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Croak в предложении (на )

1. Croak told me.
2. All I could croak was, Water.
3. One of them begins with a croak.
4. Croak made another ballistic lunge.
5. And I hope Aunt March won't croak.
6. The croak would be almost identical.
7. I dont want to croak during the night.

8. Where am I? It came out as a croak.
9. Yeah, he muttered, a scratchy croak.
10. The crow's ill-boding croak, the hollow moan.
11. My voice is a croak and even I don’t believe me.
12. I think we choose which bank we’re on, Croak.
13. Jossiah’s single word came up his throat in a croak.
14. I tried to speak but it came out in a croak as I said.
15. You croak, Where will I meet her? At a party?’’.
16. He started to tire, then vomited with a strangled croak.
17. Croak closed his eyes, protecting them in his thick hide.
18. Croak dangled, hanging over the far drop to the ground below.
19. FATHER COFFEY: (Yawns, then chants with a hoarse croak) Namine.
20. But so it is the same thing that all the frogs croak before a storm.
21. Not so bad, he answered, his voice coming out in a sickly croak.
22. Back off! I mean to yell the words, but they come out as a hoarse croak.
23. Yes, Melodía said, in what she hoped was a suitable disease-victim croak.
24. The Raven opened his mouth wide, and began to croak with all his might and main.
25. Then the bandit thrice imitated the cry of a crow; a croak answered this signal.
26. Your mouth closes and your lips purse and all you can manage is a strangled croak.
27. Raising his head, he got ready to give the signal, but only managed a hoarse croak.
28. She tried to think comforting thoughts but all she managed was to utter with a croak:.
29. The he started to croak in the throat and tremble in the lips and chin and I swear real tears.
30. And they have no chance; only to croak in the mine or to die of diseases they contracted there.
31. The hungry man repeated, in a rapturous croak, "Magnificent!" and began gnawing another finger.
32. And then, just as I thought he might have drifted to sleep, he said with a croak, I am so khasta.
33. Oh, I don't want to draw any further conclusions and croak like a raven over the young man's future.
34. Croak saw his chance, leaping to knock Silas off, down into the barrels, maybe into the fire pit beyond.
35. Only later, when William has blown out all the candles save one, to light his way back to the library, does a voice croak from the shadows.
36. The voice of her assailant was so horrible from spite and rage that it was almost a croak; but he, too, was saying something, and just as quickly.
37. He begrudges to donate a penny or he thinks: ‘I have a lot of money, I am a king!’ Tomorrow, though, he’ll croak, and they will look at him, deciding who and what he was.
38. The voice of her assailant was so horrible from spite and rage that it was almost a croak; but he, too, was saying something, and just as quickly and indistinctly, hurrying and spluttering.
39. Yep, yep, no chance it's going to be you, because guess what? After I croak, my father will start looking for a new wife for him and it would probably be some Princess from a neighboring country, fit to be the Queen of Jothar.
40. Ah back in the land of the living are we how are you feeling? To tell the truth I didn’t really know how I felt at the moment a little numb and more than a little sore but the pain had not really started again yet then I managed to croak.
41. I tried to shout over to Elijah to ask him how he was but it came out as a terrible croak because my throat was raw and I had a terrible thirst and I tried to moisten my lips but I had no saliva in my mouth and my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth.
42. All appreciation for life, for every green blade of grass and every wonder in the world, is available to the young who wonder naturally, but in a society that does not admire wonder, this power has been cut down; the green meadow of life has been shorn, and the dust of the centuries that fills the mouths of the old is spread to the young, and young saplings become brittle trees that croak and groan under the weight of time.
43. Suddenly the poor duenna felt two hands seize her by the throat, so tightly that she could not croak, while some one else, without uttering a word, very briskly hoisted up her petticoats, and with what seemed to be a slipper began to lay on so heartily that anyone would have felt pity for her; but although Don Quixote felt it he never stirred from his bed, but lay quiet and silent, nay apprehensive that his turn for a drubbing might be coming.
1. The boy spoke in a croaking monotone.
2. Even the bullfrogs had stopped croaking.
3. Even the frogs had ceased their croaking as if.
4. Ken did just that, croaking down the phone to his boss to.
5. I … have … to … Each word was a croaking cough.
6. The captives were never seen again, nor the croaking voice heard.
7. I am Princess Simla of Old Earth, she said, her voice croaking.
8. When he spoke, his croaking voice seemed an octave lower than before.
9. She could hardly remain in bed and look languid and make croaking to Mrs.
10. When Tomé tries to bark, out of his throat comes nothing more but croaking.
11. South African, croaking out from her throat ( because the climate is so dry.
12. There was a harsh croaking scream, as it fell out of the air, vanishing down.
13. Jock's not a happy bunny on account of the punters fucking croaking, ye ken, laddie.
14. I heard a sound like the flutter of a bird's wings, and a hoarse croaking, but that was all.
15. Ken did just that, croaking down the phone to his boss to complain about a twenty-four hour bug.
16. The hidden frogs were coming out from their pits and holes, and started croaking for more rain.
17. What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore Meant in croaking Nevermore.
18. A croaking comes out of their dry lips, a whimpering, a childish protest against this awful dream.
19. Down, down it came, and then, folding its fingered webs, it gave a croaking cry, and settled upon the body.
20. There happened to be no customer in the shop but Jacques Three, of the restless fingers and the croaking voice.
21. With such gloomy thoughts, followed ever by croaking crows above them, they made their weary way back to the camp.
22. He shouted, a croaking, desperate shout of menace, and the vultures swerved away and retreated, frightened by the sound.
23. Another stupid croaking noise escapes his throat before he closes his mouth with a snap and drops his eyes to the floor.
24. It sounds like the croaking of frogs; and there is no reason apparent why the author should indulge in such a hideous eccentricity.
25. Then from out of the silence, imminent and threatening, there came once more that low, throaty croaking, far louder and closer than before.
26. One black chicken which the administrator could not catch, black as night and as silent, not even croaking, awaiting Reynard, still went to roost in the next apartment.
27. You must have been that frog under the willow that kept disturbing the fish, I didn't catch a thing, it kept burping and croaking every time a mackerel came near my apple.
28. She lay against his shoulder with his arm around her, listening to the noises of the bush, the croaking of the frogs, the sound of crickets, and the crying of a night bird.
29. Along with the fresh air, through the open window, came the croaking of frogs, interrupted by the whistling of nightingales, one of which was in a lilac bush under the window.
30. He heard a croaking a noise, an utterance of desperation, and it wasn’t until Katy looked at him with concern that he realized the sound came from somewhere deep within his throat.
31. But this croaking was of no avail; although it was loud enough, the King's daughter did not hear it, but, hastening home, soon forgot the poor Frog, who was obliged to leap back into the fountain.
32. One soldier was then suddenly and violently spun around as a bullet smashed into his shoulder, followed by a croaking sound, as another silenced bullet hit another soldier, through the mouth and exited his neck.
33. The second squat fisherman, whose skin had taken on a hue that looked more amphibious than human, was ripped forward off the ramparts with a stout pull on his line and he fell into the dark water, croaking fatally.
34. Together with the fresh air and the moonlight, the croaking of the frogs entered the room, mingling with the trills of a couple of nightingales in the park and one close to the window in a bush of lilacs in bloom.
35. Listening to the nightingales and the frogs, Nekhludoff recalled the music of the inspector's daughter; and, thinking of that music, he recalled Maslova—how, like the croaking of a frog, her lips trembled when she said, You must drop that.
36. Lying in his own tent that night, Amalric heard the steady rumble of a drum in Xaltotun's tent; through the darkness it boomed steadily, and occasionally the Nemedian could have sworn that a deep, croaking voice mingled with the pulse of the drum.
37. Listening to the nightingales and the frogs, Nekhludoff remembered the inspector’s daughter, and her music, and the inspector; that reminded him of Maslova, and how her lips trembled, like the croaking of the frogs, when she said, You must just leave it.
1. He croaked out a no.
2. Did he die? I croaked.
3. Thanks a lot! croaked Nem.
4. Are you okay? he croaked.
5. But we heard it, croaked Dawes.
6. You remember why, Sarah croaked.
7. Where are we? his master croaked.
8. When he did the math, he almost croaked.
9. Alex, she croaked, and grabbed his arm.
10. Amphibians croaked a tenor’s song of night.
11. I hate you, she croaked to a beaming Elfi.
12. What are you waiting for? croaked a voice.
13. His throat croaked as if a wire choked his neck.
14. I croaked, What is that? Doctor’s orders?
15. Greg had croaked back his answers the best he could.
16. Don't, she croaked, cusping a hand to her mouth.
17. Can’t say I have, he croaked in a seasick tone.
18. Good morrow, he croaked, just to hear his voice.
19. Jax, I croaked out, send only a small team down.
20. Guess we'd better call it a night, men, he croaked.
21. Shhh—I’ll be out in a minute, croaked her mother.
22. Worse than that, I croaked, where’s the restroom.
23. But, what does this have to do with you? croaked Cloud.
24. You guys okay? Cloud croaked, brushing the matted spikes.
25. Laurie opened the window, and croaked out as hoarsely as a raven.
26. Muh-ugh, it croaked back at him, in the oddest little voice.
27. I said nothing about the girl, another strange voice croaked.
28. Push harder, croaked Dawes, waving his arms at the scarecrows.
29. The frog croaked, its back beginning to cover in a thick clear goo.
30. The frogs had not croaked in vain the night before; the day was dull.
31. After a moment’s hesitation, he croaked, I’m in serious trouble.
32. He held his neck with one hand, lowered it, and croaked, No bandage.
33. Then Sunbeam croaked, If you have a Fish then I love you, Ambrosius.
34. What is it, sister, he croaked out in his best early morning voice.
35. This isn’t over! he croaked, but he was already talking to my back.
36. Instead: they cawed and croaked their hate for millions of years; every day.
37. Wearily I croaked out, God have you led us here to this storm to die?
38. It’s affected the entire country, she croaked and then cleared her throat.
39. Typical Boglehob, croaked Dawes, batting away more chickens with his arms.
40. Have mercy! Yazadril croaked, and spat out the remains of a mouthful of vomit.
41. The prioress picked up the receiver and groggily croaked into it, Salesian Monastery.
42. The mercenaries crouched into firing positions and Mophi croaked for them to stop shooting.
43. I don’t know, he croaked, his lips sticking together as if painted with a pasty glue.
44. Evening Alex, the old man croaked in his breathless voice, the result of years of smoking.
45. It must have been somewhere south of the Cocos Islands when finally the engine croaked its last.
46. Yes, yes, I know the rules, the frog croaked under his breath, his voice shriveled to a weak tremor.
47. Finally he croaked out, Take your miserable rabble out into the desert to die, for all that I care!.
48. Twenty can play as well as one, croaked the parrot, his beady eye pressed between the bars of his cage.
49. Something seized up in me and I reached out to grab at him, You felt it too? I croaked out past cold lips.
50. I am not he who has built this bridge, croaked the frog forcefully, like he was trapping flies with his words.
51. The King croaked unintelligible, and slowly slid from his slump against the wall to lay prostrate on the floor, gurgling.
52. She wouldn’t need to worry about the morning when she’d wake up and need coffee and find that the coffeemaker finally croaked.
53. I waited until dark and then crawled across to where I had seen Elijah drop down he was still lying there when I got up to him and he croaked.
54. Muh…muh, it croaked in the saddest, most pain-wracked, and lowest little voice, a voice he would remember in dreams for the rest of his life.
55. Ah, ya soft-headed, sponge-hearted stooge, he croaked out, and he stood and pulled Durstan into an embrace so that his friend wouldn’t see him cry.
56. Darkburst continued calling, over and over again, until his voice croaked with hoarseness and he was forced to admit that the others had gone on without him.
57. The people rudely pictured as drinking in the wine-shops, croaked over their scanty measures of thin wine and beer, and were gloweringly confidential together.
58. Plug hat on the platform seemed to recognize some affinity in plug hat on the van, and there was an acceleration of mutual interest when the parrot croaked his sentence again.
59. Bobby Moch strapped on his old megaphone and croaked Row! With troubled joints and aching backs, they dipped white blades into the water and glided out onto Lake Washington.
60. I used to go in the woods, find a boulder fit to be used as furniture, then sit there for hours, and watch and listen as fish swam and gurgled, frogs jumped and croaked, and birds flew and chirped.
61. The creatures that crawled and croaked in the night had a faint reddish-orange glow to their bodies, but certain of their features could still be distinguished; their body texture and facial structure.
62. Aunt Pitty’s was one of the first houses which the wounded reached as they struggled in from the north of the town, and one after another, they tottered to the gate, sank down on the green lawn and croaked: Water!.
63. The Nemedian croaked in triumph and sprang forward, lifting his great sword with both hands over his right shoulder, as he braced his legs wide for the stroke—and then, over the prostrate king, something huge and hairy shot like a thunderbolt full on the soldier's breast, and his yelp of triumph changed to a shriek of death.
64. The civil servant tried to nod, but couldn't, so instead, he croaked,.
1. Commander, bring the boy up before he croaks.
2. C-Ciere, he croaks, and she whirls to face him.
3. The coming of the night was signaled in by the howls, chirps, croaks and hoots of the nocturnal creatures.
4. Pressing a button on the intercom the receptionist tried, but his dry, frog-like croaks were unintelligible.
5. They had turned and looked with astonishment; their croaks and hawkish, almost unintelligible cries had been choked in concert, replaced with whispers of amazement and gasps of wonder.

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