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    1. He cries, but the wail doesn’t rise in pitch

    2. It emphasized both syllables with an exaggerated change of pitch going from really high to really low

    3. Nancy walked forward, holding the wrist computer ahead of her as the beeps reached a frantic pitch

    4. Slowly, the rest of the stars and the moon fade until the sky is pitch dark, the waves stop

    5. pitch was interesting but hardly your average bit of foreign cheese on a cocktail stick

    6. the chandeliers in slowly decreasing tones of pitch perfection before being absorbed

    7. In the pitch dark

    8. I had only one pitch -- as fast and as hard as I could throw it

    9. This time without the benefit of a sign, I went into my wind-up and the pitch

    10. The wind-up and the pitch! CRAACK! Another single

    1. on the east of Bethel, and pitched his tent, having Bethel

    2. During the rest of the session I pitched batting practice with great success

    3. Suddenly it burst open as Warriors and Scathers plowed thru the door engaged in a pitched battle

    4. A high pitched keen brought him back to reality

    5. seven into the bucket, the high pitched snarl of a revving engine

    6. pitched "Course not", and then he just stood there frozen with

    7. “As such,” Ava said, “If this is the echo of 2341 you should know the history of the Android Wars?” She had been young when it happened, but the early asteroid belt had been plagued by sabotage and outright pitched battles as iOS and Moly tried to exterminate all traces of the Android OS

    8. Davie hears the buzzard's high pitched squeal of annoyance and imagines the bodies in the pit, in their death throes, pleading for light

    9. The wind buffeted the building, whistling through an invisible gap in the window frame and making an eerie noise, high pitched, floating above the scouring of the rain

    10. “Tell me about it,” Heather pitched in

    1. The aircraft pitches

    2. The next batter came up, swung and missed the first two pitches, then hit a line drive into right field for a single

    3. he pitches back into the waves

    4. pitches off the mound

    5. two hitters on eight pitches in a row

    6. Pitches four through eight were on the inside corner and

    7. He really rocked one of the pitches sending it very deep into the outfield

    8. Even the Arizona State coach the next day was completely impressed and he said Rich Hinton had some of the best stuff he'd ever seen because my players only swing at good pitches in the strike zone and they could not hit the sky that night

    9. Paul Ray Powell hit one of our pitches so hard that that baseball was still rising when it hit the wall at 450 feet in dead center field and that ball missed by maybe 5 feet going over the centerfield wall which were probably been the only baseball in the history of that park ever hit over the centerfield wall

    10. filled with the sales pitches of stall owners

    1. I thought I would have little difficulty pitching

    2. Just pretend that you are pitching batting practice

    3. He sat at our table, uninvited, respecting no one, pitching his opinions and drinking his beer

    4. district level,' I could not help pitching our other service

    5. back and pushed hard, pitching the young druid

    6. Those assholes out there pitching two ends of a double-header in some cases

    7. anytime there was live pitching, Sam could not make contact

    8. expect—throwing BP at On Deck was a little different than pitching to a catcher in

    9. sports reporters to find that Roman was on pace to break just about every pitching

    10. Pat O'Brien is pitching for Arizona

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