have believed it, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! The magazine was being cranky and I cursed and swore at it

    6. “That cranky stomach of yours gonna

    7. Being so tired had made me cranky

    8. Cara seemed cranky and irritable and said she was getting a blister from the strap of her new sandals

    9. "Oh--well," said Mary rather confusedly, "they're mostly awful cranky, I know

    10. It's when our dogs bark excessively that it becomes a problem for all concerned - including our cranky neighbors

    11. I was tired, I was cranky, and I was depressed, you’d think Adrinius would have got the hint, apparently not

    12. On the rare occasions that the president got cranky, the project manager had a wise voice for coaching on that angle as well

    13. ‘Of course I would! I’m not that cranky

    14. Bridget noticed that he had lost a lot of weight and was tired and cranky at times

    15. Some of the younger ones had been sleeping and were tired and cranky from the journey

    16. cranky for anyone to care

    17. Mohan and Raghav, who had held by then that their father was cranky, were not surprised by his bravado

    18. Can you imagine the price of gold in 2191? That little sucker would have done wonders for that cranky portfolio of mine

    19. He currently resides in Lake Waukomis, Missouri, with his lovely wife Karen, along with some hyperactive squirrels, too many irritating geese, and a few cranky old catfish

    20. Apparently it has gotten cranky in your absence

    21. Because of this Universal lack of sleep Americans are more cranky and less productive mentally while they are at work

    22. “Well aren’t we in a cranky mood this morning

    23. In the pictures, they’re happy, pleasant, satisfied, and loving—but in real life, they were pissed, cranky,

    24. During the first few days of detoxification one often complains of headaches, body aches or sore muscles, feeling weak or cranky, and trouble sleeping

    25. In fact it was so important in the Bible, in Deuteronomy 22:15, that if there was ever doubt that a woman had been a virgin before she was married, if a husband became cranky and got complaining about his wife, and said she wasn't a virgin - that she'd had other men - the parents would bring the bedclothes, from the first night they had sexual intercourse, with the blood marks on them, and they would call them the ‘Tokens of Virginity’

    26. They didn't want to be cranky

    27. No one enjoys being cranky

    28. “As I touched sixty, I happened to meet a childhood mate and his attractive second wife, who was on the wrong side of forties; when she turned flirtatious to my excitement, to her delight, I made a few passes at her, but when I became a little forthright, she turned cranky and showed me in poor light to my friend, and that was that

    29. You're already tired and cranky

    30. I was sitting on a small hillock strewn with calcified outcroppings that looked like long-dead coral, or dollops of oatmeal gruel flung from the bowl of a cranky 2-year old

    31. I’d hate to open the front door one day and see that cranky old dragon at my door step

    32. Her eyes crinkled up over his hand and he could feel her smiling in his palm, starting a new song and although the words were muffled, he was sure was Cranky Laeron

    33. She had not sleep well and felt tired and cranky when

    34. A combination of hunger, boredom and solitude, was making her restless and cranky

    35. “Wow, I really am cranky today

    36. “He's not cranky, he just likes his privacy, and when it comes to living here privacy is a

    37. During the second phone call, the secretary’s voice had changed from cranky to hushed, and her gaze slid to Petra with a look of pity that Petra would later know too well

    38. cranky remark left her lips Libby realised she was inviting

    39. So when the surroundings don’t offer them enough stimulus they become impatient, cranky and a pest for the adults who would quite happily enjoy being left alone with their thoughts

    40. Your cat, Twinkles, is slinking around the house looking cranky (probably because no one

    41. I wish I could sleep for a thousand years! Manfred was definitely cranky

    42. He had the sudden urge to scream a really loud and desperate 'NOOOOO!' like in a movie, but he figured she wouldn't find that funny, what with the cranky mood she was in

    43. I followed in the wake of the steely and somewhat cranky councilman

    44. Cranky as hell with the same scary owl of a face

    45. Even someone as cranky as Alby

    46. And Frau Elena’s toothache is better now but she can’t smoke which makes her cranky, did I tell you she started smoking

    47. I assumed it was some old snake oil or cranky patent medicine until Charlie showed me the bottle on the counter

    48. “Old yes, really old and cranky, but never silly

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