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Expire в предложении (на )

1. The term is about to expire.
2. It is humiliating to expire.
3. When the option will expire.
4. All options expire on July 21, 2007.
5. The flames would leap and then expire.
6. These warrants were to expire in 1989.
7. Some might be whipped until they expire.

8. Nothing will expire for another 20 years.
9. When the domain is going to expire, the.
10. All options must expire at the same time.
11. I know this option will expire worthless.
12. Options expire what day of each month? A.
13. Tell me a better reason for him to expire.
14. Never mind that they will expire worthless.
15. Some 90 percent of options expire worthless.
16. Exiting and seeing the options expire worthless.
17. Pays the trader if all options expire worthless.
18. The option contracts expire in the nearest month.
19. She lay still, silently watching the beast expire.
20. But options also expire whereas the stock does not.
21. I won’t know that until the test subjects expire.
22. Most protective options do expire out of the money.
23. The worst case is for the put to expire worthless.
24. Moreover, the stock will not expire as the call will.
25. Quarterly spread bets have a date at which they expire.
26. Letting any out-of-the-money options expire worthless.
27. If he shot me so, I'd expire with a blessing on my lips.
28. If he shot me so, I’d expire with a blessing on my lips.
29. If the call is out of the money, it will expire worthless.
30. The goal is to have both vertical spreads expire worthless.
31. Options expire noon on the 3rd Saturday of any chosen month.
32. Options expire on the third Friday of their expiration month.
33. Banners or text links that expire are guaranteed to eventually.
34. The downside is that both options will usually expire worthless.
35. This is based on when the November VIX futures contracts expire.
36. A: Only if you are looking at options that expire in the short term.
37. Also, OTM calls are more likely to expire worthless than NTM calls.
38. Nor did the canary lady suddenly fly around her room once and expire.
39. Again, the June options expire worthless, and I can roll out to July.
40. At this price level, both call options would expire out of the money.
41. We could close the trade out entirely, or it could expire worthless:.
42. Many times, both options expire worthless and they get double profits.
43. In this case, both short $100 calls expire worthless for a $3,000 gain.
44. He hoped the fat guy didn‘t expire before they were through with him.
45. These options have 24 days of life left, at which point they will expire.
46. A quick example involves VIX option contracts that expire in January 2011.
47. Having most of the options that you sell expire worthless is the easy part.
48. The put will expire worthless and we’ll exercise our call and buy KO at 39.
49. All options must have the same underlying contract and expire at the same time.
50. In this price range all option contracts in the spread expire out of the money.
51. As a reminder, Weekly VIX options have a contract that will expire every Friday.
52. He had never come to terms with his former master's failure to expire properly.
53. Then, the options will expire worthless and give us a 12% return for four weeks.
54. I know its feeding grounds, I know where it is born and where parts of it expire.
55. In this example, let’s suppose John’s April call does indeed expire worthless.
56. The following Notice Of Explanation will expire in 14 months, 3 days, 5 hours and 34.
57. A glance at point 4 shows the deltas for the monthly options, which expire in 23 days.
58. These things expire every month so you have to go get more premium each time they do.
59. Profitability: This is a very short-term position, since the options expire in 2 weeks.
60. Keep all important counts which expire within five or six weeks of a Top-to-Top count.
61. Should AAPL move one direction before the Aprils expire, we have extra calls (or puts).
62. That person expects your option to expire worthless so he or she can keep the premium.
63. Or in English, they become 100 shares of stock long or short, or they expire worthless.
64. Why was that? Prices never break shortly before a Top-to-Top count is due to expire.
65. This means that you don’t have to wait for old options to expire to add new positions.
66. My current NJ medical license was up for renewal next winter - I'd have to let it expire.
67. A collar that would expire in seven days could be initiated by purchasing a November 20.
68. This results in higher VIX futures prices for contracts that expire further in the future.
69. This is not to imply that every set of options that you sell are going to expire worthless.
70. Contingencies are time-sensitive, and expire if not formally removed by the specified time.
71. Mr Fremley, at the window, looked down and saw the car expire and die in front of the hotel.
72. Eventually, the front option would expire and we’d be left long that longer-dated option.
73. Contracts such as the crude oil futures are rolled monthly because they expire every month.
74. For oil, be aware that contracts expire early—a September contract will expire in August.
75. If you are willing to expire on schedule after 30 years with zero assets, you will need less.
76. Sometimes this bad performance continues for weeks or even months after these options expire.
77. The April options, which expire in four weeks, will be unaffected by a change in the dividend.
78. Retain all minor counts which expire within about a week on either side of a Top-to-Top count.
79. The February cycle refers to having options that expire in February, May, August, and November.
80. Unlike option contracts that expire on a Friday, VIX futures and options expire on a Wednesday.
81. Other studies have stated that up to 85% of call options will expire worthless (at expiration).
82. POSITIVES: The Oct 22 ½ put is out of the money and has a reasonable chance to expire worthless.
83. John remains in the market, and the options eventually expire, providing John with a good profit.
84. Nobody of any consequence in the OPMI market tenders until just before a tender offer is to expire.
85. The goal here is to have the options expire worthless, so that the put writers collect the premium.
86. I wanted to earn those last few pennies and always allowed these short options to expire worthless.
87. What’s important to take away is that options have value even if they ultimately expire worthless.
88. All options must expire at the same time, be of the same type, and have the same underlying contract.
89. It is so far out of the money and has so little life left in it that it's likely to expire worthless.
90. It was allowed to expire with the end of the session of parliament which followed the 25th March 1781.
91. Options also vary by month of expiration; all of a given month’s options expire on the third Friday.
92. I was probably better off not having a receipt- most receipts for returns expire after 6 months anyway.
93. In fact as she ran out of my room with tears streaking her face I felt like I might expire on the spot.
94. If it goes down, the options expire, but you don’t lose—and neither does the insurance company.
95. If both calls expire worthless, you keep the premium you collected minus what you paid for the protection.
96. These option contracts expire on October 29, while the underlying future contract expires on November 17.
97. The trade-off is that the odds are high your option will expire worthless and, as a buyer, you will lose.
98. However, our contention is that approximately 80% of options held through expiration will expire worthless.
99. Delta disappears on expiration day, so either your position will expire with intrinsic value or it won’t.
100. Of course she wasn"t built in a day, but what is also worth remembering is that she didn"t expire in a day.
1. It’s the Probability of Expiring.
2. Calculating the probability of expiring.
3. Have a 75% chance of expiring in-the-money.
4. It was most piteous, that last expiring spout.
5. For she clung with her expiring virtue to the.
6. But the 150 call would have very high odds of expiring ITM.
7. That final word came forth with the minister's expiring breath.
8. Sell that option and it has a 90% chance of expiring worthless.
9. The 170 call option has a probability of expiring percentage of 45.
10. I even fancied that I heard the expiring sighs of those who, like.
11. I was beginning to worry about the 1 year limit on the guarantee expiring.
12. In this book, we talk often about options expiring worthless at expiration.
13. I found my father expiring upon the ground, with his head terribly injured.
14. If a call option has a 75% probability of expiring, then we know it will: A.
15. With a starved, faint kind of expiring terror, he realized that he was dying.
16. Buy back the put sold earlier and write a put option expiring in a future month.
17. Tullius’ own brown eyes fixed upon those of Maro, alight with expiring patience.
18. As a review, probability of expiring means the chance of expiring in-the-money.
19. It seems your kind is always expiring before you�ve had the chance to fully live.
20. A cluster requires an expiring important count, as do all successful target ranges.
21. You can sell options that have a 90%, 95%, or even 98% chance of expiring worthless.
22. This tells us that the May $80 call option has a 32% chance of expiring in-the-money.
23. Suppose also that a $110 call expiring in three months is available at a price of $2.
24. The contract representing the first month is the nearest expiring VIX futures contract.
25. These options would have much higher chances of expiring with some value left on them.
26. This may give you access to options that may have better odds of expiring worthless (i.
27. The mean return of the strategy with contracts expiring in at least two months was –2.
28. If a stock is trading at 100, what would be the odds of a 50 call expiring ITM? Very low.
29. At January expiration, the XYZ Jan 40 Put would have lost all value expiring at the money.
30. However, the premium on the options expiring after that date will not usually change much.
31. For she clung with her expiring virtue to the Virgin, the sculptures, the tombs—anything.
32. Options expiring on April 21, 2007, traded with the following ask prices: Call 90 — ask $5.
33. This gave the exchange an extra day to process the paperwork associated with expiring options.
34. The researchers focused on unusual trading patterns of stocks when options on them were expiring.
35. But the same futures contract may also be the underlying for a March option expiring in one year.
36. The highest possible profit would be obtained with the options expiring with soybeans right at $15.
37. A conversion table for option contracts expiring in less than one year may be found in Appendix A.
38. If there is a 50% chance of these options expiring in-the-money, shouldn’t the Delta always be 0.
39. These quotes are from November 9, with these option contracts expiring in eight days on November 17.
40. The portfolio was created on August 28, 2010, using option contracts expiring on September 17, 2010.
41. If this is done correctly, the trader should have a set of options expiring approximately once a month.
42. We can use the probability of expiring to determine the odds of the stock moving above our strike price.
43. I felt for it, found it, twisted it up together, and putting it into the expiring flame, set light to it.
44. The median return of short straddles turned negative with contracts expiring in at least two months (–0.
45. A privilege having a long period to run is in that respect more desirable than one expiring in a short time.
46. The combination consists of the following options expiring on July 21, 2007: one long Call 25 (ask price $2.
47. Instead of an option expiring with no value, the result was a cash debit for short positions in those options.
48. The graph above depicts the profit curve for a typical calendar spread when the near-term option is expiring.
49. The probability of an option expiring in-the-money can generally be determined by the Delta on that option; e.
50. The profit on the expiring option is greater than the loss on the back month option that we’ll be left long.
51. As a side note, up until recently, all stock options traded monthly, expiring the third Friday of every month.
52. A March futures contract maturing in two years may be the underlying for a March option expiring in two years.
53. If the call is in the money, the exchange will automatically settle all expiring in-the-money options in cash.
54. However, with time value working in your favor, the majority of your options sold should be expiring worthless.
55. But if the expected level of volatility increased, the option could now have a chance of expiring in-the-money).
56. Each cell in the solution was supposed to consume three fat cells before expiring, but they are consuming seven.
57. If your option’s probability of expiring is 32%, we know that the option has a 32% chance of expiring what? A.
58. The calculation uses a combination of S&P 500 index options expiring before and after the targeted 93-day period.
59. A simple look at the delta (explained later) can tell you each individual option’s chance of expiring worthless.
60. The old lady stood petrified with astonishment, peering over her glasses; Tom lay on the floor expiring with laughter.
61. Suppose that we have two option expirations, a short-term option expiring at t1 and a long-term option expiring at t2.
62. The position has high gamma (from being long expiring options) and will actually be profitable on a volatility decrease.
63. Both expiring put option series are out of the money to the point of there being very little value left in the contracts.
64. Options are more valuable when the underlying is expected to be volatile as they have more chance of expiring in-the-money.
65. The trader believes that cash can be collected repeatedly until the trade finally ends with all options expiring worthless.
66. Weekly VIX options that are in the money at expiration result in a purchase or sale of the next expiring VIX futures contract.
67. All three combination variants were created of options expiring on April 16, 2010 (using strike prices of put 560 and call 570).
68. Also, only on one occasion did the nearest expiring futures contract gain more on a percentage basis than the S&P 500 index lost.
69. He had read conflicting studies, some showing 30% of options expiring worthless, others indicating that the rate was closer to 80%.
70. The only difference is that a Guts trade has a better chance of both options expiring in-the-money, requiring additional commissions.
71. In addition, many of the old land leases, which had not been properly negotiated or monitored, were expiring or coming up for renewal.
72. If traders own a February contract on the day it is expiring, they will need to sell the February contract and buy the March contract.
73. I was about to leave without paying for my coffee, then thinking better of it, dropped a few coins on the table next to the expiring bee.
74. As the stock price increases, the probability of expiring decreases, which increases your odds of that stock staying above the $40 price.
75. How many shares should they trade? They should trade the number of shares that is equal to the odds of their option expiring in-the-money.
76. Over the past several months, I have seen huge benefits to using the probability of expiring to evaluate an option before placing the trade.
77. The weekly VIX futures options do not share expiration dates with VIX futures contracts, but do settle in the next expiring futures contract.
78. This is the same procedure used to settle expiring futures options when the underlying contract for the option is the expiring futures month.
79. Calendar Spread The purchase (sale) of one option expiring on one date and the sale (purchase) of another option expiring on a different date.
80. In this case options over a very wide range of strikes will be valuable because their chance of expiring in-the-money is expected to be high.
81. An at-the-money option on a rabbit stock has the same chances of expiring in-the-money as one on a tortoise stock; the odds are always 50-50.
82. As an option trader it is always helpful to refer to the probability of expiring percentage once you’ve determined your investment strategy.
83. As is often the case, the near-term front month VIX futures contracts are trading at a discount to the contract expiring further in the future.
84. Taking the closest expiring contract, November 2009, into account, this means traders expect the VIX index to move lower by November expiration.
85. The exception to this would be if the option is expiring and the owner of the call wishes to own the stock or commodity at the specified strike price.
86. The underlying is expected to be highly volatile and therefore strikes currently out-of-the-money still have a strong likelihood of expiring valuably.
87. When stock options were introduced in the United States, trading in expiring contracts ended at the close of business on the third Friday of the month.
88. At this moment the expiring embers threw up a fresh flame from the kindling of a piece of wood that lay near, and a bright light flashed over the room.
89. This goal results in the value of the long Mar 40 Put to be at its maximum value relative to the value of the expiring short position in the Jan 40 Put.
90. From the option seller perspective when writing the put, according to the analytical model used, the XYZ put has a 90% probability of expiring worthless.
91. All options expiring after a predictable event will have premiums which reflect the uncertainty surrounding that event very soon after it becomes public.
92. Nature, who had made him what he was, seemed to have calculated cruelly how much he could bear in the way of atrocious anguish without actually expiring.
93. They found an increased likelihood that a stock would close on the options expiration day at or very near the strike price of one of its expiring options.
94. Note on the following table that every option has a 50% or lower statistical probability of expiring with Intrinsic Value that exceeds the original premium.
95. Just as, with a sputter and a flicker and a last expiring tremor, we had begun to realize that the going season was, indeed, nearly gone, something happened.
96. For example, there may be high volume on options expiring in one year and those expiring in one month, but almost no volume on those expiring in three months.
97. To eliminate this trend from analyzing the nearest expiring future contract, for testing purposes a new front month is designated the Friday before expiration.
98. One of the variants consisted of the nearest options expiring in one to two weeks; another variant consisted of distant options expiring in two to three months.
99. However, like you said, if you were convinced that it was not going to end up expiring in-the-money and you held it anyway, you would lose 100% of your capital.
100. Jelly rolls are generally used by professional traders who have delta exposure in an expiring option month that is offset by delta exposure in a later expiration.
1. The law expired at the.
2. That's expired by the grass.
3. And at the third she expired.
4. The organization expired in 1872.
5. But the warranty is expired and non.
6. She tried to smile once more and expired.
7. My four year navy tour of duty had expired.
8. And, having again closed his eyes, he expired.
9. And our time, in any event, is almost expired.
10. When the option expired, futures closed at 22.
11. See to it that the ingredient has not expired.
12. This fourth model is known as Trading Expired.
13. South Korea, and my Temple recommend had expired.
14. Some of the stuff had expired but I didn't care.
15. The law of March, 1809, therefore, then expired.
16. In foreign ports our liberty expired at midnight.
17. The delay demanded by Beauchamp had nearly expired.
18. Chug’s power was limited because it expired one.
19. The expired option, if exercised, is settled in cash.
20. The officer took a look and said, This is expired.
21. The concert expired shortly before ten, and everyone.
22. The application deadline expired only a few weeks ago.
23. Fortunately, the put expired worthless into February opex.
24. But now the term of my visiting lectureship has expired.
25. Twenty more until the lockout code on his comm-cuff expired.
26. I threw the last one out in 2011, as it had expired by then.
27. The judgment expired years ago, was her first reaction.
28. If options had no value when they expired, they were worthless.
29. Oddly, the creature had broken into two pieces before it expired.
30. When the hour had expired Captain Winter noisily opened the door.
31. The only food was a half-carton of eggs that expired in two days.
32. But he was old, and he expired when Cassius was still very young.
33. In fact, in his mind those options have already expired worthless.
34. On November 21, the day the option expired, the stock closed at $16.
35. No papers are sent to subscribers after the time paid for has expired.
36. I worried that maybe his luck had expired and he was in dire straits.
37. His visa had expired and he had heard that getting the visa over in.
38. And why: He was stopped for driving with an expired drivers license.
39. If Buddy’s policy is older, then the exclusion has probably expired.
40. Ankharet’s eyes closed and her head lolled to the left as she expired.
41. Once the data has expired, the slave server stops responding to queries.
42. I dropped my gun and held him in my arms, but he almost instantly expired.
43. The entire street appeared to have expired without telling its inhabitants.
44. In-the-money option :An option that would be worth exercising if it expired.
45. If the options expired worthless he would lose his entire account of $10,000.
46. He had just expired, with clinched hands, his mouth in a spasm of agony, and.
47. Once your fraud alerts have expired, LifeLock will request on your behalf that.
48. Any other Atlanta woman would have expired in rage at having to listen to such.
49. Maybe Williams hadn’t bothered with an invisi-shield, or maybe it had expired.
50. Mine expired months ago, and I just haven’t got to it, it wasn’t a priority.
51. There are two scenarios that could have taken place on the day the option expired.
52. I performed rollovers those times when the future expired before the trade closed.
53. The Empire sank into a gloom which resembled that of the Roman world as it expired.
54. The sum of bank money, for which the receipts are expired, must be very considerable.
55. Two more pulls before his energy expired left him on top of the cliff up to his waist.
56. A potential leader who never rose to take her place, a source of hope that has expired.
57. People whose bodies have recently expired and are in the process of being resuscitated.
58. This also allows you to avoid waste by not having to throw out foods that have expired.
59. Ever since that leave of absence had expired, more than a fortnight before, Natasha had.
60. Thus many left after their contracts expired and became security experts all over Africa.
61. Marriage was an endurance and if any of them had begun with love, it had expired years ago.
62. A few of the military personnel whose enlistment contracts had expired also left with Peter.
63. The blue ink’s trail left only a few words as Susan’s life on this oblate spheroid expired.
64. The original Mental Health Parity Act expired on the last day of the month 9/11 had taken place.
65. Now when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison and will go to.
66. Ted wanted to sell options that were only 6¢ out of the money that expired in less than 30 days.
67. The man told Captain Hamid, he was on a visitor’s visa, which was expired, and asked that Umar.
68. We are eight hours ahead of you here, so the deadline expired here at four o’clock this morning.
69. He went down hard, but the reason he expired was because he had held the mRocK one second too long.
70. My newspaper subscriptions have expired and I‘d like to renew them but only if they can be afforded.
71. He thought he’d thrown his previous one away a few months ago when it expired: what had she seen?
72. She was only awoken at the end of their shifts; when their usefulness expired, or when they went mad.
73. Annette was right—the judgment expired seven years after it was entered, and had not been reenrolled.
74. Or maybe her EMT license had expired and she wasn’t allowed to diagnose cancer over the phone anymore.
75. An hour after she finally expired, a pack of wolves found her frozen corpse and tore her limb from limb.
76. The lock up was the final problem, the rent expired today and there was a lot of forensic evidence there.
77. The candle, wasted at last, went out; as it expired, I perceived streaks of grey light edging the window.
78. When you found Dennis on the floor and realized that he had expired, what did you do? Hoffman asked.
79. Magoo, the only Democrat, Charlie Garland’s, term expired, and a third Republican Commissioner, Ernest Y.
80. Assuming the option expired with XYZ stock below $72 per share, Don would have kept the full premium of $150.
81. This concept is explained in the following example of Terex (TEX) stock option that expired in February 2011.
82. The lease expired on December 31, and she needed to pack her things and make arrangements to store furniture.
83. Which then led to an examination by the deputy of his driver’s license, which had expired two days earlier.
84. Two were expired cell phones, one was a cell phone that didn’t answer, and one was a public phone in Chicago.
85. Nick’s old MG roadster with an expired VA license plate was up on blocks in the parking lot behind his office.
86. Six months into our relationship, she informed me that her visa had expired and she had to return to Switzerland.
87. The time allotted for lessons had expired, and the teachers were quietly distributing hymn-books to the children.
88. Therefore, the call expired as worthless and the 500 shares remain in my account with an adjusted cost basis of $19.
89. The time had not even expired, when he came, like a whirlwind, embraced me again and carried me into the dining-room.
90. Many southerners in the Confederate Army were not there by choice, drafted or kept on after their enlistment expired.
91. Or at least, so I thought, for several days later I learned that the pig had expired whilst it was carrying her home.
92. The lawsuit will be against the collection company, if in fact they are pinching her paychecks from an expired judgment.
93. Finally the Canberra ban expired after two and half years but by the time it finished up Stace and I had started a family.
94. After transaction costs, slippage, and the price of his expired options, he would have netted just over $4,000 per spread.
95. If he finds out that he was not assigned on the call, it will be too late to exercise the put because it will have expired.
96. Short positions in the Oct 55 and Oct 60 Put options ended up being short positions in options that expired out of the money.
97. When she returned Helen was stil there, the net in her hand and she was carefully scooping away the young fish that had expired.
98. This is because from a seasonal standpoint the upside in implied volatility of the May option was limited, as it expired in April.
99. Spada died on the threshold of the vineyard; the nephew expired at his own door, making signs which his wife could not comprehend.
100. The opinions of the experts indicate that almost 65% of all options in the OTC market were never exercised (expired without value).
1. Man expires, and where is he? As.
2. He expires on the ninth hour…3:00 PM.
3. In this example the option expires in 30 days.
4. If it expires worthless, he still breaks even.
5. The paper stops when the subscription expires.
6. The long $36 call expires worthless for a $750 loss.
7. This right remains in place until the option expires.
8. This allows you only 5 days before the option expires.
9. Each option contract expires on corresponding Fridays.
10. Thirty days later, another set expires, and then another.
11. This obligation remains in place until the option expires.
12. The call expires the day before the stock goes ex-dividend.
13. Consider a call option with around 1 month until it expires.
14. As he expires, his face, though frozen in pain, bears a look.
15. If that option is out of the money, then it expires worthless.
16. You obtain only one moment in time and as it expires there’s.
17. The date the option expires is referred to as the expiration date.
18. Do I have to wait until this option expires to use this capital?
19. When one contract expires, just start trading the next contract out.
20. John accepts assignment as March 22 silver call expires in the money.
21. The long $95 call expires 500 points in the money for a $1,500 loss.
22. The first is that it expires in the money and you get exercised at a loss.
23. The Rings buys us a little over a year before it expires, he explains.
24. If nothing happens over the life of the option, it expires worthless.
25. Expiration date = the third Friday of the month in which the option expires.
26. Unfortunately, Rick doesn’t renew the lease on the office when it expires.
27. The obvious choice is to simply exit at the market once the time window expires.
28. You can earn up to $125 per option, when the option eventually expires worthless.
29. If the stock rallies, then the put sale expires worthless and I can get called away.
30. They get to keep this amount if the option expires worthless on its expiration date.
31. Once the contract is signed, it cannot raise the prices before that contract expires.
32. In a day order, your order expires if it isn’t filled by the end of the trading day.
33. A stock option expires by the market's close on the third Friday of the expiration month.
34. A big decline within a short time normally occurs only after a Top-to-Top count expires.
35. However, the maximum profit in a butterfly spread occurs if the market expires right at $100.
36. It is sent post-paid to any address for 50 cents a year, and stops when subscription expires.
37. A VIX future estimates where traders will price 30-day options on the day the future expires.
38. Permanent storage will begin immediately after the initial storage-in-transit period expires.
39. Now keep in mind, this option expires the following day, so this is a high risk one day trade.
40. If the option expires worthless, Don’s return on capital invested would be as shown in Table 6.
41. At the end of the third month, the first set of options that the trader sold 90 days ago expires.
42. A strategist will always treat a spread as a single entity and will remove it when one side expires.
43. The March 108 call will be worth more than the February 108 call, which has 60 days until it expires.
44. There are several possible outcomes when the call option expires on the third Friday of the next month.
45. VIX index options are priced using the VIX future contract that expires on the same date as the option.
46. That’s because the input is the volatility of the underlying stock from now until the option expires.
47. Worse yet, you could have a Straddle that expires right at-the-money where you started – a total loss.
48. First, as VIX futures do have an expiration date, a trader should be aware of when the contract expires.
49. These option contracts expire on October 29, while the underlying future contract expires on November 17.
50. Scribd expires in Sept of 2016, indicating that they likely registered the domain for 10 years at creation.
51. But it alsomeans that their readers have the right to copy and reuse the work at will oncecopyright expires.
52. Now that we’ve established that, perhaps you could cease asphyxiating your First Flame before she expires.
53. Until that patent expires, brand name drug companies can earn a lot of money with the highest possible profit.
54. An open order, however, remains open unless you cancel the order, the order is filled, or the contract expires.
55. A day order expires at the end of the current trading day regardless of whether or not its conditions were met.
56. A regular option on the SPX estimates the volatility of SPX itself between today and the day the option expires.
57. The same goes for an option contract that expires in one year compared to one that only has one day to expiration.
58. This is a perpetual process until the options finally expire worthless, or the trader’s account expires worthless.
59. But the vast New Territories was leased from the People’s Republic and that lease expires in less than ten years.
60. They’re the closest thing I have to family, but they pop in and out of my life when their need for my money expires.
61. When an option expires, it is literally worth only the real value that a person would get if he exchanged it for stock.
62. The seller of a binary option that expires out of the money would profit from the premium received for selling this option.
63. After the non-compete agreement expires, the CEO may leave with the best talents of senior management to start a new company.
64. Q: I know that if the option expires out of the money, I will keep all premiums collected as profit if I am the option seller.
65. The total equity is the value of Don’s account if his option expires worthless and Don keeps the premium collected as profit.
66. When the last count of a cluster expires, prices begin dropping at a faster pace—if an important decline is coming at all.
67. Remember that the November VIX futures contract will still be actively traded for a couple of weeks once this call option expires.
68. If the put option sold expires in-the-money (ITM), the option seller will have to buy XYZ stock for $90 from the put option owner.
69. One option expires worthless, the other was profitable even though it expired in-the-money, and the short straddle was profitable by 2.
70. First of all, the likelihood of this happening (a move over 30% before the option expires) is very rare, occurring less than 5% of the time.
71. Man expires, and where is he? As water evaporates from the sea, and a river becomes parched and dried up, so man lies down and does not rise.
72. With each divine impulse the mind rends the thin rinds of the visible and finite, and comes out into eternity, and inspires and expires its air.
73. An option that has plenty of time (weeks or even months) until it expires, will not see its value change dramatically for small changes in time.
74. The call expires on its customary date, but the underlying stock price used to evaluate the call is the current price less the expected dividend.
75. That’s when it achieves its maximum profit because the long vertical will achieve its maximum value while the short vertical expires worthless.
76. Also, the options contract is a weekly expiration option that begins trading on a Thursday morning and expires on the following week's Friday close.
77. If the put expires out-of-the-money (OTM), meaning that XYZ was above $90 at the time of expiration, then the put seller keeps the premium collected.
78. Specifically, a VIX futures contract that expires in Month 4 will be sold short and a VIX futures contract that expires in Month 5 will be purchased.
79. The March contract expires during this period, so the April contract becomes the closest month to expiration during the calendar covered on this table.
80. All of these S&P 500 options are then used to create a synthetic at the money option that expires exactly 30 days from the very moment of the calculation.
81. The first was the outcome that occurred; the stock was not sold and the option expires as worthless because the stock was trading below the strike price.
82. Even though President da Silva is the most popular leader in the country’s history, he cannot be in office forever, and his second term expires in 2010.
83. Calendar Option Spread - The best result here is obtained when the market remains stable and the close-to-expiration option we sold expires worthless.
84. That energy… the energy of your soul-aura, which is the only thing that is left after your physical body expires: is a very complex, subtle, dynamic energy.
85. When the option expires, there is a cash payment equal to the difference between the exercise price and underlying price, but no underlying position results.
86. He is empowered to grant patents for new and useful inventions for a limited time, but it is held that when that time expires, such inventions belong to the public.
87. When a contract expires and a typical oil ETF has to buy in to the new front month, it could result in paying a higher price on the basis of the contango situation.
88. Optionz Traderz: LOL, he’s got you there! There is some downside risk because the short option can be in-the-money when it expires while the long options expire worthless.
89. If the price of the March S&P 500 has not moved above 1900 by the time the option expires, time value will have eroded all the option’s value and it will expire worthless.
90. If there is a market expectation of a lower VIX, then the VIX futures contract that expires on the same date as the VIX option would be trading at a discount to the VIX index.
91. The date stamped on the wrapper is the date on which your subscription expires; it is, also, an acknowledgment that a subscription, or a renewal of the same, has been received.
92. Then the day before your furlough expires, Division gets a teletype advising that you have been ordered on TDY to some outfit called the ‘Paris Recreation Service Detachment.
93. The chart Lindsay used is not included here as the concept is quite simple but bears repeating: A big decline within a short time normally occurs only after a Top-to-Top count expires.
94. If a stock fails to reach that price before the exercise date, the option expires worthless and the buyer loses what he paid, while the writer keeps his loot, whose polite name is premium.
95. However, just because a long option expires with Intrinsic Value does not mean it will result in a profit for the option buyer; Intrinsic Value does not always outweigh value lost to Theta.
96. This commerce, which is the legitimate offspring of war, and expires with the first dawning of peace, is prosecuted principally by our commercial cities to the east and north of the Potomac.
97. It gives an uncapped trade, if the July 70 call expires worthless in seven days, into August with risk below 65 for only seven days in a market that is rising with a stock that has broken out.
98. Because the collision detection mechanism is the same, a system still must be able to detect the presence of a collision before the slot time expires (that is, before it transmits 64 bytes of data).
99. If the buffer is not full when the timeout period expires, the drive pads out the frame with nonsense data to fill it up and then writes the contents of the buffer (including the padding) to the tape.
100. How does the time component affect the price of an option? Given that all other factors are equal, an option with a greater expiration date (more time) will be worth more than an option that expires sooner.

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